Sunday, January 23, 2022

Gabriel: Injury is ‘not a big problem’

Arsenal may be about to get a boost on the injury front after Gabriel took to social media to reassure fans that his injury ‘is not a big problem’.

The Brazilian defender went down in agony in stoppage time of Sunday’s 3-2 win against Manchester City in Gothenburg and required six minutes of treatment before leaving the field on a stretcher. The 25-year-old was later pictured boarding the team bus on crutches with Arsene Wenger confirming the player was in a lot of pain.

If Gabriel has avoided ligament and bone damage it may alter Arsenal’s plans for the remainder of the transfer window. While the club is already on the lookout for one recruit at the back – a result of Per Mertesacker’s long-term injury – there had been suggestions we may make a second signing in the position.

In the short-term, it looks as though we’ll have to muddle through the first game of the season against Liverpool with Calum Chambers, Rob Holding, Krystian Bielik, Nacho Monreal and Mathieu Debuchy all candidates to partner up in the centre of defence.

The cynics (and believe us, we’re tempted to go there) might suggest we’ve asked Gabriel to post an optimistic message on social media to strengthen our position in a transfer window awash with piss-takers.

We’ve jinxed it…we’ll probably splash out £55 million on Jonny Evans now.

Gabriel endorses this message

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That’s good news indeed but I’ll believe it when he is back in the squad.


I won’t believe it until we see fresh photos of him in training. It’s like when we’re waiting for a signing – we won’t believe it until it’s on the official site. Set in stone.

Not his leg set in stone. Or a cast. Hopefully.

Santi's Smile

And speaking of Stones, Man City wanted him and paid the price Everton wanted. Wish things could be as easy for Arsenal.

Good news for the guy especially.. That looked bad indeed on first sight.

The more worrying aspect of Gabriel though is his form. He looked absolutely lost on the pitch in the City friendly and going by his form last season, something needs to be done about his play. Be it the language or just better overall training.

Truth be told, at present, he does not inspire confidence.


Indeed, a fit first choice Gabriel the way he’s played over the last year is a problem in itself. Given Per’s sub par performances, it’s hard to understand how Chambers hasn’t been given more game time


I wish him all the luck in world with recovering from that injury. But just before he got injured, I was lol at what he don’t for Iheanacho’s goal. Poor defending yet again. I honestly don’t know if he’s good enough, and although this probably looks like I’m kicking him whilst down, it’s just my opinion. He wouldn’t look out of place, or too good for them in a West Brom team. And yet he’s in a ‘title contenders’.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Didn’t you say same of Koscielny 4 years ago?


No I didn’t.


Good news… if it’s not ligament or bone then he should be back in a few weeks time lol – how many times have we heard that at Arsenal 😉 Also I think people need to realize that defending starts at the top. It’s not the end of the world if we play Holding and Chambers if the entire team is wiling to chip in and work harder. In addition we now have far better defensive cover in our midfield with Xhaka and Coq/Eleney so really the situation isn’t all doom and gloom even if we don’t blow $30m on… Read more »


This is true. There was a guy that argued Jose Fonte was better than koscielny 3-4 seasons ago. I mean, how can you compare them when one has Schneiderlin and wanyama playing in front of him and doesn’t play champions league football. However, Fonte and the other defender they had were experienced, quick and big. Defending starts up front but ends in the back line.


They’ll wait until Sept 2nd to announce he’s had successful surgery and we be out “for some months”.

John C

The most likely outcome from this is, unless it’s good news, Wenger will fob everyone off and say we’ll have to wait for the injury to settle before they can properly diagnose, then hear nothing until just after the transfer window closes when it’ll be announced he’s out until well into the new year.


Proper Arsenal propaganda. They’ve done exactly what Blogs and gunnerblog discussed on arsecast extra and have tried to play down the injury. Don’t expect to see him back any time soon. And don’t expect any signings either. This club is an embarrassment.


Does somebody really think we can challenge for the title with Holding-Chambers/Bielik/Monreal as CB’s?? With only Xhaka as a really good signing this season we’ll be good for a cl spot, just…


Do you know something about Koscielny that we don’t?


So what, is one good CB enough for you? Even with two we haven’t won last season


No, but Koscielny is a glaring omission from your list of available centre backs for the season. I happen to think also that Chambers is a “good” player, whilst the others are either unproven (though not necessarily incapable) or emergency options. None of this means that I think we will win the league.


No, I still think we’re some way off challenging for the league, and it will require more than a CB signing for me to be convinced. Aside from the obvious need for a centre forward, take the idea of signing Mahrez for example. Bringing him in and deploying him on the right of our attack would really convince me of the club’s ambition to go for the title this year. Muddling through the season again relying on a technically limited Walcott, injury prone/inconsistent OX, and a good, but far from spectacular Campbell and hoping one of them exceeds expectations hardly… Read more »




Can’t wait for the 2017/18 season to start already had my full of this season and it’s not yet started


Bellerin came in when Debuchy got injured two years ago and we have never looked back. Same with Iwobi earlier this year. Sometimes the young players just need the opportunity. Holding and Chambers could prove to be just as good – there is no point in buying them and never playing them. Holding has played 26 times for Bolton and Chambers almost 60 times for Arsenal and Southampton.


OK I may be biased being from N.Ireland, but whats with the hate for Jonny Evans other than he played for Manure… he was immense at the Euro’s, and he could come in an do the job till Kos is back and would be a pretty decent 3rd or 4th choice in the long run…


Agreed. Evans can certainly do a job with a fee and wages that would be acceptable


No hate; it’s just that we are Arsenal, not West Brom. We should be chasing really top players. Evans is not a top player, he’s an ok player, only that.
Still, at this stage even he would be welcomed thanks to Wenger….


My utd mates all tell me he was not that great and was quite error prone. My own totally biased opinion is that he’s shit, and I don’t want him. Reason tells me if he’s not longer good enough for United then he’s not good enough for us. Combine all three, and that gives you my reason for not supporting the club if we sign J.Evans. a complete lack of ambition on the clubs behalf if it’s done, and one that will push me over the edge. It would be Squillaci all over again. I’m not having it.

Malaysian gunner

This guy is deluded. In 2011 he said he did not need to buy players.After the 8-2 humiliation,he went on a rampage to buy 5 players.
I just hope there any more embarrassing defeat before he takes action.He shd go asp if Arsenal
cant compete.


Colour me a cynic. Club’s website have gone quiet on Gabriel since the injury. The diagnosis should have been done and a timeline decided on. Gabriel has all this information but hasn’t shared anything. This a long term injury in my opinion.

Kosc' Other Pocket

We all remember the timing of Welbeck’s injury announcement around this time last year…


Optimistic news but not a medical diagnosis by any means, so carry on with Jonny Mustafi madness please.

We have not forgotten Welbeck’s injury announcement a week after last year’s window shut Arsene! No, Gooners never forget.


Perhaps he just means an ankle injury is not a big problem in the context of his life.


Gazidis strides into the hospital ward where Gabriel is stationed; leg ready to be amputated. Gazidis whispers into Gabriel’s ear – ‘tell them you’re fine’ he says. Gabriel looks to his left and greets Ivan with a face devoid of understanding. ‘Of course’ sulks Ivan, ‘you can’t speak English!’ Gazidis springs from the room, goes back to the team hotel and locates Boro Primorac’s personal stash of rohypnol. ‘This will do.’ He returns to Gabriel’s ward, holding a laced glass of water. ‘Gabby, you looked thirsty, here’s a drink.’ From his bed, Gabriel insinuates that ge was in fact fine,… Read more »

Vincent Kompany/Jamie Vardinho



I hope the Mustafi signing is announced soon then Icardi and James Rodriguez on loan

Rohith J

It’s just isn’t Arsenal until full blown panic, a downward spiral and then an inspiring run to finish 4th.


But one day that “inspiring run” to the 4th spot will fail to come about and we will all want to die….

Indian Gooner

A few words that are actually making me feel a bit better.
A Manchester United team who don’t even have Champions League football to play ..get to sign Pogba.. And here we are struggling to sign a player.

Signing a striker may look like a task too big for Arsene… But why the fuck on earth haven’t we signed a defender yet.. When we clearly know there is just a week left and our game is against Liverpool..? We are clearly a defender short atleast..Absolutely Pathetic.
The Arsenal that I fell in love with..has started making me cringe.


They are not serious on win the tiles. Just covering on the media and give the fans false confidence.I love arsenal to dead but in last 6 to 7 years.sometimes not like to see gunner fan.they make me feel not pleased with the football even’


Wenger’s last season hopefully


He is not that good defender at all. Have lost his confidence since arsenal venger put him at bench keep playing with mertacker believe. If venger want win the PL.He had to sign best CB.And good Striker. I don’t know they waiting for it.another who spending in one player a £100 million you venger can not spend over £50 to 60 bring 2 player. Yesterday he saying Scare to retiring.I don’t that at all I believe He been in last 12 year never win PL.and probably not going win this year too cuz they have not done enough. If venger… Read more »


Why are Ramsey and Sanchez always playing?
While others are having a little rest?


Sign the required players Wenger and stop pussy footing around like a clueless Muppet – unless of course you are clueless in which case you can’t help not seeing and sorting the blindingly obvious!!!!


Nothing surprises me about AW and Arsenal anymore.


Why is it taking so long to verify the exact problem of Gabriel injury. Gabriel was disappointing when playing against man city. He also gave a number of under par performances last season. It has been said that his struggling with the language. That is not good enough of an excuse. Whatever the problem is he has not stepped up to the plate so far and we need a proven defender at arsenal. I sincerely hope that it is not going to be jonny Evans


Stones to Man City, Pogba to Man Utd….. players moving around and we are still trying to keep all the money in the chest and play the waiting game.


Is this Karma?

His challenge on Wilshere just before the season started injured him for months.

Now just before the season started the pitch injured Gabriel.

Hopefully Karma isn’t being too much of a bitch and he is fit soon. I can cope with him not having him ready for Liverpool without a replacement but any longer than that…

If only deadline day was tomorrow then we would do business.


How long now since AW told us Wilshere was only out with a ‘minor’ injury.

sixteen swans over ainola

£47.5 Million for Stones? Dodged one there.

Allan c smith

Think how much money the club could save by inserting a clause in the contract that said when you injured you will only get statutory sick pay! Half the squad are sick for months on end every season.


As if it isn’t difficult enough already for us to sign players …

ducks sake



He could have just meant that he was feeling better after being distraught on the pitch when the injury happened. Doesn’t necessarily mean the injury isn’t a bad one.

Scott Lawton

So ridiculous, i’d hate to know what players like Ozil and Sanchez think of this excuse for a transfer window. They must think that this is the most disorganised, unambitious club.

If we tank, first game of the season, the atmosphere is going to be so poisonous.

Arsene will have no one to blame except himself, but will inevitably find some “excuse” for this transfer window. Not finding the right player, can’t compete with bigger clubs, having him back is like a new signing, didn’t add to the team. Take your pick.


It was a pre-season friendly against City and Gabriel will be back to his best this year. Hopefully his injury is a minor one. Vs Liverpool play Chambers and Holding and have Xhaka and Coquelin in front of them.


Scott, if Ozil or Sanchez are unhappy at Arsenal they should leave period. We have a strong team but still need a striker and a CD as soon as possible.

Scott Lawton

Arsene? Is that you?

Campbell's forehead

Off topic (sort of) but is there any news regarding Jack Wilshere’s injury? It seems to be quiet on that front… Hopefully this isn’t due to ANOTHER ‘small injury’ that turns into a long-term one.


The management and board are responsible for this. I blame them all. They all give the same deadpan response or silence (if your silent Stan). There are many players that we could sign at reasonable cost who would improve the squad. But we know that it probably won’t happen and even if it does it will be deadline day, when we have already lost a game or 2, or just have no momentum. We haven’t had a fully staffed, prepared, complete pretty season in years. We always seem short. Also the striker situation is just ridiculous. All we need is… Read more »


Pre season not pretty

J Reihill

Although not ideal i really don’t see the issue with Kos playing on Sunday. If a player picked up an injury for 3 weeks then trained for a week would you worry about him going back into the team? Surely being on holiday for 3 weeks isn’t worse than being injured. If we have Kos-Chambers and experience surrounding then we have a strong team.
I would much prefer that to two inexperienced players.


Another top picture from his instragram It looks like they’ve wheeled him to training on a sack truck, like Hannibal Lecter. Then released the straps and he sprints off. Here’s hoping he doesn’t like liver…..


Yeah, nothing serious. Rosicky’s hamstring injury wasn’t that serious either – only took him 18 months to recover from that.


The scan was done yesterday and till now there is no official update. I bet you its serious.


So tired of pre-season. There is something seriously wrong with the club we all know it but can’t quite put the finger on it. In the meantime Everton apparently have had offer of £12m accepted. Yes Williams big, strong, mobile, but most importantly experienced, good communicator (will not be scared to tell home truths to his fellow colleagues) and a leader as evidenced in Wales excellent Euros. I am sure Ramsey will be thinking why the hell are we not even considering him. Oh thats why cause he won’t have a ‘re-sale’ value. Wheres the ambition, we are so reactionary… Read more »



Santi's Smile

I’m cool with £30m of someone else’s money going to the quality CB this team needs to compete for trophies.


He might be young, but Holding looked solid so far. It would be nice to fill the roster with players who have 5-8 years of top division play, big tournament/cup play, etc. But the long term success of the club will have to include grabbing up young, cheap players with potential and building around them. All great players started somewhere. Holding, Chambers, Xhaka, Elneny, Le Coq…not a bad group for the foreseeable future.
And let’s not forget we grabbed one (2?) of Leicester’s top scouts. Who knows who they’ll unearth.
But yeah, buying big would be nice.


We have become a huge joke. Every other club and every fan of every other club is laughing at us. Our move to the Emirates was meant to put us in the big league with the big boys, we haven’t won the league since. Its the same old crap, same old story season after season. What do we have to show for ourselves since our massive move and massive debt which was a result of the move, two FA cups. Other teams have won multiple league titles, FA cups, and the CL, but us fuck all. This is becoming so… Read more »

Triple Alex

Now that the wheels have moved and stones is in shitty, why not go for Mangala? he’s young, athletic and comes with bags of promise. i’m sure we can get him for half his price. Or why not the experienced talismanic whales captain? We wanted him once, he’s still as good. Am digging into the arse here?

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