Gabriel to have scan today as Wenger updates on injury


Gabriel will have a scan on his ankle today to assess the damage sustained in the 3-2 win over Man City in Gothenburg yesterday.

The centre-half caught his studs in the pitch in injury time and had to be stretchered off, but left the ground on crutches and in a protective boot.

The team’s late arrival back to London means that further assessment will be made today, but the Brazilian looks likely to be out for some time.

Speaking about the 25 year old afterwards, Wenger told Arsenal Player, “We have not even made a diagnosis in the medical room with our doctors or physios yet. I can’t tell you more. He’s in pain. Let’s hope the pain is not a sign of bad news. The only thing we have to know now is how big the damage is with his ligament. I think he rolled his ankle.

“He played the ball 100 per cent and I think he rolled his ankle, but I don’t know how it happened. It’s part of our game.

“Maybe he was a bit tired, I don’t know. Was his coordination a bit weaker, I don’t know. Was he locked in the grass with his studs. I have to speak to him. He’s just come out of a medical room and he’s not in a better state because he couldn’t even talk on the pitch.”

The injury must now spark the club into transfer action. They’ve been saying for weeks they need a defender, they now have to go out and get one in circumstances that are less than ideal when you go into the transfer market.

However this is the bed we’ve made, we have to lie in it.

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Gabriel will be 6 weeks at least. Arsene won’t buy another defender, he’ll put debuchy, monreal or coq back there to partner koscielny until the regulars come back.

We’ve all been here before.


yeah, I would rather we put nacho in temporarily than get johnny evans….


Anyone we get in now has give or take 6 days to acclimatise themselves, and get ready to play in The Premier League; the fastest most competitive league in modern football. A league that consistently chews up and spits out very player that is not ready for it. How in the hell can we honestly expect a player to come in to a new team, potentially new country, new surroundings. . and perform at the standard necessary for Arsenal in this league. This is a total embarrassment that we are sat here again with an injury crisis that is potentially… Read more »


First of all, excuse for my bad English. I’ve watched Arsenal for 4-5 years and I think Arsène Wenger did listen to fans and spent. Based on what I know that Arsenal had a debt for building a new stadium and paid it off already. After that, Wenger did spend money on Gervinho, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud, Chamber, Ozil, Sanchez,etc… the years after and the latest deal was Xhaka. We can’t say that Arsène Wenger is stingy. Many who blame Arsène Wenger for lack of depth in the squad should regard about our bad luck. If many teams like Manchester United,… Read more »


Pretty obvious you’re right about watching football 4-5 years ago

High berry

It isn’t simply bad luck. Watching the pre season games I’m still impressed with how well the team plays. At times simply beautiful football but (as too often before) we squandered enough chances before the break to put us well out of sight. We are lacking a striker. It’s obvious to everyone except Arsene who’s got his own agenda. Oh well. COYG

Hamburg Gooner

No, they haven´t paid it off yet – still some 180 million to go ..


I agree that Arsene has been spending more recently than people give him credit for and also keeping hold of our best players – apart from last summer when he only bought Cech. But I think what frustrates people is that we have been talking about the same signings – a centre forward, defensive mid and centre back – for 4 years now. With Xhaka and Elneny and the emergence of Coq, defensive mid seems well covered finally. But none of the signings for centre back/forward have looked convincing really. Gabriel is still proving himself and whilst I like Giroud,… Read more »


But the last paragraph is just the standard cycle of Arsenal supporter’s laissez-faire. When we don’t sign someone it will be “There is no point arguing the window’s closed we must now back the manager/team”, followed by the January window’s “There are never any good deals at this time of the year” followed by the grand finale of “we know we have to sign a striker and centre back even Wenger cannot fail to understand that”….. repeat ad nauseam.


No one is asking him to replace the whole squad with new players. Simple, and one striker before Giroud burns out in December, and a defender when Gabriel does his ankle.
The dynamics of the team still remains. Look at our defensive record and how we conceded silly goals even when per and kos played. They’d played for years together, and how many Ozils created chances we couldn’t finish.
Those were what decided our season. We can make the same mistakes. Anyone that disagrees about squad depth is a massive donkey.

Melvyn Jacobs

48 negatives aren’t Arsenal Supporters.

Melvyn Jacobs

Well written GOONER. I note you received 48 Negatives for your comment, I’ll bet most if not all of them support Arsenal.

Melvyn Jacobs

Oops, meant 48 Negatives for your comment should have read, ” I’ll bet most if not all of them do NOT support Arsenal”

An Ox-sized Coq

Uhmmm…I’ll give you Fergie not spending too much money, but Barca have been throwing money around like there’s no tomorrow. Dani Alves, Abidal, Henry, Eto’o, David Villa, Ibrahimovic, etc. and the majority of those under purchased under Pep.

Xhaka Kan



He’ll play Holding.


Waits until last minute to try to get player as cheap as possible > one of our lads picks up a serious injury leaving us short > Clubs knowing our buying position is much weaker demands even more money > Wenger gets even more stubborn and doubles down by trying to switch everyone around > We end up with a very unsettled and disjointed defence/team. We were already short, arguably even before per’s injury, now we’ve got only two fit recognized center backs in the squad, i honestly feel for holding, throwing him into the deep end in an extremely… Read more »

arsens army

Wenger has forced himself to do exactly what he cries about. He is going to pay thru the nose for a decent center back because everyone knows arsenal are even more desperate than before. Wenger cut his own throat again. Get your business done early in the transfer market.


When all our CB got injured, We are left with Holding Chambers.


This notion that we’ll wait until the end of the season because either the selling club will be desperate or we’ll get the player cheaper is a myth. Whatever bid we make teams want their maximum valuation not our valuation. If it’s Lacazette no way Lyon who haven’t signed a replacement and already stated (for their fans) they’re not selling are going to sell him on the cheap. Personally I don’t think we were in for a defender, I think Chambers and Holding were always going to be used. Winning over City doesn’t phase me, it’s the usual slip ups… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Anybody who believes Wenger holds out until the end of the window in order to find bargains is a fool. The plain and simple fact is that the vast majority of transfers happen late because the pressure starts to get immense on managers and Clubs. Sure some high profile deals happen early, but that is usually because a player gets an offer from a club he really likes or who he figures will pay whatever silly money he asks for.. See Ibrahimovic’s Last Big Payday, for instance. These deals make Gooners jealous because they can’t see why we couldn’t have… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

We surely will let Debuchy go in the last week but Arsenal will not sell anybody else on August 31. Same apply to other teams, they let players who have difficult situations go. The only case they sell quality players is where they spend so big than they need to sell to compensate which is Ozil case. After buying Pogba, expect Man U to sell Mata and/or Young.

Toure Motors

Summer has been a massive disappointment, each of our main rivals have strengthened significantly but we (xhaka aside) haven’t. Don’t like to be negative but its looking like a difficult season.

Getso gunner

Very unfortunate


Anyone who thinks this will spark us into Transfer action hasn’t followed us for that long.
We won’t panick.
We won’t overpay.
If we’re desperate we’ll sign a guy with a broken back on a 6month loan.
For what it’s worth Manolas would be my pick, but not way Arsene spends £40+mill on a centre half


Were you talking about Kim? Leave him alone. He’s a legend.


I thought wenger came out and said he expects a defender to join before liverpool, 2 weeks ago?

Would have been nice if he didnt mean 24 hours before kick off this saturday. Mertersacker was injured a good 3 weeks ago leaving us with a defensive crisis. To not have rectified this before our last pre season game only serves us right.

When will we ever learn how crucial a good start to the season is. Ive got to applaud the Xhaka deal though, which was done perfectly.



Gabriel is as useless fit as he is injured.

That leaves us Chambers and a player who got relegated with Bolton.

Lets just write Arsenal off shall we – what is the point of debating who we will sign when it is clear to everyone that Arsenal will sign nobody before August 31st.

Arsenal are a fucking joke to everyone except those who naively support them.

Push Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke out and then you will see Arsenal achieve…


So you are not supporting Arsenal?
Or you are just supporting them if they are spending 100 mil or more on a player because he has a name , or playing for Juve,real , barca?
get a live,mate!
Being a football supporter means more than celebrating trophies or posing with a messi shirt.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Course its not supporting Arsenal. Its one of those idiots from Essex.

It’ll be asking you what you’ve got in your pocketsses next.


I am not bothered what happens on Sunday – win, lose or draw it doesn’t really matter because the result at the end of the season will be the same – Arsenal fighting for fourth. I have the feeling that the atmosphere at the Emirates is going to become very nasty and Wenger is going to get a lot of abuse and criticism. When you are paid eight million a year to manage a team you are expected to at least show a little bit of ambition – one first team signing in Xhaka is NOT ambition. In fact, this… Read more »


Wenger will never change. It’s like trying to bend a full grown tree.we are in for it.defensively we are not good enough and haven’t been for a long long time.time to change manager in my opinion.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

So shit in defence we came second last season. I think you should try to prove how rubbish our defence was using statistics. That’ll show us.


What happens to us coming first? Must we always settle for second best? Just keep shut before you start going on and on like you are AW spokes person, you don’t love the man or the club more than anyone here…

Lord Bendtner

We need a Squillaci, two of them


We all know that Wenger will surely sign a central defender. But only after Holding joins the medical room too.


We need a CB but buying one and putting him straight in the team against Liverpool could do more harm than good, I think we’ll go with monreal and chambers.

Why oh why do we leave our transfer business to the last minute, look at the 2 Manchester clubs for an example of how to get what you need early 🙁


That doesn’t mean they are flyin from the off.
City was shit yesterday , and they will have a CL qualifier in a couple of weeks.
Chambers looked okay .
Like to see Xhaka – Elneny in CM , to supporting our CD.


If Wenger originally though of playing Holding/Bielik + Chambers as centre halves or if he was actually looking for a new experienced CB, it’s poor managing; in the second case most managers get their new players early in order to start the season with most players in and we should ve done that, and in the first case……can’t be serious.
Anyway, let’s hope for the best against Liverpool


Pain isn’t always bad (yeah I know…). If it’s ACL, it’s less worse if there is pain. Otherwise I read it’s a sprained ankle, which can be quite bad itself.


Hector came out of nowhere to make the RB his and most of you fans question Wenger for playing the then 19yr old. Francis did the same and most of you experience online manager came out screaming. Cesc was the same. Club legend Tony Was giving his chance at 19. Lots of examples to give. None of you have ever heard of Mohamed Elneny before he was signed and you are all raving about him. Btw Bielik, Chambers and Holding, we have an excellent pair of CB who will do great. Our first game is at home. If fans come… Read more »


Sturridge > Giroud
Sadio Mane > Chambo/Theo/Iwobi
Sakho > Per/Holding/Gabriel/Chambers

I think that’s it.


Sakho won’t start for Arsenal. All power and no Brain, opposite of what Wenger wants from his CB’s.
and if Chamberlain stays fit for a season, there is no way Mane would play ahead of him.

David Hillier's luggage

Sturridge – hasn’t been fit for years and hardly plays for the first 11.
Mane – perhaps, but I prefer Iwobi’s all round game and would rather not have a player who gets dropped for indiscipline.
Sakho – rather not have a player who needs to use a fat burner.


I rest my case. If you think those three will go into the first 11.


Holding made half a dozen mistakes before he was subbed off at half time yesterday. Let’s be realistic please.


If you saw Bellerin play his first pre-season match against NY Red Bulls, it was obvious to anyone in attendance that a star was born. I’ve never seen a more obvious immediate success from a young player, but his blazing speed certainly contributed. Almost within 15 minutes of play, you knew you were watching a future starting player. For a center back, it’s more a matter of how long a player can go without screwing up; it’s not as easy to assess a young player. And being able to cover the best attackers in the league is a big part… Read more »


Well Arsenal have made a move for RB Leipzig defender Lukas Klostermann according to bild. Well another young player available on cheap price, wouldn’t surprise me. I am not in business of questioning Wenger’s opinion of a player and i agree that there are bargains in the lower price ranges, but this is plain wrong. We need a first team CB to partner Koscienly. We dont need a backup, we have enough backups in Gabreil, Chambers and now Holding. We need a top top CB for first team to compete with others. Even signing John Stones for 50m won’t be… Read more »

Dave M

Bild is an awful website. They pretend to be legit, but IMO they are one of the biggest rumour mongers. Don’t trust them


We are in a position created by the manager and endorsed by the board. Those saying we will not achieve success until we get rid of Kroenke and the board are absolutely right. We are a lot like Liverpool: a team that used to win the league, but with each passing year, not starting a season with any chance of competing for it.


I think we have a chance but we would have a much better chance if we addressed the problems that pretty much everybody agrees we should. Better still if we had done it early, we are likely to drop points at the start of the start of the season because of this and/or pick up injuries because we rush people back. Not convinced that Wenger ever had any intention of bringing these players in, at least not unless he could find a bargain or a world class player that some other club didn’t want. There are lots of rumours but… Read more »

Jack Kelsey

Is this further evidence that mixed grass and artificial fibre pitches are dangerous? Crocked his knee because he ‘caught his studs in the turf’??? 100% real grass would surely have just ripped up with hardly any resistance. Still think these mixed pitches have something to do with our chronic injury problems…


Can’t wait for Holding and/or Bielik to come in and absolutely boss it. It’s not impossible, Bellerin was in the PFA team of the season last year.

Who was talking about Bellerin 2 years ago?

Merlin's Panini

Might have to be Holding Coq at the back at this rate.


From Blog’s blog to Wenger’s ear! While I really do hope this will spur him to make the overdue deal for an experienced defender (even though the price will undoubtedly be higher now), I think we all fear that this will be another season that begins with make-shift reinforcements from within, forced to play in unfamiliar roles.

IMO having to force Chambers in too deep too early was a key factor in his loss of confidence and stalled progress. I sincerely hope we don’t watch the same scenario repeat with Holding or Bielik …


I think wenger will wait and see what the result of the scan is be before deciding. Ornstein says we are in the market for a defender and striker and he’s usually right. Signs are good. Feel sorry for Gabriel, but he didn’t have the most convincing game. Injury looked bad, i think he’ll be out for the season.