Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Vardy agrees new Leicester deal

Leicester have announced that they have agreed a new deal with Jamie Vardy, which will see the striker stay another four years at the Premier League champions.

A statement on their website reads:

Leicester City have today (Thursday) agreed with the representatives of Jamie Vardy to extend the England international’s contract with the Premier League champions for a further four years.

Both parties hope that this announcement will end recent speculation regarding Jamie’s future and confirm his long term commitment to Leicester City Football Club.

Jamie will continue to focus all of his efforts on trying to achieve success with the England team at the European Championships in France.

There will be no further comment from either the club or the player on this matter until the conclusion of the tournament.

Of course agreeing a deal and signing a deal are not quite the same thing, so it seems like Vardy still has a decision to make.

However, given Leicester’s statement you’d have to say chances are he’ll stay with them. It means Arsenal will most likely have to look elsewhere to boost their striking options ahead of the new season.

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Why oh why must we suffer perpetual humiliation in the transfer market


I don’t see what’s so humiliating? He had a buy out clause, we met it. He played it off to get a bigger pay package from Leicester and remained loyal to his club.

Arsenal showed intent and did all the right things. Now we can pursue other targets.

Fair play to Vardy, played the modern footballing transfer game well. Sad thing is this was probably his only chance to move to a big club, so he may end up regretting it.


‘remained loyal’ yeah, so loyal he put a buy out clause in his contract so he could use it to force another big contract out of them within the span of six months.

Andy Mack

If his form doesn’t drop like a stone or he doesn’t get a serious injury then maybe he will do as you suggest but as he’s 29 now, so his age suggests this is his last big deal.


Agree with your points. It’s not his decision or our chase that is the humiliating part. It’s that it got chucked out there in the public arena and Arsenal are now framed as being “undesirable” by the slimy press when we know full well that isn’t the case. I guess this is the new world with the money sloshing around in the prem and where loyalty is a viable option but can you see the irony: for the last decade we’ve lost our top talent to richer clubs as those players look to join a bigger club for a bigger… Read more »

Andy Mack

It’s a win/win for us. It’s taken some of Leicesters budget that could have caused us problems for other players and taken all the press whilst the club approach other options.
No one with any understanding of the game thinks any less of us because one guy prefers not to compete too hard for his place in the first team and to remain a northern country boy.

Kareem Mohamed

Maybe I am being harsh but Leicester aren’t competition for us next year
Unless we are merely scraping for 4Th…

Title contenders are city, United and Chelsea…who will all now have successful managers (and in Chelsea’s case, a no longer toxic dressing room)


Now we just need to go buy Mahrez, having caused Leicester to blow all their additional wage budget on Vardy’s new deal. Then we’d look like geniuses!

…ok, ok. A man can dream.


This crap in the press about us being “SNUBBED” by Vardy and “HUMILIATED” is amusing. We’re real undesirable – we’ll stick to picking up the crap no-one wants like Ozil, Sanchez, Xhaka and keep dreaming about signing world beaters like Jamie Vardy. Just how much of an upgrade on Giroud do people think Vardy would be? His Premier League record is 29 in 70 (1 every 2.41 games, including 5 in 34 the year before). Giroud has 57 in 135 (1 every 2.37 games). Vardy is absolutely the style of forward we should sign, but there are certainly better options… Read more »


And most of the others don’t have cretinous racist leanings… assuming that is we don’t go back in for the cannibarecelonite!

DB10's Air Miles

I don’t see what’s so humiliating about this at all?
For every Vardy there’s another 50 Ozils or Sanchez…… at least we got closure on this early! I for one wasn’t entirely convinced by this signing anyway……just not sure he’d suit our style of play when 9/10 teams we play have 10 men behind the ball?


How is it not humiliating that a professional footballer judges that he has as decent a shot at further trophies with Leicester as with Arsenal? If you’re still arguing that he’s just very loyal, how come we fail to inspire such loyalty on a consistent basis? Who’s our Jamie Vardy? Fabregas? Van Persie? Sagna? Clichy?




The difference is that he’s just won the title with Leicester, so he doesn’t have to go anywhere to look for it. Even looking at it from a business angle, he has a chance to build something life-long with Leicester. If he moved to Arsenal he’d probably have ended up like RVP, with no strong attachment to any club and drifting towards retirement. It’s disappointing that the team won’t be getting a good striker, of course, but not that disappointing that it won’t be getting THIS good striker. There’ll be an element of ‘I didn’t fancy you anyway’ in fans… Read more »


I agree that he shouldn’t have ever been our first choice, which just increases the concern. If a ‘one season wonder’ turns us down, why would Higuain, say, be on board?

Andy Mack

He’d come to play with Ozil etc. like any top player that is looking to play at the top level with the best players.
Vardy can carry on with a team consisting of 8 decent mid-table players plus Mahrez and Kante.

John C

I’s rather win the League with mid-table players than come second with World class one’s!!

A Different George

I cannot think of a comparison, in any sport, to the place Vardy holds and, by staying, will always hold, in the history of his club. Being one of the players who help Arsenal win its 14th title (or Man United its 21st) is not the same as being remembered, forever, as the star of the side that won Leicester its first, and one of the most improbable, again, in any sport.
I don’t especially like Vardy, for his dives and his racism, but I see his loyalty to Leicester as entirely admirable.


You really think that Jamie Vardy is going to be more revered by Leicester than Michael Jordan is in Chicago? Or Tom Brady in Boston? Or Derek Jeter in New York? Or for that matter, LeBron James in Cleveland? (Who also just brought his HOME TOWN their first ever title) I couldn’t disagree more. Vardy is revered now, of course. But 50 years from now? Who will REVERE Jamie Vardy in Leicester? the names mentioned above are all hall of famers who will live on in their cities forever (and there are countless more)


Collective intelligence of goonerdom is what makes being a gooner special for me. Vardy or no Vardy. We always try and we try to do it the right way.

After so long I am seeing Wenger being his old self. I hope we see the best of him this season. All those years of putting up with the Bendtners and Chamakhs are gone. We really are capable of signing any player in the world. The only thing that makes me proud is that we don’t get desperate about signings. We try to do it on our terms.

A Different George

In reply to DontForget: I think you have misunderstood. You are comparing Leicester to large American cities with multiple sports and multiple championships. American professional leagues have no system of relegation and promotion (so, unlike Leicester, they always remain in the top division) and they have “drafts” of young players and often salary-caps that ensure some equalization of talent. Indeed, in some leagues, a history of failure virtually guarantees dramatic improvement through the acquisition of top prospects (for example, the Chicago Black Hawks in ice hockey). There is nothing amazing about Cleveland winning the NBA title, their having reached the… Read more »


Yes, every player you mentioned had stayed with us for 7-8 years. I do get your point but they aren’t so easily comparable.


What about the rest of the squad who have been loyal to us? You’re cherry-picking.

Trophies is not the only issue here – playing time, culture, cult status. He’ll get all of those with Leicester. At Arsenal he could very realistically sit on the bench for half the season, and he will be lost in a crowd of superstars like Ozil, Alexis and Cech.


anyone one would think we got turned down by Neymar. he would have spent 50% or more on the bench anyways – not good enough. now can we move on


For me Szczsny has shown loyalty.


C’mon, there’s a vowel missing SOMEWHERE in that.


1. Staying with Leicester does not mean he’ll win more trophies.

2. His personal choice must be commended in this day & age wherein players like the ones you’ve mentioned are quick to move to perceived bigger things.


How about Roskicky, Koscienly, Cazarola, Arsene Wenger?

Dark Arts

God himself?
Lady Luck? (though I think it’s more that she hates Tottenham).

Merlin's Panini

mmm… I like a bowl of Cazarola on a cold wet day. Might make some tonight.



DB10's Air Miles

Really? Is that what you think he’s basing his decision on?
It could be that he doesn’t want to compete for a place at 29 and after really making a name for himself playing a style of football that entirely suits his game? Maybe he thinks he’ll be a hero at Leicester with all the playing time he could want, where as with us it’s a much bigger gamble?


How about Santi, Ozil, Kos… all world class and all have rebuffed other clubs, albeit without actual offers on the table (but that’s because they never even allowed things to get that far!). Maybe shift your rather myopic focus away from the players who left to the many who’ve stayed… or even just look objectively at the ones you mention: RVP – really?? We got a fat cheque for a player who had one good season with MU before fading off to the Bosphorus Cesc – again, good money for a player who returned to his childhood club… and after… Read more »


How about Santi, Ozil, Kos… all world class and all have rebuffed other clubs, albeit without actual offers on the table (but that’s because they never even allowed things to get that far!). Maybe shift your rather myopic focus away from the players who left to the many who’ve stayed… or even just look objectively at the ones you mention: RVP – really?? We got a fat cheque for a player who had one good season with MU before fading off to the Bosphorus Cesc – again, good money for a player who returned to his childhood club… and after… Read more »


Let’s be honest. It is humiliating to be rejected by Jamie f*cking Vardy. But I don’t give 2 damns about humiliation as long as this means we finally get our sh*t together and go buy a striker who is up to Arsenal standards (Vardy was supposed to replace Walcott, not Giroud our main striker).


I don’t see it as humiliating at all. I see a dodged bullet.


For me maybe humiliation would be a bit too strong a feeling, but I still get the sentiment. Vardy’s snubb does hurt because it reflects a growing attitude of dismissiveness towards the Arsenal. Look at what Arda Turan said a while ago – something along the lines of ‘I knew I’m playing well cuz Barca came looking for me, otherwise I’d end up somewhere like Arsenal.’ (Forgive the very rough transcription) The fact that he dilly-dallied with his response because he wanted to focua on England andnd then goes and allows Leicester to announce this during the Euros, I think,… Read more »


and that Albanian guy from Dormund whose name I won’t try to spell, would rather United (if we were actually in for him, United without CL mind you)

La Défense


Andy Mack

That’s what the papers say, so it must be fact.

La Pulgita

Arda Turan said if he plays well he will end up at Arsenal. If he plays really well he will go to Barca. This doesn’t seem like dismissive if Arsenal imo. More we’re good, but not Barca which being objective is true. Maybe back in the early 2000 we we’re as good as this Barca just didn’t win as many trophies because in those days clubs didn’t buy every good player from every smaller club a la Madrid Galacticos because frankly that’s what Barca, Bayern, etc. have been doing.


Barca routinely played with 7 or 8 players from the Massia, even their 2015 team has at least 5 players from the academy. at their peak they also managed to play a fair few games with all 11 players coming from La Massia.
We are the team that plays most like Barca but sadly we have never reached their level.


I stand corrected, this is true. As a fan what he says still hurts but I guess you have a point about being objective. The again, doesn’t it seem right to feel that many players with serious ambition overlook us?

I mean I would like for it to be harder for a player to turn down signing for the Arsenal. This is not to say that I was fully convinced on the whole Vardy affair. This just seemed like the right time to share my thoughts on how I feel we are perceived.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

What’s humiliating is if manure, Chelski or citeh would have come knocking he’d have gone in a shot.

We all know that’s true.


But they didn’t. So I still see a dodged bullet.

If he doesn’t get starts or like competing for them, he could very well turn into Lord Bendtner v2.


I see it both as a dodged bullet and a humiliation.

We are The Arsenal, ffs, no player should be allowed to publicly reject us. There are legal and not so legal ways of finding out if a player wants to play for you, that’s what the recruiting team should be working on, way before triggering any release clause.

Let’s not forget this is not the first Leicester player who has rejected us either, youngster Ben Chilwell being the first one, less than a year ago.

Andy Mack

Take Chavski out of that list and you may be right.
Some people don’t want to come down ‘Sarf’, like Phil Jones said when he went to play for old red nose.
Shame a few more non-footballers don’t have that attitude…


Well I’m glad that saga is finally over! Look if we had signed him I would’ve tried to see the positives and supported the guy but I have to say I’m glad this hasn’t materialised. Although slightly embarrassing, as long as we sign the right player in the end I don’t care. It’s clear we’re after a hungry, speedy forward who can fulfill a number of roles in the team, we’ve already got a very good target man of our own, it’s also clear that we don’t want to break the bank as we have plenty of other business left… Read more »

Third Plebeian

I think that’s right. I’m actually relieved Leicester announced this. Lengthy summer saga avoided. Now we can focus elsewhere.

Charlie George

It’s a game that you and the rest of us fans are suffering from. Player’s agent wants more money, player wants more money and one/both put it out there about a transfer. Player’s club comes back with more money to counter any transfer offers. Player gets more money, agent gets a fee, player stays living where he wants to, no hassle with moving (or moving his kids’ schools sometimes). We suffer from weeks of ‘will he or won’t he?’ when the answer was ‘he never was going to’. We then feel humiliated afterwards. My advice – come back in August… Read more »


Well said Charlie George, well said. There are so many possible reasons as to why he has chosen to stay at Leicester. Wife, kids, schools, loves the town, loves the manager, loves the club, is settled and can’t be bothered to move house, loyalty, playing with his best mates etc. He’s being offered a massive contract at Leicester, more than he probably ever dreamed he would be earning so why forfeit all of that for a few extra pennies? We’re just not used to this as with most footballers they would only see the £ signs. I personally think good… Read more »

Arsene-al fan

OR, if you like having your expectations raised and lowered many times (it’s so exciting isn’t it (NOT)) then keep following the b*llocks that many sites will feed you for clickbait.

This site excluded, at least they have the poometer to temper expectations.


He just used us as leverage to get a better contract offer from Leicester, didn’t he?

Definitely shares the same agent as Theo …


Personally I just think its fucking ridiculous for anyone to entertain the notion that in the entire world of football, there are no strikers we can buy that wouldnt cost GBP80 MIL. They are out there, our scouts have just so far been poor in unearthing them. Kante and Mahrez signed for 1 fucking MIL each dont tell me there are no good affordable, unknown strikers out there. Its not our jobs but the PROFESSIONAL SCOUTS’s jobs to find and name them.


you say that you cant entertain that there are no strikers in the world available that wouldn’t cost under 80 million…… yet when it comes to giving an example, you cant even think of any strikers, so you use a winger and a holding midfielder as your example????
at least back up your waffle 🙂

Thierry Bergkamp

I was never too excited about his transfer anyway. On to bigger and better targets hopefully.


Hopefully this saga ends and we swiftly move on to other targets – Mahrez and a striker.


The saga has just ended, ignore the “agreeing a deal and signing a deal are not quite the same thing” stuff. It is the same thing. And it’s good news, we need a 2011/12 RvP type of striker, not Vardy, and it’s now up to Mr Wenger to find him.


Brilliant news! The England Slovakia game pretty much confirmed to me why buying Vardy made no sense whatsoever. England dominated the ball in the second half and hence Vardy was totally anonymous.

Jamie Vardinho

Judging him by one game? Don’t be a mug 🙂


Given this news, I’d expect you’d be more interested in changing your name than in calling someone a mug.

Jamie Vardinho

I’ve had this name pre-Vardy transfer saga 🙂

Saying “I was right all along” based off one game is a bit silly.

To quote Redknapp, Vardy is a top, top player, sad we didn’t get him, but onward and upwards

Andy Mack

Please don’t quote any member of the redknapp family on any subject ever again unless you want everyone to think you’re a twat.

Daft Aider

Indeed, the only valid reason to quote a Redknapp is being a vegetable, even then it should be frowned upon

cazorla's smile

you quoted Redknapp.. seriously? Get outta here


to quote Paul Merson “flabbergasted” that we even considered buying him.

Andy Mack

Quoting Merson isn’t a wise move either, although he was right this time for a change, so you just about get away with that one… 😀


Still a crap name though… unless you really wanted to be named after a diving, vaguely racist, dimwit?




Yes, unlike every other striker England has tried so far. They’ve been brilliant.

So obviously, we need to go for someone better than Vardy, Sturridge and Kane. The list of players that are better than that trio is quite short, and everyone on it is extremely expensive.


I still say there’s a solid chance of getting Jese Rodriguez if Madrid are buying back Morata to keep (which is more likely) as that puts him down the pecking order.

Tenacious, fast, mobile, good finisher, flair player. Plus Wenger tried to steal him years ago as a kid.

Only problem is….well, Madrid.


We did get Ozil from Real Madrid, but even so I just can’t get myself to trust them when it comes to transfers. Or anything else really.


They’ll cough somebody up to make room for a shiny new toy. Just a matter of who and who’s in for him.


If Sturridge wasn’t so injury prone I would have loved him at Arsenal. He really suits our style and his finishing is top notch.

Crash Fistfight

Sturridge really annoys me as an England fan through his sheer greediness inability to play a simple pass when it needs to be done. If he was playing for Arsenal I think I’d have a rage-induced coronary.

I was going to say he’s a good finisher, but judging on his performances for England I’m not so sure.


Spot on Gooner, I was thinking the exact same thing watching him Monday night. Good luck to him he’s a talented player but I think it would have been a mistake in both sides.

Uba Ngenegbo

Very embarrassing for Arsenal. Rejected by Vardy ffs.

It s relief though as i have never rated the diving cunt.


Dumb move from him tbh. But I don’t care that much. Hopefully we go for a another option.


To all the people saying it’s a dumb move to reject the call of a big club….
I wonder if they said the same thing when Barca came calling for Song and Hleb? Or does it only apply when it’s to the advantage of arsenal?


At least Vardy stood a 50% chance of seeing the pitch.

Even though I might have at the time, I don’t blame either of them and they found out what was to be.


I’ve always agreed that when a club like Barca/Madrid/Bayern come calling, it’s near almost impossible to keep those players. Teams like Chelsea, Arsenal or even City can’t realllllyy compete with them.

Looking at it objectively, if i were a player at arsenal (not a fan) and i had the chance to play with Messi, Neymar and iniesta… would i say no?

Andy Mack

Agreed, although I’d guess you’d actually want to play games with them rather than just train with them then sit in the stands. So you’d really have to feel you stood a good chance of regular game-time, which many don’t.

Andy Mack

He’s 29 and does well with one style of play. He could very easily have become an older ‘jeffers’ if he’s joined us.
So instead he stays where he is, gets a big wage rise, no moving aggro/costs and gets a certain amount of ‘cult status’ amongst the less knowledgeable foxes supporters for not joining a big club.

Leonard Nonde

Wonderful news!! I just never imagined Jamie Vardy in an Arsenal shirt. So lets move on now and sign that world class striker.


I did. It was gross.


Fine. Now buy someone else.

Daft Aider

Giroud will be 40 by the time we sign someone to compete with him…………

Goondalf de Gea

Irritating that we got strung along again. Really hope the club have something up their sleeves as we can’t go into another season with Giroud as our only CF. Abramovic will probably pay whatever it takes to land Morata if he’s available. Janssen looks like he’s going to the Spuds. As does Sanabria. Will Arsene pay over the odds for Batshuayi or Lacazette? Unlikely. Bloody hope he does something though


Sanabria? What has he done? But not meet the expectations initially set on him?


Lacazette is behind Giroud & Gignac for France. Bayshuayi can’t get ahead of Benteke or Origi. Think its time we accept & embrace the fact that Giroud is our number one unless we’re willing to change formations & play with a false 9


This is actually the reality of the situation. Most of the alternatives being thrown about are not an upgrade on Giroud. There might be a top 10 or so of strikers in the world that’s a clear step up, but they’re mostly unavailable.


Then we won’t be winning the league anytime soon; not when your first choice striker goes on a 15 game goal drought.


you can forget about winning the league then. Giroud as much as i love him isn’t going to help us do that. We need a striker

Arthritic Knee

Thank god!

Now go get Lukaku or Morata.


time to show real intent in the market!
Bring on the Strikr App!


Good for him. Amidst all the sniping and the cheating and the corruption..it’s nice to see loyalty does still have a place in modern football. Not convinced he was 100% right for us anyway.

Crash Fistfight

I think someone made a good point the other week on the Arsecast Extra about Vardy fitting into the culture at Arsenal. I can imagine he’s well into the laddish culture that seems to exist at Leicester and would have been wary of what it would be like at Arsenal (to each their own and all that). Also, if he’s going to be paid a similar amount for a longer contract at Leicester I can see why he would prefer to do so. I think people are embarrassed because they assume he didn’t think he had more chance of winning… Read more »

Andy Mack

I think he knew he wouldn’t be an automatic starter for us whereas he is now.


Signing a new contract does not interfere with England duty I guess…




Sign Higuain and this all fades into the background… Else… phew!!


Tim from 7amkickoff had a very nice blog article about this whole vardy saga. www[dot]7amkickoff[dot]com/?p=16371

Personally I think we dodged a bullet.

Block 93

Yes we have lost Yards but we have still got Yaya Sanogo..there is always a silver lining!!

Daft Aider

that’s closer to an aluminum lining

Block 93

Yes we have lost Yardy but we have still got Yaya Sanogo..there is always a silver lining!!


Maybe third time lucky?


Try again, here’s a clue:


Indian Gooner

Happy for both the Parties involved(Us and Leicester).
Even Vardy rejecting us might be another thing.. But We might have just dodged a potential bullet in there.So let us think it is for the best.
But now whom do we sign now is the question? Number of top strikers in the market are very less I have to say.

Black gooner

Less number in the market? I remember last summer people were using that excuse while there were quite a few good strikers in the market. Remember dybala? Everybody was saying he was not a proven goalscorer, others saying he was a gamble. Well, i hope wenger took that gamble coz now he’s tearing things up at juventus?

Red side

I thought we should of pulled the plug on this ages ago didn’t think it would be a good buy , happy he’s not coming he be 30 in Jan he reminded me of every Sunday league player having a energy drink and nicotine before a match 🙂 but am worried about our ability to attract a striker in recent seasons benzema higuin ( don’t care I spelt it wrong ) and vardy to name a few


This is good news for Arsenal. Who really thought Vardy was ever going to win is a title. Now it’s on Arsenal to go out and sign a real world class talent up front. Off course we are Arsenal so that may not happen, however, this st least leaves the door open for that possibility. Signing Vardy would of shit the door completely. COYG


We will look back at this and breath a massive sigh of relief, he’s not good enough to be at Arsenal, we should be aiming much higher, especially if Arsene only expects at the most three players in. Lukaku or Morata please, let’s show we are actually a big club.


Well played Vardy’s agent, well played. Did he ever really want to leave? He just needed someone big to bite on the clause so they could renegotiate a new deal 4 months after signing the last one. (And got him 40k+ extra a week according to reports) Don’t feel we have been rejected more like used. Don’t know which is worse.


Being used by Vardy’s camp is worse than being rejected, as it suggests our transfer team may not be too savvy (shock horror). I’d rather be rejected than naive. I can’t shake the impression that we are too nice in the market.

Still, I’m sure we’ll find a striker before the summers out (we have to). Time to unsubscribe from Arsenal News Now and wait to see who we get!

Arsene Wenger

Chelski getting Morata, Utd getting Ibra, can we go for Rooney then? Again? I’d love someone that’s not 30, but hey we went for Vardy.


Rooney? If you’re gonna dream, dream big: Messi, Bale & Suarez


Fat Ronaldo, Maradona, Pelle


Haha hahahahahahha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha ha haha

Snake in the grARSE

We can’t even sign a pikey twat like Vardy. Now Linekar has a hard on. This makes me sad.


It’s good to see Leicester give one of the big boys a bloody nose and keep hold of their best players. I just wish it wasn’t us with the bloody nose.

As for Vardy, he’s a very good player, but if teams sit back he finds it much more difficult and to be honest, that’s 90% of our games next season. Fingers crossed we get Marhez instead?


Because Mahrez always played against a packed defense at Leicester last season?


Well hopefully we can turn our attentions to someone less cheaty and racist.

Is Suarez available….oh.

the only sam is nelson

Operation smoke screen successfully completed

Stand by for the grand unveiling of Grant Holt tomorrow

Wenga Boys

Wenga would of course have spent a lot of time modifying his play.. but old dogs etc…

I hope at France do well and Giroud turns into Super Giroud and we get a RW who’s actually a right winger..

oh and Messi for christmas, he has arsenal dna because he’s played with so many former arsenal players. I bet Hleb taught him a thing or two and he’d be excited to end his career with us.


But annoying as I think he could have added something we’ve lacked. Part of me feels he won’t score more than 20 goals next year but he’ll of course score against us.


no problem as long as we beat them both games against them, and we were the only team to do that last year.


Wenger will sign a striker. Also have often thought Alex oxo would be better converting to a central striker than a centre midfielder . He is fantastic at get ball best defender shoot ( or cross). Spainish striker morota , Lukaku


Player with single digit goals scored in 5 years at club as one of the attacking 3 would make a great striker.

I see.


At 29, having just won a title with little more than team spirit, togetherness and a sprinkling of talent, I have to say fair play to the man.

It would be a shame if they lost all their good players and I respect him for staying with them.

I hope they stay together and improve for next season, coz that’s what football should be about, not just watching the same handful of teams winning titles time and again.

Over to you now Arsene. Do us proud.


I don’t think it was ever his intention to join us. He and his agent have played a blinder in getting him an extra £2m+ a year!


He was a good Walcott replacement but that’s it. He can’t be our main strikers for years to come. We need to stop searching for these shitty cheap deals and get on with it.


Mixed feelings. On one hand we didn’t sign the chav king, Jamie Vardy, which is great. But on the other hand we were rejected by the chav king, Jamie Vardy, which makes us look pretty pathetic.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Probably we aren’t chavy enough.


The only reason why he hasn’t signed the deal is obviously because he’s away at the Euros.


The saddest part in this saga is another season with Walcott!


Vardy wasn’t really getting me that excited. And it’s not that I don’t rate him, I do, but I would almost rather that we buy some sort of slightly unknown quantity – someone who people may know of but is yet to fully establish himself as world class so to speak. I want us to win the league but I want us to do it with a bit of the old Wengerball. We’ve got enough susperstars with Sanchez and Özil.


I have mixed feelings about this. Vardy was never going to be anything but a stop gap solution, but then.. isn’t that essentially what we have to look for, while developing some younger player into a proper striker (essentially what we did with Henry, Anelka etc).. ? Let’s be honest here: We can’t actually buy one. They’re just not available for any sum of money that Arsenal is willing to spend on a single player. Fans who think otherwise are delusional. The few, long term solutions that are already at the highest levels would cost £80M++ (Aubameyang and so on).… Read more »

Jamie Vardinho

Nailed it.

I think a cheap (ish) signing who is mobile (like Vardy) that can provide cover/competition instead of being the main man is a realistic scenario.

Lukaku is available but there is fierce competition over him.

Some of the high potential players like Janssen and Sanabria as being chased aggressively by Tottenham.

Aboubakar is reportedly keen on a £16m move to Everton, he seems like a good bet (Standard youtube skills disclaimer)


Jamie Vardinho

Forgot about Arkadiusz Milik who’s on record as an Arsenal fan


Is that the fellow touted as the “next Lewandowski”? I think I heard some mention of him recently, but that’s about it. I do know of Janssen though, who seems like the real deal, but it’s always a bit of a gamble from the Netherlands, as the top scorers there are sometimes fantastic (Suarez) and sometimes duds (Depay).

Still, those options are far more realistic than the Higuains and Aubameyangs that some are expecting.

Jamie Vardinho

Yup, that’s the guy, plays for the Polish national team.

24 in 45 this season for Ajax and the Poles in the Euros.

Standard disclaimer:


For what it’s worth, I reckon Depay will come good next season, hopefully not to our detriment.

Andy Mack

Depay may do but there are plenty of examples of failed dutch strikers. IIRC a few years back Norwich bought the top dutch goal scorer and he scored less than their ‘own goal’ tally in his one season. 😀

Crash Fistfight

He has a cool name, though: Rickie van Wolfswinkel. It’s a shame for Norwich that his ability isn’t as good as his name.


Akpom was like 6’0 last year.. now hes like 6’5. Jonker,. Inc. have been prepping the Arselab for his Titi 2.0 transformation.

I am sure of it.

Mavdidi can maybe mavdoit in a year or two as well.

Up the arse.


Why are people using the word “rejected”? Players chose to stay or go to clubs all the time. If Wenger was to give a list of players he has “rejected” in this transfer window alone you would still be reading it come the next World Cup. He just thought those players weren’t right for us.
You could argue that Arsenal set their sights too low and Vardy took the safe option.


About us setting our sights too low – because of bad form or persistent injuries our “British core” has left us with a huge headache. How do we affordably upgrade or replace guys like Welbeck, Walcott & Gibbs? Leicester’s insane bid for Troy Deeney & City’s fee for Sterling tells us the “English premium” keeps rising and not in proportion with the player’s talent. This is why it looks like we’ve set our sights too low, when in reality the English talent pool that’ll allow us to add quality to our homegrown contingent is just not there. Doubt Wenger would… Read more »


Respect a man that stays loyal to his club.

Jamie Vardinho



Honestly relieved with this. People comparing a potential Vardy signing to how old Red Nose signed Van Persie forget that Vardy is no where near close to being as good as he was. We may have to pay more for a decent striker now but we can easily do better for ourselves than Jamie Vardy even if it’s not a Morata/Higuain/Lukaku that we’re after.

Lord Bendtner

This is a win win. I never thought he was exactly what we needed. Hats off to him that he has club loyalty. He was nothing until he was picked up by Leicester and had a magical season. Good to see him not turn his back on his club as soon as he won the title. This is a win for Football amidst this money-driven era


Kalinic would be a good signing. I was v impressed with him in Fiorentina.s Europa league campaign..Mobile,.skilfull, good finisher and plays for.the team. Probably wudn.t cost a fortune either. And has lots of experience, including in the Prem with Blackburn.
On.a side note as Theo and Vardy share same agent hopefully this will increase the likelihood of Arsene fucking that waste of space off


That agent is a master at his game

Ex-Priest Tobin

I told you all we shouldn’t try and sign him, and was thumbs downed massively at the time. But I was right, as per usual. You are all welcome to apologise 😉


You were not thumbed down massively for that one.

Ex-Priest Tobin

thumbed down


He bottled it, pure and simple.

Santi Claus

Dodged a bullet in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong I think he is decent, but surely we can aim higher than a player that is 30 at the turn of the new year.

Godfrey Twattschlock

It’s a hard life. Vardy doesn’t want to be with us, the best hair in football has retired and Welsh Jesus opts for terrible hair in response, Morata chained by some Real buy out clause, the only defender on the market is a Brazilian with a dubious name, there’s a sinkhole the size of Mourhino’s gob in the centre of the Emirates and while Mourinho is still a cunt that sinkhole could actually be a huge all engulfing vagina.

It’s a hard life!

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