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Bremen confirm Gnabry deal is close

Werder Bremen have confirmed that they are close to signing Serge Gnabry and hope to have an agreement sorted by noon tomorrow.

Arsene Wenger recently spoke of his desire to keep the 21-year-old winger at Arsenal, however, it appears the interest that has mounted in Gnabry since his impressive displays at the Olympics has turned his head.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon coach Frank Baumann revealed that the German winger is eager to move to the Weserstadion, seemingly on a permanent basis.

“With the player we have an agreement and we’re confident the move will take place.

“We spoke with the player and his father four years ago [before he moved to Arsenal] and at that time it didn’t work out.

“If the deal for Gnabry doesn’t go through, we’ll not be looking at other players.

“We know about Serge Gnabry, Per Mertesacker was full of praise.

“We have basically reached an agreement with Arsenal, but it is not yet signed.”

“Everything should be finalised by midday tomorrow.”

There had been suggestions that Arsenal would sell Gnabry to Bavarian giants Bayern Munich and they would in turn loan the player to Bremen.

Baumann added: “Bayern are irrelevant, we want to buy him.”

We’ll wait on confirmation to see if it plays out that way or not.

So it looks like we’re going to cash in on a player who came with great potential, got injured a lot, lost form and confidence and now appears to be returning to form. Obviously, if he wants out, that’s his prerogative although there are suggestions this move is being driven by his agents.

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Cliff Bastin



So what’s the point of loaning out Campbell? Also if this is a loan we should make him sign a new contract before he leaves and if this is an outright sale then we must include a first option buy back clause in that contract . But I think he should stay at arsenal because arsenal is in need of a winger and he’ll have plenty opportunities to play given the way the ox and Theo are playing and their injury records there will be lots of opportunities for him. So I don’t think leaving is a smart move but… Read more »


Now that we have let Campbell leave, we can’t afford to lose Gnabry.

Ox and Theo aren’t very consistent, Iwobi is very young.

But the Bremen guy seems very confident of the deal.

It is a bit of a blow to lose Campbell, Gnabry and Wilshere if they go.


I think Arsenal a far to tolerant of players who are perpetually injured as not only do they not play they also block a squad place for a player who could. I would far
rather see Arsenal sell Wilshere and keep Gnabry.

David C

Great comments Ken. I would have kept Campbell and loaned the Ox out for some game time and confidence…

you’re right with the buyback clause. Worked out really well for Real with Morata.

We probably had too many options with a healthy Welbeck, but who knows when he’s back…


I agree, but he’s in the last year of his contract. We don’t have a lot of power so we can’t demand a buyback clause. We know Arsene well enough to predict what’s likely going to happen. We’ll sell him instead of letting him go for free. I would really like the club(Arsene in particular) to tell serge to stay and see how the season goes with a proper squad this time around,and then if he still wants Bremen, it’s time to say goodbye.


NOT sure what to make of this..


Like I said, “Nabry’s a G” I knew he was leaving.


The Jeff is going to be unleashed. That’s what’s happening.


Why is Jeff’s nickname “the Jeff”?

I feel like I missed a joke somewhere…

Trixie Bird

Oh dear……….


The Tony Pulls effect


Exactly! Shows how bad his judgment is


Well that’s pissed me off. You watch, within a season He’s gonna be one of the most sought after young players about. Faaaack!

Thierry Bergkamp

Pulis is a top 4 manager

Goondalf de Gea

It’s quite a blow but with Willock and Nelson developing nicely behind the scenes we have talent coming through. Ox, Walcott, Iwobi and possibly Perez competing for the opposite wing to Sanchez as well as Welbz when he’s back means we’re well covered in this area. Really wanted to see Gnabry succeed at Arsenal but guess it’s not to be.


I feel this does make sense. Gnabry played well in the Olympics but apart from a brief flurry before his injury hasn’t consistently performed at a top level. He has potential but he wants first team football and despite what we wish him to be he isn’t going to replace many of our first team midfielders. This puts him in the category of being on the bench (if he’s lucky – when we’re at full strength we will have Iwobi, Walcott, Ox, Sanchez, Perez and possibly Ramsey and Cazorla competing for attacking midfield roles) and limited to occasional substitutions. If… Read more »

Arsene's handkerchief

Shame if he does go (seems likely now). Will always be a ‘what if’ feeling about him. But if he wants a move, fair enough, can’t say we have stuck by him. I wonder with Gnabry and Wilshere going might mean a deadline day addition?

the only sam is nelson

Good luck to Gnabry.

One memory stands out, of him being the only bright spark in a dismal away loss at Norwich about 3 seasons back.

In a market where Bollassie costs £25m and Benteke £32m, you can bet we’ll be lucky to see £2m for a player with greater potential than either of those two.


I assumed Wenger let Joel Campbell go out on loan to give Gnabry a chance at being the substitute for Theo Walcott in that role on the flank.

So who else is there that will replace Theo?

I think Arsenal are being silly about letting this guy go. he has practically enjoyed free wages all the while he has always been injured and out of form, the slightest hint of some competence, and he jumps ship? naah. Prime candidate for the Berahino treatment if i ever saw one


Yea lets sit him on the bench and make him fat again..haha


““If the deal for Gnabry doesn’t go through, we’ll not be looking at other players.”

IF!! Let’s keep hope it is not yet done…


Really hope it’s a misunderstanding and this is a loan deal. Even his dad said he should stay at Arsenal. Can’t help but think it’s the agents trying to earn some money.


Are we talking about a loan or a permanent deal here?




Sad to see him go. If we are smart we’ll put a buy-back clause in their aswell as a decent chunk of any sell-on cash Bremen might take for him in the future.


no way arseene will allow this to happen. unless the player has lost it and got his head turned upside down by his agent. the club should be firm and send him back with the youth team to cool him down. what a crazy story. the manager allowed him to go to the olympics to gain fitness , he comes back and say goodbye!


If Gnabry leaves and with Campbell already gone we’ll be really short for wide options (Alexis, Theo, Iwobi and the Ox for 2 positions feels thin). Really need someone to come in. If Jack goes too that’s another option (albeit in emergency cases only) gone. Surely there’s no need for it as we have the money?

David M

The Jeff, Perez, Willock, Gibbs, Ramsey…just saying (then Welbs when he returns too)

I’d like the see Serge stay too, but c’est la vie

sixteen swans over ainola

On the right alone: Walcott, Ox, Perez, Theo, Iwobi, Ramsey, Cazorla even, Welbeck when fit. Then there are the youngsters like Willock and Jeff. In the early part of the season with Giroud up front we may see Perez on the right. When Perez is up front we’ll probably see Ramsey there. If Xhaka plays with Cazorla then that’s where Wenger likes Ramsey anyway. If Xhaka plays with Ramsey then it’ll be Iwobi/Theo/Ox. Obviously there’ll be injuries which is why we’ve contingency built in. Later on in the season we should have Welbeck back to complicate things. It’s a strong… Read more »


Do we have a recall/call-back option on that Joel Campbell loan deal? Just wondering. What with our ever present injury list etc.


If this does turn out to be a permanent deal, it would be sad to see him leave. If he signed a new deal and then left on loan for a year that’d be fine.

At the very least, a sell-on clause should be a must!

With Campbell and potentially Gnabry gone, are we making space for Willock and the Jeff?

Clock-End Mike

And an English-style transfer fee, if he insists on going.

I believe he’s out of contract at the end of this season? If so, ther’s probably not much we can do if doesn’t want to stay, but I always thoguht of him as a true Gunner…


Jeff is more of a cm/cdm now, don’t you think?

Indian Gooner

For me, basically our right wing is up for the grabs for anyone to take. Theo cannot be guaranteed starter just yet. Guys like Gnabry and Wilshere have got to be a bit patient and fight for the right slot. They will be getting their chance during the cup and CL group level matches. They should be having that will to fight, rather than just looking for an easy escape route. For me the guy who has got to be sent out on loan this season has got to be Ox. He is just not there. Maybe a short spell… Read more »


So maybe the boss is looking at Ramsey to fill in that right wing if Theo can’t “fulfill his potential” or gets injured. There’s serious competition for Ramsey in that midfield if you think about it

Arsene Wenger

I might be getting greedy now, but could we be getting someone new for the right wing? Joel & Gnabry going out leaves us with little depth there. And Theo might be hungry, but we’ve seen this before from him.


This was my hope. My hope is the deal is contingent on us signing someone who maybe just came available.

More than likely, we’re just trying to get something since he can walk next year.


I don’t think “we’re” trying to do anything, except keep the player. I think Gnabry (and his agent, more importantly) are really pushing this, and Arsene’s too much of a softy with his players to ever keep a player if they really want to leave. The threat that he might leave on a free next year is no doubt a factor, but we should play hardball, insist he stays, and hope that he decides to sign a new contract. But his agent is obviously using the fact that he had a few good games at the Olympics to screw us… Read more »

A Different George

A club that develops a reputation for being “ruthless” with players will have a more difficult time attracting them in the first place, other things (e.g., wages and Champion League participation) being equal. I think every top player knows how Wenger treated Diaby, and that Arsenal will not “ruthlessly” scuttle you if you are injured.


I don’t mean that kind of ruthlessness. I love that Arsene sticks by injured players and young players struggling for confidence. What I wish he would be tougher on is when a player is angling for a move (either permanently, or, as in the case of, e.g. Debuchy or Diarra back in the day, a loan deal), and we have the choice to cave in or stand firm, Wenger usually puts the player’s wishes ahead of the good of the club, for instance when it would be better for the squad to have the extra cover in case of the… Read more »


Wtf? It doesn’t makes any sense at all. If Gnabry is all set to move, then we need Campbell back.


Wow, we’re managed by one awful poker player.


“…although there are suggestions this move is being driven by his agents…”

Very believable bit of info if true. Cashing in when Gnabry was only on form for the Olympics, but not returning the club’s faith in him when he was injured for 2 years. Saddens me. A lot.

Eric Blair

I live in northern Germany and know Werder Bremen very well, and they are a poorly managed club with zero ambition. The directors only seem to be in the business of turning profit on player transfers so expect Gnabry to join Werder then transfer to Bayern end of the season or maybe 2 where they can make a few million quid.


Gnabry should heed his dad’s advice and remain at Arsenal. Going on loan after signing a new contract with a release clause would be a wiser move imo.

David M

Sadly football isn’t really about fans anymore, its about $$$


If we’re selling, I’d expect something in the region of £20 million considering the player’s age and potential, plus a sell on clause- anything else would be foolish. This one has a bit of the agent behind it… and a bit of the Ashley Cole as well: oft injured player moaning about moving on after club stands by and pays loads of money on training, development, and wages (not to mention rehab)


1 year left on contract, not a first team player, did not play last year
We will be lucky to get 5m


But if that’s the case, then we should keep him and risk him running down his contract. 5m in the bank isn’t nothing, but losing it is a risk worth taking in this case.


Theo Walcott is a speedster whose speed is already declining, with no discernible skills other than (occasionally) finishing. Serge has basically the same pace right now, plus can run at defenders, pass, finish and not fall down every time you poke him with your index finger. If Gnabry ends up becoming a star in the Bundesliga and for Germany I’ll never forgive Wenger for not getting rid of Theo to make room for him in the team.


Totally agree, but I bet even if there was more “room” for him to play, his greedy agents would be pushing this. The fact is we should just play hardball and refuse to sell. He can’t go if we don’t let him. But Wenger rarely (ever?) does that.

Godfrey Twattschlock

I can picture something like that in a couple of years. Gnabry scores the shit out of the Bundesliga and is sold for fantastical sums of money to one of the big three and there we go cursing our loss.

Merlin's Panini

If this happens it makes letting go of Joel Campbell rather odd.
Does this mean the boss is expecting Perez to cover for both wing and central striker positions or is this Argentine fella we’ve been linked with coming?
The next 32 hours could be very interesting.
Good luck to him though, whatever happens. Would be a shame to see him go if he does so permanently.


It seems in all likelihood Campbell and Gnabry are done at Arsenal. I and everyone can understand why Campbell left, and can only sympathize with him. But Gnabry? He was injured, he was fat, and he got his reasonable chance when he was fit. Agent or no agent, and they are usually cunts, its a fair assumption Gnabry has gotten convinced he wont get the sort of game time he really wants here – what with our sprawling world class wing options – and that he must move to a safer option. Alexis, fine, but if he doesn’t think he… Read more »

David M

nice burn…


I hope we put a buy back clause in the deal. I suppose Arsene sees Iwobi and the Ox as his best choices for backup to Alexis and Theo.

Mr Gooner

If Theo and Ox doesnt pull their socks up and meet expectations this season, that will be a big slap in the face of everyone supporting them, including the manager giving them a chance.


Are we going to buy another winger this season? If not, sending Campbell out on loan and selling Gnabry doesn’t make any sense. Our squad will become very thin on the flanks if Gnabry is sold.

Wenger's coat zipper

…while the Ox and Walcott remain to warm our hearts. Oh, goody!

Hademe Precious

They should not let go a potential player like Gnabry, he sign and go on loan, then come and explode for arsenal. I never doubted his potential, remember Ozyakup?

Merlin's Panini

Ozyakup? He’s not as great as he’s been made out to be by some of the media who are desperate to link us with our ex players, or anyone. It’s not THAT difficult to look good playing in Turkey. I’m not saying he’s a bad player but not as amazing as some would like us to believe.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we got linked with a leg of lamb next. Was a promising kid once.



According to Ornstein there won’t be any more signings so I hope nobody goes out.

Ex-Priest Tobin

This would be a poor decision by Wenger. At least he has brought in a couple of players with Mustafi a good signing, but he still needs to go and the sooner the better.

Tomas Jevcik

I don’t understand you guys. We have a huge squad even with our injuries. Let’s just say that we had everyone available (which won’t happen): Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal – Xhaka, Santi – Walcott, Ozil, Alexis – Giroud That leaves us 7 more places for the bench: Ospina, Gibbs, Per, Coquelin, Ramsey, Ox, Lucas So guys like Welbeck, Iwobi, Wilshere, Elneny, Gabriel, Holding, Debuchy, Akpom, Jeff, Willock, Bielik. So even if we can afford to have a few injuries like: Per, Welbeck, Ramsey + let’s say 3 more players that would leave gnabry on the edge of bench and… Read more »


But it’s not just the number of injuries, it all depends on where we get those injuries, doesn’t it? 2-3 injuries to the flanks at the same time–not a crazy unlikely occurrence–and suddenly we’re struggling to replace quality with similar quality. Late last autumn we had Walcott, Ox, Ramsey, Wilshere, and Welbeck all injured (Sanchez and Cazorla got injured soon after, so when Theo and Ramsey came back, they played on the left and in the middle respectively), which meant we had to turn to Campbell, a player who had looked miles away from the team up to that point… Read more »


If he goes,
We will have no choice but to sign Draxler… 🙂

Jack Kelsey

He’s probably never forgiven Wenger for loaning him to Tony Pulis.


Is this going to be one, ” for the book?” Arsene keeps talking about this tell all book.


If his head is turned, then he’s off. For better or worse, Wenger doesn’t keep players in that state of mind (e.g. Van Persie, Nasri, Song, Fabregas, etc.).


If we can’t make Gnabry sign a contract then we should forget about Ozil and Sanchez extending their deals. Was hoping for him to emulate Berlerin.


Yes, because the only reason Ozil and Sanchez are here is to play with Gnabry.


Wilshere, Gnabry, Campbell, arteta, rosicky, flamini all gone or going and yet we still have a lot of competition in midfield!

Sorry to see him go but he hasn’t delivered consistently for us so it’s the right thing to do

Arsenal Masochist

So much for letting Campbell leave for a year to give Gnabry a chance to establish himself… So if this does go through you’re kinda looking thin on the wings. That’s Campbell and Gnabry gone. You basically have 3 wingers, Sanchez, Walcott, and Ox. 2 out of the 3 havent looked that great lately. Ramsey on the Wing has been subpar and i know Santi can play there but he’s much better down the middle. I never got letting go of Campbell but i was somewhat less displeased with the move if that mean Gnabry would get to back up… Read more »


Lucas will be playing on the wings if Alexis is through the middle, or vice versa. Also you forgot Iwobi.

Santi, Ramsey and Ozil can play there too, and then you have the younger guys.


Also Iwobi, and Perez can play across the front three. Combined with the fact that Wenger often likes playing a midfielder (e.g. Ramsey) on the flanks in certain games, means we’re not short on numbers, particularly when you realise that Sanchez is a guaranteed starter. The question is whether the right choices of who to ship out have been made. I’ve never been overly keen on Ox. He’s a Roy of the Rovers style player: head-down, driving at defenders at pace, but not much else to his game. Can make for great aesthetics when it comes off, but that’s all… Read more »


The fact that he’s moving to a smaller club suggests he’s more concerned about his game time. Guess it could be his agent being a cunt.

It’s a shame, he looked promising.


I will be gutted to see this guy leave!! Has the potential to be top class!


Making way for draxler?


Don’t get your hopes up.

Isco, or Draxler likely to cost a bundle.

I think we are likely done in market.

Be a pleasant surprise but a bit unlikely.


A little surprise BOTH Campbell and Gnabry are going out.

Suppose Alexis will be shunted back to one wing and Ox will have to step up along Walcott and Iwobi. Perez also has utility out wide.


Gutted to see the kid go – always thought he looked like a future star.

Looks like Ramsey’s going to be forced to play out wide again when Walcott & Ox inevitably pick up injuries. Do we have anyone else coming through that can play on the wing? Aren’t The Jeff and Willock both central players?

I really, really don’t understand why we’re letting him go. Bet it’ll be for peanuts, too.


Must have agreed to it after rolling over for them the other day.


So we’re signing Griezmann…?

Anthony Payne

I can see us making the same mistake with Serge Man U did within Pogba. In the first place we shouldn’t have loaned him to a team managed by Pulis ( did he really say he wasn’t good enough for first team football?) That itself was such a piss take it must have screwed up his confidence? With Campbell on loan and The Ox inconsistent we could do with him staying. On the other hand if we do have to sell him, I wonder if there would be any chance of using him as a makeweight to Wolfsburg for Draxler?… Read more »

Mach iii

Pogba all over again.

He’s going to turn WC and it’ll cost 100m to buy him back.

Walcott… Wenger has an undying love for you…

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