Thursday, September 28, 2023

Giroud’s agent says swap stories are nonsense

Olivier Giroud’s agent says that stories linking his client with a move away from Arsenal are incorrect and that there’s been no contact with any other club.

Nonsensical stories about a swap deal involving Gonzalo Higuain surfaced over the weekend, and despite them being patently false, Michael Manuello says he wanted to make the situation clear and that the French striker is focused on Arsenal and Arsenal alone.

“Everything I’ve read about Giroud is not true,” he told TUTTOmercatoWEB. “I’ve only ever said that if Arsenal want to sell him, then we will see. But today he is an Arsenal player I would like to stress that we haven’t even thought about another project.

“We never talked to Napoli and there are no other people appointed over me that can do this. We need to clarify this.”

The Gunners striker search is well know, and Manuello was asked if Giroud would be happy to stay in North London if, and hopefully when, a new man arrives.

“Yes, you always need two strikers. Welbeck is out for nine months unfortunately. And it’s quite normal that if you play in a great team you should face strong competition.”

So let’s hope that’s exactly what he gets. And that he uses the time off to get himself back in shape, really looks like he’s letting himself go …


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He's got no hair but we don't care...

We need to add not swap. Tripe of a story.

Starting to get deeply worried now, as its starting to look like every other transfer window we’ve had before, we desperately need another striker. I mean I can’t say I am Girouds biggest fan, but he is a good option to have. Our problem is we rely on him too much. He averages about 15+ goals in the EPL each season, but we don’t always have the other players contributing adding the other 15 + when he isn’t firing, which lets be honest happens frequently because he seems to be a peaks and troughs sort of guy, he struggles for… Read more »

Bendtner's Ego

That man is ridiculously handsome.

Daniella No. 9

I would totally have a threesome with him and Jennifer (and we already know that he likes American women 😉 ). Just sayin’ . . .

Mr. White

I knew this was nonsense but was still hoping it was true. Ahh well, stuck with him for god knows how long. Thing I find so funny about him though is he’s the first to talk about a new striker joining us (Suarez, Vardy) and how they can play together. Just goes to show the level of confidence he’s got cos before the deals have even been finalised, he’s chattin about playin together cos he knows he’ll be on the bench as soon as they join hah


Pretty hard to focus on the text and avoid hating myself with that picture front and centre.

PS please don’t take that as ingratitude.

Third Plebeian

Where is that beach and how do I get there?


St Tropez according to my extensive and frantic research.

I’ve chartered a jet, everything’s going to be ok soon.

Third Plebeian

No way I can afford that.

Oh well. I take some comfort in knowing that I have my desktop image sorted for the next year or so.

Third Plebeian

I’ve just seen the pics of his holiday with his wife and daughter, and there’s a hilarious one of him building a sandcastle all by himself (the caption says he’s building it with his daughter, but she’s not in the picture).

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Good people do want their children’s pictures at everybody’s disposal. That may be the reason.


It’s Plage de Pampelonne, about 5km away from St Tropez over the headland in a South Easterly direction.




The slightly disturbing thing is that every story appears to be bollocks


A swap wouldn’t make sense in the slightest because we still need giroud as an option. Only way selling giroud MIGHT make sense is if you’re buying someone like Milik to replace him. We’d end up spending more than necessary. Love Higuain, but don’t think he’s worth more than 50m tops.


If a bid for Deeney for 30million gets turned down…higuain is easily worth at least 50 mil

Giroud's bulge

If somebody bought a bag of shite for 40 million would you think signing Ashley Young was value at 50 million? Just cause some nut is willing to pay dough for a doughnut doesn’t mean we have to.


True, but that’s why English players are mostly overhyped. Higuain is 29…doesn’t make sense spending more than 50m on him.


Absolutely true, he’s gonna be Arsenal’s top striker next season. Monsieur knows would not win the league next season even if u give him CR7 or Messi. His priority is to balance the accounts for Kroenke. I appreciate him 4 the memories but every good story had an end.


Err…don’t quite follow your ‘logic’.

If the board and Arsene want to print money, or balance money surely it means winning titles etc. That will sell more shirts get better TV rights etc etc.

Do much thinking? Live in the real world?


It was difficult to believe that story because it is not in the arsenal ethos to buy a continental striker at twenty nine years of age and secondly he is grossly over priced. There could also a settling in problem _ look what happened to angel maria at man utd seàn

Lord Bendtner

A picture is worth a thousand words and I’m still reading this picture

Lula da Gilberto

Disgraceful, Olivier, youve really let yourself go.


Why would you swap out your top striker who consistently scores 20 goals,24 last season when Walcott only scores 21 goals in one season? Why would you on top of that add 40m to take Higuain at 28/29yrs who may then may get a knock leaving us with only well Walcott? Why would you spend 40m ad swap GIroud and leave us with little left to buy a Cback? Some people simply love to keep wool in their heads. Complete nonsense. Unless you follow media logic (people who have never managed a top club or worked in transfer dealings), it… Read more »


Deschamps picking Gignac over Lacazette has nothing to do with ability. We all know that. Giroud has scored more than 20 in all competition twice. He has never scored more than 16 in the league. That’s not good enough for a first choice striker of a title challenging team. Look at the teams in the top 4. Giroud is a great plan B. Not a plan A. Wenger has confirmed we lack a 20 goal a season striker.


Get Mahrez. Even hotter than Giroud, in my humble gay opinion.




Arse fan, bum bandit, gay gooner. Loud and proud. 🙂


Fair dos. Odd name though 🙂

Chimichanga Monreal (cuz that's way more fun to say)

Agent knows the swap the stories are nonsense because he started them.


Brad Pitt is probably a shit CF, so Giroud is our next best hope. If only he was at least slightly faster than molten lava.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Lava’s searing hot too.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Having seen off Aaron Ramsey’s challenge, HFB now gearing up to battle new entrant Granit Xhaka in the Premier Looks League.


Not even remotely in the same league. Debuchy was closest but even he couldn’t take being the clear number two.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Don’t agree with that at all, Ramsey epitomises the phrase “pretty boy” in my book.

Third Plebeian

What does “pretty boy” mean to you? I’ve always taken it to mean a good-looking but rather vain person. Ramsey doesn’t strike me as stuck up.

Stewart Robson's therapist

I can’t really put my finger on it, just that he looks quite boyish rather than your rugged types. And he’s relatively slight, compared to an Adonis like Giroud. Definitely didn’t mean to say that he’s stuck-up. Probably has a bit of a vain streak in him given his modelling and the attention he pays to his hair, but nothing wrong with taking pride in one’s appearance. Believe me, I would never criticise for that. I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on!

Third Plebeian

Imagine being good-looking, rich, and a famous athlete. I mean, I’m middle class, middle aged, and pudgy, and I’m vain!


Somewhere Cristiano Ronaldo is seeing this picture and wondering why Giroud doesn’t take his shirt off nearly as often as he does.


I love Giroud as a player, but how can I guy have a physique like that, and not be able to run?

Third Plebeian

Yeah, but it’s better than being able to run and having no other significant abilities (*cough* Walcott).

Stewart Robson's therapist

In all seriousness though, if we can’t find a striker this summer, maybe we should consider a formation change. Having seen how well Giroud plays as one of a pair up front at the Euros, could we try and recreate that with Alexis Sanchez playing the Griezmann role? I wonder about 4-1-3-2, with Xhaka as the lone holder and Özil in a central role ahead of him behind Giroud and Sánchez. Take your pick for who plays on the flanks, Ramsey and Iwobi would probably be our best bet from the current squad. If we signed a Mahrez or a… Read more »


no natural width in that line-up, and we’d get over-run in midfield on the break by any decent side

Stewart Robson's therapist

Off the ball Ramsey and Iwobi would have to close in around Xhaka to create a 4-3-1-2. You can get caught on the break in any formation, guarding against it is all about a collective work ethic and not the formation itself. Whatever shape they have, Arsenal’s players just need to work harder off the ball. And I think that formation would have greater width than you give it credit for, but in any case you rarely see the traditional winger these days anyway. All the wingers cut inside on their stronger foot, providing width is left up to the… Read more »


I spent way too much time looking at that picture…

Thierry Walcott

Necessarily too much. Can’t blame you, mate.


The only thing this guy’s ever gonna win is a six-pack at the raffle!

Jack Lewis

Other than two FA cups?!


How can this be true no contact with Napoli it was in the media.


Giroud a good looking man


Damn how hot is this man. Really surprised why he din take up modelling. Plus he’s French 😛
PS: It’s normal for straight guys to think Giroud is super hot


Keep telling yourself that


I HAVE to keep telling myself that.

Third Plebeian




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