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Euro 2016: By the Numbers

6.4 – Shots per game by Cristiano Ronaldo¹
2.4 – Shots per game from set plays by Ronaldo¹
3.9 – Shots per game from outside the 18 yard box by Ronaldo¹
3.4 – Shots per game inside the 18 yard box by Griezmann¹
0.9 – Goals per game by Griezmann¹
0.8 – Goals per game by Morata (3 goals in 4 games for Spain)
0.5 – Goals per game by Giroud
0.4 – Goals per game by Ronaldo
1.6 – Shots on target per game by Cristiano Ronaldo
2.8 – Shots on target per game by Gareth Bale¹
179.7 – Moments per game the camera panned over to Ronaldo to show him making a face of disgust at his teammates for not carrying him and his giant fucking cross the whole time¹
3 – Moths per game by Ronaldo
2.7 – Shots per game by Olivier Giroud
1.8 – Shots per game with his head by Olivier Giroud¹
2.3 – Shots per game by Ricardo Rodriguez (the Swiss left back linked to Arsenal because he’s Xhaka’s buddy)
1.5 – Shots per game with his left foot by Rodriguez leaving 0.8 shots per game with his right (that’s fairly two-footed!)
1.3 – Shots per game by Marek Hamsik with either his left or his right foot (I digress a bit… that is impressive. Truly two-footed players are rare, like Cazorla. Hamsik also scored 3 goals with his left and 3 with his right for Napoli last season)
36 – Dribbles attempted by Gareth Bale¹
23 – Successful dribbles by Gareth Bale
24 – Successful dribbles by Eden Hazard¹ (of 29 attempts, 83% is stunning, really)
18 – Successful dribbles by either Payet or Sissoko (18/25 each!)
16 – Successful dribbles by Ozil (16/20, 80%)
17 – Unsuccessful touches by any of Ramsey, Bale, or Muller¹
19 – Total number of times Lewandowski was dispossessed in just 5 games¹
41 – Aerial duels won by Kolbeinn Sigthorsson¹
1 – If Sigthorsson had a son he would be named Kolbeinnsson
25 – Aerial duels won by Giroud (third best in the tournament)
1 – Assists with his head by Giroud
1 – Assists with an amazing back-heel through ball by Giroud¹ (I digress… only nine players had through ball assists with both Giroud and Ramsey in the group. No player had more than 1 through ball assist. This is a specialty of Arsene, in that he preaches the through ball pass and assist, so it’s no surprise that two Arsenal players were among the nine. Ramsey also was the only player to have an assist off a cross, a corner, and a through ball.)
4 – Assists by Ramsey or Hazard¹
15 – Key passes by Ramsey (16 by Hazard)
18 – Key passes by Özil
24 – Key passes by Payet¹
7 – Key passes per game by England’s flying right back, Nathaniel Clyne¹ (it was one game where he just basically crossed the ball like a maniac, which is really old-school football but what do you expect when the manager is Sam Allardyce.. oh wait, it was Hodgson. Meh, same diff less gum.)
33 – Attempted tackles by Jacob Blaszczykowski¹ (in just 5 games)
13 – Number of times Blaszczykowski was dribbled past
29 – Attempted tackles by Aaron Ramsey
17 – Number of times Ramsey was dribbled past¹ (Tied with Toni Kroos. Ramsey was 41% tackling in this tournament and Kroos was worse, making just 9/26 tackles, 35%.)
13 – Interceptions by Laurent Koscielny (led France. This is another thing Wenger preaches, he likes his center backs to nip in and steal the ball from the forwards and Arsenal players typically are at or near the top of the League in interceptions per game.)
16 – Fouls committed by Joao Mario¹
18 – Number of times Grzegorz Krychowiak was fouled¹
11 – Number of times Pepe was “fouled”
12 – Number of times Chiellini was “fouled”
47 – Clearances by Koscielny (2nd best behind Kamil Glik for Poland who had 52 in 5 games)
6 – Blocked shots by Koscielny (led France)
20 – Saves by Rui Patricio (2nd most in the tournament)
13 – Saves by Patricio from shots in the 18 yard box¹
11.5 – Long passes per game by Granit Xhaka (led all OUTFIELD players)
1 – Key pass from a long pass by Granit Xhaka, not 1 per game, 1 out of 46 accurate long passes
89.2 – Accurate short passes per game by Toni Kroos¹
81 – Accurate short passes per game by Granit Xhaka (2nd most in the tournament)

All stats from WhoScored.com courtesy Opta

¹ – Led all players


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Don’t dislike Ronaldo anymore. Impossible to like the vanity, but he’s undeniably inspirational. An all-out winner. We need players with this ridiculously overt drive. He’s a twat on the pitch because he’s absolutely fucking balls out desperate to win. Look at where it’s got him.

Scott P

We have Alexis, a powerhouse all-out winner who contains 0% cuntishness.


Totally agree. As a player of the ‘premier league generation’, while others have been content to sit back with their millions he seems to just work harder. Nothing but respect for the guy, although I do wish he’d stop all the nonsense as it would allow the press to focus on all the great charity work he does.


Replace “over drive” with rampant narcissism, replace “desperate to win” with “desperate for personal glory” and you’re halfway there. I think Portugal won the final because he wasn’t on the pitch which truly allowed them to become a team. Despite him undermining his own manager by walking up and down the touchline, which tells its own story.


You couldn’t be more right, Vino.
He’s a player driven with the passion to win. But he’s quite an amiable person.
I’d rather have him than the other one.
You know who.

Johnny Tractor

I remember very clearly how much I hated Cristiano Ronaldo when he was playing for Man U. Such a Immanuel Kant. Then Messi showed up. Bla bla, long story short, few years passed. I went into CR7 neutral zone. And this year, I was the whole EURO in Portugal (I am definitely not portuguese). What I noticed: – he is not narcissist that much as we think – yes he is in TV more often, but guess what, that happens when you are good/best/famous. Who should Sky sports talk about? Bruno Alves? – he is modest from what I saw… Read more »

Scott P

Shouldn’t Kolbeinn Sigthorsson be given a superscript 1 for his leading all players in ability to have a son named Kolbeinnsson? At the very least he’d be tied for first… 😉


What is a “good” % of key passes from long passes? Xhaka’s 1 out of 46 doesnt sound terrific.

Jeremy O Dwyer

Is there a reason that Ramsey and Kroos are dribbled past so much? Is it about the position they play? Their specific style? A combination of other things? It’s not like they are bad players.


It’s a good question. I don’t have an easy answer.


2 – Number of times Carvalho was dribbled past (according to whoscored). Ramsey and Kroos’ had license to roam while Carvalho very rarely strayed out of position but this number is incredibly low.

Bould's Eyeliner

Is it maybe because they play hyper offensively? Losing possession in the midfield while trying to drive forward would make them easy ‘dribble’ targets, before the defensive shape can take hold. It’s been a tourney of defense and counterattacks so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if my theory held true.

I also wouldn’t be surprised at all if the above is a bunch of crock either though. Looking forward to more insight on this!


Well Ramsey’s frequently chasing after the ball when out of possession, i think he puts himself in positions where he’s pressuring the opposition and forces them to try stuff, which is to his credit, but tackling is not his forte so he doesn’t always manage to turn that pressure into turnovers.


How many shots that were taken from outside the box that didn’t scored against the ones that actually scored.

Tasmanian Jesus

I remember we were linked with Rui Patricio a couple of years back. Ive always thought he was a great keeper, I guess we got Ospina instead? He’s also pretty great to be honest.


Were you only allowed in the ‘Team of the Tournament’ if you reached the semi-finals? Hazard should clearly have been in it, to be fair.


I understand the thumbs down for a Chelsea player, but Hazard basically refused to perform for Mourinho last season and goes up considerably in my estimation for that.

Crash Fistfight

Honest question, as I can’t remember (seeing as I tried to pay as little attention to Belgium as possible) but didn’t he only have one game where he was that good (Hungary)?

John C

I have to say i’m really sceptical on how some of these stats are compiled. Ramsey had an excellent tournament but to say his pass for Robson-Kanu’s goal vs Belgium was an assist is pushing the boundaries somewhat as the pass didn’t create the opportunity to score but Robson-Kanu’s excellent piece of skill did. Being the player who passed it to a player that scored can’t be all that is required to call a pass an assist or are we to believe that the guy who makes a square pass to Messi 40 yards from goal before he dribbles past… Read more »


Disagree, his pass was excellent. RK’s excellent piece of skill was even more excellent. To be credited for an assist you don’t need to set it up on a platter for the goal scorer–you need to pass him the ball. Again, Rambo did that in excellent fashion.

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