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Mustafi reveals Ozil conversation before ‘giant’ move

Shkodran Mustafi says that he got a glowing report about Arsenal from Mesut Ozil before he joined the club, and says that moving to North London is a step forward in his career.

Although the move is not yet official, the 24 year old spoke to Sky Sports Germany as he headed off on international duty, and seemed eager to get started with his new club.

Asked if he’d spoken to either of Arsenal’s two Germans, Per Mertesacker or Mesut Ozil, he said, “I haven’t spoken to Per yet, since I haven’t seen him for a while, but I spoke with Mesut and he told me everything.

“How the club is, how its run. Everything he said was very positive, and I was quickly convinced since I find the club awesome.

“It’s not quite the typical English club who plays the typical English football but instead the football that I like.

“The football that I played in Spain and in the national team, with the ball on the ground and moving forward with passes. So I was very quickly sure that I wanted to go there and I didn’t need much convincing.”

And the stature of Arsenal played a part too.

“It’s giant club with giant history,” he said. “A club that always plays up there, always in Europe too – and what was also important to me, its that I’ve taken a step forward.

“In my career I’ve always looked out for taking steps forward. For me its the logical next step. Playing in the Champions League, playing with teammates from who you can learn, who have big experience, so its why I moved there.

“For me its also important to have a coach whose been there for many many years and takes care of everything so that I only have to worry about my own football.”

The centre-half speaks perfect English, having had a spell with Everton as a teenager, so there’ll be no issues of adaptation there. The signing is expected to be officially announced today or tomorrow.

Translation via @MiaSanMiaTV

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All of a sudden with no huge current injuries +2 new players we are looking very dangerous. We just need to click.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

We are dangerous of course. Only problem we have is five points behind. Do as good as others and win two more games. To beat Man U, City and Chelsea is a must.


Wouldn’t judge the table too much before everyone has played about 10 games. Everyone talking about United returning to form when they have beaten 3 teams they probably would have beaten under LVG and Moyes too. City looking strong though but let’s see how they cope with a long season with a packed fixture list. They are still pretty dependent on Aguero, silva and De Bruyne. Their defence is their main weakness and it will be tested against the other big teams.


Both City and United seem to be struggling at times, which is encouraging. United were lucky to get 3 points vs hull.

Both yet to play anybody good. West Ham are good ish but missing the likes of Carroll, Payet and Ayew.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Hull City are looking pretty good so far, and they were no slouches last season, for all that they were in the Championship.

Canon Fodder

I think that Hull were lucky to escape with a single goal defeat. It was attackers versus defence for long periods of play. On the other hand, to think that united had Rooney, Rashford, Mata and Ibra’ all playing shows that their attack may not be as potent as we think


Giant club with a giant history and a big [email protected]%kin giant captain.

Giant ambition too if the 85million bid for griesmann is true.


85 million for Griesmann … you jest?


Should Griezman sign, then we’ll truly be favourites. It’ll like a dream.

Third Plebeian

That rumor is based on a rumor that we talked with Griezmann at the beginning of the summer, but he’s decided to stay at Atletico. Besides, we’d never pay that fee.

Never going to happen, unfortunately.

Bring on the red thumbs for stating the obvious!


Based on what I have read, the possibilities for Griesman are over this year, but might happen next year. Love to see him here with Giroud after watching them together in the Euros. It’s never too late to make it happen.


Wenger said no more signings… well we can only hope, but i think even if it happens or not we are just fine


Heard a rumour on a pocast ( Guardian, I believe) that le prof wanted to go big for griezmann but board shit him down.

Totally unconfirmed/ unreliable, but good for stoking the rage furnace.



On second thought, maybe shit is better.


Just a thought: Don’t you guys wish we had a signing who said, “I’m here to win titles with Arsenal.” I love that we’ve addressed our needs this summer and this is not to take anything away from the signing, just something I feel would make a big difference.


Alexis said that.


Mesut loves us. Mert is our captain. Mustafi is in. I just wish Gnabry builds a profile this season and the German numbers coupled with our EPL title and good CL run will be enough for Ozil to sign da ting (though that has acquired a negative connotation over the past year or so).

Gudang Bedil

Now it’s time make Ozil & Sanchez to sign da ting!

Cliff Bastin

I think to say that a huge part of career happiness in any profession is down to how competent your boss is so I can understand their delay.

I mean Robin van Judas probably didn’t know he was going to be managed by David Moyes when he signed that contract.

Cliff Bastin

*I think it’s fair to say


not sure why you have been voted down here


I like the fact that he uses ‘awesome’ in the proper context.


Good lad Ozil. Obviously loves it here, so all the soothsayers who said he will leave at the end of the season can f*** right off.


Ozil seems like a decent gent and so he could be simply seeing this as a good opportunity for a fellow national team player to advance their career. But it also seems to support that Ozil is really content as a Gunner. And that’s a very good sign.


Ozil’s not the sort of guy to throw the toys out of the pram. He’s never done that in his career ever. It’s just not his style.

If he does end up leaving he will do it in the classiest way, without any public shenanagins a la Robin Van Testicle.


Great signing for the present and the future. Although, Perez might still need some adaption. He can be the new Eduardo


If he’s anything like Santi he won’t need any time to adapt.


Dunno who should be worried, Gabriel or Chambers. As it stands, Holding/Per becomes third choice. So that’s two third choice. This is a position we’ve always felt light, now we look so healthy.

Perez? Love what I saw of him last season but with Walcott’s present form, he’s got to be back-up to both Walcott (on the right) and Giroud (upfront). Either way, I think it makes for a better and more healthier competition.

With the midfield we have, all I can pray for is fitness.


Walcotts current form? I’m I the only one after three games that has missed something? Walcott has been a bit Walcottian. Many praised him after Watford but what was so special about that display? I’m not trying wind people up but I just honestly don’t get it.


Theo is never going to be great at drilling or creating but so far he has made himself more accessible to the forward link up play (not just laying the ball off) and has been a lot more switched on defensively. Probably more so for most, at least for me, is the hungar I’ve seen in his game so far. Touch and finishing will get better with more games so question really is if he keeps this up. For now he is justifying his inclusion.


Theo was ok against a poor side. Didn’t do a thing in the other two matches so I back Perez to start as soon as possible either up front or on the right.

Space cow

…didn’t do a thing. Except score.


And provide an assist.


If only everyone on the team had does as little as Walcott.


yeah nothing..
i’d also put in a player who has had a total of 2(?max) training sessions with his new team and no proven experience in the league to replace a confidence player whom has done nothing wrong and is steadily gaining consistency and is hungry to prove his worth after a nation snub/call up………

I’m hoping that he either gets a sub appearance or smashes it for england so that his confidence isn’t rocked.


I kinda agree with you. Walcott has played so badly in previous seasons that expectations for him is so low right now. As long as he can run to the end of a long pass/cross or doesn’t skip off from a tackle means its a great job????

My expectation for him is much higher. Not just because he has been at the club for 10years. But I really think he can play much better than he is now.

Remember the ✌✊….


Yea, he is playing for Arsenal. Standards and expectations should be set accordingly.


Theo has come a long way, he used to lose the ball all the time, he was really bad at receiving and controlling the ball. He’s a much more intelligent player now, but sadly I still think he’s not good enough. He has some great qualities indeed, but his consistency is probably never going to improve especially at this age. I’m looking forward to Gnabry making the right wing position his own.


Wow… I cannot recall the last time we had SIX CBs at Arsenal that you felt could all do a shift:

Mert, KOs, Mustafi, Gab, Chambers and Holding – that’s some serious depth when it comes to CBs.

What’s gonna happen when they’re all fit? (okay stop laughing – I’m being serious).


I was wondering this also. We’re going to be having that problem all over the pitch.


Nice problem to have.


Let’s worry about that when the injury god takes a vacation. As it is, he started work early, knocking out Mertesacker and Gabriel.


One thing that stood out for me against Watford with Theo was his attitude and work rate not to mention his assist. What seems clear is that Wenger is addressing our game mentality with signing 3 very aggressive, captain type hard working and intimidating players. This has been our biggest issue for sometime, these 3 will breathe that mentality through the team, I think Arsene really did his homework here as apposed to a lot peoples opinion of just settling for better deals. So point being about Walcott is he is clearly focused and working his nuts off currently and… Read more »


Weve got a medium sized fucking german!

Kampala gooner

Can you not say fuck all the time. For fucks sake.

Dj khaled

I hate people that fucking swear shut the fuck up

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I can not not say fuck.

Indian Gooner

So big players still see Arsenal as big move and are still interested in joining Arsenal. They get wooed by very opportunity of being coached by Arsene, I see.That is totally contrary to what Thierry Henry was saying a week back I believe that big players just don’t want to move to Arsenal, isn’t it?. Trust me I haven’t lost a bit of respect for the man. My childhood Idol. But just because you work for someone like SkySports and you get paid a lot of money to talk shit.. You don’t talk shit. Being an Arsenal legend, you have… Read more »

Giroud's Flicks

Mesut just can’t stop assisting

Gutbukket Deffrolla

So many old ladies making it safely across busy roads now.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Mesut Ozil! Mesut Ozil! I just don’t think you understand- he joined us for a record fee, he tapped up Mustafi, we’ve got Mesut Oziiillll!

Santis Better Foot

That he speaks perfect English is so important. Hopefully he can avoid the kind of issues Gabriel has endured due to better communication.

David C

with the acquisition of Mustafi and Holding, I bet we could sell Gabriel for a profit already. He seems to struggle at basic positioning and I’m not sure he’s ever going to be more than a depth player.

If I were playing FIFA, I’d clear out Gibbs to make room for one more transfer: Wolfberg’s LB Rodriguez!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

In FIFA Rodriguez always wants to join your club, whoever your club is.

After you’ve signed him for Arsenal, try playing as Sp*rs. When you’ve finished vomiting try to sign Rodriquez for them. He’ll sign without any guilty feelings whatsoever. Why? Because he’s a footballing slut who doesn’t love Arsenal enough to stay faithful to us.

This is clear proof of why Arsene Wenger should not sign Rodriguez in real life.

Gudang Pelor

You are judging someone (and called him name) based on their computer game character of himself?


Great stuff recently from Walcott, I agree. I’d love to be surprised by him. But (not to nitpick) look at Ozil’s goal. Sanchez is sitting there with nothing to do, no one to pass to, there’s no movement until Ozil says “Ich musse score more goals” and begins a genius run. What is Walcott waiting for? Why is nobody else moving? I’m guessing/hoping Perez will have more movement instinct. Walcott definitely gets it when he’s running forward, getting in back of defenders. Maybe he can learn from Perez.

Why not

To be completely fair to theo. His movement tends to be his most consistent attribute. High quality running is a theo special. What he does with those runs can be questionable at timws though. However the may not be the type of runs that involve heading the ball.

Hamburg Gooner

Maybe, just maybe that was the kind of move they studied in training – and TW was keeping his position to take defenders away ..

Evang. Femi

Am feeling like common let’s go and get the league by the scruff. Injury gods can you just for a season pretend not to see us and see our excuse not to win the league this season? Welcome to the world of Kostafi and Perioud

Ryan C

Um… Come again?

Tasmanian Jesus

Mouscielny and Girez?


Mustafi & kosielny @ CB
Giroud & Perez @ the attack

The Doff

Looks like Özil is not that unhappy at Arsenal after all.


My alsatian came out of his 4 month coma today when he heard the news of two arsenal signings.. A glorious day this is!

Vincent Kompany/Jamie Vardinho

Oh good so no Gabriel I can’t speak English even though ive been here 18 months bs.

85mil for Griezemann? If Paul Pogba is worth 100 then Griezemann is easily worth alot more than 85


Pogba isn’t worth 90m

Auto-correct converts Pogba to pigs. Thought that was quite appropriate.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Not everybody is a multilingual marvel like yourself and the new “__” languages you’ve learned since turning 23. Learning languages is very hard for most adults.

I spent 7 years learning French and the only word I use with any true sense of how the French use it is “Merde”.


Lets hope Mustafi and Granit are Mezut’s new besties now that Flam has gone to save the world.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Brilliant signing. Welcome!

Dial square

“A giant club, with a giant history”
Read it and weep chelski…


What a bullshit headlines in the media papers today. They are saying if it wasn’t for Ozil mustafi would have rejected coming to Arsenal. Mustafi talked to ozil like every other international team colleague who plays for the club that he is going to sign he wants to know what is like in our Arsenal.

I’m not saying that Ozil didn’t have influence, but if they are reporting that bullshit the biggest influence on him has had Arsene Wenger and our style of football.

At least arseblog got the correct headline: Mustafi had conversation with ozil about Arsenal.


Xhaka said he spoke to Djourou. I guess you would want to find out what you were getting into.

Everybody seems to like our style of play too.

Saleem Lone

I’m not concerned about being 5 points behind. The important thing is how we are playing and away to Watford and Leicester are not easy fixtures. Xhaka seems to have settled and Wenger has seemed to have opted for pace in Walcott and the Ox down the flanks, although that may have been a forced change with Ramsay injured.. Never the less it’ll be an exciting season.

Without putting a dampener on things, with the money city and utd have spent, I would take another top 4 finish.

Clock-End Mike

Agreed. I’m not wanting to tempt fate, but we were 9th last season with 4 pts after 3 games too (8th this time), Man City started with 5 wins out of 5, but we were top of the league by the New Year.

OK, so it fell apart in Jan/Feb (at least partly due to injuries). But since then, we’ve said goodbye to Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky, let Campbell go on loan, welcomed back Gnabry and Jenkinson, and gained Elneny, Xhaka, Holding, and it seems Mustafi and Perez. Can’t help but feel positive…


German Players tend to speak good english. And most of them have no real Problem adapting to it. Because English tends to be like german only easier. And it’s a mandatory subject here in Schools, not as good as in scandinavian countries but still respectable. So sign more german Players I guess. 😀


Mustafi is originally from Macedonia he is from my hometown Gostivar, and he is coming here every summer, he got married this summer in my hometown, and his parent are Albanians , like ozil he is originally Turkish and Albanian and Turkish people have difficulties speaking the English, I know that for a fact that is why ozil is still struggling, but you are right the original Germans are speaking good English.

The comment that didn't get published on Arseblog News

I am confident that there is nothing Albanian about Özil.

Mustafi however has 100% Albanian roots. His name, Shkodran, literally means “from Shkodra”; Shkodra being the biggest northernmost town in Albania.

Shkodran to Shkodra is what Mancunian is to Manchester, for e.g.

So yes, we have two Albanians in the team now; Mustafi and Xhaka.


Dude did you read the whole sentence I wrote like ozil who is originally Turkish or you missed that part, where did you read that I said Ozil is Albanian.

The comment that didn't get published on Arseblog News

“like ozil he is originally Turkish and Albanian”

That’s what you wrote dude. How am I supposed to know that you didn’t mean to say Özil is half-Albanian? You should have put a comma after ‘Turkish’!

Ozil is Turkish, and Albania and Turkish people have difficulties in speaking English.


And you are wrong again for both, Mustafi and Xhaka have Albanian Nationality, Mustafi is born I Macedonia and Xhaka in Kosovo, their parents immigrated in Germany/Switzerland.

The comment that didn't get published on Arseblog News

I was talking about his roots, not his birthplace.

Mustafi is about 25, hence his parents should be about 40+ years old. That generation of Albanians weren’t in the habit of naming their children on a whim, therefore if they named him after that Albanian town, they must have done so due to some deep connection with it.

As for Xhaka, you may well be right. His roots could be more Kosovar than Albanian.


We seem to be trying our best to sign more Germans … you produce a lot of good footballers.

Spanish too.

The comment that didn't get published on Arseblog News

“not as good as in scandinavian countries”

Well, having spent one year each in Germany and Denmark, I feel the need to comment!

I am yet to met a Dane who doesn’t speak English, while I have met many Germans who don’t.

I have never seen English being spoken at such a high quality in a foreign country, as it is in Germany, however. Always felt at ease conversing in English with the Germans.

Jack Lewis

He has nice hair


Looks like a good signing. There’s a great bit in a Perez goals video where he scores against Valencia. Mustafi loses his shit and boots the ball away in disgust. Lovely to see a defender passionate about defending. In fact, here it is –

As ever, mute

Olawale Olayemi

I just want to comment about Ozil. I think he and Arsene Wenger have similar personalities. As long as Ozil knows he’s wanted here at Arsenal, I don’t see him leaving. Neither will Sanchez for that matter because he’s the kind not to leave business unfinished. I’d be worried about losing Sanchez if we’d already won everything possible here.


Really nice that ozil is praising the club in its entirety. Was worried if we didnt bring any players in that likes of ozil & sanchez might start looking at pastures new. Lets hope the new guys settle in quick and we dont get any serious injurys this season. Asking alot i know ?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

“It’s not quite the typical English club who plays the typical English football but instead the football that I like. The football that I played in Spain and in the national team, with the ball on the ground and moving forward with passes.”

Oh, Mustafi, you’re going to be so disappointed when you get here. Xhaka has turned us into long ball merchants 🙂


Speaking of strikers (off topic I know), what do folks think of berahino?


I was hoping for a Breel Donald Embolo myself

Make mine a Swiss miss

Not sure about the ‘perfect’ English if Mustafi spent a lot of time at Everton 🙂 He’s very welcome though and I hope he is the right fit for Kos. I saw 4-6 weeks for Jenks to come back recently and I think he’s a stronger back-up for Hector than Calum just now. If Calum can get playing time at Boro in just one position that would be great, personally I see him as a CB if he’s ever to make it at Arsenal, but I’m a bit worried Boro will shuffle him around as a useful utility for them.… Read more »


Most people including the media pundits have no clue how the transfer window works. Clearly there is a lot of soft power that the club has to exercise to get a deal done besides tabling money. This is true for Ozil working on Mustafi but also remember Per has conversations with Ozil to convince him to come to us. Do you honestly think we are the only club that can afford to panic buy at 42.3m? There are 3 parties involved in any negotiations. The buying and selling clubs have to agree but the players (and their agents) have to… Read more »

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