Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Arsenal draw Reading in EFL Cup 4th round

Arsenal will play Reading at the Emirates in the 4th round of the EFL Cup.

The two sides last met in the competition in 2012 – a momentous tussle that saw the Gunners fight back from 4-0 down to win 7-5 at the Madejski. The Gunners have won all 13 games against the Berkshire outfit stretching back to 1935.

The match is scheduled for either 25/26th October, sandwiched between a home game with Middlesbrough and a trip to Sunderland.

Full draw

West Ham vs Chelsea
Manchester United vs Manchester City
Liverpool vs Sp*rs
Bristol City vs Hull
Leeds vs Norwich
Newcastle vs Preston
Southampton vs Sunderland

You can relive the 7-5 below…

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Mein Bergkampf

Utd v Citeh and Sp*rs v Pool gets rid of a few of the big boys, we could go far this season. I haven’t felt so excited about our league cup team since the Wilshere, Vela, Merida days.


What a draw! Hope they spread the games out a bit so we can watch them all kick the shit out of each other..


I loved the Lupoli days :'(


The Aliediere, Baptista, Fabregas days were better.


Chamak’s hair style is bad…


The EFL is gonna be tasty in this round. An Arsenal blog but I just cant help but notice Manure are in for another beating :). I am allowed to highlight that I believe. Alongside the fact that Mourinho is a complete C**T.

Seriously though, we should win the next round with the same team. Hopefully, Perez will have cemented his first team position and another striker be given a chance to excel..
COYG!! Jolly times ahead..


Oh Jose Mourinho, what are you going to do?
You say your team’s a bag of shite, but everyone thinks it’s you.


When you are referring to Mourinho, Arseblog fully allows the use of the word CUNT. Same applies to John Terry, Ryan ‘not that kinda guy’ Shawcross, Sp*rs and a few others.

Gudang Pelor

I thought we’ve established that Trottrenhram is “SHIT”? Not CUNT, it’s SHIT.


Haha haha ManuvsMancity

Kirk the 70s pin up

We want eight


Great draw overall for us.

I’m trying to be as positive as possible for this season. Let us not expect too much from the team and players. Let’s take things one game at a time and let’s see where that takes us come new year.


My prediction for the final 8 is below. If we beat Reading, and get a good draw for the quarter finals with some of the big teams drawn against each other, I can see Arsene finally getting his hands on whatever the trophy is called these days.

Manchester United


Durex should sponsor it,
Call it the Durex EFL Cup
I’ll get my coat


Are you saying man utd will knock out the world’s best manager and he’s football team


I’d agree that playing at OT, plus with the revenge factor from the league loss, ManUtd will be extra motivated and could eek out a win. Guardiola also has not been as success at cup competitions as he has been in league championships, although he’s still be very successful in cups mind. So it’s a decent bet.


There must have been some really warm balls involved in that Oil Manure draw..

Brendan Rodgers' self-portrait

Another 7-5 thriller please. In hindsight that was so much fun.


Is it just me or does anyone else lose quite a lot of the joy of the win when we concede 5. Albeit this was a great comeback. I’m reminded of the 4v5 at the lane. Felt like something between a win and a draw.

Scott P

Totally opposite to how I feel. If your team comes back from 4-0 down to win, even against a ‘minnow’, in that moment there is nothing better. The analysis of why we were 4-0 down can wait until the next day.

Arsenal Pakistan!

Walcott scores a hat trick and gets 3 assists in the 5-7 win. It really was an amazing match. Excellent header by giroud as well


AND Jenko got his first Arsenal goal but it wasn’t given to him because the goal line tech wasn’t used yet ?


Nice draw… COYG


Nice memories of the 5-7 game in which we were 4-0 down. What made my day was that even Chamakh managed to score a brace in that along with a Walcott hattrick in the season in which he was absolutely phenomenal (scored more goals that Bale). Hope he can eclipse that 12/13 season again, so far he is doing well but just needs to carry on being consistent. Really hope we win against Chelsea on Saturday and wouldn’t be surprised if Theo get a goal or two as he always manages to score against them. COYG!!!!


Best Walcott goal (besides the ones he scores against Sp*rs) getting fouled, going to ground, getting up and scoring before the ref could blow his whistle.
Do it again!


I remember that, it was his hat-trick goal against Newcastle in the 7-3 match. The one where he tripped over the ball against Chel$ki then got up and scored was pretty good too.


I kinda like the goal he scored from nowhere against man city.


While I kinda like the goals he will score against Chelsea


He did it against Chelsea too (probably why its been brought up!) in the game where RVP scored a hat-full.


How did I forget about that amazing match!? I remember now those feelings of anger, sadness, hope, euphoria, anxiety, euphoria, confusion, and euphoria. What a crazy match! We were definitely right parallel universe for that one.


Arsenal getting lucky draws, gaining points out of nothing, and winning penalties. What a time to be alive.


What alternative universe have I slept in to


Slipped in to……


But then again I could be dreaming


If I had rigged the draw, those are exactly the match-ups I would have chosen. It’s a huge advantage for us. Three of the top six teams (outside of us) left in the competition are going out in the next round, and there will be at least two and maybe three lower-league teams in the next round.

It’s like Alexstratz said above – good cup draws, points from nothing, winning penalties … when is the other shoe going to drop?


Maybe would have gone for a different Championship team at the moment, but still 13 wins 0 draws 0 losses.


6/7 of our next fixtures are home games. Time to make the Emirates a FORTRESS!


Funny memory from that last game, I was in the Finnish army back then, streaming it from my phone, hiding it under my bedsheets as we were supposed to be sleeping already. My phones battery died at the 87th minute and I spent half of the night being pissed off and just rolling around in my bed. After I woke up I was just grumpy for the whole day until I complained to my mate about the game; imagine how confused I was when he asked me what I was talking about since he had just read that the game… Read more »


In hindsight, I had to laugh at the fans who left after Reading made it 0-4!




That is most excellent to hear. I recall leaving a friend’s leaving party for the first half, returning as the 1-4 went in on the half-time whistle thinking “at least I don’t need to stress about Arsenal tonight and can enjoy the party”, getting a bizarre text from my ranting mate an hour later saying “oh now I look like a total bellend” and uncomprehendingly running back to the pub for extra time…

Granit(e) hard!

Top comment for me on this thread……Given the unique circumstances, one can only imagine your shock and disbelief when you later found out the final score line…lol


What is going on?

We are getting penalty decisions and now we are also getting luck of the draw?



This game looks winnable. Let’s spank them.

Haha the Mancs drew each other!


@araeblog Thanks for sharing the 2012 match. I had never seen it. That was the first year I became a gooner and I missed the Capital One matches back then. Seems unbelievable…

Oooh aaah Ray Parlour!

Fair play. You’ve got to start sometime and you picked the right club. Just try not to be a hater like some of the newer followers.

Oooh aaah Ray Parlour!

Perfect draw.

I think we should go back to calling it the milk cup after all, it’s the best name it’s ever had. I think only tea cup sounds better.


did we actually get a easy draw? wait strange feeling this is let we bathe in it for a bit to see if I can understand it…. aah that’s what an easy draw feels like. Nice I kinda like it!

mach iii

They’re minced meat.

The mighty Arsenal will smite them.

Granit(e) hard!

I wouldn’t call it an easy draw….easier maybe? in these cup ties, there is no easy draw imo, and there is always a potential for “giant killings” because the lower league clubs know its possible and have no weight of expectations on their shoulders, so, come in, playing a game of their life and fielding their best teams because it’s a perfect and unique opportunity to measure the quality of the squad they have against those of the top tier clubs, whereas the bigger clubs usually field an under strength squad in these early stages because of other higher priority… Read more »

Eddie McGoldrick

Now the shock’s worn off it’s even more crazy than when I first watched it live!

Also… Looking back at this I can’t believe how non-existent the work rate was from a lot of our players back then. Absolutely zero tracking back, lazy passes – absolutely terrible players alot of them really.

And on the flip side how good we actually look on this front nowadays. Can hardly think of any current players who don’t put a real shift in every time now.

Clive St Helmet

Two thoughts:

1. RIP those people who left at 4-0 down and only saw a third of the goals.
2. Looking forward to hearing the first chant of “4 nil, and you fucked it up”

Football. Fucking hell.


Ha! That Reading game was BONKERS.


I just hope that people remember the positivity they feel about the draw and winning the cup now, if we end the season and the EFL Cup is the only silverware we win.


There aren’t enougbh poos in the universe for this rumour.


Now that we have got a fav draw time to wish for manure, citeh , liv, spur, Chelsea players to be left on the ground crawling dragging their almost falling limbs hoohaahaahaaaa…

Da Oli G Show

As mentioned on the Arsecast, someone needs to alert the Arsenal Gent about how our EFL Cup lineup has so many hyphenated surnames. Hopefully we will see the same squad against Reading:

Damian Emiliano-Martinez
Ainsley Maitland-Niles
Rob Hold-Ing
Gabriel Cygan-Silvestre
Keir Ann-Gibbs
Mohamed L. Nen-Nee
Grant Shaw-Kaw
Alex Oxlade-Chambermaid
Tuba Ack-Pomm
Luke S. Pear-Hesze

Chris Will-Ock
Geddy Enzel-Allom
Christian Beal-Lick

Even the former Arsenal players on Nottingham Forest were hyphenated:
Nicklas Lord-Bendtner
Henry Lands-Bury

The only Arsenal player in that game who had a short, non-hyphenated last name was Sir Geoff “Rain” Adélaïde III, 31st Viscount of Champigny-sur-Marne, Esq.

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