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Wenger: I want to extend Gnabry’s contract

Arsene Wenger says he’s looking to extend Serge Gnabry’s contract at Arsenal once he’s returned from international duty at the Rio Olympics.

The 21-year-old has been heavily linked with a loan move to Hertha Berlin since impressing in Brazil where his six goals have helped Germany to reach Saturday’s gold medal match with the host nation.

The return to form comes as a real boost for player, club and country after a frustrating injury-hit two years that have brought into question his ability to deliver on early potential.

Speaking to the press ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Leicester, Wenger made clear that Gnabry will not be leaving the Emirates.

“Gnabry? I want to keep Serge Gnabry and to extend his contract,” he said.

“We stood by him for a long time. You know, he went to West Brom and didn’t get a game.


“We built his confidence when he came back and I allowed him to go to the Olympic Games without having played for us at all, to get him back to competition and to help Germany.

“He’s been here for a long-time and it’s important he stays with us.”

In reaching the Saturday’s final, Gnabry is guaranteed at least a silver medal. By our reckoning, it makes him the fourth Gunner of the modern era to secure a medal at the Olympics following in the footsteps of Kanu (Gold, Atlanta 1996), Lauren (Gold, Sydney 2000) and Park Chu-young (Bronze, London 2012).

Do correct us if we’ve forgotten anybody.

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Good news. Feels like he’s been around for ages, and people seem to use that as a stick to beat him with, but a bit like the Ox he’s still so young. I’d like to see him stick around and continue to develop.


You can not allow any player to go on free now a days, market is so crazy that you can put 60 million price tag on Lord Bendtner and you will find competition for his signature.


No you wont


Wenger: I want to extend his contract…
Arsenal: Great, but we’re not going to extend yours.


He couldn’t get into the West Brom team.That is the stick I would beat him with.It’s a reasonable stick


“I allowed him to go to the Olympic Games without having played for us at all”

Serge played with the U-21 when back from loan… isn’t is to be considered as “for us”?


Watched the entire game against Nigeria. Hmmm, where to start … Firstly, IMO he was excellent. Some might say there’s a bit of Özil about him, in that he conserves his activities, but I think there’s a real maturity to his game. Pace, skill, accuracy, change of tempo, he has it all. One can really see why he was called up a few years ago and definitely one for the future, if not the present. To further his career, he HAS to play first team ball. I would love to see him in red, but I wouldn’t fault him for… Read more »


Agreed. Id much rather he was loaned to a premiere league club and fought for his place there rather than hertha berlin, but if its going to be similar to his west brom loan then maybe it is best he went to germany to guarantee he gets game time, rather than just provide cover for a team we dont give a rats ass about. Very promising youngster that at all costs we must keep. Could be a LANS! ?


“Pace, skill, accuracy and change of tempo”. You can see why he wasn’t a Tony Pulis player then!

A Different George

I thought he was one of the best, if not the best, on a very good Germany team. Very intelligent runs, quick passes with good vision, fine technical ability–almost a stereotype of the Arsenal style. That may be the problem–he plays a lot like players we already have. Or, at least from this one game, he may turn out to be better than the players we already have.


Kaba Diawara”s silver on the pommel horse in Athens.

Merlin's Panini

I always thought he would be more of a high bar man, given his tendency to hit the woodwork.


It will be an exciting final. Neymer vs Gnabry for top scorer. Think winner is very clear……. So hope he’ll sign dat thingy.

Dale Cooper

If he ends up coming back while Iwobi is out then stick him in his position. I think he could do alright.

Tom Gun

LANS! Who needs Mahrez or another wide right forward?!

In all seriousness, Gnabry was absolute class when he broke into the first team a couple of seasons ago. This guy has MASSIVE potential and I think he will turn out to be world class. Now he has his confidence back and he’s not playing Pulis-style football (seriously, why would we loan any of our players to him?!), he could be massive for us. Would like to see him given a chance to impress and compete against the Ox and Feo on the right.

Tom Gun

And Campbell! Although I think Campbell will leave. He has moments of brilliance and really puts a shift in and so I understand if you disagree and think he deserves to stay. I just think he’s not quite top level class.


Ox and Gnabry have a higher ceiling than Campbell so they will probably be preferred to him also in the future. Campbell could be brilliant to a midtable club where he getas a more creative role.


I can see your opinion but he’s a very efficient player, he just doesn’t have the gloss of a Chamberlain or Gnabry, and I’m not sure why. The fact that he’s such a grafter belies his really quite impressive skillset- I think we’d be pleasantly surprised were he to get a proper run in the team. I’m not sure he’s ever put in a performance less than 7/10, and not every player has to be graceful and smooth, Campbell could play the Ljunberg role for this team. That said appears Wenger’s made up his mind!

Tom Gun

But that’s the point mc – 7/10 is good. It’s just not great. Lots of 7s but how many 9s and 10s. He’s just not got that extra bit of quality to be a true great. If we weren’t blessed with promising prospects I would keep him as a squad player. But, I’d rather give game time to the likes of Ox, Gnabry and athe Jeff who have the potential to be world class.


Yeah but I’m just sick of players who every now and again produce a 9/10 but are primarily 4s or 5s!, done waiting for consistency from players that have never suggested their capable of it! I honestly think our squad is missing people like Campbell, almost every title winning team have these kinds of players and we’ve neglected them in recent years. I do see your point, but the way Arsene has dealt with Campbell isn’t far off in the impotent transfer performance in my opinion, really think he’s screwed up.


Also think your underplaying his quality a fair bit, I’m not sure Ox has shown vastly more (if any) of that star quality than Campbell..


You’re* Man I wish there was an edit button..


The positive thing about playing for a pulis side is that you learn discipline when defending and positioning off the ball. Only issue is pulis is a major twat! Never again arsene, never again!


He needs game time and right now there are a lot of players ahead of him: Sanchez, Walcott, Iwobi, Ox, Campbell.

Not sure how much action he’ll see if he stays at Arsenal. A loan move would definitely be better.


The fact that Cambell didn’t even make the bench against liverpool, even with ozil & giroud out may indicate that he’ll be loaned out. As promising as he is, cambell is ahead of him in the pecking order, unless he pulls an Iwobi and forces his way into the starting line up.

Good problem to have!


Keep the kid.. Those who want him out have frankly not seen him.. He has the whole package technique, speed ,strength and a good footballing brain (rumors about him not wanting to put in a shift are worrying but) massive talent and youth on his side. I have a shortlist of a few first teamers who I would transfer ahead of him.
Sadly Joel who has done no wrong is one of them. Gnabrys assets are a better fit for the Arsenal so give the kid a chance. Always seen him as a mixture of Ox and Feo.


September 2013 , Serge looked like he was breaking in to the team.
Three years have gone by, Three Fuckin years!!!

Come on lad, get back here and take your place ASAP.

Merlin's Panini

He’s got it, has Serge.
He needs a proper chance. Perhaps while Iwobi is out and Gnabry is in hot form it would be a good time to stick him in the first team, especially if we’re not going to buy anyone (which looks increasingly likely).


You forgot Mo 😉

Olawale Olayemi

What the fuck is a Feo?




Can we keep him and rather loan out Walcott? Oh wait, we can’t loan or sell Walcott anywhere because no one but we are stupid enough to pay 140k a week on mediocrity.

I saw a list of wages, and did you know Walcott makes almost twice the money of Willian and Arda Turan.

He almost make the same as Neymar. Who’s on 150k. Hehe

Anyways keep Grabry, looks like hes going to be a great player one day.


He’ s english…
That can more than double your earning power – see rooney


I assure you Neymar is on more than 150k


You forgot Abdullah Al-Rashidi.


Ray Hankin and Isiah Rankin won the coxless pairs at Sydney in 2000


Get shot of Theo, keep gnabry and Campbell, give ox this season to make a positive impact!!


Get out while you can.


Wenger has had a lot of joy developing players in recent 4 seasons. Bellerin, Iwobi, Coquelin, Campbell. Dick Law made his trip to the jungle worth the while after all. All those naysayers who said Coquelin and Campbell were not Arsenal material…well. Now Gnabry looks like he is coming back to his best following unfortunate injury. I think we are stacked on the wings at the moment. BUT IMO, should we get a good offer for Walcott (maybe in Jan) and should we importantly add up top, Theo should be sold. He scores but just doesn’t have enough output through… Read more »

Buy Curious

hope we can sign Gnabry to am extension. His flashes of brilliance have been enough to warrant further chances. No mention of wages on offer but,at whatever a decent price is, he is a risk worth taking

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