Sunday, January 16, 2022

Howe reveals Afobe influence on Wilshere deal

Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe has spoken about how Benik Afobe’s close relationship with Jack Wilshere played a part in the Arsenal midfielder’s move to the south coast on transfer deadline day.

Afobe and Wilshere are close friends, having grown up together in the Arsenal Academy, and although he considered other offers, the 24 year old plumped for the relatively smaller club in Bournemouth.

He was given a look around the club yesterday by Afobe and Bournemouth staff, and Howe told the Bournemouth echo of what an advantage that was.

He said, “It’s always useful for a player to know someone inside the camp and when you have a decision to make you can go to that person and ask honest questions and that player will give you honest feedback over the environment and how the club works.

“These are all the things the players want to know and they can find them out very quickly.

“It looks like Benik answered honestly and said good things because Jack decided to come.”

Wilshere had his first training session with his new club today.

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A good move all round i reckon.
Just out of curiosity can we recall him if needed?


sadly not


What I don’t understand is how anybody could know this definitively, other than the people privy to the details of the loan contract. I understand that it seems to be publicly known that the loan does not include an option to recall the player, but again, I just don’t know how anybody knows that for sure – unless one or both of the clubs involved have specifically released this information?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

The new loan rules in effect this season do not allow recalls except during transfer windows. Loans can’t be negotiated outside transfer windows either. If you send a player out he stays there whether he gets used or not. No exceptions. Young player loans to league clubs aren’t going to be as attractive now for Arsenal either. In my opinion we really should have joined the EFL Cup thing to get our young players a bit more competitive experience as a team. I didn’t think this initially but now I realise that the new loan rules are going to fuck… Read more »


The EFL Cup us just the League Cup under a new name. As far as I am aware Arsenal are playing Nottingham Forrest in the third round.


*is just the league cup (i’ll put that down to my fat fingers on my phone)

As for ‘Forrest’… I’m just going to sit and contemplate my shame for a while.


Just for clarification, the EFL Trophy, aka the Checkatrade Trophy, fka Johnstone’s Paint Trophy, is what Class A academies in the Premier League & Championship are now allowed to participate in. Arsenal chose not to participate, I believe the reasoning was that they just have enough going on, considering some of the academy players are possibly involved in U21 (or whatever) International matches. Plus a certain amount of 1st Team players are allowed. The EFL Cup is just the League Cup.

Who even is Dick Law?

Well even if he can be recalled. He cant be registered to play until January.
And after January he can’t be registered until the next season.

The introduction of this player registration format a number of years ago kinda put an end to recall clauses in loan contracts in the Premier League.

Tom Gun

No and that’s why it’s not a good deal all round for me. Cazorla and Ramsey both injury prone and would’ve been nice to have the option of Wilshere in that scenario.


Is Cazorla injury prone? I don’t think so. He had a long term injury, the previous season. Other than that, I don’t remember him being injured often.


Yes so lets have Wilshere on call because we Cazorla and Ramsey are injury prone – LOL. Tell me, how many minutes has Jack played since 2013? Can we compare with Santi and Aaron? My guess is the difference of over 1000 minutes – what a joke!


Come back the old wilshere we loved.

Yorkshire Gunner

Am I the only one who hopes this ‘inside’ factor applies both ways? Maybe get howe as a manager in the future?

Hoosier Gunner

Curious to know if there are sections of the supporters, who desperately want Arsene gone, but would take Howe as a replacement. Is there such talk around the stadium?

Yorkshire Gunner

I’m not part of the wenger out posse no, however I definitely rate Howe, who’s young English and talented, and I can certainly think of worse managers to take over when wenger does leave


What’s being English got to do with it? None of the Premier League’s greatest managers have been English. Couldn’t give a fish’s tit what nationality they were. As long as they fit the bill once Arsene steps aside.

Andy Mack

He seems like a decent guy and a good manager but it’s a bit difficult to know for certain yet.
He’s won nothing at the top level worth talking about and has no CL experience.
So I don’t think he’s qualified for the job yet but in 5+ years time, maybe.


It really is the no call back that makes this strange. I would have loved to have seen him test himself in LaLiga or SerieA as I think those leagues would have taught him a lot. Bournemouth will only be about fitness, not about education


Bye, Jack and don’t come back!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Bye, Alex. Won’t miss you.


(just boosting a little don’t take too seriously) Jack Wilshere is a future Arsenal great and the beating heart of Arsenal FC . He has fought through pain for us, fighting our fight.

Jack Wilshere avenged the Barca losses, he’s the white pit bull. He is… Our king in the North(london)!! King in the north!!! King in the north!!


you suck

Wing Lam

He needs to play regularly for a season and enjoy himself in the process to find his very best again!

Let him be coached and managed by a great young manager in Eddie Howe and he will focused on getting back even better then ever!

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

Yes we can.


At least he’s going to a likeable club with a likeable manager. This is much better than Gnabry to Pulis’s mob, what the hell happened there


I’ll tell you what might have gone on there: 1. Gnabry needed to improve his defensive attributes, ethic and tactics and learn how to defend as team. Pulis’s team is usually the best place to learn these things 2. Gnabry needed to refine his final product. Pulis’s team are very efficient. They have to be as they do not create many chances. The final ball has to right, the movement spot on otherwise the other team shuts your chances down. 3. Gnabry needed to thrive in adversity, to grow mentally and steel himself for future failures. What better way than… Read more »


Are you seriously blaming Gnabry because Pulis, a man on record statistically for giving the LEAST amount of opportunities to academy prospects in his entire career (something like 5 or so), who came out and publicly said Gnabry isn’t PL quality (even though he was playing well in the CL), and even his own coaches came out to defend Gnabry and say it was more of a style fit and “Gnabry likes the ball to feet, whereas Tony is a bit different” (read, hoof ball), as the cause for why the loan deal failed? The fact you’re claiming the final… Read more »


This whole thing is fucking retarted beyond all cunty belief. He’s finally fit. Had a full preseason. Involved in both games so far We’re Arsenal have people forgotten our cunty injury problems we get every year? We want to have a 60 game season we need the options. Especially when everyone starts getting the clap. I think he’s part completely bottled fighting for his place and part is so worried about his England place. I’m just left with an overwhelming sense of anger and sadness. Like finding out your Mrs has been sneaking your brother handjobs when you go for… Read more »


I get the frustration but for me the Joel Campbell loan is more baffling. This loan could also work out well for Jack. He is injury prone himself and he will be the central point of an attacking team playing every single game. He is still young and could come back a more confident, fitter player. Until he sorts his shit out he will never get that consistency at arsenal this year. Maybe a few games here and there but this is not something which will help him a great deal. Ps loved the handjob part of that comment. Made… Read more »

David Hillier's luggage

Any spare places round the table going this Sunday?

Javelin Accident

Coquelin, Xhaka, Elneny, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Ox – plenty of players for the 3 midfield spots.

Good for him to go and get lots of game time.


Apparently, Perez’s best position is playing the Ozil role, so there’s another option for those 3 spots.

David Hillier's luggage

Game time? Is that what we’re calling Sunday roast at Mike’s missus’? 😉

Jack Kelsey

You haven’t seen his missus.


This is kinda his own doing though, no? From all that I’ve seen he insisted on the move, not Arsene or the club. He was pissed that he didn’t get the England call up and was most likely told he no longer was a guaranteed starter at the club (which is fair) – so he chose to get guaranteed minutes rather than sub minutes at Arsenal. I get being pissed but this is all his doing, not the club’s. The fact that the club was willing to part ways was telling, but again, they weren’t the ones that started this… Read more »


Mike, that last paragraph! You really should try opening up a bit more… ?

A Different George

I don’t agree with Mike’s post, but that last paragraph is worthy of Blogs himself.


Does anyone here knows if Arsenal legends v Milan glorie will be broadcast by arsenal player?

David Hillier's luggage

Yup, it is


We are going to regret this when we are 2 or 3 midfield injuries in (which will happen, this is Arsenal..) and we are playing a game every 3 or 4 days.


Not sure about the regret thing, but I believe we’re well covered in the central and holding MF position besides more or less the same numbers in the attacking MF and that too besides Iwobi and The Jeff.

I mean how much is too much.

Hoosier Gunner

For the past few years, Wilshere has been part of the 2 or 3 midfield injuries. Frankly, the number has been more if you include the likes of Arteta recently, Rosicky, Diaby and Ramsey with the regular hamstring issues. We haven’t depended on him so far. Why would we depend on him all of a sudden? Would he be an option, when injuries strike and *if* he is fit? Definitely. Will he be fit when the time comes? We don’t know for sure.


Tbf Arsenal could have kept him for the first half of the season, build his fitness, and then loan out in the January window if he doesn’t get games. However this loan was probably initiated by the player, you can understand that he wants/need to play regularly.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

But playing as a sub or with only occasional starts is unlikely to build his fitness properly. One thing he needs now is the confidence of knowing that he can perform to a high standard week in and week out. Its a big part of recovering from a series of injuries. Occasional games aren’t going to do that for him. Anyway, he’s got a great chance of being a star there and getting back into the England team, and that’s all to the good for when he comes back next season. If he ends up in a relegation battle with… Read more »


Was talking about his physical fitness (aka hitting the gym ,improving his stamina) not match fitness – which I aree with you, he would probably not get at Arsenal if Cazorla and Ramsey are fit. Could probably start ahead of Elneny if had shown form though.


I don’t like how Arseblog are almost making this out like Wilshere is a coward or something. It’s commendable that he wants first team football and it’s good for his progression, especially if he isn’t really being given a chance to play regularly and get that fitness here. He’ll come back more confident, stronger and fitter though I feel he could have done that at Arsenal provided we played him more. It’s good for him but it leaves us a bit weaker, fingers crossed for Ramsey and Cazorla


He’s definitely not a coward – Wilshere is a lot of things but a coward isn’t one of them. And I agree its admirable that he wants to play and get minutes rather than just collect a wage. That said, I do think its a legitimate point that he preferred to go out and get a guaranteed start at a much smaller club rather than battle it out at Arsenal – a club he endlessly professes his immense love for. He knows he leaves the club shorter in options but still pushed for the move because I think his England… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

“Will I play regularly, Arsene? I need to get fit and get my confidence back.”

“I don’t know Jack. I can give you a few sub appearances if we’re ahead in the games, maybe.”

“What about starts?”

“Well Jack, its time for my lunch. Talk to you again next week maybe.”


Would you rather Arsene said, “Hey Jack, well XYZ are really performing, but let’s put you out in the starting 11 Jack, even if its to the detriment of the team, and who cares what message that sends to said performing XYZ, but I’ll guarantee you starts to get your fitness back – if we drop points in the process as you gain fitness, so be it – its about you and not the other 10 people on the pitch or the club” ?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Arseblog isn’t. Some grumpy folks on here are jumping on Jack because they don’t feel he’s as committed to “their” team as they are. They also think they’re better PL managers than Wenger so you’d best just ignore them.


Whats weird is that I agree with you! This is the right decision, I wish he was okay with sub minutes at Arsenal because I don’t want to see him playing elsewhere, but if he demanded it, and if he felt that this is what he needed to become an integral part of the squad again, then so be it! I do wish he stayed and fought it out because I think he could have been a starter for us this season further down the line, such is his talent. But if it didn’t it right with him, god speed… Read more »


And it’s just a loan, not like he put in a transfer request because Sp*rs came knocking…(and we all know what he thinks of them).


This could also be Santi’s last season – he’ll be 32 in December. So getting Jack back for next season with fitness and confidence restored (touch wood) makes some sense.


My thoughts exactly.


I like Jack.
I like Eddie Howe.
Good luck lads!


I’d have preferred a move abroad obviously cuz the tackles don’t come flying in as much as in English football, what good is the loan move for anyone if he gets injured for months again

Jack father

I always believe jack has the potential to play for Arsenal week in week out, it is downs to him now prove his fitness at a club where loves to play good passing football and it will certainly help his game too. Can’t wait to see him comeback stronger than ever. #arsenaldna #forevergooner


I think Toral should be recalled from his loan. Surely he would not have been loaned if it was known that Wilshere would leave, which it clearly was not.


I don’t think it’s a season long loan. We surely can recall him by January end if it looks like we are in crisis and short of experience. But normally it’s a practice to say that it’s a season long loan as when things go well and there are no issues for any parties involved the loan will last till the season ends. We are probably well covered with Zelalem. He just finished his stint in the Scottish league and he will probably get a chance in the cup games. I can’t wait to watch him play. He has got… Read more »


I don’t think there is any option to recall Jack now.

Zelalem I like too.

Just natural with his sense around the pitch, always sees things two steps ahead.

He’s bulked up (grown) a little and had that good stint in Scotland as you mentioned.

Worth keeping around as a 7th option in mid positions. Whoever’s 7th spot won’t play much anyway but worth having in case of inevitable injury crisis.

At least Jack’s taken himself out of that equation.:D


MIssing the point with Jack being around the squad. Not as good for him as for us of course. But yes he is injury prone. However Santi is over 30 and Ramsey also injury prone. Assuming we have 7 senoir players familiar with central positions (I won’t count Ox) Ozil and Ramsey say in advance role Santi and Elneny play link up Granit and Coquelin sit deep. Then there may be Jack too competing for all trades. If we did not have Jack and say two go out to injury (very likely scenario in our case), we are left practically… Read more »

Andy Mack

Iwobi has covered the Ozil role a few time but oddly you didn’t mention him.


Squad is pretty well balanced. CF- Giroud, Perez, (Welbeck) RW – Walcott, Ox LW – Alexis, Iwobi AM – Ozil, Ramsey CM – Santi, Elneny, (Zelalem) DM – Granit, Coquelin RB – Bellerin, Debuchy LB – Monreal, Gibbs CB – Koscielny, (Gabriel) CB – Mustafi, Holding, (Per) Gk – Cech, Ospina, Martinez 25 man squad. (Plus maybe Jeff, Akpom, Bielik) On loan, Calum, Campbell, Jack, Asano Still TBD – Jenko. Not sure what the press are prattling on about as per usual. Seems a very balanced team all things considered and new players brought in at very good price. Granit… Read more »

Craig Baas

Good move for both parties, Jack needs to get a full, injury free season under his belt. Arsenal need to know if he can reach the dizzy heights set in front of him from an early age. I love the guy and hope he turns out star performances for Bournemouth, otherwise I don’t think he will be coming back, and that thought saddens me. Good luck Jack

nigerian rex?

I know right

Smudger's Forehead

Enter The Jeff (Diaby’s young injury free doppleganger)

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