Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Juve: Arsenal refusing to sell Sanchez

Juventus director Giuseppe Marotta has revealed that a bid for Alexis Sanchez was met with a firm rebuttal by Arsenal who refuse to sell the Chilean at any price.

The striker, who is currently on holiday after helping his country win the Copa America Centenario, had been pinpointed by the Italian giants as a possible replacement for Alvaro Morata following the Spaniard’s return to Real Madrid.

Reports claim that Juve’s bid was as low as £34 million – laughably low in a market awash with cash.

“Sanchez is a great player, but Arsenal told us they have no intention of selling,” he told Chilean newspaper El Mercurio. 

“Arsenal said that the Chilean attacker is non-transferable and that he is not on the market.”

You don’t need to have been a private detective in Victorian-era London to have figured that out on your own.

What we don’t know is whether Sanchez has been contacted directly by the reigning Serie A champions or if he’d have welcomed a return to Serie A where he spent five years with Udinese.

Alexis is due back in London in a couple of weeks. Given he suffered a nasty injury to his ankle in the Copa final it’s not yet clear whether our new number 7 will be in a position to challenge for a place in the Arsenal squad for the start of the season.

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They should have at least offered us £34 million + £1 for it to be considered…

But seriously what are they smoking.

Cash plus Pogba and we might consider it… maybe…


LOL, let a world class striker go so that a world class midfielder comes in and plays world class passes to… oh wait.. 😀


maybe we can take 34mil, if they offer pogba and dybala too.


Can’t see him going back to Italian league any time soon. Especially when there is so much money in the EPL. Italian football isn’t what it used to be, its more of an old boys club. Maybe when his legs are gone I could see him going there, but not now in the peak of his career. I am more concerned if City come in and test our nerve with a £50-60M bid, could easily see Stan the monopoly man cashing in.


What are they smoking at June?!

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

In other news, the sky is blue, water is wet, and Arsenal finished higher than any other North London clubs last season. All statements of the obvious. Get out of here Juve.


For a club rumoured to be selling Pogba for £100mil, they should know the market has changed.

£85m minimum or GTFO


it doesn’t matter even if they offer a hundred million, what’s the point in selling a player that’s already world class? arsenal have money, arsenal need to upgrade.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Arsenal sold Henry for 16 millions. Nobody bothers offering big money to Arsenal. They know Arsenal would accept less, if selling.


Off you fuck


As yoda himself might say

Wenger's X

Give us pogba first


Our puppy is going nowhere.


We are living in times where Raheem Sterling is worth £50 million then Sanchez is easily worth double that amount. I’m really concerned about our transfer business. It’s all relatively quiet right now. We know that many of our players like Giroud, koscielny, Ramsey possibly even ozil and Sanchez with his injury might not be available from the start of the season. Considering that we have a tough run of fixtures at the start of the season it’s always better to do the business early,so that the new players get enough time to settle in. I don’t want to have… Read more »


In fairness we got a nice bit of business done very quickly and then moved for Vardy. But now the latter has come unstuck we don’t appear to have any backup. Worse that Jansen guy from Holland that we were thinking about, is on Spurs target list. Equally the news that Wenger is going to put up with another season of Walcott really is bollix and demonstrates that when it comes to action Wenger lacks clarity. Ferguson would have never faffed around like that. Which is one reason why Ferg’ was a serial winner and Wenger hasn’t won the title… Read more »


“Yeah, mom, I know it’s expensive but I want it bad”. 23 mill for a 29 YO cu.nt with no ligaments, guess you can’t really blame Mr. Wenger for that although it hurted all of us a lot. But you got that time frame right, I admit. He had one good season and turned to crap and then they sold him for peanuts to Fenerbache.

A Different George

A small detail about his one good season at Man United: he won them the league.


He didn’t become crap, ferguson left and man u didn’t have a shot at the title and so he didn’t give 100%. Wenger was okay for selling but he’s at fault if he doesn’t buy this season.


They won the title and the only reason they did was because they had the nuts to sign an ageing rvp. Decent business for the reward of the title.
Had we been a bit more calculating and decisive in the market the last few years we could have done the same. Ie higuain etc etc. But we dither and accept 2nd best. And I can’t see this tranfer window being any different.

Lone Star Gunner

I regret that I can only give Bosscielny one upvote. This window is starting to feel awfully familiar. If we don’t do more Arsenal is really going to be up against it at the start of the season.

King Julian of Draxlanistan

Really!Bonanza at Arsenal!! Buy one get one free!!! Buy Sanchez for 30mil and get Ozil for free.


The ‘suggestion’ – and I put it no stronger than that – is that both the player and his agent, have told Arsenal he wants away. So we’ll see.


It sounds a bit like this is all just an attempt to unsettle him



Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Player and agent needed to let bid from Juventus help negotiate contract extension to their favor.


Or that


Could you please elaborate more on that “suggestion”?. Sources would be nice but if not perhaps a link or 2?.

I’ve done a quick-ish search and all i can find is articles based on what the british press say.

I have however, found this

It’s in Spanish but basically it says that Arsene Wegner has told Alexis to forget about Juventus and he wants him to sign a contract extension until 2020.


If he wants away then the chances are he will go. The players have all the power and if the right money was offered then a club that is as money orientated as arsenal will sell. Simple as that.


Honestly this is a bloody insulting bid. People are going for crazy prices. Madrid quoting 70m for a noob like Morata, they themselves want 100 for Pogba and 50 for a 29 year old Bonucci. But no they expect us to sell our best player for 34m. Seriously just Fuck off ?


Best player? Not last season.


35Million… That’s andy carroll standard. Wrong club.


Remember the days when Gooners were concerned that teams like Juve could easily swoop in and get whomever they want from us? Let’s keep it in perspective as we thirst for a new striker.

Me So Hornsey

We should put in a formal bid for Pogba of £60m. Then tell the whole world about it. Bloody cheek.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

If not for injuries, Wilshere can do everything Pogba does.

Charlie George

Not sure about that, but i remember a chap who could. Oh Abou….


Very worrying story. He seemed a little unhappy most of last season. Especially the second half. Wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him go unfortunately. He’s my favourite player. But ya, it’s gotta be £50m minimum.

Andy Mack

He was unhappy because he was in poor form.
Pretty much very player is like that when they know they’re not playing well.

Cliff Bastin

Don’t they need a striker since Morata is back at Real?

I offer Sanogo for £5mil + pogba


Juve is usually smart in the transfet market pulling off the best deals. But this time they were ovetconfident with their abilities. On that note Juve, Alexis ain’t for sale

Little Mozart

Even if it was a good offer, Arsenal won’t sell. We don’t need to, and I don’t see Alexis being lured back to Italy anytime soon anyway.


Arsene has been too busy doing French TV Pundit work at the Euros to worry about transfers, but hopefully now they are over he will re-focus and get on with strengthening the squad. If he dithers and fails again in this essential task then this really has to be his final season at the Club. The Board need to be issueing him with explicit directives to buy re-inforcements instead of offering him yet another contract because of the ridiculous talk of the England Managers job………..Its time to step up to the task in hand Arsene and make this a positive… Read more »

winterburn 87

Let’s just give their own medicine back..let’s put a bid for £35 million for Dybala


Even if Sanchez was double the price of Messi…




Sanchez was player of the tournament last month, a tournament that includes the Argies, Brazilians, and the Uruguayans … and they offer 35m!! Jokers aren’t they just .. now feck off.


Hey guys’, wenger only gives list of his transfer targets to Dick Law who works with Gazidis and one other guy called Miles. These guys are responsible for transfers and when they fail, wenger gets the blame shielding them as usual.
So lets make noise about these guys and hope they become aware we know who is responsible.


Doesn’t really matter though does it? If they fail our season is likely fucked and no amount of finger pointing will fix that. However, Arsenal have been failing the past 3 seasons in terms of transfers and I think a total revamp on how we do transfers is absolutely needed.


Yeah “Miles” we know who you are!..;-)


Alexis might not leave this season but I can see him leaving soon if we don’t surround him with a couple more superstars.

David kushner

I agree if Wenger and the higher ups don’t start adding world class players to help support Sanchez and Ozil they are going to start looking at clubs that are in it to win it season after season. Both domestically and in the champions League And as much as it pains me to say it who can blame them


Funny lot, those Italians.


Priceless, Modafukers !!


In a market where Morata is valued by Madrid at £65 million, Sanchez is worth at least that. And even if they offered that, we wouldn’t need to sell.

Mr. Wood

Computer says NO!

(In a very stern French accent).


Time to open the warchest and purchase a player that will make Sanchez tell Juve “fuck off I’m happy at the Arsenal” or something along them lines anyway.


The thing is when our ” war chest ” is talked about that includes wages I think, and players on say £130,000 a week over five years it soon ads up to this talked about £70m other clubs go and spend all this money and get results. Yet our tickets are more than any other club. I won’t be going to to any games this year unless we sign 2 big names. We have 1 that’s come in but I want 2 more. We talked about losing our big players to big clubs but for me our biggest loss happened… Read more »


Sorry thumbed you down for using that word instead of “Spuds” or “shit”…


Lol no problem


“I won’t be going to to any games this year unless we sign 2 big names.”
Have you told the board this?


They must be scrambling to call an emergency meeting now.


It’s all very well refusing to sell at any price but players hold all the cards now. Just have to hope that he wants to stay or can be convinced to stay through squad improvement. If not he will leave and probably for <40mil. For some reason we seem to lack balls on both the buying and selling side of the transfer market.


It’s nice and all to make fun of Juventus, until we realize we also under-bid for strikers and the situation looks to be grimmer by the day.


Alexis Sanchez won’t go this summer, I’d put my house on it, then again it’s a shit hole in swanley and next door are noisy c#@ts


I would really like us to buy someone please.
Preferably a striker or right winger, not too bothered about a centre back…thanks.

David kushner

The market for world class strikers is thin and prices are incredibly inflated. I can’t see Wenger breaking the 60 million barrier any time soon. Maybe think about pairing Giroud with another striker in a 4-4-2 system. I’d like to see Giroud play along side Sanchez or Imwobi. At least give it a chance. Play to your strengths. If Arsenal refuse to open the vault for a striker they better sign a quality center back to partner with Koz.


Winger like to play deadline day. As someone said, he could run a poker school in Govan. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to be willing to have your bluff called and this is one of those seasons for all the reasons other posters have outlined. Squad has players returning from tournaments, fatigue, injuries, tough start to the season.
Let’s see what comes.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Alexis: injured + tournament tired
Kos: injured + tournament tired
Özil: tournament tired
HFB: tournament tired
Rambo: tournament tired
Danny: injured long term

Now, although the above is as crystal clear as you’ll ever get, I wonder if our manager will sign a striker and CB?

Nah, I don’t think he will either.

Frank the Gooner

lol juve clearly don’t know how to read a market do they?
34 mill for sanchez?
try 70 mill in this market.

Blitz Bailey

In spanish press they say Alexis wants to go to a more competitive club. He is familiar with Serie A having played there earlier in his career, And Juventus is the biggest fish in that pond and you will achieve success there. However i’m sure Alexis understand that a 34 million bid for him is taking the piss in this market. He will no doubt honor his contract, but if he is going to sign a extension he may require some proof in the form of some world class signings that say this club is ambitious and serious about challenging… Read more »

Hereford gooner

This is concerning. My gut tells me that alexis wants out. I do not think he is a guy who is predominantly motivated by money, he primarily wants to win things. Juve win the league every year and will be there or thereabouts in the champions league – and winning titles puts a player in the running for the balon’dor. Is he going to win such titles with arsenal? That is the question that must be on the mind of Sanchez and Ozil when entering negotiations. Both are capable of winning recognition on a world scale, but to do that… Read more »


Sterling was signed for 50 mil. WHat are Juve smoking?

Parlour's Pay Packet

If I were Stan I would go in and ask Arsene what he would realistically pay for Pogba, regardless of if he thinks he needs him. Then I’d half it and offer it to Giuseppe Marotta.


This should come as no surprise.

Not sure where some people get the idea that there was a bid for 30+m. Unless you are prone to listening to rumours and gossip, basically the club said he isn’t for sale.

May/may not have an impact on Pogba sale, in any case, I would think Madrid would be a more attractive offer than the cold of Manchester out of CL but you never know.

Arsenal aren’t a selling club anymore.


Again a lot of people do not understand how a market works. The likes of UNited, Chelsea and City (not to mention Bayern, Real, Barca, PSG and to some extent Juve) can all spend higher than us or equal. If you go into the market prematurely, you will have to compete at astronomical pricing. It will have an effect at how many players we can bring in. The price has to sweat out on certain players and movement of players (like Zlatan) will also precipitate other moves that will free up our true targets. This is not a market where… Read more »

Dan Hunter

If sanchez leaves, we riot


How is this price being quoted for Sanchez less than someone unproven in the bpl like Lacazette. It boggles my mind

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