Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Swede news, Arsenal head for Scandinavia. Norway! Way.

Arsenal have announced two pre-season friendlies in Scandinavia this summer to help prepare for the 2016-17 campaign.

With no Emirates Cup this year because of the European Championships, Arsene Wenger’s men will be on their travels.

After coming back from the USA where the Gunners will face the 2016 MLS AT&T All-Stars in San Jose on July 28, and then Chivas de Guadalajara at the StubHub Center in Los Angeles on Sunday on July 31, they’ll travel to Norway and Sweden for two more warm up fixtures.

On Friday August 5th Arsenal will take on Viking FK at the Viking Stadion in Stavanger. Then there’ll be an all Premier League clash with Man City on Sunday August 7th at Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg.

That will see Arsene Wenger vs Pep Guardiola, and give an early taste of what the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich head coach will bring to the Premier League.

So, good news for Arsenal fans in that neck of the woods. Reminds us of a song.

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Third Plebeian

I miss the good old days when we’d train in Austria and inflict heavy defeats on teams called Bad Burgerland. Scandinavia is good, though. Vikings, you say?

Arsene-al fan

‘Swede dreams are made of this…’

Arsene-al fan
Belfast Gooner

I wonder will we play any games before the 28th July? I know the Euros and Copa finish around the 10th July but i hope we are not undercooked at the beginning of the PL season. Chelsea never recovered from starting late last year.


chelsea recovered fine once the evil winker left…


Left? He just swapped changing rooms. The blues gave him the blues. He’s in demand they say.

Le Jim

That’s still only about 2 1/2 weeks rest. Don’t want half the squad burnt out by September :p


What a way to reveal Ibrahimovic, by going to Sweden and playing him in his first game against Man City

the only sam is nelson

Ibrahimovic? After TGSTEL?

That’s like offering somebody a cup of cold sick after they’ve just cracked a bottle of vintage Krug, to be fair

Grant Holt was recently released by Rochdale by the way. Just saying, like.


He was released because the forklift wasn’t able to handle the weight any more and was about to break.


We always beat mancity in pre-season. We jinx the season before it even starts

Martin Finley

Viking stadium does not sound like a good place to be so close to the season starting. Jack Wilshere in a duel With Harald Bloodaxe of the dragonslayer clan does not bode well for Wilshere’s fitness.

I’m picturing Game of Thrones Shit where you just know everyone you love is probably going to get injured or worse 😛


and evil sexy wags walk naked through the streets


As a Swede, Ullevi is probably the shitiest place in all of Sweden to watch football.


It’s only shit when it’s full of Blåvitt


Regardless of who plays there it’s not a football stadium. There’s a mile between the top seats and the pitch.

Godfrey Twattschlock

Outdated. GBG needs a new stadium like Malmo.


IFK plays at Gamla Ullevi, built in 2009, so GBG has a new stadium. Way to low capacity for the likes of Arsenal though.


Limpar and Winterburn if I am not mistaken?

Third Plebeian

Yup. That Norwegian legend, Nigel Winterburn.


In the picture Pleb

Third Plebeian

I was wondering if there’s ever been a Swede and Norwegian in the Arsenal team at the same time…perhaps there’s a picture of Freddie Ljungberg and Havard Nordtveit together somewhere. Think they were both at the club in 2007?

Weird that Nordtveit now plays for West Ham.

Tasmanian Jesus

You don’t remember the legendary right back Pål Lydersen?
16 games for the Arsenal between 1991-1994.
Limpar was with us from 1990-1994, so there were indeed a swede and a norwegian at Arsenal, at the same time.

Easy tiger

Seb larsson and nortveit more recently.

Tasmanian Jesus

Ah yes, didnt think of good old Seb!

Third Plebeian

Ah yes. Lydersen. Who could, um, forget Lydersen.

Arctic Marauder

Pål Lydersen was in the squad at the same time as Limpar. + There where probably some young swede in the academy at the same time as Nordtveit.

David Hillier's luggage

George Grahm certainly remembers the brown paper bag he got form Pål Lydersen’s agent


“The Winner takes it all” by ABBA should be rung out when Wenger squishes Guardiolas hopes of PL glory before the season even Begins!

Godfrey Twattschlock

I’ll settle for To Ride, To Shoot Straight and to Speak the Truth or Hollow Man by Entombed.

Jack Wilshere's fibula

I’ll be fine


Swede does not go in mash

I thought we were going to get news on Anders Limpar and got overly excited.


America is a very useful hunting ground for new talent and one that Arsenal are a little late in the game to. Also a potentially large (and growing) captive market. With regards recent article which purports Gazidis as saying things are rosy at Arsenal, not sure how that could be interpreted as such. Gazidis was merely mentioning that he felt Wenger was still on the right course, an upward trajectory. We have recently won 2 FA cups back to back. Some would deem that we only won2 cups in 12 years. Or we could also say Wenger has won 3… Read more »

Ospina's thumb

A like for the sheer effort of typing so much

TGSTEL's missing first touch

That was longer than fresh out of the womb ‘baby per’..


You have exactly said what I’ve been saying for ages. Well done!


Fan va gött, jag bor i Göteborg vet ni 🙂


Well it needed saying beNZed. 🙂

Godfrey Twattschlock

Goa Gubbar!


There are stories still talked about in Norway when arsenal was on tour here in the early 90’s. Not about the football, but of course about the drinking. I seem to recall something about a drunk Tony Adams in a bathtub

Dapper dan's feelin sad

Great news!
As a Swede this will lighten my symummer! To bad The Arse will play in a shitty town like Gothenburg and not in the mighty town of Henrik Larsson, home of Helsingborg IF. But hey, it’ll do 🙂


Wasn’t it Larsson who came on and proceeded to wreck our CL dreams in Paris in 2006, for which we’ve never recovered? We were winning until he came on (albeit with ten men). For that alone, Helsingborg is out in my books.

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