Thursday, December 9, 2021

Szczesny: It’s time to think about my future

Wojciech Szczesny says that he has no idea where he’ll be playing football next season, but will use his holiday time to think about his future.

The Arsenal keeper was part of the Poland squad that crashed out of the European Championships last night, unable to replicate their penalty shoot-out win over Switzerland as they went down to Portugal.

The 26 year old never recovered from an injury in the first game, and had to watch former Arsenal teammate Lukasz Fabianski take his place. And after a spell at Roma last season – a repeat of which doesn’t seem to be on the cards – he’s still unsure as to where his club future lies.

“I’d love to know,” he said after last night’s game.

“I really don’t know. For now I was focused on the Euros, I tried to recover from my injury.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t happen in time but now I have time to relax, for holidays and maybe think about my future.”

What will his future hold? Will he play again for Arsenal? Does David Ospina really write funny things about him on toilet walls?

Find out in the next exciting edition of the next story we do about him. And that.

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Can’t wait for the next edition.
He’s got to choose between two things: playing time vs. being at the greatest club in the world.


How much are Barca bidding for him?

broken red army

not ladies greatest club in the world


I knew this would get negged to Bolivia, but I couldn’t help myself.

Jamie Vardinho


Lord Bendtner

The amount I care is like the amount of water a rattlesnake can scoop up with its hands


Really can’t begrudge Szczesny choosing to go to another club where he’ll be a starter. How often do we see the likes of Richard Wright or Stuart Taylor criticized for being seemingly happy to spend their careers on the bench (or as a third-string ‘keeper)? Wojciech, on the other hand, is determined to play, and we should applaud him for that. If he wants to leave, ideally we would sign him to a new contract and then loan him out again or sell him with a buy-back clause; he’s a player who loves the club and who still has the… Read more »

Sir chips

Ospina totally does that. He’s surprisingly cuntish for a seemingly genial chap


I really feel for him. At one point, he seems like he have the world under his feet, sharing the golden glove award with De Gea. Cech is performing so well in his first season with us, which we believe he will only get better with his second season with us. With that said, I really doubt Sze will he happy with the limited play time. I rate Sze highly, but currently I just can’t see him nail down the No. 1 place.

Maybe in time to come, he can.
But would it be too late already?

Pigeon Superstition

He shared the Golden Gloves with Cech, not De Gea.


For me the ideal situation would be to retain Ospina for one more season, and loan Szczesny out to Everton (good team, moving in the right direction, need a true replacement for Howard) for example. Comes back next summer to challenge Cech properly.


Well, it’d be hard not to move in the right direction given where Martinez left them. And to think people wanted him in for Wenger not that long ago…


I’d much rather see Szcz comeback and understudy Cech. There’s no way a man of Cechs calibre won’t be a positive influence on him. Not to mention, there was a point when Szcz tied Cech for the PL golden glove. I honestly think he’s far better than people give him credit for. In terms of shotstopping ability he may even be better than Cech but Cechs allround attributes (leadership, experience etc) make him more valuable at this point in time. But Szcz should have a chance to a) learn from a b) challenge Cech next season. As good as Cech… Read more »


All that stands out to me is that season when he had the lowest saves to shots ratio of any keeper in the league. I’d far rather keep Ospina as he seems a more down to earth character, never does or says anything to upset the apple cart despite being on the bench most weeks. I’d doubt we would get the same attitude from SZCZ and his loud mouth dad.


Ospina’s stock should be higher than Szczesny’s after another Copa with very convincing displays. I’d be shocked if he’s any more interested in sitting second choice than Szczesny right now.

Mississippi Gunner

Idk, a few pretty amazing saves stand out to me. Golden glove shared with our current starter. Who cares what his dad says

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Szczesny should come back as No 2 goalkeeper. Ospina sold if he has a good offer.

broken red army

Ospina is obviously the better choice. Szczesny on the other hand does more interviews.


If Ospina leaves, then Scz should come back and be 2nd choice. Cech probably has 2 more seasons of top level performances.
Personally, I’ve always said Ospina was the better of the 2…it’s a shame if Ospina has to leave.


It’s a good conundrum to have. Some seasons past, Wenger would have been lamblasted for not taking the keeper position too seriously . NOw we have a world class custodian between the sticks still very much in his prime in Cech. But also two pretenders to the throne who are in their own rights on the verge of ‘world class’. But you need playing time to reach that height and a keeper is not someone you like to switch around frequently in a season. So who to push Cech? Ospina who is a great reaction keeper a bit suspect still… Read more »

Mississippi Gunner

From a fellow smoker, come back Woj! I kid I kid. Or do I…………..or don’t I


Spare a thought for Flappyhandski.

Derided by some supporters but quite obviously there is such a thing as improvement when you play consistently and he has had an excellent season + Euro.

Perhaps Szsc is intent on following in his footsteps. As much as they are no longer rivals at Arsenal, they are still very much competitive in the International set up.:D


Don’t understand why we want arsenal to win things and then prefer to sale Ospina so we can keep Szsc. Ospina is far better and reliable. Arsenal fun of all people should know why not to pass on quality betting on potential.


Not even close this one. Get Szch back & get rid of Ospina


Szsc can move on if Arsenal keeps Ospina. Sometimes things just don’t align and for Szsc it feels like so what happend to Afobe and othera – likable chaps with potential. I am also open for him getting another loan.


Works if Arsenal wants to put together a team of ‘nearly-men’. You can add Yaya Senogo then.

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