Thursday, September 28, 2023

Perez ready to ‘get stuck in’ for the Arsenal

New signing Lucas Perez is a player with a bit of an edge. Watch him in this video as he breathes every moment of a game against Barcelona last season, even when he’d been taken off.

Now he says he’s ready to get going for his new club, and that he’s hopeful he can help give the fans something to celebrate.

The 27 year old, who completed his £17m move from Deportivo la Coruña today, spoke to the official site about the transfer, and what can bring to the team.

“I think I’m a pacy player,” he said. “I like to link up and combine with my team-mates, playing one-twos to work a shot. I don’t want to put myself in a box, I hope that the Arsenal fans can see for themselves and enjoy watching me.

“I played as a striker for most of my career but I can adapt to any of the four positions across the front line,” he continued.

“I prefer playing as a striker but I have no problem playing anywhere up front.”

And with something to prove, making a big club move relatively late in his career, he left it in no doubt as to his desire to make an impact.

“I want to show what I’m about, get stuck into playing and perform well. I’m delighted. It’s a massive step in my career to come to a club with the history and quality that Arsenal have and be able to play in competitions like the Premier League and the Champions League.

“I’m very proud and happy to be here.”

Watch the full interview here.

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“I prefer playing as a striker but I have no problem playing anywhere up front.”

Take note, Theo.

Stewart Robson's therapist

He came to us from sunny Spain, Lucas, Lucas,
He’s far better than Harry Kane, Lucas, Lucas,
With him we’ll rule all London town,
And shoot that prick Mourinho down,
Lucas Perez, our new number [insert number here when he gets it]

David C

Great rhymes, but will he take the 9?


Na na na na na na na na na na, na na…


I hope he breaks our #9 curse and begins something new for us! COYG!!!


You just won the internet my friend.

Brendan Rodgers' self portrait

Can’t wait to see him bang one in on a counter. Mesut with the assist of course.


I think i saw pedro in the video…must be year before last


New Suarez without the Frankenstein dental formula and cuntishness. Better than Eduardo too.

You heard it here first. COYG


I felt the same. He shows a lot of passion when he plays.


Seems a bit harsh on our Crozilian there.

Eduardo was a fantastic striker for us before his injury. If Perez is as good as he was, I’ll be quite happy with this signing


Would’ve won the league if not for the fucking tackle that ended his career. Eduardo’s positioning, finishing and calmness in front of goal is among the best. If Lucas Perez is anything like that I’ll also be well pleased.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Spanish strikers have been a risky move in the EPL in recent years. Hope he’s not our version of Iago Aspas. Looking forward to seeing him play.

Le Jim

I hope by getting “stuck in”, he means “throat punching Mourinho when we play United.”

Merlin's Panini

I like his face. Has something of the Mafia gangster about him. So this would tally nicely.


Nick cottons son from eastenders


Throat punches are deadly thou aren’t they…


Looks like Robie Keane to be honest, but I’m excited to see him play. I miss having a fast technical striker.

Perez's Pears

Less cuntish than Robbie Keane though


I thought he spoke English?

Merlin's Panini

I think that’s probably Shkodran you’re getting mixed up with?


I read somewhere that he learned to speak English when he was playing in Greece and Ukraine.

Arteta's hair

He might be able to speak english, but he might not be comfortable enough with the language to speak it in his very first interview at the club. I’m sure he’ll be able to communicate with his teammates though, which is all that matters.

Also i enjoyed his “bueno” before every answer. Reminds me of Santi’s rethorical “no?”.

Jack Kelsey

A hat-trick on his debut would be nice.


Why expecting so much from him. That”s presumably pressure in anticipation.

Paw Patrol

The last left footed Spanish striker we signed helped us to a league title so no pressure Lucas Perez but this season is all on you!

Magic Al Gooner

Loving his passion. Great to see. Hope he can adapt quickly to the prem. Pretty excited I must say even if he isn’t the world class player we wanted. COYG


I saw him a couple of times play for Deportivo and thought to myself this lad is clearly a notch above his teammates. I have a good feeling about this one. Especially now that he has come to the Arse!… Must be destiny.



Jesus that video of him is great… no fear that he won’t give 100% anyway… Welcome Lucas…

Campbell's Forehead

Looks like a fiesty bastard, something we lack! Now with him and Xhaka in the team, hopefully we can put fear into the opposition like in the days of Adams et al.


Alexis is pretty fiesty. Will be interesting to see them in the same team.

Campbell's Forehead

Very true, we definitely have more aggression in the team now.


Better than ‘Coach’ Penaldo!

Tony Hall

Wants to get *stuck in*
like it 🙂

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Looks like Wenger is adding some fighters in the squad…


Looking at that video, it seems like he models his game style after Messi. The movement, the ball control, runs and finishing have messi written all over it. This is a fantastic buy by Arsenal!


This reminds me of the time me and my mates went clubbing on a Thursday night somewhere near Watford I beilive. I remember catching a devilish smile from a smoking hot blonde across the dance floor, for the purposes of this story I’ll call her Greizman. After procrastinating for at least an hour I decided to pluck up the courage and ask if she wanted a drink. By which time she was swapping spit with some wanker. Undeterred I moved onto my plan B which I spotted during my aforementioned procrastination. A rather vulumptous but pretty brunette I’ll call her… Read more »

Cape Town Gooner

Welcome Lucas. We looking forward to seeing you banging some serious goals!

Third Plebeian

“…he left it in doubt as to his desire to make an impact.”


What a difference a ‘no’ makes.


Watching that video really makes him look like a Spanish Vardy with the white cast/bandage on his hand. It’ll be interesting to see him wind up john terry and costa. I hope no red cards though


How could you be against red cards for Terry and Costa?


He’s more technical than Vardy.

Which is a good thing if we want him also to be a fox in the box type aside from the counter.


Maybe it is wishful thinking, but I think he could be a great addition and make the Gunners’ attack much more dangerous and versatile. If he is both fast and technical, with an eye for an assist, and hard working, he could be perfect on the right (i.e., much better than Theo usually is). With Alexis on the left and Lucas on the right, we could have some scary counter-attacks even with Giroud playing as striker. No?


He’s a good player but also a good humble guy. Welcome Lucas


I liked his time wasting tactics and his aggression (very Diego Costa-ish), and his passion from the sidelines. Very Ronaldo-esque a’la Euro 2016 Finals


Welcome to our darling club guy, I wish you success here. Frantically, your ball touches are beautiful to behold.


Do you think Wenger will hug him like that? Welcome to London you beauty.


He’s already updated his personal logo (which used to be LP7) to be LP9, so I would say it’s a sure be he’s taking the #9.


This guy can shoot, hope AW allows him to do so and does not coach him to cut down do that…

djorou's nutmeg

for the majority of you who are all over the moon for the video in the description but don’t know spanish at all, let me tell you that in that video he insults a teammate for missplacing a pass, he asks 3 different barcelona players to please stop trying so hard (his team would of have gotten relegated if they lost that match), and he dives pretending to be injured twice. after that he stays screaming to his teammates in the sideline. i do like the fiercy attitude and everything, but he’s not really very ‘arsenal’ imo. its fun how… Read more »

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