Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Real Madrid to exercise Alvaro Morata buy-back clause

Juventus Sporting Director Giuseppe Marotta says that Real Madrid are going to exercise their buy-back clause and take Alvaro Morata back to Spain this summer.

Both Marca and AS carry quotes from the Italian press in which Marotta says, “Real Madrid has informed us of its intention to exercise the right to repurchase.

“Now we’re just waiting for the official offer.”

Arsenal, of course, have been strongly linked with the 23 year old for some time now, with suggestions that Real would bring him back before ‘flipping’ him onto a new club for a substantially larger fee than the payment the contract stipulates.

The Gunners are in the market for a striker this summer, and with uncertainty over their move for Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy, this could be the first step in the Spanish international’s journey to the Premier League.

However, there would unquestionably be competition for his signature with Chelsea also reportedly interested in adding him to what’s going to be a rebuilt squad ahead of the new campaign.

Arsene Wenger would hope that the lure of Champions League football, and not having to play with John Terry, would make North London more attractive.

But of course it remains to be seen if there’s any genuine interest in him, or if it’s just paper-talk at this stage.

We’re going neutral on the Poo-o-Meter with a five.


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Crash Fistfight

Come on Hector, don’t let Cesc get his filthy claws into him!

Jeremy O Dwyer

Just wondering, are the links with Arsenal born out of actual interest, or is it just the usual gossip stuff?


As much as I want Arsene to spend serious wedge on a top drawer striker, i.e dropping 60M on Morata, Lukaku etc.. I just cant see it happening in the same window where we’ve already dropped 40 odd million Euro on Xhaka. The Vardy deal just feels like the cheapest option to me, and I am still not convinced he would work at Arsenal. Watching that England game last night (0-0 against Slovakia) that is the type of match Arsenal play week in week out. Just a team with zero interest in trying to play football, just content to sit… Read more »


Yeah just like we’ve been getting ‘found out’ since 2004. We always were a will remain a top team. Opposition managers aren’t going to change the fact that we’ve got the likes of Ozil, Cech, Santi, Xhaka, Koscielny & Sanchez in our squad. Whether we win the title is down to the form & injuries of our squad. Personally I feel rather than blow 50-60m on a Higuain or Morata I’d spent 25-30m & bring in an elite wide player (Gotze, Draxler, Isco amongst the ones in the market). We can stick with Welbeck & Theo as Giroud’s competition or… Read more »

Jack Kelsey

Except that Welbeck will be out for the best part of the season, while Theo just looks like little boy lost all the time…


The “top” managers coming in will all need at least one season to do anything.
I am confident for next season as I have said before – we are just finishing our “house” putting the roof on and all the newbies are building from the foundations right now.


How many more seasons does Giroud have to play up top by himself before people realise he’s not going to win us the league. He is an okay squad player, but he simply can’t be relied on, and as for Walcott, I don’t know where you’ve been the last 10 years, but Walcott isn’t good enough either. So you’re on your own if you think we don’t need a centre forward, I think even if Welbeck was fit, Arsene was still going to try and buy one and maybe move Giroud on. I think that’s honestly the missing piece to… Read more »


In fairness Vardy had one very very good chance which he smashed straight at the keeper rather than using a bit of finesse finish such as Ramsey employed for wales. I’m just saying that it’s those kind of games where you need someone who will take or at least make a better stab at the very few chances you might get in parked bus games. That’s what WCS do. But I agree I doubt they’ll splash out for that.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Real Madrid might very well keep him. He seems more performant than Isco, James and Jese.


They might but cristiano and Karim run that club and he won’t get off the bench….


Agreed. I think the whole buying him to flip is overplayed. Even though he’s look good, for the price they’ll be buying him for, there won’t be many clubs looking to pay £40mil for a young guy who’s still not fully ready to be a starter. Meanwhile it’s known that Madris are still seeking a striker. And with Aguero out of reach and Augbemyang very expensive even for them (they’re not spending £50m for a second choice striker), there’s every chance they’re bringing him to keep. Personally, I really would love for us to use the opportunity and in secret… Read more »


knowing our tight fisted ways, I think you’re right about Jese. It would fit what I think we are looking for: highly mobile and skilled. Certainly he would fit our fiscal policy better, but Real are just difficult to work with. They will try to insert a buy back clause, which we won’t accept, and it will drag the discussions deep into August. Same with Morata. They will try to create a bidding war for him and not make a decision on if they are keeping him or selling him until late August. Based on our current options, unless we… Read more »


Agreed in that Madrid would certainly try to insert a buy back clause, that’s for sure.

What’s funny is that Jese admitted a few years back that Wenger did try to get him once, and apparently almost convinced him.


40 ? real are asking 60 mil for him and yes there are stupid clubs with money that are paying that fee in a blink, man utd will do it chelsea will do it, utd spent 63 on martial. I think wenger will pay for him 35-40 but not a chance more than 40 not to think 60.


I’d be utturdly surprised if he lands with a splash at Arsenal

Dan Hunter


Ox Sans Box

I think you had it right the first time, mate

Jack Action

Could just be a ploy to force Juventus into talking about Pogba. There’s all sorts of chatter about Benzema and Isco or James + cash going to Juve for Morata and Pogba. I think Morata’s out of our reach at this point.

the only sam is nelson

not 100% sure he represents an upgrade on the HFB…

If we’re looking for a fast, mobile goal poacher then it’s worth knowing that Grant Holt was released by Rochdale quite recently. Keep it under your hat before Guardiola starts throwing the big money around, we don’t want to be gazumped on this one.

Third Plebeian

I agree he’s not an upgrade on HFB. Buying him would be Morata same.

I work for The Sun, by the way.

Jamie Vardinho

Good point, I’m sure goal wise he will come good eventually but he’s stated he loves Real Madrid and so even if he moved to another club they may very well buy him back at some point, despite the fee.

He also fits Real Madrid’s transfer policy which is buying or retaining players with a certain jaw and facial structure.

Hence why they got rid of Ozil and Di Maria (Dobby from Harry Potter)


Ahh the lovely Sun. Where “a source close to the club” actually means “my fucking arse”.


I think you’ll find “my fucking arse” is very well informed, especially when compared to the average Sun reader.


The source was the club janitor’s mother-in-law’s second hunsband’s third step-son’s wife..


I bet he will stay at Madrid. It’s not like they have someone immensely better as a backup for Benzema and we, more than anyone else, know how short the market is on quality strikers.


Silly season officially begins….. now!


Not really sure if he would be an upgrade for us. Have seen him get frustrated far too many times this season. Is he really better than Giroud? Plus Madrid will ask for a crazy fee upwards of 38m pounds. Not sure if he’s worth that much right now.

If only we had paid that much for Higuain when he joined Napoli. Damn

Mr. G

5 is a bit generous on the poo-ometer. We need more goals than what Morata could provide, but I just don’t fancy this move to happen anyway.

Monkey Nuts

Mehhhh for Mehhhrata and mehhh for Jamehhhie Vardie. Who is the striker to excite us?

Jeremy O Dwyer








Tom Gun

Mehhhh’Lord Bendtner


With an extra Meehhh for his diamond ball, and another for the blackmeehhling.


Simply illustrates the lack of elasticity in the striker market at the top end. If you look at France, Italy, Spain, Germany, they pretty much play the same type of striker up top. YOu have Giroud, Pelle, Morata and Gomez respectively. This is in part born out of the formation commonly employed and faced in 4-2-3-1 with opponents packing the box. When you look at who may be available that is quality or potential quality, the list is very short. Put in the fact that there are 7-8 teams who can pay as much or way ore than us –… Read more »


I didn’t read past the bit about the clubs who can pay more than us, but Juve is not on that list any way any how.

Leah's Left Foot

A bit of a side issue here but where do you get the idea that Gignac is “wasting his time in the Mexican league”?
He loves it there, he regularly sings Mexico’s praises and is really enjoying living and playing there.
He’s at one of Mexico’s wealthiest and best supported clubs, playing under a decent manager.
Monterrey is a good place to live, he’s loved by the fans and scoring plenty of goals. All while still getting picked for his national team…..
……oh and he played in the Copa Libertadores final too….

David Hillier's luggage

Does that beat playing away at Barcelona on a wet and windy Wednesday night though?

Ex-Priest Tobin

His record isn’t that great yet but I would be satisfied if Wenger went for a young gun with a lot of potential given the extreme paucity of top strikers on the market, be it Morata or someone else. Going for Vardy was an act of desperation in the first place. Also, as a plus Morata isn’t a weasel-faced racist cunt.


I think the other issue is whether we will let Walcott go. I certainly think we should as it will fetch good money on a 27yr old whose pace may wane in coming seasons. BUT with Welbeck out, I think it may come down to the type of striker we bring in. Should we bring in someone who has potential but may have question marks, it may be a wiser course to keep Walcott and sell him in the summer or January next. The trouble as I’ve always said for us is not Giroud. Its that Welbeck or Walcott for… Read more »


I am not an expert or any good at judging potentially good players but why cant we go for Chicharito, he is different to Giroud and i think he may be cheaper than the strikers being linked to us

Jack Wheelchair

Never going to happen.
£40-£50m. Unproven. Wenger would never do it.
Move on….nothing to see here.

Andy Mack

Wenger paid a very big price to get the unproven Mr Henry.
If he thinks he’s ‘that talented’ then it’s possibility, but it is unlikely as he hasn’t worked with Morata before unlike TH.


The lack of interest we showed Hummels is disturbing. Still only 25 years old. A perfect replacement for Per.

Not having a great Euro campaign but still a quality player.


What’s daft is that you think we can compete against Bayern.

He’s going to Bayern.

As I mentioned there are 6-7 clubs we cannot compete for price. (City, Chelsea, UNited, PSG, Real, Barca, Juve and Bayern)

And he’s 27rs+


The quote from the man himself stated no offer was made. As such he decided to continue his career in Germany.

Maybe he wanted to come to the premier league. Maybe his burning desire is to line up with Ozil every week. Maybe he fancies Arsene Wenger. Hates Chavs, allergic to Tapas. All of which could see him choose us over others.

The daft bit is we will never know because we never made our interest clear to the player.

Nothing wrong with a bit of ambition matey. Got to be in in to win and all that.


Actually its not the money. Bayern, Madrid & Barca are the top 3 clubs in the world. They’re first choice for any player. After these clubs factors such as the money, CL football, current manager at the club, current appeal of the club etc come into play.

Dan Hunter

Tell that to Asamoah Gyan plying his trade in Shanghai

Jamie Vardinho

27 not that there’s a real difference, but good point


You’d have to pay taxes on any resale, wouldn’t you? It seems like a daft idea that only the media would come up with. Unless they can sell him for more than 40 million pounds it doesn’t really seem worth their risk and effort. Presumably they are buying him back because they want him back, not for some hare-brained scheme to sell him on.


Absolutely spot on. Why would they want to sell him? He is having a good Euro. They need a striker to eventually supercede Benzema. They can also afford to keep both players should they want. The media are daft. There is little elasticity in terms of strikers in the market. Many are spoken for and there are 7-8 teams ahead of us who can spend more. There are currently two types of strikers. The type that typically more established teams who have to break down defenses tend to use. Currently Giroud for France, Pelle for Italy, MOrata for Spain to… Read more »


Great win by Croatia. They did not show the Spaniards too much respect and were not overawed. They have continued the development in their youth (unlike the Cezchs) and for a small country of 4m +, done exceptionally well (As Wales and Ireland of course) BUT its the technical skills which seperate the Croatians. Excellent goal by Kalinic. But Pjaca looks an exciting talent up top as well. I mentioned Draxler was the sort of RVP potential whom Wenger may (if he feels so) be able to develop into a CF role. Pjaca could be another one. As I mentioned,… Read more »


Spain has the same we have, which is not converting possession and opportunities created in goals. Just like us, they lack a proven striker.

As we all know very well, when you don’t take your chances you leave yourself open to a sucker punch.

Croatia were very good, but Spain should have won that game.


You say Morata, I say Marotta, let’s call the whole thing off.


It’s been officially confirmed by Real Madrid.

What will happen now is anybody’s guess but I doubt very much Morata will be wanting to warm their bench on a weekly basis. Could Benzema suddenly become available? or will Morata be sold on to whoever pays the most? I like Benzema as a player but he’s become a little toxic with all the off the field issues that surround him.

Personally I think Morata is ok but he isn’t an upgrade on what we already have. Benzema would be an upgrade in footballing terms but may perhaps compromise the team stability


If we want somebody similar to what we already have with the potential to be better I suppose it would make sense. We need cover at cf and somebody to compete with Giroud if nothing else.

Not convinced that there was every any truth to it all in the first place though. Guess we will find out.


Media outlets having a wank regarding Spain.

Its theirs to lose. Some noise about Iniesta being the stand out performer this tournament. Funny I thought Payet was.

Bit of a kick in the teeth for them much like when Chelsea didn’t materialise last season.

Shows you what these pundits know about football.

You don’t play Bellerin, you leave Santi at home, you get what you deserve.

Shout to Perisic with a very well taken goal.

Coq au Vin

He’s shit and could barely shin one in from 2 yards out tonight… Thanks but no thanks mate.


40m? Only if he’s like some sort of Pokemon that’s going to evolve into something nuts. Otherwise, no way.


F*ck it, let the campaign begin to….BRING BACK AFOBE.

Seriously, I think he’ll have a bit of a breakthrough season for Bournemouth next season. He was always our most talented academy striker (always found it weird Arsenal fans thought Akpom was more promising than him) and was only really hampered by injuries. He’s still only 22.

Maybe I’m just desperate. Lol


What about Milik? At 22 he ticks all the boxes. His finishing is clearly a WIP but that’s a gamble we can afford to take. 50-60m is the market rate on a proven finishers (that’s assuming they’re being released by their clubs).


roflmao.. I find it funny peoples excusing themselves by saying things like “His finishing is clearly a WIP but’s a gamble we can afford to take”

Then Wenger bought Sanogo and all hell break loose.

Dark Hei

What about TGSTEL?


this whole deal seams weird to me, going to Real is back to square one for Morata, nothings changes since he left(or more correct was shipped out). With a re-sale he could net two sign-on bonuses, but will be stuck at the club he’s sold to for one year, with no grantee of the right club, right pay or the whole deal falling apart. Unless there’s already a signed deal involving Real, Morata and a third club this deal just has to many moving parts. And if I was an interested club I would offer Juventus 5 mill more then… Read more »

Andy Mack

I think RMad have the only ‘buy out’ option.


I still think we should go after Lukaku.
He’s young, fast, strong and a proven Scorer in this league with experience. He’s asking g for Champion leagues football and we can give him that.

Saw the goal he scored against Ireland and that’s Poacher instinct.

Hear your votes
Ups for want him and down for dun need him


Its getting clear the Morata deal won’t happen. I think Madrid want to keep him. Don’t worry people, the inactivity is bcos of the Euros


Lukaku is unlikely because it seems Arsenal don’t do deals with certain agents like Mino Raiola and Jorge Mendes.


Raiola is toxic. I’ve got a strong suspicion he’s screwed up our chances of getting Mkhitariyan (spell?). There have been good sources saying we’re very interested in him, and even old quotes from the player saying how much he likes Arsenal, and yet then his agent comes out with this daily guff about how Man United are his dream club, blah blah blah. It’s possible that he’s always loved United, but here’s a more likely scenario: United, with Mourinho and Woodward, are now the sort of classless club that Raiola loves to deal with, because they’re happy to pay over… Read more »

Andy Mack

Gnabry, Wellington, A.M-N, and a load more. I’d be very happy to get the names you mentioned but we’ve a lot of talent on the wings just below 1st team level.


I don’t rate this guy. Especially at 60M. I trust the boss will find a good player at the right price.


There are only 6 world class strikers in the world, and they are all at clubs who don’t want to sell, so hoping for one to join us is pointless. I think we are looking for someone, who has the same qualities as Vardy, quick, agile, basically someone who offers something different than what we have. Morata’s price is ludicrous, overhyped player.

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