Friday, July 1, 2022

Double dip as Mustafi deal almost done

It’s like buses. You wait for ages … then some yobbos come along, duff you up, steal your cigarettes and walk off laughing but you know where they live and you know how to MAKE FIRE AND … I mean, two come at once.

With a deal for Lucas Perez near completion, it seems that the transfer of Shkodran Mustafi from Valencia is almost over the line too. This evening the BBC’s David Ornstein Tweeted that the Gunners will pay around £35m for the German international.

The deal has been in the offing for some time, but has obviously been complicated as the negotiation between the two clubs has gone on for some time.

Better late than never, or something, and there are suggestions that both deals could be completed tomorrow as the players arrive to have medicals and complete formalities.

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I’m fooking stunned. That’s 100 mill for the summer


Well, well, well… I didn’t ever see this coming, two signings in quick succession, albeit two relatively unknown signings, making it hard to decipher whether or not they will work out for us…. well I suppose its impossible to do that in reality.. but kudos to Wenger, he’s finally pulled the trigger and strengthened the areas that needed it… hopefully they work out for us.


Not a bad summer. Xhaka and Mustafi are both quite young guys who have a good chance of being categorized as world class in their positions in the coming years.

However, it’s stunning that we can spend around 100m and still wind up with a soon-to-be 28 year old striker who has only scored around 33 goals the last three years combined.

I was expecting nothing, however, and now I do feel better about our chances of remaining in the top four by end of season.


I saw his statistics and he basically became an out and out striker only during the 2015-16 season. First part of last season, he was playing interchangeably as a secondary or a primary striker. The seasons before that, he was also playing on the wings. 19 goals in 1 season sounds better than 33 goals in 3 seasons… Also, he never scored his goals in bunches in the same game, he spread them all over the season which is also good. He also has high number of assists, something I like in giroud. He also played every minute of last… Read more »


He also had a knee injury in 14/15. So can only judge the last season really. All before that it was hard times. Ukraine and Greece. Late bloomer. It happens. Not everyone shines at 22 years old. Im feeling positive. Still want a A class striker but its not happening this season. For me, he’s stronger than Theo in either wing or up top. But lets see. No one really knows how this will pan out. Positive thoughts guys.


To back up your point: look at Jamie Vardy. He’s had a very similar rise from obscurity.


We also triggered his release clause…


A knee injury! That makes me feel better.

But really, I didn’t mean to come across as negative on this deal. I actually felt pretty jazzed after watching his goals and assists from last season.

It’s just a funny stat.

We were in serious need of some positive vibes and I’m glad we got some.


What he said


Very perceptive. Last season, his scoring/assists were much the same as Griezmann playing in a super-star line-up. I’ll take this guy, thank you very much.


and ofcourse he has Mesut Ozil to assist him at every given opportunity!


look at this! Sounds like a decent signing and a great lad indeed!


This is at least some goodnews although for some reason i’m not too excited for the CB i think “in excess of 35m” is way too much for Mustafi I’ve watched him and as much as im delighted to be getting a good CB with some experience to sort our lack of experience in CB posistion issue, I’m afraid he is defintely not worth 35m let alone “in excess of 35m” I wonder what that means “in excess of 35m”, and it feels like we might’ve gotten played a little by valencia when you think Sanches cost 32.5m and Mustafi… Read more »


some complain no matter what, hard to please 🙁


I had the same thoughts. I think Mustafi isnt worth the £35mil either. I would have been glad to take Jonny Evans actually. Fergie always rated him and he’s a hard man to please. He’s 28 and probably out the door in a couple of seasons giving Holding and Chambers time to develop further. Circle of life I suppose.


What is this. Really, what is this mentality.

Ducks sake

I don’t get it either. Why do fans care how much a player costs. No fan I know in real life cares. They just care about the quality of the player. Is he an upgrade? Yes. He’s probably as good as Kos or will be.

Freezedawg of Sweden

It feels better if you don’t feed them.


So a 28 yr old Evans for 25 million is fine but Mustafi for 35 million is too much?? A 24 year old german international starter?

The market is inflated. It’s a lot of money but at least he’s young, experienced and has quality! Should have happened sooner but great signing in my opinion.

Dan Hunter

Personally I don’t think it’s overpriced. After all, quite a few years ago Fergie paid £30m for Rio Ferdinand. The £50m price being thrown about not too long ago would have been way too much, but this is about right for a quality international. As for the Perez, I’m actually quite excited by it as he is a hard working player and his legs move really fast in a blur… I love that in a player.


you should give up commenting. everyone who whined and whined and talked shit about the club and wenger, now will say wow what a relief, or act happy that wenger proved you wrong. you’re not fans.
if you’re stunned about 100 mil that means you had no confidence in the club in the first place, and just pushed the negative angle for too long. go away



Dan Hunter

Deal’s not done yet,so chickens and counting and all that… but I will be pleased when it does get over the line and give credit where it’s due.

But, on the other hand, it has been 4 years in the making, so the criticism is still valid. We have needed a quality centre back for years. We have needed a quality striker for years. Time will only tell whether they are successful signings


With enough in reserve for Lewandowski.

Oh, and Walcott and the Ox could be traded off for €40 – €60m to pay the salaries of the 600.


My cup runneth over




That’s a ridiculous amount we’ve spent this summer in total, shows the current state of football in general though.



Lol now we are complaining that we spent, hahah only we aresenal fans do this. An wait maybe we are not finish the pablo guy from twitter is saying that the moeny for the madness are separate for spending then the money for xhaka, perez and mustachio, so we go on the last hours of the transfer window on the last day, we have done it before with real m are we gonna buy from the same club, James ? will see everything depends in the last day who comes available but one thing I know if a caliber of… Read more »


5 players for a 100mil is decent, far better than 100mil for one. Only takes one purely times Costa tackle to remove your single 100mil asset from the season or a significant part of it

Elneny (I’m counting it – but if you object then Japanese chappy can be here then)
Mustafa (assuming)
& Lucas (assuming)


Thumbed you up for the Mustachio bit.

Actually got about half of what you said, but you said it right!


Didn’t mean to come across as complaining we spent money…I was expressing surprise we spent that much since last summer as I really didn’t know…

My point was also about the market in general being hyper-inflated. Apologies if it got lost in translation

Henry Gooner Legend

Double Ornacle! It was an urban legend or so I thought. So fortunate to see this happen in this lifetime #madness


Oh good lord. I am not going to be sleeping tonight. Out of excitement and beer. Probably beer.

Putney S.

I’ll have some of that.


I’m Just too happy tonight with these recent developments regarding Mustafi and Perez deals. If you think Perez is not good enough, show me that world class striker that’s available at the moment. We can’t simply bully the likes of Bayern, Madrid, Barca, Chelsea etc for their top attackers. Welcome to the greatest club guys.

Ducks sake

Argghhhh available. What does that mean? Footballers aren’t on eBay or gumtree. If you want Messi, ring Barca and say I want Messi. They’ll say youre havin a giraffe, you say how does 150£mil sound?, They say nahhhhh, you say ok 175 mil and we’ll give you theo. They say ok deal at 150£ mil.

Perez is bang average. No below average for a top league striker.


Some people just aren’t happy unless they’re unhappy.

Dan Hunter

All players are available at the right price.


That Theo Walcott bit had me in stitches, nice one!


That’s a huge amount on a backup international.


What would you call Benteke?


Back-up dancer?


They have Hummels and Boateng. Would any CB of any nationality bench them?


Kos would absolutely… people give him far less credit then he deserves.
What he is doing here is top class and then imagine what he can be in a stronger team..


Man City spent £47m on a back-up international (for a much shitter country)


Let’s not forget mangala and otamendi cost them 30m+ too.

And I’d take our 10m Kos over those two muppets any day


No poos on this at all, so reader skepticism … 35 mill, wow. Now you realize that AW was holding that back for a big strikers–rumors abound–now Perez done (obviously not the big striker) he spends the 35. Still that is a helluva lot, no?


no poo = well chuffed?

Gooner Husker

Let’s hope he has serious balls in his Shkrotum.


I see certain people here on arseblog want me fired. You make me laugh at my work desk on my own I look like a fool! Gosh i love this blog.

kampala gooner

I do take my time before bushing ideas of possible signings and what not. My partner in crime had always been Mr Blogs till I had him go so hard on the manager on the Monday morning blog with James. Had never heard that side of him but I guess the frustration finally got to him. But this is our Manager peculiar as he might be that’s him and thats how he will always handle his issues. Let’s hope the two finally get over the line and point the middle finger to the media that always seem to enjoy getting… Read more »


Both are really good signings although I must admit that I hadn’t heard of Perez before. Hopefully both can settle in quickly and kick-start our campaign. Never right off Wenger, he will always surprise you. COYG!!!!

Ducks sake

Now that’s more like it. Shrokdan this a few weeks ago.

Charlie George

While pleased to see some activity and numbers added to the squad (and admitting to almost complete ignorance of player quality) I cannot help but feel slightly underwhelmed by what we’ve bought in for £100,000,000. Don’t want to be negative, I am still quite pleased, but I thought this summer we’d get a striker with a better record. Here’s to, hopefully, one more, highly unlikely, goal scoring addition to our front line. Pleeeaasssee, Arsene…..

kampala gooner

@ Charlie George one team spent that whole sum on one player that has been moderate for a long while. Sometimes you just have to be appreciative

Charlie George

A completely fair point and these may turn out to be great signings. I had just hoped for a more exciting striker. It sounds like back to Olivier (who is a decent striker), I’d just hoped for someone with a bigger track record. As for the amount, pfffff…I guess, that’s just the way the market has changed.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

If we signed the kind of striker you want, then overall we would have fallen way short of what we needed had we still “only” spent £100m. I’m optimistic that Wenger has now made good additions at the front, middle and back, it’s time to dream again.



Les Martin

Charles Frederick George,
So that you know I saw our great team
topple Anderlecht in 1970 and we had great players and spirit then with Rice Nelson Kelly Sammels Simpson Armstrong GEORGE Big Raddy and Kennedy all from the youth team .
This season will see Arsenal win 2 do I know this?
Cos we’re The Arsenal and we are the best


Fuck off.


I am clenching my buttocks on this…:-)


And here I was hoping that Hell wouldn’t freeze over until *after* the Bank Holiday weekend…


I expect Arsene to stride fully naked into the press conference tomorrow, wearing Gazidis’ skull as a crow, demanding “are you not little bit transfertained? ARE YOU NOT LITTLE BIT FOR SURE TRANSFERTAINED?” Then hurling a spear through the SKY Sports journalist’s transfer-deadline-day yellow belly, mounting a fully saddled Nicklas Bendtner and riding off into the distance.

Sam I Am

Interweb winner!


This is glorious

Fully Saddle Nicklas Bendtner

Have immediately stolen this as my new online identity.



It's not tribal with me, but I still love Arsenal

Oh, man, lemme have some of what you had!


sensational comment


My boss is wondering why I suddenly laughed out loud …

Dan Hunter

Get back to work!

Dan Hunter

Do you want to kiss my egg?
I ain’t kissing no egg.


winnnnnn !


I can’t believe the 35 million for Mustafi, that is a huge number for a CD that doesn’t even start for his national team. However, it’s not my money so way to go Wenger if that is actually the case!


Um…. John Stones, Mangala….


Yes, and that’s huge money for them as well, but from a club that routinely spends 40 million on players.


Funny, I read that as “a club that routinely spends 40 million on prayers” …


Well, Germany do have some pretty decent defenders keeping him out of that national team you know. And he’s still only 24 years old.

Guess he’s about the best we can get and these days. And we sure need a centre half.

Tasmanian Jesus

Did you at any time think about what national team he plays for?
He’s of Germanys top 4 centre halfs, thats pretty reassuring to me.


If Jogi Low selects him, he’s more than good enough for us.

Think about it, out of Germany’s main group of starters, who wouldn’t you want at Arsenal?

NZ Gooner

You have to take into account what national team as well. Germany have pretty good defenders. To make the German national squad is an achievement in itself.


Phew! I’ll have to sign up for Sky Sports again as we may well be in the title fight after all 🙂


Mustafi is really overpaid but it seems they like him alot, but this Perez guy could be a hit . Finally some movement.


Can we request FA to start the season again from scratch? I feel ready now!!

Frankie boy

Can’t believe fellow gunners are still moaning.. We will get a striker that is different from Hfb, and Walcott, this guy can anticipate an opportunity and has good excelaration. An is techniques lily good. He hasn’t played for a team that will create so many more goal scoring chances that we do. I recon this guy will be a surprise package and will bang in 20 goals in his first season with us. And Mustafi, maybe a international backup, but he was pretty good in the euros and could tackle and head as well double bonus.

Come on you gunners

Hoosier Gunner

Did he take some sort of spreadsheet modeling class in college?

Frankie boy

Maybe you never know…


Reminds me of a cross between Eduardo and David Villa… Fingers crossed eh

Gooner Husker

Now here’s a question just to stir the pot… Arsene is very frugal and will want a little cash back on his investments. Debuchy will leave for a little cash. I think we know that. What about the Ox or Theo or (gulps) Wilshere? I also wonder if we will make one more signing at left back (a youngster) to backup Montreal and allow Gibbs to go. We all love Gibbs, but I’m sure he’s chomping at the bit for starting time to make the England squad. I thought it was interesting we didn’t go with Montreal and Debuchy in… Read more »


It’s not so much a question of money as playing time, though it would be good to lose Walcott’s wage bill. Debuchy needs to go. At this point I’d rather have a recovered Jenko. It’s so unlucky for the former Magpie to have sustained those injuries (I wanted to throttle Arnautovic), but now he has an attitude too. Agree on Monreal being a better bet to pair with Holding (or Chambers) than Chambers (or Holding), and Gibbs being able to deputize at LB. No to Debuchy, though. I hope Kieran sticks with us for at least one more season. He… Read more »


Is this guy any good? Honest question.


Who cares? 🙂


He is

Slick Pr*ck

From a position of head on the desk inactivity to a form of credible multi tasking.

Such a shame we had to boo and hiss to achieve it and feels as if the fans are viewed with contempt. Thanks for your continued interest in our affairs etc

Progress is progress even if Just to appease.

Only 1 Arsene Wenger.


sorry to burst your bubble but nobody’s booing or hissing got this deal done. i can’t even believe you’re serious.
that’s the whole point, why be negative and push hate on the club and manager, when great deals are likely in the process of being done. you should feel stupid now, not satisfied.

Slick Pr*ck

Perhaps you believe this was our main striker target all along. I’m satisfied we signed a striker but I couldn’t stretch it to being a great signing as you suggest. Certainly not yet anyway. Dare I suggest the view from inside your own bubble has convinced you that you are the one on the outside looking in. I can’t believe you are serious to suggest it took 2 months to sign this guy. That’s fanciful at best and delusional at worst. Not trying to hate on you as we are all goners together and wanting the best for our club… Read more »


Thing is your booing and hissing is what makes all the noise in this modern day of media hype. It ends up aggravating those Arsenal fans who are now widely accused of being ungrateful of what we’ve got.

I don’t think I’m alone in being confident that we strengthen our squad this window. So we didn’t buy Zlatan, Mahrez and Stones.

At least we can still call ourselves Arsenal Football Club… We’ll miss it when it’s gone.


Better late than never, but never late is better.


4th could still be ours. Whoever days we have no ambition: Fuck you!


5 thumbs down to already, purely because i said ‘days’ in error. I meant to say ‘says’. You sexist cunts.

Scott P

That escalated quickly


Sleep off the booze and read this back to yourself tomorrow morning.

Then come back with accusations of sexism.


No, 66 thumbs down (and counting) because you said “4th could still be ours.” That’s just plain stupid. It’s not sexist to point out sheer galactic-level stupidity.


You think it’s beyond us? If I were in the trenches at the Somme i wouldn’t want someone with that defeatist attitude next to me!

Ankeet Sinha

So no striker then? Perez is more of a winger…: 🙁

Terry henry

Thierry Henry wasn’t a striker either

Roof attack

Well , cover me in eggs and flour and bake me for 14 minutes! I genuinely didn’t think we would do any more business but I am happy to be proved wrong. But the cynic in me can’t help but think that we left it this late so we would be happy with whoever we signed ,rather than their quality. Proof will be in the pudding. Still happy that we have players in the right positions though.

Rain on the parade

He runs funny.


Aaron Lennon ran like a spastic chasing a butterfly.

Michael Lewis

Yes indeed. Clockwork from waist down…… seriously sensible haircut though. Charles Charlie Charles style.


Noticed the running as well. He’s a quick-stepper.


Excellent news. Now we re-sign Bendtner, and it all falls into place.


I don’t know…. I still don’t think we spent enough money.

^that was sarcasm btw, put your pitchforks away


Both players have been available all summer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased it looks like we’re signing some new bodies, but why the hell leave it until the second week after the season starts?


Probably had other targets for CF that never became available. (Griezmann?)


Can’t help but think that ScotchEggsRules might be on the mark here though.

I’d be surprised if perez was 3rd choice going into the summer.

That said, he’s most likely back up to Giroud once the season is in full swing, and he looks more than good enough for that.


4 part payment for Mustafi finally agreed!


Welcome Lucas and Mustafi…Finally!!!
One last request…Griezmann?


Thumbs up if you reckon we’ll get at least one more on top of these two alleged done deal or thumbs down if you think we’re done until August Bank Holiday weekend 2017.

Gervinho is Driving

And now, perhaps, we can work on the credit side of the ledger.


We’re actually buying two central defenders in one window! Given that we’ve bought an experienced German international, the Holding deal looks like far less of a gamble now.

We also signed two strikers in Perez and Asano.

With Holding, Chambers and Bielik in the wings, surely we’re covered in the CB department for a few years?


Nothing wrong with the midfield either


We have actually signed the players we needed this summer not ending up short in any position. Is this real life?


Is this a sign that Wenger has given up on the big fish he was trying to catch?


WENGER: What big fish do you speak of? If there was a big fish available to us we would have caught it. I have 20 years experience fishing for this club I know what I am talking about. You try to catch the big fish only if the big fish wants to be caught and the lake wants you to have it, its not just up to me.


We have almost dodged the Evans bullet…get those transfers over the line!

feyisa tadesse

for Arsenal to be a champion a striker who can score more than 20 goal per a season is needed. so wenger shohld be spend money as mucha s possible for the striker. this is the first priority Arsenal should do .


They’re saying it’s done with medicals tomorrow. I’m very pleased with this bit of business. Perez looks good. I think he will surprise people, and Mustafi is top quality. Let’s f*cking go.


James Rodriguez anyone? Well a guy can dream


This is very good news. The guy is German international at only 24 (Hummels and Boateng ahead of him there), captain at Valencia and can play on the right back as well.

Just let’s support the new guys and “start” our season at Watford!


Perfect, now a new contract for Arsène! :-p


People were getting excited at the thought of Vardy. Perez looks like a younger and cheaper upgrade.


…and better looking

Cape Town Gooner

Get in there!

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