Thursday, March 30, 2023

Wilshere arrives at Bournemouth to complete loan

Jack Wilshere has arrived at AFC Bournemouth to complete a season long loan deal.

The England midfielder is currently being shown around the club by friend and former Arsenal teammate Benik Afobe, along with Cherries boss Eddie Howe.

Wilshere had apparently been keen on a move to Roma, but that failed to transpire, and despite 22 offers he’s chosen to play for the south coast club in the Premier League next season.

Official confirmation of the deal is expected later this evening, well in advance of the 11pm deadline.

That should be just about that in terms of Arsenal’s business for the day, but if anything last minute happens, you’ll find it on our live blog.

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Make it count Jackie boy. I think we are set for an exciting EPL season ahead.


I just feel so so sad this evening seeing Jack join another team, i know it’s a loan move but it saddens me. I just hope and pray he comes back fully fit and claim a position in our midfield. He is an Arsenal boy.


That’s the beginning of the end to his Arsenal career. We don’t loan players of that age out. He probably wants it to, needs to play football. What a shame..


Well, no. On the contrary, I see this as Jack’s renaissance. Its a bold move on the part of the club and a very significant season ahead for Jackie boy.

Gestapo Librarian

Conspiracy Theory: Why did we loan him to a mid/lower table side instead of abroad? Remember when Eddie Howe was being touted as a possible Wenger successor this summer? We loan him Wilshere as an audition. He’d be first choice in their midfield as well as the focal point (AKA what we’ve always wanted). So, if Howe can find a way to get that world class talent we all know Jack’s capable of consistently, he’s 1st in line when AW leaves.

Ducks sake


Stewart Robson's therapist

I imagine you said the same about Coquelin too.


I believe Coquelin’s was the magic of Charlton.


To be fair i think most of of us thought that about Coquelin.
Fingers crossed for Jack the lad, an injury free season with lots of football and he’ll be back on track. No doubt he has the talent.


Well if we are down to absolute bare bones in January then yes we might call him back like Coquelin..

I’d live him to succeed at Arsenal, don’t see it happening, haven’t for about 18 months


I think it could go either way, only time will tell.

There’s no doubting his quality, if he can stay fit, but we have a stupidly good midifield now.

Wish him luck.


Imagine if he goes there and has a very average season. Thats what scares me the most…


If he stays fit not a chance that he will have average season, sure he will get the headlines most of the time.


Good luck Jack!


I can already see the last minute equaliser for Bournemouth at the Emirates from his left boot coming…


Good he can’t play the game then πŸ™‚


If we have got them to pay all of his salary then we have probably sorted it so he can’t play against us?

Cape Town Gooner

Luckily he can’t play against his parent club. Hopefully against United though!


Surely they’ll put a “non compete” clause in his contract.


Pretty sure it’s league rules. Wenger has said before that he thinks it’s an unfair system in which the parent club can loan out a player who could then contribute to taking points off of their rivals while not playing against the parent club.

I do remember Pennant playing against us for Leeds in 2003-04 though!


Yes, you are right. It’s a premier league rule that a loaned player cannot play against his patent club. At the time when Pennant played, it was up to the patent club to decide whether the player can play in such games. This has since been changed to a hard and fast rule invalidating the patent clubs choice in this matter.

Anthony Payne

Ditto when Franny Jeffers played against us for Everton against us during our invincible season. If I remember rightly he nicked the ball off Ashley Cole to set up their equaliser and we dropped 2pts

Santi's Smile

Think you mean a last minute winner at Shite Heart Lane.

Edu's Braces

Fuck, was hoping he would go to Serie A, not for him per se, just would have been interesting.


Very concerned that it’s “season-long”. I hope there’s a clause where we can recall him in an emergency.

Also I would have preferred if he’d gone to Roma. But probably Wenger didn’t like the idea of him and Chez puffing their lungs out ad lib in footballer fag friendly Italy.

Sideshow _bob

Honestly I’m a bit disappointed he chose Bournemouth. Was hoping he went to Spain or somewhere else where its less than the premier league. Still it’s fine as long as he gets good game time
Ps: We apparently told Roma to Fuck off after how they treated us regarding the Manolas pursuit. Full Thug Life Wenger. Absolutely loved it ?

Sideshow _bob

Less physical*


He obviously wants to link up once more with his best mate benik. I hope they help each other get back to their best and on to even better things.

Arsene's coat

Hopefully he can help take some points off our prem-rivals this way!

Wing Lam

Eddie Howe will play great football with Jack the central figure. He will be back stronger, fitter and improved in creative football too!

Great move and good luck Jack!


Shame he’s not gone to Europe, i think such a move wouldve been great but this is certainly a better option than playing for Pardeux! …gives him a chance to bond with the next arsenal manager too. ?


He’ll have to wipe his own arse now.

Kalimantan white

Will he even play 5 full 90 mins for them??!

Jungu Beans

I like this move, actually. I don’t see this as the end of Jack’s Arsenal career. Bournemouth play pretty football, and I think he will adapt well to their team. So he will play week in, week out (which is what he needs) in a fast-flowing, attacking style team. That sounds like good training for his eventual return to the first team next season. Plus Bournemouth are not really competitors of ours. If anything, it increases the chances that he will do harm to the other top 6 teams (which is, again, good for us).


Yes Bournemouth fans…it is Christmas!
Look after our man please.


Extremely surprising.

We do not exactly have that many in midfield :

Ozil, Ramsey, Santi, Elneny, Granit, Coquelin

Santi is older, Ramsey injury prone. That may leave us with just four in midfield for 3 positions. Ox is hardly an option IMO in the middle.

Don’t think we will be bringing anyone-else in but who knows.

To me its a bit of a risk for the club to send Jack on loan.


Iwobi is more than capable of taking one of those positions but I do agree with what you are saying mate.

Ducks sake

Not really, if youre counting ozil as one of the 3 positions then we’ve got Iwobi who can player there too.

And why discount Santi because he’s ‘old’? Have his legs fallen off? He has more talent than the other 6.

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

Agree it’s a risk. Also, forgetting central midfield, just think he is a better alternative option on the wing than Ox.


Is Bournemouth still near London?
Considering his girlfriend and child.

Ducks sake

It’s on the corner of ‘getamap’ and ‘fuckoff’


Ducks sake

It’s also near Wiltshere


To put things in perspective we have gotten “rid off” 3 quality players, Jack, Joel and Gnabry. Those it mean we’re in a really healthy squad status or that Wenger has lost it?


Don’t worry they won’t sign him as he is bound to fail his medical!!!!


Stay injury free, and you might have a future Jackie boy.

One more bad crock and you’re finished.


Really bothered by this one, always saw Jack as an Arsenal lad through and through. Not looking forward to seeing him in another shirt this season. Hope he stays healthy and comes back hungry for game time at Arsenal, and that our midfield has enough drive and bite without him this year.

die hard gooner

I totally support this move. They are out of a relegation battle if they can keep him fit. He is gonna be a starter for them thats good. If he plays 30+ games I could see him starting in midfield for us next season. Unlike many of our English players I still have full confidence he will be a great at Arsenal. I still believe he is special.


I think I saw an article once claiming Arsenal were considering Howe to replace Wenger if he goes next year. Anyone heard this? Could place Wilshere in good standing.


Maybe Jack is there to recruit him.


We can always recall him if needed a la Coq. It’s good for him. I think it’s the Jeffs turn now to step up. Don’t forget we have Iwobi too.

Monkey nuts

That is such a daft move on his part. The chance to go abroad and learn how to play with intelligence or the chance to play with clogs on in front of 9000 fans. I fear for his future with this decision.

Ducks sake

Hmmm obviously you never watches Bournemouth play.

Anyway don’t Bournemouth have a worse injury record than us?


I know it’s for the greater good, but seeing wilshere in another shirt, just break my hearth. It feels like my girlfriend broke up with me.

Hope he returns fully fit, and that he’s going to have a awesome season πŸ™‚


New fireplace? You’ll be grate again in no time

Fo' Shere

Hope he chose them so he can get plenty of playing time against teams he will face next season when he’s back with us.

Bergkamp's through pass

Something excites me about this move for jack, he has Afobe and Aneke there as buddies. What will happen to Wilshire I think depends on Ozil and Sanchez and if they sign their deals. If they don’t then I think he’ll come back a certain starter. If they do sign and we still have Elneny, Xhaka, Carzola, Ramsey and Coq then unfortunately we may lose him. Doubt it though

Ducks sake

Doesn’t aneke play in Holland or Belgium or somewhere?


It’s a good move. Definitely for Bournmouth and for Jack but also good for us because we can plan a season completely without him and nevertheless wont harm his development by that. If he manages to stay fit and play a good season there, we can plan with him for next season (Santi won’t get any younger), if he gets injured again or doesn’t manage to make an Impact in that Bournemouth team we should cash in on him next summer, as his contract expires in 2018.


Hope we have the option to recall him at any time if need be.


I moved to Bournemouth 4 years ago and have watched them a lot at Dean Court. They have been crying out for a decent attacking midfielder for ages. I think he may finally get to play consistently as a number 10. It might also do him some good to have a change of scene, I think he has been way too comfy with there.


Hopefully it injects some vitality into his career.


We all know what is going to happen, do we not? πŸ™


No. That’s why we watch sport.


I’m sad to see him go on loan but my brain says he’s not done enough to get past Santi, Elneny, Ramsey, Coq or Xhaka. I’d rather have a footballer wanting to play than Schweinsteigering it for a whole season and perhaps looking surly in the background of a Lethal Bizzle video. Come back fit and strong and show us what we could’ve had. Good luck Jack.




There’s no need to shout.


I’d love Jack to succeed with Arsenal, he’s a brilliant talent, but so have lots of other players who didn’t fulfill that talent. To be hoenst I’ve seen something like this happening for a while..I don’t see him coming back to us, would love to be wrong. Don’t think I will though

chippy's chip

Good luck superjack. Hope you get an invite to the end of season trophy parade.

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