Monday, November 29, 2021

Draxler wants to leave Wolfsburg, Arsenal interest reported

Julian Draxler has given an interview to Bild in which he has expressed his desire to leave Wolfsburg.

The German international only joined them from Schalke last summer, and the Bundesliga club have recently gone public to say the 22 year old would be staying with them.

That appears to be at odds with what Draxler made clear, in quotes translated by our friends at Sport Witness.

“I want to leave Wolfsburg,” he said. The coach knows for more than three weeks.

“Two days after the semi-final at the European Championships I told him how I see the whole situation and what I want – which is to leave the club.

“It was always clear between all parties that I would like to go to a top international club if the opportunity arises.”

Bild mention both Arsenal and Juventus as possible destinations, but with Arsenal badly in need of a foward and Arsene Wenger a keen admirer of him – going back a number of years – you’d hope this is a situation that the Gunners are really on top of.

Obviously we’ll have to wait and see, and with three or four years left on his current deal, it’ll take a hell of an offer to make it happen. Are Arsenal prepared to do that?

We’ll see. For now it’s a 5 on the Poo-o-Meter, but this one does tick a lot of boxes.


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Jim A

Here we go again, boys.


I just want to say the Poo-o-Meter is probably the greatest thing ever!


I like the poop button


And the “Thanks for pooping!” message that comes up after you poop.


I like the actual pooping

Third Plebeian

I think it would be better if there was a pooping sound effect when you clicked ‘poop’.

Bill F

Is he better than Iwobi/ Ox? Honest question…

Mahrez clearly is (also is probably unrealistic)

Bendtner's Ego

He’s 22, amazing on the ball, and could probably start playing through the middle (offering something different from Giroud).

Bust out the chequebook for this one.


I would love to Draxler at Arsenal, he will be expensive but if his price is similar to that reported Griezman release clause (est. £84m)…


I don’t think he’ll be as expensive as you think. The reason why is because he’s the one forcing the move. Guys like Mahrez and Laca are more on the expensive side because they don’t mind staying (presumably) which gives the managers and presidents leverage when negotiating a price.

But when a player wants to leave you’ll eventually settle for lower than what you want for reasons like a positive locker room, and not wanting to have a player that is forcing a move to stay, etc…


A young, speedy winger calling our name for several years who could be converted into a top striker. DO IT ARSENE.

Lord Bendtner

I dunno I don’t really see this happening. Club will hold out for a lot, and rightfully so. You don’t come to a club on a contract and suddenly you want out to go to a bigger club. This one if it goes through, and I do hope it does, will call for intense negotiating. The kind that is decided on deadline day perhaps??

Henry Gooner Legend

Love the new Poop meter!!


Is the poo meter supposed to indicate signings that make sense or rumours that are rather likely to happen? Don’t think that the two are exactly the same thing…


I think it’s fairly clear that the Poo-o-Meter is designed to show, respectively, The Arseblogger’s individual view, and readers’ collective opinion, of the likelihood of the reported story coming to pass.

Phew, that took some punctuating. I need a lie down.

Oh and, yes, bring it on!


Good option perhaps but if we are after Mahrez he should remain our No.1 target for a wide forward, so much ability and end product..


And this was just published today:

If true, I don’t think we’ll be going after Draxler. However, I’d be happy with either of them. I think they’re both ideal Wenger-type players, and both would provide plenty of goals from the right wing in addition to their considerable play-making abilities.


Never, ever trust, they’re bullshit merchants of the highest order.


That article was written on the 23rd July, so already out of date. No sign that Mahrez is least not yet.


Okay, I stand corrected.


We can go for both if we sell Walcott.


Wasn’t that impressed with him at the Euros. He’s just a German Ox

Bendtner's Ego

No clue what game you were watching, but he was extremely strong from what I saw. He regularly took on defenders and had at least 3 nutmegs in the match I was watching.

I think even Jogi would want this one to happen, since it would get him working with Özil on a regular basis.


I agree with Ego, Draxler was fantastic in the Euros.


He was awesome in the Euros! He scored that goal off the volley into the top corner…dare I say it, like van pussie!

4 poops for me! We need a striker, we get an attacking midfielder! It just makes (Wenger) sense.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Couldn’t we get Ozil to drape an Arsenal shirt over him? *taps ear* what’s that? We aren’t total cunts? Okay good. Nevermind then…

Kareem Mohamed

And an ex-player (podolski) could have helped…

Much like a certain ex-barca player bizarrely led the fabregas shirt ceremony…


I genuinely think out of all the targets we have been linked with this summer, this one is the most likely to happen.
Draxler is and has been an excellent player, and was an important part of the shalke 04 team that made it all the way to the semis of the Champions League.
It’s a bonus that he’s young and adds to the German contingent, I hope Wenger signs him up.

Some Jabroni

What’s the deal with the tl;dr sentences underneath the poo-o-meter?

Also, I would not dislike this transfer happening.


Draxler is better choice than Mahrez… and Alexis is better in right
Draxler-Ozil-Alexis is TOP, but now we need Lacazette and Mustafi

Tom Gun

Time for a thumb vote! Mahrez or Draxler? Assuming similar price and assuming (this is a bigger assumption!) both deals are potentially on. Me personally I’d rather have Draxler so thumbs up if you agree, down for Mahrez

David C

Where’s the “I want both!” button? 🙂


I’d have them both! Convert Draxler into a center forward like Wenger intends on using him! Alexis on the left and Mahrez on the right having both players cut in and strike on their dominant foot.


Mahrez os Draxler?
Really tough…

I really like Mahrez, but would choose Draxler because of the balance of our team.
I mean we have Campell, The Ox, and Theo… and the right wing is defenitely the main position of all of them.
But as the left wing concern we got only Alexis who is comfortable there, while Draxler’s best position is clearly the left-hand side…


Could Draxler be turned into centre forward with Mahrez as new wideman?


Yes, definitely, and that’s why I have a slight preference for Draxler. He reminds me very much of another winger that we converted into a striker.

Third Plebeian

You’re referring to Henry, but whenever I watch Draxler play I’m reminded of Van Persie (in terms of style). I think he’d be an excellent addition. Sign him up!


A sexy prospect indeed. Though the Draxler project may not produce the high volume of goals we will be expecting from whoever we sign for the striker role. Then again neither could the Lacazzette project be a success either.

Arteta's hair

If we were to get him, I still think we would be in the market for a out and out striker (like Lacazette), which means we would probably cool it on Mahrez then. I would be delighted with either tbh!


I have to ask, does the poop meter measure how likely we think something is to happen, or how likely the story is? Like I think it’s very likely that Draxler does want to leave (thanks to the direct quotes) and I think it’s likely that we have interest (Wenger quotes, previous bids etc.) but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen. If I was basing it on how likely it was to happen id probably say 6, but if I was basing it on how likely I think the story is true, I would probably say 3. (If… Read more »

Edward Knight

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind…


“Thanks for pooping!”


If Draxler really, really wants to leave, it wouldn’t take that big a bid. They signed him on the relative cheap, they don’t have a huge outlay they need to recoup. It really depends on him and how much he wants to push for a move. Nobody wants to keep a player who really wants to leave on the rolls, everyone knows that doesn’t generally work out well for the club. I do see one way this gets worked out though is they promise to let him leave next year in return for getting one more good year out of… Read more »


It would be nice if we could get Mahrez and Draxler.

Just think, a midfield 5 of
Alexis Özil Draxler
Santi Xhaka
Mahrez Ramsey Oxlade Chamberlain
Wilshere Coq

The competition would be immense and would really push the players forward to develop and be in form. And I’ve not even mentioned the Walcott, Elneny, Iwobi or The Jeff.

*wakes up from dream*


or Campbell or Gnabry

Arsenal Pakistan!

If we do get draxler then I think it would be better to get mahrez instead of lacazette and mustafi. That will allow us to experiment a bit more with Alexis up front as Draxler can play on the left and draxler himself might have a run as a striker and quality wise draxler and mahrez both are superior to lacazette but none of them is a striker. What do you guys think? This or sacrifice one for a striker?


This is Arsenal we support, I’d be reasonably happy to get any one of those four, and ecstatic to get any 2 of them.

Arsene's handkerchief

Please let this happen Bergkamp. Thanks very much.


Griezmann, Lacazette, Draxler in that order. I love Draxler as he could be another rvp, but I don’t think he would score much in his first season I think. If we get him and a striker, then I’m all for it. Otherwise, let’s go all out for Griezmann(if the rumors are true)


Griezmann *just* signed a new deal. Might as well demand Pogba, Messi and Hummels at the same time, while you’re at it.


Any deal which would require a “hell of an offer”, is a deal I have no faith in Arsenal doing.


Risk it all and buy the lot…Draxler, Mahrez, The Cassette and a center half to be named later. Cut bait with Sonogo and Walcott. +100 mil net spend and be left with a compelling first XI for PL and depth for the other competitions.

Stringer Bell

I think there’s a chance we might but the cassette though Betamax and Walkmans are hard to come by.


German gooner here, i think it´s pretty unlikely since Hecking (Wolfburg Coach) very clearly stated that Draxler won´t leave. He told him it (tansfer) doens´t always happens as Draxler wishes for him having signed a contract with Wolfsburg until 2020. He also said that today players in general have too much power over their club situation signing contracts but not seeing them out. But as always: “in football you never know” because on the other hand i get the impression that Wolfsburg have to sell players (Schürrle, Kruse,…) because Volkswagen (US car scandal) is heavily lowering their financial support for… Read more »

Belfast Gooner

Thoughts are mixed on this one. Draxler is a good player. However, his goals ratio is very poor. Should we not be going for a player who has been scoring goals over the past number of seasons?
Ive heard the rumours about Griezmann. Probably little truth in them. What do you think?
If we are going for Draxler, then that one would seem dead in the water


Would think if there is any truth in the Mahrez and Lacazette rumours we wouldn’t be in for Draxler.

Its anybody’s guess really isn’t it

It will be a huge anti-climax if we end up with nobody, which is entirely possible …


Not 100% sure we are ‘in’ for Draxler.

The player has seemingly stated he wishes to leave Wolfsburg.

Arsene is an admirer of Draxler, but that doesn’t mean we’ve made an offer/are in for him.

Personally, I hope this happens, along with Mahrez and Mustafi/Other CB.

Mahrez as a wide forward, Draxler converted to striker.


I am sitting on my poop deck wondering what way I should poop this story with a high poop or a low poop.
You know it’s fun writing poop alot this is it feels to be a 6 year old.


What it feels. ……….


Let’s just deliberate a while longer until someone else snaps him up.

Jamaican Gooner

Ahh only Arseblog..have us happily dipping our finger in poop, would prefer Mahrez tbh but would happily take this guy


Finally, a name that seems like an Arsenal signing on the radar. 50 mil for Icardi, Lacazette, etc. don’t see it. Draxler hasn’t had a stand out season in a while, so his price hopefully would be down. Arsene doesn’t buy at the top of the market. Those Griezman rumors are just silly.


Agree that Griezman is unrealistic, but I fear in this crazy market Draxler will also be very expensive, e.g. 45-50 million at least. Wolfsburg may feel forced to sell if the player really makes a nuisance of himself, but it’s not like the club hold no cards: he just signed a contract last year, so they can pay hardball and hold out for a big fee (the German clubs are typically tough, stubborn negotiators).

Jeff off

Poopometer, hmmm satisfying. You don’t even have to wipe

Dylan Dog

This has Pogba money written all over it, methinks. I’d love to be proven wrong, though.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Giant load of ball bags

Tony g

Ok guys, Mahrez or draxler? Who would you have at arsenal?
Thumbs up for Mahrez
Thumbs down for draxler.


If anything, this will drive down price for Lacazette and Icardi. Competition is only a good thing. Wenger looks for value for money and i am now believing that we will sign a striker. Surely we will sign one of them right?

Ponsonby gooner

I see this as a streamy, but slightly lumpy affair. One that washes out through your bowels like the water from a clenched sponge. Occasionally the flow is broken by thicker, more pasty gathering.
Maybe it’s the pessimist in me but I think that if he really does want to leave there will be bigger clubs in for him with more competence in the transfer market.

Ponsonby gooner

*a* thicker


I don’t like this. When we are pressing for a player (like a striker), there are none of great quality available. Now when we (assuming) want a wide forward, two hot prospects in Mahrez and Draxler are suddenly popping up. I cannot see Wenger going for all 3 of Mahrez, Draxler, Lacazette given we need a centre half and having already put 30mn odd for Xhaka. A centre half, plus 2 among the above 3. Personally, I would prefer the former 2. Agreed a proven CF is a priority, but you cannot lose out on a prospect like Draxler. At… Read more »


I will eat a 22 eggs tomorrow morning to do my part in making this happen.


Could we throw in Theo and an extra £10 Mill?

sherhomes lock

i love his early days at schalke but now he is just boring german flank like podolski , schurle .
all i want is mahrez


And in other recycled news, we also have been linked with a move for crystal palace center half Scott dann.

Joking aside, I’d take Draxler in a heartbeat. Mahrez is welcome, too… and seems more likely since lfc signed ahmed musa this summer and they play the same position.


Why did we not sign him from schalke when he was cheap, or was the 13mill wolfsburg paid to expensive for us to compete?


Firstly, he cost way more than 13m. Secondly, he actually wasn’t playing that well. Thirdly, Ox was as big a prospect, but didn’t deliver.


And wasn’t Draxler kind of banjaxed back then?


Wenger will bottle it….


Feel the “processing” screen should be changed to “logging”




This deal makes a lot of sense. Draxler can play wide left or as a fwd. For 22 yrs he already has tremendous experience. He’s clearly talented & ambitious.
The only downside is he’ll probably want away the minute Madrid, Bayern or Barca come looking for him. Actually that’s not too bad cause it’ll mean he’s had a successful season with Arsenal & we can recover our money. So win win for us.

Campbell's forehead

How many times have we been linked with this guy? It is so frustrating being an Arsenal fan during the transfer window – we always tend to drag these things out.

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