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Arsenal refuse to sell Bellerin to Man City

Over the last couple of days, fairly spurious claims have emerged from the Spanish media about Hector Bellerin and Man City.

El Mundo Deportivo suggested that the presence of Pep Guardiola at the Etihad Stadium was an attraction for the Gunners full-back, due to their shared Barcelona connection.

They played that old reliable card in which someone close to the player is quoted as saying they’re ‘pleased’ or flattered by potential interest.

However, the usually well placed Manchester Evening News report today that City have ended their interest after being told in no uncertain terms that he is not for sale (and we’ve been told Arsenal’s response was ‘industrial’, to say the least).

Indeed, the idea that Arsenal would let the exciting young Spaniard go was always fanciful. Having made his breakthrough in the 2014-15 season, Bellerin has established himself as first choice at the club, and become a full Spanish international in the process – even making the European Championships squad.

On top of that, he signed a new deal just a year ago, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the club had new terms on offer to recognise his growing stature.

As well as that, Bellerin has been effusive about how much he loves life at Arsenal, saying, “I feel like this is my home. I see it as very difficult to leave.

“I came to Arsenal to stay here. I’m happy and I’m playing.”

So, that should put an end to that. It’s always one of the things you have to deal with when you have good players, other clubs want them.

City, however, will have to look elsewhere if they want a right back. We have a French guy they might like …

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Yeah fuck that


I’ll give Debuchy a lift up to Pep’s gaff myself, he’d probably moan the whole way up though.. would probably have to tape his mouth up first.


‘Are we there yet? Are we there …’


‘I’m doing this so I can get back in the French squad’ ……

………………….. Yeah, okay mate.

Been Done



The one positive to take away from Wenger in the recent transfer markets is that at least he isn’t selling key players as he once did a few years back, though many would want him to sell some of those not performing well. Haven’t heard much about Debuchy’s situation, am surprised that it looks like they may keep him.

Mark Hughes

He isn’t selling them as he doesn’t need to raise funds to pay off the loans anymore. If the loans hadn’t been there from the Emirates, I doubt he would have sold the players he did in the first place.

Snake in the grARSE

Which makes our floundering in the transfer market and underperformance even more glaring 😀


Floundering? Based on what? Rumours and your own assumptions! Do you know how moronic you sound?


Or he’s using how things went the last two windows as a benchmark. You really don’t have to revert to calling names

Mr. G

He’s likely concerned about how this summer has, so far, felt disappointingly more and more like last summer when we also started well but failed to add when we really needed to. So am I, if I’m perfectly honest. Wenger was hoping Vardy would sign, he didn’t (although to be honest I don’t think Vardy would have been the answer) and now he doesn’t know where to go. Seeing as 4th is, realistically, most likely the best we can achieve this season (United, City and Chelsea have manager who know how to win league titles) the least Wenger could do… Read more »


Have you been sleeping under a rock for the past 4 transfer windows? key areas of the team that have needed strengthening had been overlooked. If we dont bring in the right players and mount a proper challenge next year… we risk losing Ozil and Alexis. Wenger’s departure will be too late and he will leave a mammoth task for any incoming manager.


Last 4 windows? more like the last 10 windows..


not filling the squad with quality despite charging the highest ticket prices on the planet can be considered as floundering.

Helder sceltor

Considering we sold cunts who left for City wages, I reckon they would of still left.


havent we only sold 2 players to city? nasri and clichy?


Adebayor and toure. Sagna wasn’t sold, but chose to not extend his contract so he could join city

Giroud's Buldge

Since when did Sparky McGoof start talking sense!


I completely agree, but if we don’t strengthen this summer, then expect Ozil and/or Sanchez to leave next year.

They love Arsenal and they want to be successful at Arsenal, just as Fabregas and Van Persie did. But if they don’t see the club progressing and feel they can’t win the league then they’ll do what any ambitious footballer would do and go somewhere where they will win a trophy.

They’ll have a year left on their contract which basically puts them (their agent) in the driver’s seat. Fuck that!


That’s what Wenger would like you to believe, but I’m afraid it’s complete nonsense. The club has never needed to raise extra capital to pay off the loans because there are penalties for paying the loans early. They are fixed rate and the same is being paid now as when the stadium was firs built and the loans will continue to be paid at the same rate until 2032.


They also have a French guy we used to (and I still do) like.


Samir Nasri.


No. The other one.

Coquelin's third leg

… Clichy?


..jesus…how many french guys did they take from us? 😀




How about a Debuchy/Sagna swap? Ludicrous but more ludicrous than us selling Bellers to anyone let alone that mob.


*but not more ludicrous

A Different George

I was surprised how well Sagna did in the Euros, with some help from Sissoko (talk about surprised). Always liked him, sorry to see him go. Glad we have Hector.


What!??? Are you joking??? Sagna was ABSOLUTE SHIT @ The Euro’s! All he did when in possession of the ball was PASS BACKWARD!! Sometimes he would live dangerously and pass SIDEWAYS!!! Haha I couldn’t believe it. Once I noticed him doing it I watched him even closer and I SWEAR about 5% of his passes were forward! Incredibly bad. He looked terrified to play it forward. Don’t get me wrong tho I loved Sagna at RB but now I see Bellerin and his penetration!? and forwardness I realise Sagna is VERY AVERAGE and mostly uninvolved and probably one of the… Read more »

Bould's Eyeliner

Except a fabulous FA cup in 2014. Talk about tunnel vision….

A Different George

I am sorry that I did not make it sufficiently clear that I thought Sagna played well defensively in the Euros (that was the reference to Sissoko helping him). He was not an important attacking option for France, as he often had been, with his crosses, for us. If you think that is the only thing a fullback is supposed to do, then Sagna was poor. If you think defending against the opponent’s wide attackers (and getting the ball–sideways or any other way–to Matuidi, Pogba, or Sissoko) is an important part of the job, then he was, as I said,… Read more »


Wouldn’t swap him for any RB in the world.

Sir chips

Jog on pep

Stewart Robson's therapist

We gave you Sagna, now put up or shut up.

David C

I still miss him, but Bellerin is aces!

John C

Like Fabregas, Van Persie and Nasri before him he’ll be off in the next couple of seasons if we don’t show the right ambition in the transfer market.


I don’t know why you are being down voted. This kid is a 100 mil player with his age. He can walk into any team in the world. Maybe not the top 3, he might have to wait a couple of years for that. But being at Arsenal who don’t have a world class striker and a tendency to not buy the two extra bodies we need to sweep up the league (every season) it must be frustrating


100 mil for a full-back?
That’s what I call inflation.


he is being downvoted for collecting 3 different scenarios into one to badly prove his point. Fab left to go ‘home’, VP left for trophies and nasri left for money. Bellerin has already said home is where he is happy, and he has been happy for the past 5 years at Arsenal. He has won 3 trophies in the last 2 years. He recently signed a new bumper deal… coming in from youth wages to first team wages he would be greedy to want alot more. He was raised in the uk by Mikel arteta. whom id remind you took… Read more »

John C

Fabregas, Van Persie and Nasri all left for the same reason and thats because we were uncompetitive, if we had any chance of winning the league or champions league none of them would have left. You’ve just fallen for Fabregas’s superior PR exercise. At various points those three all said how happy they were just like Bellerin but if the manager doesn’t live up to his part of the deal and provide a winning team he’ll leave just as they did. Man City are just laying the long term foundations with Bellerin just like Barca did with Fabregas and if… Read more »


And then we point to how well it worked out for Fab.
Something he’s definitely got he intelligence to see for himself.


When he won all those trophies with barca, what did we achieve? 4th and 3rd in the league.
Then he went to Chelsea and won the league. Maybe he’s not so sorry

John C

It’s been so terrible for him, he’s only gone and won the following:

La Liga: 2012–13
Copa del Rey: 2011–12
Supercopa de España: 2011, 2013
UEFA Super Cup: 2011
FIFA Club World Cup: 2011
Premier League: 2014–15
Football League Cup: 2014–15

Any way you slice it, it’s been more successful than Arsenal over the same period of time!!

Andy Mack

You really think he’ll look back on his time at barca where he was boo’d off the pitch, with pride?

John C

How many times was he booed off? Every game?

Godfrey Twattschlock

Wasn’t he also so shit he was Chelsea’s worst player for a good part of last season? Perhaps unfair considering he was in the midst of Mourinho’s meltdown but that must have been a torrid time. There is a life after football to consider as well. Players who stay with their clubs have something life long when they retire whereas club hoppers, unless they are spectacularly good, are soon forgotten. Sometimes even shunned. Maybe the money is worth it but probably not. “Hey guys, I retired with one hundred million quid in the bank and I’m not welcome anywhere” or… Read more »

Andy Mack

He was boo’ed off often enough and even his better games he was rarely cheered. When you know the ‘home supporters’ aren’t actually supporting you then playing becomes a chore. He clearly wasn’t enjoying himself in a large number of games.


Started reading your comments like 🙁 ended like 😀 . . . Wanchop?

Monkey Nuts

On top of that City are all fur coat and no knickers so why would he want to play for such a bunch of wankers.


Sorry to say it, but over there he would have a better chance for major trophies. And he would work under what is considered by many as the best manager in the world right now. Would probably be paid more as well.
Sad but true.
Luckily for us, he seems like a smart kid who wants to succeed with us. So barca can f**k off too

Mark Hughes

Other than Barcelona and Bayern Munich, has Guardiola managed any team without an almost unlimited transfer fund?


Does the Barcelona B team count?

Andy Mack

No because that’s full of barca trained young talent playing in their 2nd div, which is like our Div 1 but without the violence.
A team with a young Busquets, Pedro and other LaLiga + Players at that level isn’t going to be a real problem.
Although he did to a particularly good job with them.


Barcelona B. And done quite well.
Many coaches before him had unlimited funds at Barca and City and not done quite so well.
Also, he’s now up against Mourinho and Conte who both too have unlimited funds and have an amazing record of league finishes.


Who is many??. Barcelona b, Barcelona and Bayern are among the easiest jobs in football…and guess what, now he took another one…(job like that)

You are far off….sorry

Denilson's Snood

I like that sound of that.


Give ’em credit. It’s a hideously expensive, designer fur coat and they have no need of knickers as they have a diamond-encrusted codpiece.


Please Arsene, I beg you to sign someone super exciting immediately to distract us from this Trumpapalooza madness!


I really get the sense that he loves the club and doesn’t want to leave


F*ck off Pep you DNA twat

Granit(e) hard!

DNA thieving twat he is!


Actually I don’t mind Pep so much. It may be because I am currently reading his book, “Confidential”, but his tactics and analysis need to be admired.
His original employers are another matter entirely

spockney sparra

Man city are a bunch of cunts, no?

And Arsenal is my home now, innit?


Hmm peps brother is his pay him 20 k a will pay him 150 k a week..

Your happy with top 4.. we are not happy unless its top of the league..

We buy superstars you buy..ermmmm




We have our own blog. And you come here to Pep… Sorry peep.


Man C*ty, estd. 1880, First Division/Premier League
Winners: 4; the last before the oil $$ in the 60s.

Arsenal, estd. 1886, First Division/Premier League
Winners: 13.

Form is temporary, class is permanent. Don’t expect trolls like you to understand.


Not a good point when you’re discussing a career of 10-15 years. Those 10-15 years is what’s going to matter for the player. Proud history is a good thing, but a great future matters more for the player. Where do you guys honestly think the brightest career for a top class player is, top 4 arsenal or title winning city?


Where did they finish last year?


They finished in qualification spot for cl. Same as us. We should neither gloat nor celebrate 2nd

Andy Mack

So you’d rather we came 3rd or 4th then?
It may not be 1st but it’s not shite either.


I’m just frustrated because last season we really should have won it. Finishing 2ND is good, but it matters not much compared to 3 and 4. Last season we lost the championship, we did not win 2ND. That’s how I feel about it

Andy Mack

Yes we should have won it but 2nd is still better than 3rd, 4th or any place below that.


Yeah but money talks


Your club’s a Prostitute, Arsenals is Class Our club has been in the top 4 and challenging for 20 odd years, Yours hasn’t even been around for that long. ( I honestly see the old City v the new Shitty to be different clubs!) Your “Team” lost its identity when it was Prostituted and sold like a WHORE ! Even the Man City fan’s changed!!!! I used to quite like and respect City partly because we had the same identity but now you’re just another WHORE that was once really pretty and now you have sores on your lips and… Read more »


Sorry NOT the same *Identity I meant Mutual Enemy (Manchest3r 0nited)



Clichy, Nasri, Sagna, Ade…. bought these ‘superstars’ from us right?

who did you sign last summer? fabian delph? fuck me zlatan better back down with these ‘god of manchester’ statements

David Hillier's luggage

I’m assuming that the same username you used when you were supporting Chelsea a few years back?


We love you Hector


Guardiola – Buzz Off !

victor anifata

Pep no way

North Bank Gooner

If Sterling is worth £49m, I guess that makes HB worth about 3.5 squillion??? Better start with the piggy bank Pep……..


I’d be perfectly happy if Bellerin did exactly what Henry did to be honest. Spend his best years at the club, develop into one of the best and then the inevitable move to Barca later down the line. Couldn’t begrudge him that. The idea that he’d go to City when even Barca can’t pry him yet though, it’s pretty unrealistic lads. Pep will likely be long gone beofre Bellerin’s 25th birthday, he’s not the same pull that Barca are at all.

Die Hard Gooner

Cant see this happening unless they offered aguero in exchange. Wenger is walking on a tight rope with the fans right now, he will feel the heat if he doesnt buy a striker let alone give our best young player to a rival.

Jack Wilshere's fibula

What’s wrong with Sagna? You ungrateful bastards.


I bet Arsene told Man City – in five different languages – exactly what they could do with their interest, hehehehehe.


Arsenal need to sign one more striker and defender !!!!!1


Will always remember him charging down the wing and the absolutely perfect ball to ozil to score against Bayern Munich last season.

Hope he stays for many years.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

If a young boy thinks his salary will double then renewing his contract becomes difficult. It is not going to be easy just because he says, he loves Arsenal. Clichy used to criticize the players who were leaving for more money. Where is he now?


Go do your shopping somewhere else, Pep. We ain’t selling.

Me So Hornsey

I hope our recently departed lego-haired captain has nothing to do with this.

It’d be nice to keep my current good will towards him intact.


Because as much as I liked him at Arsenal, if he has anything to do with aiding and abetting Pep in this affair I will personally walk over there and whoop his ass with the bamboo switch my grandma used to cut our tails with.

Trixie Bird

“Whoop his ass….” What’s his donkey got to do with this?

Girouds' Hair Wax

If I wasn’t an arsenal fan and in his position I would be very tempted by that offer. Zabaleta and sagna are getting old, guardiola is guardiola and city have shown a damn load more ambition in the last few years than arsenal.


Common pep. you have started same fabergas story. fuck man city with their DNA


Aguero + Ihenacho + kompany + 20m may do it…..but I still doubt if its enough.


this guy and kimmich are the 2 best young RB in the world at the moment


No. Kimmich is better.


Kimmich wasn’t even a RB until 3 months ago, and it remains to be seen if he is going to be a RB again.

glory hunter

guys ive ignored most of the transfer nonsense, but im getting really worried. We’ve all been here before, we arent making any major signings are we?


We haven’t been selling our top assets for a while now so no surprise. Wenger had to stabilise the ship with Fabregas then RVP amongst others leaving each season. He added experience first with Arteta and Metersecker and has rebuilt the make up of the team. Last 3 seasons (or 4) we have added quality players every season. So not sure what the thinking is here. I guess you can’t stop City from trying to poach but we are a much more difficult target now for that nonsense. Helps that Bellerin like Iwobi, Coquelin were product of Arsenal Academy with… Read more »

John C

We haven’t been selling our top assets mainly because we haven’t had any and Bellerin is the first young player a top team would want from us in the last 4 or 5 years, thats why!.


Yeah you’re right Ozil Sanchez cazorla koscienly Ramsey…ARE SHITE!

Jack Lewis

Man City, get wrecked. Keep on dreaming if you think you’re getting Bellerin. So yeah, p*ss off back into your rainy little shack.


To watch pre-season, who succeeds at Rback as back up. Jenkinson is back in fold but IMO I feel he lacks the technicality where he isn’t short on passion. OTOH Calum’s progression has stalled with Wenger (IMO) erroneously trying to convert him into a Cback. IMO he is best brought back as a Rback which was his natural position with Soton. Let him develop in a position familiar to him first before considering switching him in field. He has better technicality and crossing than Jenkinson (Remember his ‘world class’ goal with the out side of the foot) Those who criticise… Read more »


Absolutely spot on Santori!!! I agree with every word!

Bob Hall

I think like lots of the stories out there in the last few weeks was made up, because nobody had any real information, it is noteable that most of the ITKs do not back it up with firm evidence. There was no way AW was selling HB to another premium league club, because now he does not have to. I think the same about the Alexis story that is doing the rounds. In the present climate unless a top player is unhappy or the club need to sell to buy, I can not see many top players moving over this… Read more »


Fuck this off season bullshit. I’m so depressed. Just let the football start please!!!! Even if its Walcott upfront whatever lets go.

A Different George

This story was always nonsense. Remember, last year Wenger would not let Debuchy go to Man United–a player who was never going to play barring injury to Bellerin and who was desperate to leave. Why would he let a star, a member of the PFA’s team of the year, go to a direct rival, even if he were interested in selling him at all? If the story were about Barcelona, it would be wrong, but not absurd; about Man City (or Chelsea, etc.) it is inane.


Fuck off Pep! It’s time to take a stance on these twats or all we will be regarded as is a feeder team. Bunch of annoying twats!!

Anyway back to sleep till the new season or more signings


Slightly off topic but there will still be a lot of transfer movement as many teams have new managers. Would people who are panicking about a striker rather we bought what’s out there now or wait until we see what comes available?


We got Eric Tobias Sandberg everybody. The cash has been well and truly splashed. We got best 16 year olds in the world. Probably end up at Fleetwood Town after a few loan spells with Cowdenbeath and Preston North End. Can’t wait until we unveil the new Bergcamp, an eleven year old from the Falkland Islands named Charlie Pele. He can’t do any skills but he is sure shit scared of flying and hence the comparison. Scientists in Siberia have seen signs of football genius after dropping scared mice out of a top storey window and recorded that their legs… Read more »


Wow, don’t even know what to call that but you’ve gotta get a thumbs up for the creativity


Yeah pretty much this.


why should wenger buy two strikers

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