Sunday, December 3, 2023

Arsenal linked with German Olympian

According to Bild, Arsenal are keeping tabs on RB Leipzig defender Lukas Klostermann.

The 20-year-old, who can play anywhere across the back four, is currently on international duty at the Rio Olympics where he’s been playing in the same team as Serge Gnabry.

Apparently, Juventus and Ajax sent scouts to watch Klostermann last season while Sp*rs are also listed as an interested party.

The Germany under-21 international signed for Leipzig in 2014 from Bochum and has been a regular first team member under Ralph Rangnick stewardship. He’s under contract until 2018 at the Red Bull Arena.

While we’re well aware of Arsenal’s need for defensive recruits, we’re struggling to believe this one…

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A Gorilla

Phew! and there I was thinking we might go into the season with no experienced defenders



It’s only spurious link and no actual signings yet. Atleast we can contend ourselves that we haven’t signed Johnny Evans or this youngster.


Am I blacklisted? The above and a number of previous comments were caught in the moderation filter. I don’t even use words that often!


All of mine go into moderation for no apparent reason and then a few days later it fixes itself.
Expect to see this one tomorrow!!
It’s more annoying than our lack of transfer activity.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Well I’m reading this today, so I guess you got lucky this time.

….unless I’m reading it tomorrow because I got moderated.

Vincent Kompany's Forehead

I’m pretty sure it’s an automatic system, I get it sometimes if I have a long post


Nope it’s something to do with my IP address according to Bloggs who has tried very hard to fix it in the past.
Fucking bollixing blummin annoying – very sad face! COYG!

chopra gooner

I believe that we should sign Ashley Williams, he’s experienced and proven in the epl. He wouldn’t cost a fortune. Then we should test Dortmund with a massive bid for Aubameyang. If that doesn’t work out a more realistic target would be Chicharito, he scored 26 goals in 40 games, he has epl experience. He was dangerous under Fergie, very sharp striker, a goal scorer, put him in the team and he’ll adapt and score many goals. Chicharito shouldn’t be out of our reach financially as Leverkusen bought him for only 7m last season. Then perhaps we could add a… Read more »

A Gorilla

We’ve got Sanchez so we probably shouldn’t get another diminuitive forward.
Agree on Williams, he’s a decent player and would improve our team.
Mahrez? Seems less likely by the minute unfortunately.


£45mil for Javier Hernandez…. you’re joking right?


Maybe, but we need a goal scorer and Hernandez is that. I’d love it if we could sign him for a reasonable fee though.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

He must have a fairly long time left on his present contract, and everybody knows about the PL money, so he’d be much more expensive to buy now than he was last year, and then there’ll be a doubling of the price because of the “we-want-a-share-of-your-riches” surcharge for being a PL team.


I would love to see an experienced CB who has EPL experience and can lead the back line for the next couple of seasons, doesn’t have to be too long term. Ashley Williams has already been mentioned but I think Jose Fonte would be a fantastic, achievable signing. Mustafi would also be great but might take a little bit of time to settle and learn the league. Regarding forwards, as well as striker, I think there’s a massive gap on the right and the team as a whole were lacking creativity and goals, so Mahrez would be fantastic, if not… Read more »


…massive gap on the right?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Gnabry ticks some boxes. He’s played in England. He’s lived in London. He’s making his mark in the Olympics. He’s full of confidence at the moment. He’d be match fit if he came back to the PL. Oh yeah, he’s an Arsenal player.


I can remember a few spurious links to Van Dijk when he was at Celtic. Obviously that didn’t pan out but I’d be willing to be there’s some regret inside the club about that one. Way out of Arsene’s valuation ballpark now unfortunately, but what a fine player he is. Completely dominant in the air. Perfect age to step in straight away too.


Be a waste of time with a bid for Aubameyang. They don’t have a good enough replacement at the moment. unfortunately I doubt Mahrez is coming either.

Mustafi, Draxler and Lacazette are our main possibilities and probably only sign one of them.


I am sorry mate. Williams is nothing more than a ‘ave it’ merchant. He would be a shocking buy for Arsenal. There are plenty of decent centre half’s out there that we could get in if we just had a pair nuts and put the money down.

One of the key attributes our CB need to have, is the ability to find a midfielder to feet with a pass. Not rifle it down the pitch every time they are under a bit of pressure, and that is Williams game all over.

He would be a totally garbage panic buy.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Who are these mysterious players? Why will their club sell them to us? Why do they want to come to us, as opposed to going to some other team or just staying where they are?

You can’t just say “plenty” as if there was a footballer supermarket, and a glut of available players. That’s something only the English Gutter Press is allowed to do without questions being asked.


I know one German I would like at the club. Mustafi. Please Arsene get it done and a striker would be nice. Although reports are saying that Lacazette is injured. COYG

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Wenger can’t buy an injured player. He did it with Kallstrom and people (Gooners, would you believe) still haven’t finished moaning about it yet.


Bochum tukhum!!!


I would love us to sign an experienced defender, Ashley Williams seems a good fit for a couple of years or so. However, I rate Chambers highly and Holding looks a real prospect. How old was Tony Adams when he captained Arsenal? 21? Have faith, and support whoever lines up on Sunday


I hate the transfer window


I was anticipating a picture of Heike Drescher!


‘Struggling to believe this one’?
This is like the most textbook-Wenger thing I have heard in my life, I can definitely believe this.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

That is precisely why Bild invented the story. Arsenal fans the world over are guaranteed to believe it, whether its true or not.


Wenger put a few points they look into while buying. Resale value was one among that. But here I am thinking if resale is the only one he is looking into.

215 Arse

This club is laughable anymore. Arsene, Gazidis, Kroenke: this lot need to fuck off out of the club. I’ve had enough of this waffling about.


On a different note, is anybody else worried that besides not getting “ready made” players our scouts looks completely look incapable of another Eduardo type signings?


On the transfer front, it has been quiet for 2 weeks now. Calm before the storm? Hopefully won’t be a shitstorm.


You all never believed it a bit till you saw Silvestre holding up the legendary 18 French defender Jersey.

with every passing day I fear the worst for our looking and waiting for an opportunity could end up with the boss trying to revive Balotelli.


PSG just signed Jese on a 5-year deal for € 25 milion . That’s a bargain, Wenger should seal that deal and we would be good with CF options.


You know what, this should teach Wenger a lesson, the irony of this situation is laughable! Negotiating for a defender and now having your hand forced! Business should have been done already, if Wenger thinks players prices were inflated, who knows what he thinks now. Extremely unfortunate and unlikely, but so typical. The luck we have (or sheer lack of it) towards injuries and the forever failing transfer policy Is crippling this club!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

“Forever failing transfer policy”. Right, I get you…. Giroud has never scored a goal for us. Ozil has never made a key pass for us. Cech has never made a save for us. Sanchez has… Oh, you get the picture. I think you’re exaggerating, just a teensy weensy bit, and hoping nobody will notice.


If we sign 4 under 21 prospects 1 has to come good right? Lol


Perhaps if we sign enough young CBs some of them will be ready to play

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Perhaps if we sign Ashley Williams all of our young central defenders will think “But I’m better than him” and double their efforts to win a place in the team.


You know what, this should teach Wenger a lesson, the irony of this situation is laughable! Negotiating for a defender and now having your hand forced! Business should have been done already, if Wenger thinks players prices were inflated, who knows what he thinks now. Extremely unfortunate and unlikely, but so typical. The luck we have (or sheer lack of it) toward injuries and the forever failing transfer policy Is crippling this club!

dr Strange

It’s so fucking Arsenal that it has to be true. Zero poos.


Hoping for a Özilesque signing on transfer deadline day. Like Lewandowski or something.

Though Gazidis would LOL at the thought of going after someone like that, we can’t afford anything, we are so poor, we can’t make a single mistake or we go bankrupt apparently. Meanwhile Gazidis is one of the highest paid chief executives in the world of football and Wenger is the 3rd highest earning footballmanager in the world only behind Guardiola and Mourinho.

It’s fucking provocative is what it is.


I was hoping we’d been linked to that Gnabry chap. Seems pretty decent.

ngoma nene

Couldn’t wait to poop on that one

Ooooh Ahhhh Ray Parlour

As we all sit waiting for a rumour that we can pin our hopes on, this is what we get. If it wasn’t so fucking cruel, it’d be hilarious.


Two problems with this straw … 1. It’s Bild. They really aren’t a reliable source. 2. This kid isn’t that good – certainly not much of an improvement on the back-ups we have already. I really hope Arsène has greater ambition than this. All in all, not really worth clutching.


I dont think people should be to hung up on Gazidis comments regarding our inability to compete with some top level clubs. Ivan Gazidis doesnt talk to the press because he is lonely and has no friends, there is a motive every time behind everything he says. Clearly he is aiming to lower the selling clubs expectations on what kind of transfer fee they can demand from arsenal. Purely as a way of trying to negate the insane market inflation. Dont ever take what ivan (or arsene for that matter) say at face value. They are businessmen after all.


Sod this, so looks like the major links are Jonny Evans all of a sudden. What is everyone’s thoughts? I for one was initially like, I assume all of us are, “really?”. However looking on the WBA forum, he’s received so much high praise i’m actually shocked. Few comments saying he’s one of their all time best CB’s! I know they aren’t a powerhouse, but I mean to be regarded as one of the best players EVER at a PL club, fair play to the lad. He was class at the Euros for NI too. Practically marked Lew out the… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Jonny Evans and Ashley Williams. I’d take them both in a second if I got the chance. They’d be excellent squad players and we’d be able to field a fully experienced defence. Anybody who pooh-poohs such signings is a silly snob or a daft dreamer.


Yes mate, totally agree! Everton just agreed £12m for Williams about an hour ago, surely we can fucking gazump them! He’s never been anything short of sensational against us! Warrior!

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