Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Bid accepted, Lucas Perez deal nears completion

It looks more and more as if Lucas Perez is on his way to Arsenal with reports this evening confirming that Arsenal have agreed a deal with Deportivo la Coruña.

Earlier in the day there were some suggestions that the Spanish side had rejected a bid based on the Gunners desire to pay the transfer fee in two parts. We have no idea how much truth there was to that, but as ever with this club it’s easy to make a story that seems to fit … and to be fair we don’t help ourselves at times.

Nevertheless, local sources say that Arsenal will pay the €20m clause in full, and it seems the 27 year old will be heading for London to tie up the formalities of the deal.

Unless everything is done and dusted by noon tomorrow the player will not be eligible to play against Watford, something that’s a slim possibility anyway. Realistically he won’t be available until after the Interlull when we face Southampton at home.

1 poo folks. We are 1 poo.

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Get in!


Oh, a striker!


Watching the video compilation of his goals he will have to adjust his game big time. He won’t be awarded that much space to score in this league son.


He won’t be playing on Youtube either. That’s a massive adjustment.


We’ve got Lucas Perez! He’s better than Mahrez! To the tune of God’s song…

The comment that didn't get published on Arseblog News

An Eduardo-type signing.

Wagner ahht!


First ever 1 poo?


It let me post no poos!! yay


I know YouTube highlights do not show all his qualities but I have to say he looks decent. Pace, good finisher and comfortable playing from the right.
He also comes at a good age, and has had to work hard to get here, which hopefully suggests he’ll be eager and hungry to do well.
All in all we can’t complain. Looking forward to seeing him play for us


Wenger has commented before on the question of hunger, and I see so many similarities between Vardy and this guy – style, late rise to the top, chance at a top club.

I think Wenger was really looking for someone good on the counter-attack, to speed up our attacking player.


This hunger seems apparent in his desire to press high up. Of course I’ve only got YouTube for reference but he does look hardworking and naggy (to opponent defenders) up top. Think he’ll be good too

I feel way more excited than with Vardy atleast


“comfortable from the right” yet he has largely been deployed on the left or through the center.


I mean, full credit. People are reeling off lists of strikers, prices all north of 30 mill and Arsene pulls off one whose stats you really cant argue with, at least in comparison to the ‘world class’ alternatives. Old fox still got it.


I think 24 goals in his last 3 seasons with a worse conversion rate than giroud are stats that could be argued with. Saying that I think and very much hope he will be one of wengers unearthed gems


Jamie Vardy: 29 Goals in 2014-2016 (2 seasons in top flight of England). Lucas Perez: 24 Goals in 2014-2016 (2 seasons in top flight of Spain). Don’t see a very large difference here. In fact, Vardy was playing for the champions with almost everyone on his team playing to win the title. I am pretty sure the guy is decent enough if you thought Vardy was decent enough. I still don’t think either of them are the world class signing we needed, but Wenger works in mysterious ways.


“Wenger works in mysterious ways” I’m getting that shit tattooed to get me through the most confusing times in my life.


Let’s not starting sucking each others dick quite yet. We can need at the very least few months to determine this.

Dan Hunter

Ok Winston

Ducks sake

Which stats can’t you argue with
He’s had one average season in la liga. A below average time in Greece and then awful before that.

Hmmm I’ll eat my hat if he becomes more than 3rd choice up front.


Do we even have three choices up front?

Ducks sake

Of course.

Theo top top quality Walcottinho.

Actually, we should change their names to add inho at the end. Seems to work for Brazilians


What most of you don’t know is that he was playing as an attacking midfielder until last season, his first season at striker. This explains his iffy record in front of goal before last season


I told my wife that my commitment to drinking buckets of Estrella Gallicia last week, even in deepest Andalusia would pay dividends, she didn’t believe me.

Never heard of this guy, mind you. Any good?


Awesome news. It’s reached a point any new face makes me happy but the reviews means we can be hopeful. Hope it works out well.

PS… Don’t be pick the number 9 shirt.

King Arsene's Court

Just thinking that. A very eduardo de silva type signing. Looks like there are goals in this lad.

Gooner Husker

Please don’t jinx the Perez signing by comparing him to Eduardo! Good grief is Martin Taylor still playing?!?

There’s always a Shawcross or Dan Smith lurking out there who go in studs-up!

Gooner Husker

It will be interesting to see if we adjust our formation. Eduardo (small and speedy) teamed up with Adebayor (tall and languid). Giroud and Griezmann were similar setup for France in Euros. Maybe Perez sets up with Giroud in a similar way. Say what you want about Giroud but he holds the ball up well and is strong in the air.

Where does Theo set up?

215 Arse

He better be a player, or the waffle king will really be on the hot seat.


Who is he again? Is he actually a footballer or did Wenger see him in the Olympic rowing and fancied having little bit small small gamble?

chidi mbabie

who needs mahrez or Suarez?


Good news! Typical Arsène signing, and I mean that in a positive way. Good business. Can’t wait to see him in red and white!

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

It is good news. It may feel like post Vardy we have spent the summer searching for the next best alternative with a low release clause, but will reserve judgment until we see him on the pitch. COYG


11th best La Liga goal scorer last season.

Top top top top top top top top top quality.


That’s harsh and negative.


It’s the truth. Should we just make up stats that make you feel better?


He scored lots of goals and assisted many times in a team that came 15th in their league.
Please don’t talk to me like I am 12!
I have supported The Arsenal for 48 years.
Thank you!


Hard to tell with the shit you put in here Paul


Yeah, there’s so much shit in saying that something is harsh and negative when, in fact, it’s harsh and negative.


Yeah the truth is so overrated. We shouldn’t be so negative as to bring it up. Let’s just make up our own facts to make ourselves feel better and to show what great fans we are.


Greg another Paul came on here couple of weeks back, he got thumbed down a lot, called everyone C*nts and after a few days he went thankfully. I hope you are confusing me with him as I don’t tend to put much “shit” on here.


If the cap fits…


@BromleyGooner: Right, truth is overrated and that’s why we should be careful with it. Because saying he was 11th paints the complete picture and very accurately (*) leaves out the small non-truth details that most of the players above him cost 100m, play for clubs which have no competition in 34 matches per year and score two shitloads of goals, and would have a good shout of being the top scorer in BPL.

But luckily, all this was covered in the original post by Goonerpanda.

(*) or conveniently, but that’s your call, just don’t call it truth then.


I agree 7 of those 10 above him are great players playing for Barca, Real, Atletico and that they would have a shout of being top scorer in the Premier League. I understand these kind of players are not easy to buy but this is the quality of player we require at Arsenal. Not someone to rotate Giroud but ideally an upgrade. He’s not good enough to be top scorer and he’s not one of those young talents who you buy hoping he will become top scorer in a few years. These are the profile of players we should be… Read more »


`He’s not good enough to be top scorer’ Where? In la liga or BPL? In la liga no one playing outside of barcelona and real is good enough to be a top scorer. In BPL you don’t know, and exactly because of claims like this people get, rightfully, labeled as `negative’. In the rest I don’t really get where are you going. It doesn’t matter who we’ve been linked with, you can view as reachable whichever club you want, and aspirations have nothing to do with `showing the intent’ or whichever other empty talk. In the end of the day,… Read more »


United signed Ibrahimovic who is world class and has potential to be top scorer. Chelsea went for Bhatshuayi who already scores goals and is young has potential to be a top scorer in future. City have Aguero who is good enough to be top scorer any season. Spurs have Kane who sadly could be top scorer. I think we can both agree Lucas Perez is not one for the future as he is at peak age so the hope is that he can perform short term. I don’t think Lucas Perez can be top scorer in the Premierleague or in… Read more »


The point is, you are twisting it to questions which doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter whether he was was 11th, as it doesn’t matter whether whether has the potential to be the top scorer. What matters is whether he scores the 10-15 goals we need, whether he helps diversify our attacking threat, whether he allows Giroud to have a break or be under pressure from the second striker. It also doesn’t matter who chelsea or united bought, and this is especially true when you have no idea whether we could have bought them. Because I am pretty certain that we… Read more »


Wait your previous comment was about who Chelsea and United have or have not signed as strikers and now you are saying you don’t care who they have signed as strikers… I did start with “he’s not good enough” but that was to say he’s not good enough to be top scorer in the league, not that he’s not good enough to be a rotation player or hopefully even a starter which I hope he is good enough for. Saying he’s not good enough full stop I accept would be be being negative. I guess it comes down to expectations.… Read more »


Again I don’t want to negative and I have said many times I really hope he does well at the club. But Barcelona have been linked to dozens of strikers this summer. The place to fill is that of a fifth striker to provide competition to Munir for a place on the bench. Some of the names they have been linked with are Rondon and Ayoze Perez….


I understand that you find it negative. And believe me, I’ll support him with all my heart when he puts on the shirt. He might turn out to be a great signing!
But I hope you understand where I’m coming from when I say that if we had signed him at the start of the window, he wouldn’t be looking like a panic buy.


Goonerpanda: “11th best La Liga goal scorer last season”

So subtract Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale, Greizman…and he’s the 4th best La Liga goal scorer we had a chance of signing, plus he’s got some assists too. He couldn’t be much worse than no one. I’ll wait to judge him until he’s had a few games to settle in.


I don’t buy this subtracting player we can’t buy business. Subtract Chelsea, City and Liverpool and we won the Premierleague three seasons ago. Subtract Chelsea and Man City two seasons ago and we won the Permierleague. Subtract Leicester and we won the Premierleague last season. 11th is 11th. Having said that I am sure we will all fully support him and hope he does well.


To be fair, the top 7 scorers are from Real Madrid, Barca and Griezmann. So I guess he’s the 4th best if you wanna see it like that.

Apologies for the pessimism. I just think that if we wanted to sign this guy, we could’ve done that a long time ago.


Not a particularly fair analysis considering 8 of the remaining top 10 were Suarez, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Benzema, Griezmann, Aduriz (who had the season of his life), and Bale. 7 of those are probably in the top 10/15 forwards in the world right now.


No problems with this signing at all. Cant say ive heard about him until yesterday, but his last seasons stats are definitely impressive.

To all the pessimistic gooners out there, just give the guy a chance before you slate him. There was once a time when the same pessimists were saying who the f*ck is laurent koscielny, nicolas anelka, and yes… Thiery Henry who had less than impressive stats coming from juventus.

So just chill and smile and get behind the lads.

Dr Goon

Goontang…what a name sir. What a fucking name. Tip of the cap to you


Get where Goonerpanda’s coming from to be honest. The sheer quality of La Liga’s superstars does overshadow other players.

But Lucas is in good company just on assists; his 8 was 2 behind Kroos & Bale, level with James and one more than Benzema and Nolito.

Kevn Gameiro and Paco Alcácer scored and assisted less but were good enough for Atletico and Barca. Different needs I know, but Perez looks promising.


Not many Arsenal fans know much about him and certainly on paper doesn’t look very impressive, had one strong season last year. In some ways seems like a typical under the radar Wenger purchase, but around 20 million would be I believe the fourth most expensive transfer ever by Wenger which really shows you what the market has turned into. A seemingly underwhelming purchase, but at least if it does happen it’s a purchase of someone not named Park or Kimstrom that at least looks to be able to contribute at least in a backup role. I am sure all… Read more »


Club identifies striker, agrees fee and looks likely to buy him, all seemingly within a few days. I have but one question:

Who are you, and what have you done with my Arsenal?

This is some strange shit right here. Kind of like Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

King Arsene's Court

Mahrez was less well-known. Vardy was less well-known. Payet was less well-known.

He’ll be spoon-fed from messieurs Ozil, Cazorla, and Xhaka. Only a Theo Walcott couldn’t score from that!

Cygans Magical Left Foot

Here comes back Arsene,s cult. Now will tell us he’s top top qualddyy and the best central striker available while he’s a winger!!!!!!!.

If he was the top top qualddyy we looking for why wait until we already lost five points?

It’s an okey singing, panick singing but winning the league with him? Give me a break.

Arsene IS The Problem

Ducks sake

Lol panic singing, like the time Tommy Freeman needed a shit on a coach trip to Paris in year 8 so he sang ‘humpty Dumpty’ to cover the sound of him shitting his pants. Didn’t drown out the smell though

Tommy Freeman



Oh please give it a break mate, I won’t tell you to support another club as I am sure you are Arsenal through and through, but how about stop commenting on here until Arsene retires?


It’s not your playground paul


I assume the “qualddyy” comment’s are a dig at Arsene’s pronunciation. Bit rich from “okey” and “panick”


It’s pretty offensive to be honest.

Criticism is one thing, but to mock him because of his accent is not acceptable.


Go learn another 7 languages mate, then make fun of Wenger. Oh you know what, actually don’t, he’s our most successful manager ever, “okey”?


Yes! The historic one poo! And for the striker of Arsenal transfer legend no less!


If it means a footballer contributing goals and assists in RW/ST position…I’m for it. I was underwhelmed whe this story broke yday.
I don’t know anything bout him. Just watched YouTube clips and seems a bit like Vardy. But less cunty. Team player. He’s a Gooner so il support ya all day son! COYG


I am happy. COYG.

Funky Gonner

Might be a shroud signing by the prof. Was 11 highest scorer in La Liga for a pretty woeful club. Scored 5 less than Griezmann and had 2 more assists. Just saying……

Brendan Rodgers' self portrait

Think this is the first time I have pooped while actually pooping. Anyhow,great news!


If this deal goes through, it shows that Wenger still has the Midas touch for finding great talent at great value. Say what you wish but bringing in Holding, Xhaka, and Perez at their respective transfer fees is very shrewd and thoughtful indeed! If Mustafi can be brought in at a respectable price, we can look back on the transfer window with some optimism (albeit with a heavy pinch of annoyance at things not panning out sooner).


Dude hasn’t even kicked a ball in anger yet, and you’re already calling him a successful transfer?
How about we wait for him to perform first. He may be a shrewd purchase, or he may just be exactly the value we bought him for in a market with new market value (so he may be a Gervinho).

Dude had a great last season, but only one season. A bit early to start hailing Wenger Lord of the Bargains.


Vardy only had the one good season


Despite me being quite negative with Wenger and his transfers, I’m fairly happy as I’ve seen Perez play last season and he’s quite decent; I think he will surprise us all in a good way. Let’s just support him and forget about possible world class forwards until next summer. Can’t stand this window anymore!


Wonder why this deal wasn’t done earlier in summer if we were supposedly scouting him for a year?


Cultured left foot

Roof attack

Still time to balls this up!!


Wenger was waiting for a Domino effect with Griezmann – Everton buying Lucas from Deportivo, Chelsea buying Lukaku from Everton and Atletico buying Costa from Chelsea. Since none of those deals happened, he went straight for Lucas!

Al Gilmore

Who knows?

Anti Wenger will say bad

pro Wenger will say good.

Al says wait and see.


Al knows.


Which is better perez with €20 or Lacazette with €60
griezmann, Lacazette,… finally perez a world_class striker like Suarez


Boom !! Get in.

At 27/28 he’s a much better prospect than Walcott.

Very pleased.


Good left foot . good pace . good looking . good signing


Not a signing that will win us the league but a signing none the less.


Hey you can’t know that! Maybe he turns out to be “our Vardy”. Let’s wait and see


From scoutnation’s youtube video he can finish and run with the ball. Decent signing, not worldclass signing we were hoping though.

Btw, We saved the money which we were about to spend on defender for this signing?


Most people were relatively happy with the Vardy news so its hard to comprehend too many being unhappy at this- (mobile striker, Journeyman, late 20s, good last season) but i suspect there will be a lot of unhappy fans because we all want to believe the transfer hype – a Griezman, Benzema, etc especially as we have the money. The truth though is that Wenger would have to really break the bank this time and that just isnt in his nature. We know that. Tbh i don’t care if he starts banging in the goals, who rated Mahrez before last… Read more »

Petit's Handbag

Better than nobody??
Would love to see him on the bench for Saturday.


Arsenal don’t sign anybody = some fans go crazy Arsenal sign someone who some fans don’t like because the club haven’t paid the millions those fans want them to = some fans go crazy Arsenal sign a highly-rated teenager = some fans go crazy and revolt due to the lack of ‘high-profile’ signings Arsenal sign one high-profile player per year = some fans do not understand why they are not being treated like Real Madrid/Man United fans. Surely we just get behind the player and see how the season pans out? We’re so lucky to be consistently in the challenging… Read more »

Jack knows

Good that it we’re getting a striker, but if it’s clear you can’t get a world class striker at the start and Vardy said no why didn’t we go for him straight after that.
Don’t understand it.

Bendtner's Ego

What’s his FIFA rating?

What are his stats in Football Manager?

Godfrey Twattschlock

Oh fuck me YES! Fame at last!!!


if it matters a bit, wikipedia allready confirmed on the website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucas_P%C3%A9rez
so..the deal`s done..probably..


David Ornstein has tweeted that along with the Lucas Perez deal at £17/1M, Arsenal are very close to a £35M deal for Mustafi, bringing Arsenal’s summer transfer spend to over £90M


the top top quality signing we’ve all been waiting for

Thierry Walcott

A lie… It’s a damn lie!!! *in Uncle Ruckus’ voice*

Are we really signing somebody?

#Aha #YaGunnersYa


Saw a Sqwaka comparison on Twitter between Lucas (we’re on first name terms now, right?), Lacazette, Giroud and Vardy. Made for interesting reading indeed. Shrewd bit of business by Mr Wenger

If he he can score15-20 goals while Giroud is having his usual drought, It would be a great signing. strikers signed from spain are generally decent. The last time it failed spectacularly was Soldado of you know who.


He may have been 11th top goal in La Liga, but at Arsenal he’ll have Mesut Fuking Özil feeding him. Possibilities are endless.

I’d take him over Vardy.

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