Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Wellington Silva set for Fluminense return

Wellington Silva looks to be on his way back to Brazil to rejoin his former club Fluminense.

In this most modern of worlds, the 23 year old posted a picture of his training kit on Snapchat with the caption ‘A good son always returns home’.

Wellington joined Arsenal in 2010 and was extremely highly rated on arrival. However, he’s had a succession of loan spells away from the club, none of which have convinced Arsene Wenger that he’s ready for first team action.

His list of clubs in Spain includes Levante (where he developed a pizza problem), Alcoyano, Ponferradina, Murcia and Almeria. He spent last season on loan at Bolton where he had some good moments but struggled to make a real impact as the Trotters were relegated from the Championship.

It now looks as if he’ll go home to his formative club, and hopefully for him his career might start on an upwards trajectory.

The Brazilian has a contract until 2018 so there may be a fee involved but it’s likely to be nominal at best.

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Best of luck to the lad

Mr Gooner

What a shame! I don’t know too many players with 5 star skills on FIFA. Still think language barrier is a factor. No premier league team won’t even take a punt? Not even preseason stint? Is he that bad?


It’s not that he’s “that bad”, it’s that he’s just not that good. Look at the teams he played for in Spain – almost all second division teams, and he didn’t make an impact on a single one of them. In England, he was part of a team that got relegated to the third division, and again couldn’t make a consistent impact. He simply hasn’t fulfilled the early hype, so he’s got to go.


Pizza problem? What have I missed?


I’ll get in trouble from this, but blogs always tends to take this negative spin on any particular player leaving. He was 16 away from his country and did get fat and lazy. However blogs don’t point out that his behaviour and attitude improved dramatically at Murca. Had a great second half there and then his loan at Almeria brought about a couple of “team of the week” places by Marca (against Madrid and Barca players). His Bolton loan was a disaster, but outside of injuries, Arsenal should take blame for what seemed like a half-hearted fit (much like they… Read more »

Andy Mack

He was heavy.


I developed a pizza problem but luckily I work in an office and I’m not a professional athlete…yet

Little Mozart

Another case of lost potential. Let’s hope his career picks up back home.

someone's something

To bad he wasn’t the one. So far Joel Campbell looks like the most promising one since we started bringing in player from South America. To bad some stupid, good-for-nothing HG-rule will probably see him rot on the bench.

An Ox-sized Coq

Costa Rica ain’t in South America…get a map.


Insert a buy-back clause. Lol!

Sir chips

All his clubs sound like exotic pizza types, ones that have shit like broccoli, snow peas and apple on them.


What topping should we expect to find on “The Bolton” pizza?


Pork bungs and tripe.


I had no idea that there was a team in Spain named after me. I apologize for any pizza I may have given him

Andy Mack

He did make an impact at Bolton. He had a few man of the match games and really looked impressive on occasion (in a team which looked real low on confidence).
The problem was consistency. A great game could be followed by a game where you had to look hard to see if he was even on the field and didn’t notice whether he’d been subbed or not at the end of it.


Sounds like Theo

Andy Mack

Yes, but he’s younger and in the right environment he ‘could’ grow out of it.
Like Theo, on his day he is a real game changer.


Another one whose potential was squandered by work permit rules. If he’d have been training with the first team he might have made an impact like Iwobi did.

David Hillier's luggage

Only going to get worse mate, soon enough we won’t be able to pick up lads from France or Spain either.

You can thank the brexit voting twats for that. C*nts.


So quiet in the transfer market, imagine other club with full shopping basket not sure how is ours.

Toure Motors

I completely reject the concept that pizza could ever be a problem

Andy Mack

Not even when they put pineapple on it? 😀


The evilest invention of modern society.

Why don’t we put durian on pizzas next fuck me


Pineapple on pizza is brilliant. It’s toppings like olives and anchovies that need to go.

As for durian, if I had a time machine I would go back and genetically engineer an animal to eat every single plant that durian eventually evolved from, everywhere in the world. Durian is a biological entity that simply should not exist.


We’re trying to clear the decks first by looks of it. Wellington, Hayden, Arteta, flamini, rozza. I expect a couple more to follow, but yeah, frustrated with lack of incoming transfers.
When are we due to hear from AW, seeing as other clubs have had press meets with managers?


Yeah…thumbs down for asking a Arsenal related question on a blog about Arsenal. The cheek eh?


This kid had massive potential it’s us who mismanaged him. Kids from a poor background coming over to Europe probably with no mentor to really guide them then suddenly they have everything they always wished for at the tender age of 16 or 17 most would lose focus. it’s better to buy them and let them develop in their home countries then bring them over when they are more mature or if we bring them at least provide them with a strong personality to guide them. Someone who won’t be shy to let them know when they are heading the… Read more »

Andy Mack

Yes, but leaving a player in a south American country just lengthens the time necessary to get a work permit, unless he’d broken into his national team at 20/21 year of age.
You’re right and it’s common sense but the system doesn’t work to common sense or logic…


I really wish Wellington was given a chance with the first team, the loan to Bolton was a bad fit for both sides, will the club ever learn? Problem is he’s 23(?) and doesn’t show he fight to play in a relegation team. If he doesn’t have that at his age, will he know how to fight to get into a CL team? Realistically the likes of Reiss Nelson / Chris Willock are 5+ years younger and have the same skillset. I have higher hopes of those 2 getting into the first team in the next 2/3 seasons than Wellington.

Andy Mack

He did have games at Bolton where he showed a lot of ‘fight’ but like the rest of the Bolton squad, it was a rare thing.


He showed fight playing for a relegation-fighting team in Spain.

Maybe Bolton were just that shit?


Don’t know about you guys but am very disappointed in the fact that Wenger isn’t Giving the brazilian lad an opportunity on this year’s preseason tour at least before shipping him off. Watched a few clips from his loan performances including that of Bolton and I must say he seems to have quite a wonderful skill set, possessing a quick feet only comparable to Alexis and Cazorla in the entire team. And I believe that is one of the things the team could have made use of re the right flank issue we have been having. I will really miss… Read more »


Plus I don’t think he is on the same level as wilock and reis Nelson.
Even Wenger’s comment about him clearly points that.


I trust Wenger’s assessment over yours everyday(stillmatic).
Wenger brought up Bellerin, Iwobi, Gibbs, etc., remember.

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