Saturday, December 10, 2022

Report: Chambers set for Boro loan

Sky Sports are reporting that Arsenal and Middlesbrough have agreed a season long loan deal for Calum Chambers.

The 21 year old has been tipped for a move away since the arrival of Rob Holding and the imminent capture of German international Shkodran Mustafi. Speaking at his press conference on Friday, Arsene Wenger admitted the young Englishman could leave, but insisted it was a move to help his development, and not one that would mean the end of his Arsenal career.

After a very positive start to his Arsenal career, Chambers has struggled to get into the side on a regular basis. He started just twice in the Premier League last season, and made just 9 starts from a total of 22 appearances.

He definitely needs first team football so let’s hope he gets that if and when the Boro move is completed.

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Good move for him, it was difficult to see him getting games with Mustafi and Holdings arrival. Does make the right back spot a little lightweight though especially given Debuchy will likely go out


I’m guessing Carl will be our man there going forward, with the CBs as cover in the short term


I think that’s a good move for him I think he still has a future at arsenal but honestly he’s not the only one who should be going on loan either. the OX and Wilshere should also be going on loan and Campbell should’ve stayed instead of Chamberlain. I don’t understand why Wenger is so soft and takes him a long time to address obvious situations. Like debuchy for instance the ox Walcott and before these many others in the past. Good manager but treats certain players like his children and they constantly let him.down ala walcott

Bendtner's Ego

Under your astute management, there goes our (inevitable) injury coverage.

We finally have depth and you want to turn around and slag it off to West Brom?


Dont see why the ox shouldn’t be on loan. I think he needs a confidence boosting season. The way he talks about Alexis on the YouTube channel in some video, in awe of him(may say it funnily but seems to be something there) suggests that he feels he can’t be at such a level. Like Arsene says, he lacks self belief. A smaller club where he’s given more importance might help him realize.


You are right. Until Jenkinson can make a come back, we are really light in that position.


Both Holding and Mustafi can play on the right. Mustafi has played RB multiple times for Germany when Boateng and Hummels are the CBs :).


Coquelin can play there too if we really have a defensive injury crisis (unlikely, I know…)


Thanks. I didn’t know that.


Everyone is writing him off already and I personally think he still has the potential to be a solid centre back for Arsenal. He does just need the game time, but the way Arsenal is at the moment its not wise to try and ease him into the first team – especially if his confidence is fractured. Every mistake he makes will be hounded by the fans which isnt right, but the subsequent circumstances around the club currently have created this woefuly negative atmosphere where it is even more pressured to win and get results. And with Wengers head on… Read more »


Absolutely Soon On!


Is it me or is the site banjaxed?


Think it’s you


Thanks cleared my wotsits and all is good again!


I sometimes have issues using this site too, especially from my desktop at my office where all the PC’s run a budget Google Chrome, so I frequently have to refresh the pages to make them load properly – I think you need to make sure all of your plug ins + cookies are all in order to run this site properly. Some say, mainly my manager, that I should stop using this site and get on with my work when I’m in the office or they’ll fire me…. but what they don’t realise is, I am already dead inside, I… Read more »


‘their threats

David C

Great move for Chambers to stay in the EPL. Now I have a reason to watch Boro games too!

The only downside is we’ll have to wait to pull out all those great “Holding-Chambers” jokes.


I think as long as Francis is still here we are good on the “Holding” jokes. 🙂


If Wenger ever had to run a Gibbs-Holding-Chambers-Jenks line, wow. Has there ever been an entire English back line for Arsenal?


Dixon, Bould, Adams, Winterburn.

Stringer Bell

Other than them has there ever been an entire English back line ?

John C

Dixon, Keown, Adams, Winterburn

Stringer Bell

Other than Dixon Bould Adams Winterburn and Dixon Keown Adams Winterburn has there ever been an entire English back line


Back in 2001 I remember we played against Juve with Stuart Taylor, Upson, Campbell and Cashley but Lauren at RB. Think Seamo was injured for a few games. But still had Lauren as RB. That was the most English I remember us being at the back since the old offside trap collective of the mid-late 90s


Dixon, Linighan, Bould, Winterburn
Dixon, Adams, Linighan, Winterburn.

Bryan Clayden

Really?????the best ever back 5 was at Arsenal and English. Seaman, Dixon, Adams, Bould, Winterburn!!


The mad thing at the time was they were never played in same team for England. I think Psycho kept Nigel out?


It may have actually been Keown rather than Bould at the time for England…


Of course.

Ditch the Blue

Try most of the first 100 years of the clubs existence (although there will be a few Scots and Irish in there)!




Has there ever been a completely Mexican back four for Arsenal or any other football club outside of Mexico?


Santos, Squillacci, Guscaesar, Silvestre.


Bobby Davro, Jeremy Kyle, Julien Clary, and Jeremy Beadle!


What we doing? Just naming names???

Trixie Bird


Tom Gun

I like the fact he will play under Karanka. They play good football at Boro but with defensive solidity. Perfect club for Chambers to be loaned to. The exact opposite of sending a creative, exciting player (Gnabry) to Pulis’ West Brom Boreians.


The fact that Holding started ahead of Chambers once Kos was back, was kind of a death knell for his short-term prospects. I really rate this guy, and it just goes to show how football is as much about confidence as it is about ability. Chambers came in, rocked the first few games and played for England, and then he lost confidence gradually and here we are today. I hope he gets to start a good 30-40 games at Boro, plays well and comes with more confidence and of course experience. Kos and our BFG aren’t getting any younger, and… Read more »


For some reason he seemed to start struggling with the pace and acceleration of players. His body shape seemed to be all wrong and he struggled at RB for a while. I think he was fine at CB but not prolific. Wenger obviously rates Holding highly. I thought we should have used Chambers and Monreal as CBs in that first game, now I think Holding and Monreal would have been the best choice. Gibbs has always been a good LB, Monreal just beats him in terms of consistency. Bellerin is also the more attacking full-back so it there’s another reason… Read more »


Gibbs is a decent player, maybe lost his way slightly last year or two, in part of course due to Monreal being superb. I must admit I am kinda hoping that after a couple of uncharacteristicly shaky games and a knock (dunno how long he’s likely to be out, if at all after interlull) that Gibbs grabs his chance and puts a good run of performances toghether.


I’m torn. I want him to get game time but I don’t want to think of Bellerin getting injured. I guess Mustafi can play there though


Good move for him and us. I think he can make it at Arsenal but definitely needs the game time to sharpen him up a bit! It’ll be interesting to see if he’s played at CB or RB at Boro… Good luck to the kid 🙂


Good move for him. Karanka seems to be defensively sound so a great chance for him to learn

Looking forward to jenkinson coming back and I’m still believing his dad was the backing singer

Crash Fistfight

I agree on the influence of Karanka. I just hope he gets game time, as Boro’s defence is already quite good, so wit might be tricky to displace someone.


Who is back up right back? I feel like it’s the only position we are a bit short. I think mustafi and holding have both covered at right back in the last but they are both clearly CB’s and I’d worry about them getting rinsed for pace against some of the leagues quicker wingers…… I think we could do with a talented youngster in the rob holding type but a right back

Stringer Bell

In all honesty Simon, I’d rather have either of those as right back as chambers is a liability I’m afraid. That’s why Wenger is letting him go on loan two years after paying 16 million for him.


Chambers is far from being a liability. He is a really good youngster. He was decent when he played for us the previous season even when he was not consistently playing. I think he can develop into a good CB if he plays regularly. Hope he gets enough pitch time at Boro.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Jenkinson is back-up.


Hasn’t Jenks started training with the first team? He shouldn’t be more than a month away from being available for selection. Would love for Jenks to score a goal for us and celebrate like he conquered the world again.

Bob Davis

Nice move. It’ll do him the world of good. Look forward to seeing him play regularly!


I can see BFG leaving when his contract comes to an end in summer 2017. Arsene should not make the same mistake he did for Arteta and Rosicky of extending the contracts of oldies whose legs were already gone.

Now we are fully covered with Gabriel, Holding, Mustafi and Kos. Chambers will be coming back so we will not need slow, old BFG anymore. He caused us dearly at the beginning of last season when he returned from the world cup and never really recovered.


I remember him playing well as a CDM. Should have gotten more chances there..

Makala sd

It will be a good move for both sides


Flamini has also been linked with Boro. He is available on a free, but he also have several offers abroad including Roma. Atleast according to the newspapers.

Good luck to Chambers.


Whilst this loan move will hopefully be good for Chambers’ development, it makes me wonder why Joel Campbell wasn’t also loaned to a premier league club for the season. At Sporting Lisborn, Campbell will get to play regularly, including in the Champions League. But their domestic championship is not considered by UEFA as being one of the top four leagues in Europe. If Joel Campbell is to have any kind of future at Arsenal, surely it would have been better for him, and us, to have been loaned either to a fellow premier league club, or to a club in… Read more »


I think that it is because Wenger does actually rate Campbell highly, the manager probably just doesn’t get what he wants out of the winger. I loved Campbell’s passing, dribbling and work-rate but I always wanted him to run in behind or past players a little more often. He has the propensity to pull the ball back and cut inside and this is likely why Wenger prefers Walcott over Campbell (even though technically Walcott isn’t as good). At least Campbell won’t be trying to cut passes through our defence and won’t be attempting to score against us.


I agree with you here. I think it’s about the team balance. Wenger seems to me to prefer a possession and passing focused left side, with a lot of left-footed players, and with a right flank based on open space and speed of attack. Walcott, Ox, Ramsey out right, Bellerin, all players making runs or running at defenders. A fair number of counter-attacks met an untimely demise with a Campbell cutback or no run (or not a fast enough one) on the right. But I’ve liked him and that’s about all I would say critically, and it was likely partly… Read more »


Surely flamini will fill in a RB?

It’s a good move for the lad. Hopefully he pushes on.
I think I read that jenkos back in training. So can’t be too long before he can be s back up/cup player

Buy Curious

Chambers needs playing time as he plays green in all the different positions we have asked the now 21 year old to play. If he can get it at Boro and hopefully at one position it will give him the chance to develop into what we hope for or perhaps prove he won’t. Great location for the loan and here us hoping he can get the time his departure leaves us currently wafer thin in the back with only Gibbs, Mustafi, Koz, Holding, Bellerin. And hopefully Nacho healthy. Six for an extended period is scary. Once we get back Jenkinson,… Read more »


Personally IMO I think we should keep him or develop him as in his natural position for Soton at RBack.

Wenger already has good option in academy with Bielik. Plus we are bringing in Mustafi, Gabriel is still around and we also brought in the excellent Holding for 47m quid (shhh don’t tell the media)

Meanwhile at Rback, its a bit up in the air who will play surrogate to Bellerin. Would it be Jenko? Not a word heard on state of recovery. Or Debuchy? Conspicuously missing and often distracted.

Seems a bit of a mystery at the moment.


He’s waaay to slow to be a right back, especially in our system where we play a high line. It’s suicidal. For us it’s a CB or nothing with him I feel

Monkey Nuts

Don’t really get all the Jenkinson talk. He was woeful at West Ham before his injury. And Chambers at 16 million and being loaned out after 2 seasons is hardly an endorsement of his talent. Both are Championship players at best.


Oh for fuck sake!!! I wanted him to go to Bournemouth. I like Eddie How’s and the football he has his team playing! Quite similar to ours which is why I wanted Chambers there or even Watford or back to Southampton granted he would of been given a lot of playing time… I suppose at Middleborough he will have a hell of a lot more defending to do and get more playing time! Although I thought last season Gnabry would of been star player and 1st choice at WBA but I never took into account the CUNT that is Pulis!… Read more »


*Howe…. Fuckin’ Auto-Correct!


Actually the more I think about it and after reading the comments and someone saying Boro play good football that I’m liking this Loan now! Good Luck Chambers!!!


Word circulating that Jack Wilshere is to go out on loan?! Very surprising news if it’s actually true.

Arsenal Masochist

I get why the move was made but im not all that convinced this is the right move. If Bellerin goes down you’ve got Debuchy up next? i’d rather have Chambers tbh, this is assuming Debuchy even stays with the team. I mean let’s face it this team will face their share of injuries i don’t think Bellerin will be immune as much as i hate the think about that. Jenkinson? When is he coming back? so i wouldn’t count on him any time soon. Once you start saying that Holding and Coquelin can play RB you’re going into dangerous… Read more »

Arsenal Masochist

WTF happened to the order of that comment… apologies.


Good, he needs game time at CB or in defensive midfield. He is a fucking terrible right back and I don’t understand why he has been played there on occasion. He’s not fast enough. 20 year ago he’d maybe be able to do a job at fullback but the position has changed so much, more than any other position on the pitch. It’s as much an attacking position as a defensive position nowadays. Full backs are basically wingers now. And wingers are wide forwards. Does Chambers strike anyone as the type of the player most at home marauding the touchline… Read more »

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