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Rosicky training with Arsenal as he considers his future

Reports today say that Tomas Rosicky has returned to Arsenal to train as he seeks to return to fitness after an almost year long battle with injury.

He had knee surgery around this time last year and spent most of the first half of the season out. He returned for an FA Cup 3rd round tie but picked up a serious thigh injury – leaving him in an emotional state as he knew what it meant for his Arsenal career. He never made another appearance for the club.

The Czech international did play in the European Championships, but remains without a club at this point. There were some rumours earlier in the summer that he might be considering calling time on his football career, but perhaps the fact he’s back at London Colney suggests he’s looking to play on for one more year.

Last summer he had offers from a number of MLS clubs, but it remains to be seen if those options remain open to him this time around.

In typical Arsene Wenger and Arsenal style, the door has remained open to him to get fit until such time as he’s made a decision about what he wants to do.

Let’s hope he can find a club and stay fit for another season – it’s the least he deserves.

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Patrik Ljungberg

Sign him up!


Fucking lover Rozzer.
I’d be happy to see him stick around if he can prove he’s fit. I totally accept though that at his age he may want to play in a side where he can get regular games. I think he could absolutely boss the MLS, it would be a good move for him I think

David C

pay as you play contract!

I’d love him to come to MLS so those of us in the colonies get a chance to see him live.


Colonies? Get fucked with that shit.


Don’t understand how this is getting thumbed down.
I get the jokey nature of the comment above this but joking about colonies takes away from the reprehensible damage caused by the Brits of old deciding they were gangsta and invading every country they felt like, and in the process economically raping them.

Thumb down if you like, but it’s a sad reality most people don’t want to consider.

Smits Mckey

…and that’s a really reductive understanding of British colonial history, particularly as it applies to the American colonies.

Also, lighten the f*ck up. I guarantee I’ve read more about American history than you do, and I would have no interest in the type of pointless intellectual ball-swinging you’ve attempted here.


Sure it applies to one colony, you’re right about that. My offence was taken from the joking nature of the word colonies, not from the geography of which one. But I wasn’t referring solely to the American colonies. I’m referring to other colonies as well. Colonies that are still to this day living in a ‘third-world’. I apologise if it seems like I’m slinging blame or any of that sp*rs, but I simply detest the word colony. Also it’s great you’ve read so many books about American history. I haven’t read many, but the ones I have read tell me… Read more »

Smits Mckey

Ugh, “than you have”, not “than you do”.

David C

sorry mate, old Canadian joke…

Not meant to cause any ill feelings.

I wasn’t sure if people would get it if I said “New World” instead.


Depends if we have a spot in our 25-man squad for him. If we do, meh, sure, why not. But you can’t do a pay as you play if it means somebody on a real contract can’t be registered. I don’t have the patience to look at what our squad is like at the moment and see if we’ve got extra slots or not. I want to say we do, since we lost 3 players and only signed one who is of an age to take up a squad slot. But it obviously depends what happens re: new signings before… Read more »

tankard gooner

Ahh the LANS we deserve. Still has the legs of a man ten years younger than him!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

He should sign with us for the winter, like Henry did. Get his fitness up and smack in a few goals before going to that Golden Payday in the US.

Mick Malthouse

Love this guy.


One more season! He would be a great influence and leader in the dressing room and excellent option off the subs bench!

Parlour's pay packet

I’d take just one more match!

Clock-End Mike

Good to have him around — especially for the new guys Xhaka and Holding, a chance to spend some time with the little Mozart. A true legend, despite his bad luck.

Wish him all the best… again!




Cheeky pay as you play contract?


I think he could be good for Arsenal – he was superb for the Czechs at the Euros – but it would probably be better for him to go somewhere where he could play regularly. The French and Italian leagues seem kinder to age – or perhaps back to Sparta Prague?


only if you mean by this that he should get a regular contract. at this point (with welbeck out for most of the year) i’d prefer him in our line of 3 behind the striker over everyone on our team except ozil or sanchez – for me he just edges out campbell and then iwobi.

A Gorilla

Was nervous to say, but we really shouldn’t be getting sentimental when it comes down to business. Who’s the best person for the job at hand, who’s the back up for that person, who’s the young prospect coming through, anyone else that doesn’t get into the 25 – thank you, come again.


I remember us snapping him up after he had a great Euro… forgot which one it was. Shame that injury has blighted a large portion of his time with us but when he played was sheer class.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

It was the 2006 World Cup, but we had actually already signed him before the tournament began. He scored two against the USA, including a real belter.


Loved hearing the commentator after that wonder goal – “They’re going to love him at Arsenal!”

Super Joshi

*teary eyed


We got him just before the World Cup in 2006.


That was the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany. The summer we signed him from Borussia Dortmund.

Le Jim

Crazy that people are paid millions every year to run football clubs and manage teams, and not one has brought Tomas in. He’d be perfect at a club like Bournemouth imo, in terms of style of play, and the experience he’d bring to a side just newly in the top flight.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Yeah but does Rosicky want to play for Bournemouth? Just because he hasn’t signed on anywhere doesn’t mean nobody would have him. He’s probably just genuinely weighing up what he wants to do while getting fully fit.

Petit's Handbag

Was just about to write a similar comment, such a good footballer. Himself, Santi and Diaby whenever he got to play are probably my favourite players to watch. Magical on and off the ball. Such a pity two of them never got to play half the games they should have.


Of course they could be looking at how many actual games he’d be available for……


Are you guys serious? This guy was fit for like 20 minutes last season, I don’t mind having him around cause his definitely not a bad influence, but signing him will be considered as ‘strengthening’ the squad by Wenger.


Truly magical player. There are few players who when the ball gets to them you get a buzz as you know something may just happen. Immediately he started accelerating on the pitch you knew he was upto no good. I recall that crazy chase he had with cristiano when he was United. Chased him for the full length of the pitch and got an ovation from both sets of fans and a wink from Ronaldo. What I am loathed it recall is how he, fabregas, hleb and flamini dominated teams with ease. For all that he’s given us as fans… Read more »


One and only…

Ancient Gooner

A very special player ; keep him on board please,if only for a short duration until he finds out what he wants to do. New signings(?) would benefit from his experience. The old adage of ‘ new broom sweeps cleanly,but the old one knows the corners’ could be of help here. Sign him up Wenger—–a proven asset!

Little Mozart



I am tempted to say all the sensible Arsenal fans are on this forum.

Rosicky, perpetually in mention and there was a real buzz about him. Jack will do well to watch him and realise that you can be magical without holding on to the ball. The younger players can definitely benefit from him being around if they pay attention.

PS: It might have helped if he wasn’t named RoSICKy…

Jack Kelsey

I get it, but his name is actually pronounced RosiTSky; in Czech C and K together are pronounced separately, not as a diphthong in English, and the Czech C is spoken as ‘ts’. Just saying… it always made me cross the way TV pundits got it wrong so often.

Yankee Gooner

Ask WELLington Silva how it all worked out.


If he plans to go to the MLS maybe he can come back on loan for the winter. 😉

The Jeff Father

He is the main reason why I supporting Arsenal. Magical player.


One of the only players I considered having their name printed on my shirt.


Why is he not getting a testimonial? Anybody know?


When he’s ready for the Pension League, AKA MLS, I hope he ends up with the LA Galaxy.


Aw, C’mon man. LA gets all the decent old guys. Hope he comes to Toronto FC! It would give me a reason to go to a local match, and to actually watch MLS.


Sadly, he’ll never come to Vancouver. The Whitecaps will never sign a big name until we get a real grass pitch in our stadium instead of the plastic monstrosity.




There’s no need for that.


If he can show fitness to Wenger, could be possible a 1 year extension may be on the cards. If that does happen I’ll be over the moon. He deserves to play for us one more time and step on the Emirates turf. P.S. As my name states I may be a bit biased ?


When we secure the PL this coming season I’d love to see that; until then…..


I love The Ros, but those getting sentimental and asking to sign him up seem to have forgotten the 25-man rule.

Tell us, which of our current first team CMs would you permanently drop to have him registered if we were to sign him?


Feel that Rozza would be an inspirational leader in the dressing room now that Mr. Lego Arteta is no longer around. Sad that he didn’t get to play more due to injuries.


There’s a job vacancy that Thierry didn’t take…………. I’d love to keep him at the club in some capacity, although he may be set on playing another season.


Sign him up Arsene! Of course as well as a defender and striker or wide man.


Wenger should offer him the job that Henry left vacant!

Ooooh Ahhhh Ray Parlour


Ooooh Ahhhh Ray Parlour

I don’t think I’ve loved an Arsenal player more than him since Bobby.

Lord Bendtner

I think he is one of those that everyone will be behind him with whatever he decides to do. Respect.
Personally, I think he deserves first team football and MLS would be an epic option. England can be very physically demanding


Good arses

Jeff off

Anup/frog With your self righteous comments and faux offence to the use of colonies in a jokey way I hope the irony of you sharing your outrage on the site of probably the greatest of British teams ( remember football was along with cricket et al something we gave our colonies) whose foundation was based on a work team from a munitions and ordnance research factory which probably provided the hardware or technologies used to first conquer and subordinate said colonies. If you want to make sweeping generalisations head to sp*rs sites. All nations were colonies once but I don’t… Read more »


Where is the hate? If I’ve given that impression, sorry, but that’s not my intention. Just because I support a British team from the country that created football it’s not possible to see the faults in the history of that country? Do you mean that because of the wondrous things that societies all over the world have created, it overlooks the other, more sinister things that occurred? People don’t say ‘oh yeah that OJ Simpson, he was a great sportsman’. They say ‘oh yeah that OJ Simpson, he was a great sportsman, who also probably murdered his ex-wife’. Genuinely wanna… Read more »


Can we sign him and use him in cup games like we do ospina?

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