Video: Arsenal 3-0 Chelsea ‘On the whistle’


Ok, maybe it wasn’t on the whistle but who cares? We beat Chelsea 3-0 and here are the thoughts of Gunnerblog as he missed the opening two goals!

Fun fun fun.

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Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

The good news is that the third goal was by far the best. Wengerball supreme a la moutarde.


I disagree. The second goal was the best. Pundits blabbered on about all our goals being on the counter. We worked the ball one touch through traffic to score the second. They stood like wax figures because our passing was so pinpoint and so quick. The system Wenger is employing also confused them with Walcott moving in field to add a second body into the box. They did not know who should track him with Calamity Cahill and Sideshow Bob tied up in knots. It was a surgical move. Don’t get me wrong, I like the third one too on… Read more »

Mein Bergkampf

Nah mate, Theo team goal > Ozil miss hit in my humble opinion.


I just don;t think many understand what Arsene is doing. Many simply think they know better. I put my hands up. I was with others in thinking Alexis would struggle up top. He’s scored 47 in 100 appearances for starters which is one less than Henry in same number of games. But he hasn’t stopped when pushed top. We lose the height, wall passes and power but we play a different approach with Alexis as false 9. I think key to it as well is Walcott has been afforded space to pinch into the middle so effectively we have two… Read more »

Crash Fistfight

Only James would book a flight that landed an hour before kick-off and then try to get through NYC traffic before the match started!

Santi's Smile

Great to hear the shout out for Gibbs. Thought he came on and showed real fire, contributing defensive cover and solid interplay on some attacking moves. Squad depth is a good thing.

Getso gunner

I love that third goal

Gooner GET YA

WOOOOOOP WOOOOOOP THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. Holy shit what a game. Not 1 bad game amongst the Arsenal players. Walcott on the wing terrifying their defence with his pace, Sanchez looking menacing up front. Ozil exposing Kante for the fraud he is. King Koscielny and Mustafi had that good looking bastard Costa in their pockets all game [he was nearly in tears] ha ha ha. strength in depth. Clean sheet. Just what we Gooners needed against one of the bigger teams. Best midfield in the Premier league. Oh yeah what about that tackle from Bellerin??? AWESOME-COYG!!!!!!!!!!