Video: Takuma Asano goals and other stuff

takuma asano arsenal

Everyone knows that the only way to properly judge a player is by looking at his YouTube compilation video.

As everyone calmly gets to grips with the news that we’ve signed Japan international Takuma Asano, let’s instantly make our minds up about him on the basis of some short highlights set to what is probably a really dodgy soundtrack.

He’s got some skills, in fairness to him. The word is he’s likely to be loaned out for a season, so chances are we won’t see him in an Arsenal shirt for a while.

However, he will be part of Japan’s Olympics squad so we can get our first real look then.

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I know the talk is that he’s one for the future, but something tells me we’ll end up seeing a lot more of him than we expected.
It was the same with Sanogo. Meant to be one for the future, then ended up starting against Bayern.

My only hope is that if that does happen, he does play a good role and shows himself to be of value to the team.

Certainly stockier than I expected. That should do him. Well.


I’d be quite disappointed if so. We need a new striker and I don’t really want to see an untested youngster in a weaker league. No offense to J-League, but I wouldn’t know if it’s even top 10 leagues in the world.

Fair enough if he does perform though.


I know, but this is Arsenal.
From the moment Sanogo was starting against Bayern, I knew then that anything can happen and I will never believe the “one for the future” stories again. Particularly if said future player joins the first team


Unlike previous season’s we’ve got plenty of options (Welbeck, Theo, Sanchez, Campbell) who would be above Asano in the pecking order. Unless Asano shows Wenger he’s got some serious ability & we fast track him… Either way I doubt we’d go from 20m for Vardy to 3m for future fwd…


Welbeck injured
Plus we also had Sanchez, Theo and even Giroud when Sanogo started up top against Bayern.


You misremember: Sanogo started against Bayern in Feb 2014, while Sanchez arrived in the summer, July 2014.


You are right indeed. My mistake.

I guess it all becomes a blur once you try to remember which big team loss (Barca or Bayern) at the last 16 and whom played what role.

Crash Fistfight

I’d imagine it’ll be difficult to get a work permit, him being so young and all, so probably not having played many games for Japan. If that is the case he’ll have to be loaned out and won’t feature much for us.


7 caps one goal , as of last week. May have more caps since then… Think he needs 10? Based on blogs article day after e.u.referendum !
Does anyone know more..,


From memory


This boy is a superstar!! Check out the video!

Third Plebeian

I, too, remember the time I first discovered the concept of a youtube compilation about ten years ago.


He looks a beauty finisher, tricksy and quick who runs at defenders. If he can adapt quickly then great.


Still doesn’t best Ryo Miyahi

Even till now I still google him up to see how his career is going (spent last season at St. Pauli….injured)


I wish we could be Takefusa Kubo.




ahhh sooo the japanese messi

An Arseblog News Comment

Almost thought he was Liverpool’s Suarez with the ricochets, running at people and all round hustling in the box. Wenger seems hell bent on signing players good on the counter. I wish him luck on loan, but if he does stay, it would be nice to have this kind of option against the Pep Guardiola’s of this world. All that being said, what do they say about youtube highlights of players again?


If only we got the chance to counter in a game…. All this stifling tappy tappy stuff gives the other team the space to run into, our strikers have as much room as in a phone box.

Mr. G

Well, he evidently has more skill than Walcott. Not exactly a terrible start! 😉


Most people have more skills than Walcott anyway. Walcott’s best skill is to get mega contracts for himself.

Mr. G

Just about the only thing he’s world class at :p

Giroud's 6Pack

He doesn’t look bad at all.

Ozil would rather look up and see this little ball of Japanese energy running into the box than a Theo.

alexis' shorts

That’s no 6 pack in your avatar.
Not that I’m complaining though.


Another publicity signing to make money in Asian market…. inamoto,RYo miachi and park all quality signings (Sighs)


As an Asian I’m offended. There are plenty of Asians cutting it in Europe, and even closer to home there’s Okazaki and Park (Ji Sung) all those years back. Inamoto never adapted to England, Park was Wenger’s weirdest signing ever, and Ryo have been unlucky with injuries. Asano looks like he can be a handful for us. Although I hope he isn’t the striker signing we should be making.

Third Plebeian

Well, he certainly looked a handful for, uh, J-League defenders… I don’t understand signings like this. I mean, the investment’s pretty low, so it’s not a huge gamble or anything, but they almost never work out. Most likely, he’ll be loaned out to a decidedly average Spanish side while we work on getting a permit, and in a few years we’ll have moved on to other targets while he makes a permanent move to a decidedly average German side, etc. I’m not criticising the player at all, but this whole process and this kind of signing just seems utterly pointless… Read more »


‘the process’ got us Kolo ‘invincible’ Toure , almost got us yaya (were both in belgium feeder club), carlos vela (sold for a profit after putting together the best chip goals compilation ive seen at Arsenal) and now Joel Cambell who was bought for 1m and looks to be worth 15-20mil and looks a good player. doesn’t look pointless to me.

Third Plebeian

Thanks for naming three players. For every one player who turns out ok (of the ones you mentioned, only Toure could be considered a success in terms of benefiting Arsenal), you’ve got ten more who don’t.

Like I said, there’s little risk apart from a few mil, but frankly the rewards are so small in the long run that I fail to see the point. Do any other big clubs in England buy players like this? Genuine question.


Well if you look at it like that then the whole youth process is a waste of time for all clubs as they sign thousands of youths just so one can make it. There is always a gamble signing any player, at low prices you can afford take a few more risks.


Well you’re also forgetting a certain Nicolas Anelka.

Now considering the returns from him effectively built us our training complex, even if we went through 30 potentials to get the one like him, it was totally worth it.

It’s like start up investment; greater risk, but the returns can be so much more.


I can’t name more than 2 quality Japanese players. Honda and … No I think the other one was Korean.

Im sure Wenger has a great contact from his time in Japan and is constantly being told ‘this is the Japanese Henry/Anelka’ but I’d bet a fiver this chap isn’t it.

Third Plebeian

Anelka wasn’t a J-League product. Please.

Look, go ahead and be optimistic, but I think you all know where this is heading. How many J-League players have come over to England and really done the business?

It’s a waste of time, and you don’t see any of the other ambitious / top 4 teams in England making such signings.


Actually, I am happy we are looking at new developing leagues. Your argument of “if it could’ve been done, it would’ve been done by now” is the standard argument to every new innovation (as a start up founder currently about to secure investment, I’ve heard the “but if it’s so good, someone else should’ve done it by now?” Argument a hundred times). There is a first time for everything. Once, even before Giggs, there was the idea that a world class player could never come out of Wales. If the world had more guys like you, pockets of world class… Read more »


Oh and as for your “other top 4 making such signings” argument, tell me, didn’t Leicester pay £400k for a Marhez just a couple of years back?

How did he work out?
/rolls eyes


Speed and finishing ability doesn’t depend on the league you’re in. The english rain is depressing but it doesn’t make you any slower, and although Englishmen themselves can’t seem to perform when the pressure is on, I don’t think it has anything to do with the soil per se.

The guy is obviously untested at the highest level but to dismiss everything as “playing against bad defenses” is silly. Some things you either have or you don’t have, it doesn’t depend on who the defender is.


Sanogo was a lethal finisher in his youth team days. Even scored 4 times in a match for Auxerre first team.

Third Plebeian

Oh, I see, so the ability you’ve shown has nothing to do with the league you’re in?

What a load of nonsense. Or, are you thrilled with the striker for Real Salt Lake because he scores for fun in the MLS? Or how about that 2nd division Ivory Coast League striker. Are you into him? Yeah, cause it doesn’t matter what league you’re in…

Pork pies.


At the least, I’m sure that he’ll be better value than all the British players we’ve wasted money on the past few years. I know that’s not a terribly high bar.


Football ain’t a science. For all the youth players that come into the game maybe 5% of them will go on to European level. Not to mention that a Koscielny or a Giroud can happen where they don’t develop till their late 20s. There is no set formula. This guy could be rubbish and end up back in the J-League. Or we could have the next Asian superstar on our hands. Only time will tell.

Third Plebeian


How many former J-League products have made the grade in England at the highest level (Premier League)? Maybe Okazaki? So that’s one…


Hidetoshi Nakata, Shunsuke Nakamura, Keisuke Honda have all played at Champions League level. Shinji Kagawa, Shinji Okazaki and Maya Yoshida have or are playing at Premier League level. Not bad considering they love baseball.

Third Plebeian

What do you mean by “Champions League level”? Like, they once played in the Champions League?

Are you serious? None of those players would ever start for Arsenal, United, City, Chelsea, or even Spurs. Okazaki had a nice season at Leicester, but that’s a one-off.

Again, I’m not criticizing the player, I’m criticizing our move for a player of this caliber. I guarantee you this player will never play for Arsenal in the first team. Are you a betting man? What odds would you put on Asano playing for Arsenal one day?


He may never be, but if you that’s the kind of attitude you have in life, then I feel sorry for you.

“Why try and start a business? Do you know what the odds of success are? You’re better off just working in McDonalds” is kinda like how you see things.


The voice of reason at last!


Pleb, the odds are as good as you understanding what others are trying to say and/or not putting words in to their mouths and/or getting all douche-nozzley when they reply your question with valid points – very unlikely.

Bould's Eyeliner

Not to mention Lee Seung-Woo at Barcelona, who legitimately looks like an exciting attacking midfielder. I would love Arsenal to sign him up from the academy, and put him and Takuma together. THAT would make a crazy marketing chance with Korea and Japan, two stars from each country, respectively, then having to pit themselves against each other on the international scene. Rivalry sells. And this green stuff smells good. Summer is a crazy time.


I know a highlight reel isn’t much to go on, but speed of thought, close control inside a crowded box, could play well alongside Group and capitalise on through balls from Jack, Mesut and Granit. I can see why he would be worth taking a chance on.


What I liked from that compilation is that he seems to like to shoot early – that’s always a good sign for a striker, and he seems to have a good awareness of his team mates.

We’ll have to wait and see, obviously, but I wish him well.


Shooting early, that is not our style, pass it sideways son


Looks better than Feo


good signing for a few million in the bank like all the previous ones go out on loan then 3 years later sold off \\££//


For now or for the future, I just like when the Arsenal sign talents so I’m very happy with Asano joining. He looks strong and very fast he definitely is. Laughed at all the comments calling him the Japanese Aguero, but when you look at the video, if you had to do the silly comparison with any other known forwards, el Kun is surely the one who comes to mind first: small, strong, quick and hungry in the box. I really wouldn’t mind if he developed just half as well as Sergio. Welcome to Arsenal, Asano!


I like a striker who’s first choice is to place it into the near corner. Shows confidence, calmness and skill. See any striker you don’t like: chances are he doesn’t prioritise this technique over smashing/dinking/curling/toe-poking.


Does seem to have that composure in front of goal


Lets not judge the lad too quickly. As Wenger said he is “one for the future”. Hopefully he’ll come good and that this isn’t Wenger’s last signing in this window. We still need a world-class striker and maybe a winger to strengthen our squad.


A World Class finisher, a wide attacker and an accomplished CB are the bare minimum we need.

The Mert

One YouTube compilation and I’m convinced he’s the next Henry. 😉

Looks decent enough and let’s see how he adapts to the Premeir League. The price is worth the risk for sure!!

Martin Finley

I foresee alot of Asano’s on fire, Your defence is terrified singing next season.


You foresee alot of Arseholes on fire did you say??? Arsehole’s on fire! Your anus is terrified! Arseholes on fire! Your flatulence is terrified!!!


A one in four game goal ratio is similar to my Gran when she was in her pomp.
He may be a better signing than her as he has many years ahead of him to improve and she doesn’t have that luxury being dead and that.


Being dead would certainly be a disadvantage


I thought we were looking for someone who could be “box to box”? 🙂

god god Bergkamp god god

More a fox in the box, so she qualifies.


As opposed to ‘wooden box’


It was his rookie year in the J-league I believe. 1 in 4 doesn’t sound too bad for a rookie year.


Wrong. His Rookie year was last years 2014/2015 Season when he won the Young Rookie of The Season award….


Cheers, corrected.
I guess 2nd season at 20-21 y.o. not so bad. But it’s certainly not Aguero tearing up La Liga with 1 every 2 matches around that age..

Arsene seems to be into looking to late bloomers for his hidden gems these days.

Henry's Counter Attack Goal

If this kid was born in Europe or South America with the same ability, a lot of big clubs would have been after him.

SamJ we’re the only big club looking for talent in Asia?


Most underwhelming signing yet. Giroud will be first choice come September.
I was hoping to God Xhaka wasn’t going to be our only big signing, but it looks like it.
Face it guys…we will NEVER win the league with Wenger in charge. This isn’t a knee jerk reaction or whatever. Better coaches with better teams are in the league now.


Worry not, we will buy a striker this window, Wenger knows we need one and that is proven by his attempt at signing Vardy.


Tough crowd on here today!


Actually our most underwhelming signing yet is “Thierry Henry ver. 2” aka Walcott. I really hope he signs for Liverpool, or better yet, wannabe club Arsenal aka Man #@ity..


I think Arsenal has just signed the japanese version of Vardy just to spite the racist twat.


Comment of the day! 🙂


he looks decent enough


V fast, great first touch, good finishes , stocky is good not stick thin to be easy to knock off ball. Good header also

Gudag Bedil

Japanese Aguero?


To be fair, he looks ok. I always admire a player willing to run at defenders.


He definitely looks more ok than Walcott 😉


Anyone who genuinely believes this signing is anything more than acquiring an Asian asset, is being naive – with a very short memory. If he makes any impression on European football, I’ll be astounded.


I don’t know if he’ll make the grade, but I genuinely believe this is more than just acquiring an Asian asset.

Anyone who thinks they know and says everyone else is naive is presumptuous at best.

A Different George

Well, it looks like he can score when he has a free header in front of goal. From this video, not super-impressed with the marking in the J-League.

Lula da Gilberto

Did suggest I don’t think he’ll be a regular. Still dubious but I like what I see. Hope he makes it.


He certainly seems more technically sound and graceful than Sanogo, so there’s that. I hope he gets his work permit sorted as soon as is allowed, I am interested to see what he might be able to bring to the team. Now fingers crossed we sign that elusive ‘finished article’ striker and a center half before the start of the season.

American Gooner

Looks a player to me, I’m excited to have him as an Arsenal player

Mississippi Gunner

Well, he looks better than Sanogo’s welcome video. Were any other European clubs interested or did Wenger pick him out? His pace and link up play are pretty exciting

Jamie Vardinho

Seems to be alot of japanese playing in germany so its likely hell be sent there. Hopefully he has a first team role with one of the relegation candidate teans

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Yes one for the future blah blah blah!

We need a bloody proven striker. He even said it himself with Danny out we’re short and then he does this. Perfect piss take fodder for the muppets in the media to beat us with.

Manure sign Zlatan, Citeh sign Nolito and we sign….


Can’t wait to sign that defender from Bolton, it’ll complete the positions we need to fill perfectly.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Why do you care what the “muppets in the media” say? They’re all little shitbags, this is why we come to fan-directed sites like this, to cut through the media crap!


What’s the big deal with all these whingers?

It’s a 3m quid punt on a player. It does not mean we will sign ONLY him as a forward option.

He is like Campbell maybe a bit late for academy but has good potential , likely loaned out and if it doesn’t work out, he gets sold for a profit (or slight loss). Reasonable risk.

Meanwhile we will add a striker as well.

Big deal 😀


You’re wrong blogs, that is an amazing soundtrack!
He looks pretry good to be fair he’s like the japanese maradonna

Stewart Robson's therapist

Can we please put his name to the tune of Hakuna Matata?


Damn you, you made me spit apple all over my screen.. T_T


Name a striker that we actually can get. Higuain (overpriced, and shit), Lewandowski – never! Ibrahimovich (for free maybe, but come on!) The list in this category goes on, but not that long; and most are over hyped and over priced. If we can find ‘the new’ (20-25 goals a season striker) then that’s the way to do it. It’s the rest of the pitch; (where there’s an abundanc of proven talent) that needs addressing.


Certainly looks better than Theo… also has an appetite for shooting, wondering if he’ll be schooled to walk it in.


He looks like he has some nice pace and potential in front of goal. He also has the passiness that I’m sure attracted Wenger to him. Fingers crossed that he has some wolverine blood in his system.

Also, Mr Blogs, your site has been too popular for a while now. You really need an upgrade to your site. I still have not been able to find out what you’d let Ozil do. I’m really interested to find out if you would let him take penalties for Arsenal…


Let’s not judge too soon. He looks like he could score a goal against Iceland to be frank.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

For all my Gooners saying it’s not like he’s the ‘ONLY’ forward option we’ll sign and that we’re whingers. Do you have any idea who our manager is? The same manager that has left us open mouthed and disappointed in most transfer windows. The same manager who failed to sign a single outfield player this time last year.

Yeah, we’re just whingers…

proven beyond doubt by this very whinge!


I’d only wish we buy this handsome french bloke who scored 2 and assisted another. What a powerfull beast he is. Surely he is what we need.


Was it stillman who complained about the manager’s averseness to taking risks? Here is your answer. And youtube, i must say can force a man to fall in love. Daammmmnnnnn!!!!!!


He looks explosive with a good eye for the goal. Not sure he’s suited to the PL though: 1 inch shorter than Arshavin…


WengerEconomics u beat me to it, i was gonna say thi guy takes a beteer penalty than Mesut so he gets my vote! Quite impressed, hes

Scott Lawton

I’m worried…i’m worried because he actually looks quite accomplished. I really hope Wenger doesn’t see him shine through the warm up matches and consider him as a viable backup for the season…He looks good, in J league…


Did Mkhitaryan choose Man Utd. over us or did we not make an offer?


We did not make an offer. Where will Mkhitaryan play ? Will he have ozil place or alexis place ? on the right we have plenty of players with speed ox walcott cambpell wlebeck , and mkhitaryan is not a true winger yes he can play there but his best position is number 10 and honestly I don’t see him succeed and utd with that arrogant prick he will make him play defender or double full back and he will be frustrated and be ruined look what he did to hazarad last year I mean the guy sold Debryne because… Read more »

Lord Bendtner

No no he will be loaned out for sure. Don’t think he was bought as a central striker option, probably as a winger option for the future. Maybe later Wenger will bring him to the center, but so far we have players for the wing so don’t see him anywhere but as loaned out


“what is probably a really dodgy soundtrack”

ahahahaha yes.


I’m old enough to remember when they said the Japanese couldn’t make motorbikes – look how that worked out




Two feet, tenacious, attacks with pace and power, seems to finish instinctively. Looks like there’s a bit to work with there.