Friday, December 1, 2023

Reports: Arsenal ready to let Wilshere go on loan

Various reports, including Sky Sports, the Mirror, and the Telegraph, suggest that Arsenal are prepared to let Jack Wilshere leave the club on loan before Wednesday’s transfer deadline.

The 24 year old midfielder missed most of last season after complications to a relatively minor broken leg, and made his first appearance in April. Although he was called up to Roy Hodgson’s squad for Euro 2016, he looked off the pace when he played – as you would expect from a man who had barely kicked a ball all season.

He has taken part in pre-season, but has been restricted to just two substitute appearances so far this campaign. With a wealth of options in central midfield, Wilshere’s departure – if it happens – wouldn’t necessarily leave Arsenal short, as long as those remaining stayed fit.

The benefits of regular football for him are obvious, and having seen his development stagnate because of so many injuries, he really does need to play on a regular basis.

There is reported interest from Premier League clubs, as well as clubs abroad, and Arsenal would probably be more inclined to let him go further afield.

It might not also happen at all, and with the window closing tomorrow night at 11pm, something would have to be put in place very quickly.

Let’s see.

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Roof attack

It would be mental to let him go. We need squad depth. I’m sick of players wanting to leave because they are not automatically first choice right now. He should stay and fight for his place.

remember the invincible

Jack Wilshere is a great payer but we’ve not really seen him play since years.


Letting Wilshere go will be a big mistake.As the only central midfielder in the squad who runs at opposition players,he is crucial in unlocking teams with well organised defence.


I think regular game time can help him develop his confidence again, in his own body even. That would really serve us on the whole because Wilshere really is the midfield general we’ve been looking for. Maybe he doesn’t have the physique Viera did but he’s got bite and a willingness to fight for his team. And he loves the Arsenal.

For his sake and ours, I think this really would be good


I would like to think any loan move we agree for him would have the contingency clause that allows us to cut the thing short in case of an injury crisis to our midfield? Either way I think it’s a good idea, he needs to get his touch back and that’s only going to happen if he plays regularly


Agreed but no team will start him on a regular basis if there’s a clause saying we can pull the plug at any time


Having an injury crisis bad enough to have to take jack back is very unlikely. That’s why other clubs probably wouldn’t mind that clause.. However, they’d probably ask for an injury related clause, or maybe insurance takes care of that. I don’t know how injury insurance works from a player or club side. I can only guess that it is expensive (especially for jack T_T ).


Personally I’d go as far as to start him ahead of Cazorla. Santi is better more consistent but Wilshere gives us dynamism and aggression on and off the ball. He’s also a risk taker which is great in the final third. I think we need a lot more of that


Wilshere is definitely talented, as blogs said, no question about that. He’s just perpetually injured and if we can’t rely on him to stay fit, it’s difficult to justify that he should play ahead of other great players that can provide more continuity. I love the way he goes past players and takes risks in the final third. For me, the problem with him is that he can sometimes be a bit risky in our own half when holding the ball and when making tackles. You could almost say that he is sometimes a bit of a loose cannon.. 😉


You could almost say that indeed haha. You’re right he has flaws in his game still, and the loan would be a good opportunity to iron out those flaws. I think he’s already made progress on that though, impressing at the base of midfield for England. People will say that those performances are against poor opposition but Henderson has never impressed for England whoever we play and yet he’s still in the squad!


Chamerlain can go past players and Perez has played as a central midfielder and can do that too. If necessary he could play a bit further back, but that almost certainly is not going to be necessary. Cazorla and Xhaka are likely going to make up our best central combo. The Coq for extra defense and Elneny for extra running, both are reliable too. Ramsey can kinda go past players and is the more attacking minded but slightly less reliable player. We’ve brought in a few top quality players and we’re probably having to half let go of a few… Read more »


Just learned Jack Wilshere demanded to go on loan so he can spend more time with his girlfriend/fiance outside of London and not for footballing reasons and their preferred destinations Italy Roma or Milan it also helps wojiech and his wife lives there.

Mark H

I don’t think it’s him wanting to leave for any reason, more the coaching staff wanting him to get more game time to continue his stuttering progress. If he’s not getting a lot of game time with the team, he’ll need to go elsewhere for a season. The biggest problem might be him not wanting to go.


The loan would do him and us a world of good. We have cazorla, coq, elneny, xhaka, rambo and even ox can play there if things completely go awry as far as injuries are concerned. Depth is not a problem. We don’t have an aging Arteta or Flamini in the mix. We are pretty well set.

Thierry Bergkamp

Good idea to let him go with the option of taking him back during the next window


Even shorter loans happen. So he can be loaned out till beginning of Dec, to come back for the busy festive period, which also often has been a busy injury period for us (and him).

He just needs playing time to get back upto speed.

Tom Gun

Exactly Roof Attack! We have stuck by him and paid him millions of pounds over the last few years as he sat in the treatment room. Yes it’s not his fault but he has no right to throw his toys out of the pram because he’s not now a first team starter. Prove yourself on the training pitch. Knuckle down. Bust a gut. Leave everything out in those training sessions and force Wenger and the coaches to take note. Take your chance when on the pitch as a sub or when there are rotations. Leave them no choice but to… Read more »


My sentiments exactly….we’ve stood by him
.why loan him out to get injured for someone else. Let’s get the benefit of his playing time before he gets injured again. He’ll have plenty of chances to play. He can start in the domestic cups. Wenger can almost afford to have a completely separate side for the cups.

Wilshire should know that with his jnjury re cord his best role is as a super sub


‘Toys out of the pram’, ‘we’ve stood by him’, ‘bust a gut’, ‘knuckle under’, ‘throwing a tantrum’. The cliches of those whose careers aren’t at stake.

I don’t see any sign that he’s throwing his toys out of the pram – this is a reasonable possibility which could be beneficial for Arsenal, too. I’m not sure if it would be beneficial but it’s something worth considering for both the player and club.

Granit(e) hard!

Rubbish! Click bait, it would never happen, Jack is going nowhere. Players are sent out on loan either when they are surplus to requirement or to further develop through getting more regular game time at loan club. If its for development, Jack is already a “developed” player, so he doesn’t need to go anywhere to further develop, his problem is injuries. …..and if it is to get more game time, Jack is one of the “favored” ones, so would always get regular game time with Arsene, if he is fit…so it would have been 10 poo ratings for me, if… Read more »


Jack hasn’t played for a decent number of consecutive games in ages. A loan move would be good to see how he plays and if he can stay uninjured while someone else pays his wages. With an injury clause there is basically zero to lose.


I fucking love Wilshere, obviously he’s has his injury problems, but he’s one of our only players who would die for the shirt, and on his day he is an absolute baller. To loan him out does make some kind of sense, as nobody can dispute he needs game time. But considering we are only 3 games into this season surely it’s a bit too premature to say he’s not going to feature that much? All it would take is for one or two lads to pick up knocks and then our midfield is back to being stretched again. If… Read more »

Johnny B.

Maybe baby! No more smoking Hanukkahs or fags in Arse time. Love you but have to let you go baby…

Air Bergkamp

Smoking a Jewish holiday is bat habit alright

Vincent Kompany/Jamie Vardinho

You mean Hookahs?

Hannukah is a Jewish religious celebration lol

Little Mozart

Don’t let him go.


I don’t think we should let him go just because we have “numbers”. He plays a different position – and if anything we can afford to let Coq go now that we have Elneny and Xhaka. Wilshere is a great player – and I would certainly see him playing 20 + 20 this season in all competitions.


I don’t understand these comments crying out to not let him go. He’s probably one of the most overrated players we have. In fact , we should be selling him if possible. Its better to give chances to the younger chaps than wait for this overprivileged kid who has clearly taken his place in this team for granted.


You couldn’t be more wrong. His talent is immense. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that it’s injuries that have fucked him over, rather than a lack of ability.


He has had only one great season. That doesn’t suggest that he will become World Class. He might, but he might easily not. I wouldn’t want him to go as it would be nice to have him as a backup incase of injuries and when we end up playing 3 matches in a week which would entail some rotation. If we have him, our chances in Capital One Cup will increase too


absence makes the heart grow fonder

Wilshere has never really set the world alight, excluding his breakout season and that game at Barcelona. Talent yes, consistency and end-product, not really. I don’t think we should keep a player because he scores a goal of the season in one game, and then not so much. At some point you accept that it is not working out and move on.

Clock-End Mike

He’s also been a regular in the England side, and at his best (ie, fittest) was frequently man of the match, don’t forget. That may not be so surprising (the England team is pretty crap these days), but it does make him an established international.
Jack needs games, and he needs to show he can stay fit. A half-season loan makes a lot of sense, I think, both for him and for us: surely plenty of teams would welcome a fit Jack Wilshere into their side till Christmas, and then we can take stock and see how the land lies.


campbell didn’t deserve to be shipped out on loan even though he made many positive contributions last season, wilshere definitely deserves to be loaned out, at the moment, he is more promise than anything else and he cannot be relied upon, yet.

Let him get game time with an option to recall if necessary, if we’re being brutally honest, had we had a more reliable option as back up, even the ox should be loaned out too.

Mate Kiddleton

Let him go with our injury record? What if Ozil gets injured?


We have a guy named Santi Cazorla

Mousa ice

Don’t let him go please


Watching Ramsey in that position for Wales during the Euros…actually dragged them to the semis…I’d be comfortable with Rambo there


Watch Ramsey as n°10 with Arsenal THIS season and it’s a mess! Yes, we’ve got Santi!


We have Ozil, Ramsey and Santi who can play #10. Even Iwobi, Lucas, Alexis. I can’t see him dislodging Ozil and Ramsey at the moment even when fit so wonder what the future has in store for him here really. He isn’t going to want to be 3rd choice #10, so unless he wants to play further back which has been mooted on a number of occasions I can’t really see where he fits. Unfortunately he has been out so much we have moved on, and the opportunity to bring in Ozil was too good to pass up. That said… Read more »

José P

Can’t let him go. He is versatile, can play in the wings when in need. Honestly, I like Jack Wilshire.


We definitely need him to have depth in our midfield, so I’d like to keep him. But with all the other midfield options we have, I can’t really see his bright future at Arsenal, to be completely honest. Which is probably something most fans don’t want to think about at least for now.


What the heck? Window closing soon and still no official announcement on Perez and mustafi?

P.S: Sorry in advance for any typo.

Wenger in&out

So even after Wenger who never admits anything tells you the deal is done you still not convinced? Let me explain to you. You take your wife and hump her severallu during her ovulation, 3 days stretch with complete emptying into her vajayjay.. NOW that’s the deal… You take her to the doctor and find out she is preggo.. Now that is the signature to paper. You post it on instagrqm and facebook That’s your announcement. Trust me , the wife has been humped and the doctor has confirmed. She just need to put a make-up on so we can… Read more »

Bennis Dergkamp

put down the ket guys


Apparently because Monday was a bank holiday.


With the new acquisitions it was always hard to see where JW would fit into the side. Nevertheless it’s a concern to lose one of our few genuinely creative players. If arsenal lose ozil and carzola to injury at the same time this could be a big mistake.


Good idea. Let him get a full season of regular football under his belt and watch him come back a changed man.


I think if we could negotiate a 6 month loan agreement, this would be ideal for all parties. He would show he can stay fit and play regularly and then return for the title run in (of course suggesting we are still in the run in after christmas). When Ramsey / Iwobi come back into play he may not even make the bench. It would be good to see if another club can bring back the Wilshire we once knew!


Or even just a year long loan with an emergency recall option if the situation proves it needed

Matt K

Can’t let go. Maybe a half season to Ligue 1 team or something but with our injury record and his, he’s better off gradually regaining fitness with us and our Under 21s


What he needs is to stay healthy, stop thinking about getting England call-ups and play football. Instead of spending his time at the trainer’s table.

Just like Arsene Wenger, Wilshere has reached a critical stage in his Arsenal career, where patience has really run thin amongst the fans. Yes, he is a Gooner but finally, he is starting to be judged by his football and not his allegiances and that is just a fact. In a league as tough as it is, he either performs or gives up a squad place to someone who can do better.

That’s the sad truth.


Not the true fans though.

Indian Gooner

Hell no!
We can’t let him go. A fit and firing Jacky boy equals none.
If we are going to challenge for the title, we would definitely be in need of Arsenal ‘DNA’ to push us through.


yep, fit and firing and playing instead of whom? Let’s face facts. Wilshire on current form and fitness doesn’t deserve a place on the bench. You ask how. Okay.

Playing IX: Chech, Bellerin, Nacho, Kos, Mustafi, Xhaka, Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez, Perez, HFB

Subs: Walcott and Ox (Cuz you need versatility) – Rambo – Coq or Elneny or Wilshire (Pick One) – Holding – Gibbs – Ospina.

I know you think we should protect ourselves for when the injuries set in. But come on! Wilshire needs games to prove that he can actually be a EPL player in the long run.

Indian Gooner

Very true mate!
But we do need numbers. Let him be a 70th minute sub, till Wenger feels he is fit enough to start. A useful squad player, he can be.

Merlin's Panini

Strong in this one, the force is.


Dont agree with this at all. Realistically he is the best back up we have for Ozil in the number 10 role.. the back of his shirt says so


If Ozil got injured we could easily change formation to a Barcelona type midfield with no traditional no. 10. Or alternatively Alexis, Iwobi, Santi and even Ramsey could do a job there if we absolutely wanted to have a player in the no. 10 position. Also to the people suggesting a 6 month loan deal or inserting a recall option, surely that would be unfeasible for most teams?


It’s a good idea for Wilshere, but it could end up being a bad idea for Arsenal very quickly. One injury to Özil and we’re down to Ramsey who pulls his hamstring, then we’re down to inconsistent Ox ormoving Cazorla. I can see this blowing up in our face unless it’s a short term loan that only lasts half a season.


Cazorla or Ramsay can replace Ozil. You could even put Alexis in the number 10 position. He’d thrive just behind a striker.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Throw in Iwobi too.

Merlin's Panini

Yep. Or we could even *shock horror* change the formation!


The possibility of wilshere getting injured within the next 2 weeks is higher than that of ozil getting injured in a year.
We really should not be sentimental about this. Wilshere needs game time, he won’t get much at arsenal, he also needs to prove his body can adapt to the rigors of d league.
A loan move is perfect for all parties, if he succeeds, good for arsenal, if he breaks down again, easier to get rid off.
We really do need more ruthlessness as a club.


If Jack wasn’t English he’d have 5% of the rope fans give him. He hasn’t earned a spot on this squad. Let him get through a spell healthy and prove he deserves a spot.


Think he needs to play 90 mins every week. It’s a catch 22 at Arsenal because he won’t get he playing time here to get back to the level he needs to be a starter. If he did elsewhere and came back a fitter, stronger option then I say lets do it. Not to West Brom though.


Wilshere hasn’t played regular football for so long it’s not funny. Arsenal will not challenge for the title if Arsene also has to help Wilshere get back into the swing of regular football. That could take 10 to 15 games, at least. Elneny, Cazorla, Xhaka, Ramsey, Coquelin, Ozil (maybe even the Ox if necessary). You can’t bench these guys to help Wilshere get his game back. It would ruin team harmony. Smart move Arsene.


Perhaps Arsene is planning to use Iwobi centrally?

Sideshow _bob

Not really the worst idea to let him go on Loan. Provided its to a Top team and he gets to play regularly. It’s like Bayern sending Kroos on loan to Leverkusen. He absolutely killed it there then returned to Bayern next year. But since it’s so late in the window I’m not really sure where he will go. There is interest from Juve apparently. So let’s see


Loan an injury-prone player to the Italian league? Dear Lord have you learnt nothing all your time as an Arsenal fan?


I thought this was an April Fool’s joke but it’s not, is it?

We should keep him for squad strength but I also understand Jack’s need to play first time football on a regular basis. All the best if this materialises, Jack!


*first team


About time Wilshire showed if he has got it in him to make the cut. For too long he has been thriving on hype and premium value for english/homegrown players. Finally Wenger showing some ruthlessness.

He is anyways not a patch on Ozil. If Ozil gets injured for long we will have to change the style of play. So that cant be the reason to keep Jack on bench permanently.


I think it’s a terrible idea – especially to another premier league club. If he does go I hope it’s 3 months rather than a season

Lord Bendtner

Jack is 24! 24!!! Jack??!? 24?!! Jack is 24!


Some rumours linking to one Paraguay player Miguel Almiron. He will be happy to sit the first year on bench probably. And Jack won’t be ready to do that anymore. May be that’s one reason. Or it could just be rumours.


I love how people want to keep Jack in case of injury to others in our squad when he himself is in fact the most susceptible to injury compared to everyone else! I get the bias towards him but its also funny that Arsene’s perceived lack of ruthlessness is used as a stick to beat him with but when he does show a bit of provocativeness its selective – and Wilshere 9x/10 is a beneficiary of this. In many eyes he can truly do no wrong – that’s not a good mentality and/or atmosphere to foster a young player in… Read more »


Amazing how many of us are upset with him probably leaving on loan; if he wasn’t British would we even rate him for Arsenal?? Not only he’s always injured but he hasn’t been anything special at all when playing.
I’d rather give a chance to the Paraguay midfielder the media are talking about. If Wenger thinks he’s good then just get him!


For fucks sake man, have you ever got anything good to say?

Holding Rob

No way we’re shipping jack. Maybe the best back up to ozil, can play out wide..
You wait and watch as he will have a roscicky like renaisance the next couple of seasons. Crossings fingers


Honestly don’t understand people not in favor of this decision.

He’s just not good enough to be in our starting lineup right now, Santi, Ramsey, Coquelin, Elneny all above him in the peckig order.

Instead of Wenger trying to force him into the team by playing him on the right and screwing up our chemistry, let him get a full season under his belt and prove that hes good enough.


I only agree with loaning out because he didn’t play in 3 years and he even doen’t have 3-4 run of full games, but of all players you mention above wilshere is the only one who is different from all of them with his bursting runs and passing players easily and he is only player that have that in our team, rosicky had it. Fit wilshere will be a starter for us exactly because of his playing styles he will always make room for the attacking front . I say sent him 6 months on loan and if he get… Read more »


Would be crazy to let him go. Hope he stays and fights for his place. I think the injuries might have affected his mentality with regards to going forward.

Stewart Robson's therapist

The right thing for him. Not the right thing for Arsenal. I’m feeling very sad travelling into work this morning.


Wilshere is just about the most promising unfulfilled talent in world football. Let’s do anything we can to get him back in the groove.

Regular playing time would be great, and I would assume Arsenal would insert an emergency clause, right?

Mach iii

10 poos.

Our best current midfield is:
Ozil – Attacking
Cazorla – Inbetween
Xhaka – Defensive

If we want to go defensive we add Elneny or Coq.

If we want to go offensive we add Ramsey or Wilshere.

Ramsey is already injured, so Wilshere is our next option for our offensive minded options.

Think about it, he’s always injured, now he has a chance to play without forcing him to play every match. We can use him leisurely.

Remember who scored back to back goal of the seasons – Wilshere is a fantasy footballer. He’s going nowhere.

Merlin's Panini

I would imagine Iwobi might get some game time in the more attacking role in the middle rather than on the wings if Wilshere is out on loan.
It makes sense to me to give Wilshere more regular game time to get back into the swing of things.
All going well he could return in January revitalised and ready for the second half of the season.

Mach iii

Sorry mate, it’s 10 poos…


Gotta say I’m against it, but hearing all the arguments does make sense; we ARE too forgiving when it comes to Jack (injury list almost as bad as Diaby, and many were begging for him to be cut earlier), he hasn’t played or developed much, and the idea on relying on him in case someone gets injured is pretty ironic. Also it is true that we beat Wenger for not being ruthless enough yet moan when he decides to be ruthless. Saying and reading all that, I’d still prefer to use Jack at LW (natural left footer so would prefer… Read more »

The Ghost of Pete Storey

Not the worst idea – ideally to Spain or maybe Italy. Possibly PSG? As long as we can recall him immediately once our inevitable injury crisis strikes.


Would be good for Jack, but considering out injury issues every year, a recall clause would be important.

Dan D

People have wanted Arsene to be a little more ruthless and this is potentially a sign of that. And when I say ruthless I think in this example, if it does happen the intention is a good one but I also wonder if Wilshere will see it like that. I was vocal about him on here a couple of weeks ago and honestly think if his name wasn’t Jack Wilshere there wouldn’t be too much of an issue to this potential loan among the fan base based on actual contribution over the last few years. I remember when he burst… Read more »


Swap loan deal with Real Madrid. We get James Rodriguez


Jack is too injury prone and just hasn’t kicked on. Makes sense loaning him out


It’s a no-brainer for me.. Loan him out to get games with the option to recall at any time.
How hard is that??


welsh ramsey and arsenal’s ramsey are two totally different people.


Loaning him out is the right choice. A player like Jack Wilshere is a risk because, while his career has been hindered due to injury, it is clear that he is a very talented individual. If you sell him and he comes good at another club, you have missed an opportunity to solve issues with an internal replacement. If you send him on loan and he comes good, you know he will be back and can hopefully replicate his form with us. Fingers crossed.


Really really hope this isn’t the beginning of the end for his Arsenal career

Merlin's Panini

As much as I want him to stay and play he needs to find form so a loan move with a recall clause would make a lot of sense.
Given he has young kids it would make sense for him to stay in London.
I would reckon West Ham or Watford would be the best places for him to go. He would get into the starting lineup at either club easily. As soon as he hits form or if one/both of Ozil/Cazorla gets injured we could recall him.


Let Jack go on loan. Then he will perform a Le Coq


I was happy on Sunday.
Now I am scared………..
We have a packed fixture list of crucial and top level games starting in 10 days, and we are loaning out our fucking players!
This better not come back to haunt us.


Loan him to Barcelona!

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