Video: Arsene Wenger post-match interview


Here’s Arsene Wenger’s post-match interview following the 1-1 draw with PSG this evening.

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He never learns. Same mistakes every season. Ridiculous…..Lucky on Saturday and lucky tonight.


How is this disagreed with?

Vincent Kompany/Jamie Vardinho

What was the rationale behind sanchez upfront? Everyone except Wenger knows hes crap up there.

As much as Iwobi is a talent this wasnt the game for him to play.

Should have been sanchez left and ox right.

Giroud up front and bring on Perez later when legs are tiring.


Staying positive we dug deep and fought hard to gain a point away from home. All this talk of PSG being there for the taking is rather exaggerated. Despite the new coach and transitions they have a world class squad and are playing at home.

Our defending was suspect (as per usual) and we’re lucky that their strikers did an Arsenal while Ospina had a blinder. Getting a point from what’s on paper the most difficult match in the group on paper isn’t bad.

Still not sure why Sanchez played as a striker when we had Giroud and Perez.


Exactly my thought, two strikers who can play upfront are on the bench. Why?


Alexis played as a striker because Mr. Wenger wants to turn him into his own personal Aguero.


Ridiculous criticisms over Alexis playing at striker. Because PSG is a top side playing at home, Wenger wanted to catch them on the counter. Giroud would have been absolutely useless for that purpose. Giroud is the guy you bring on when you’ve got lots of possession and are camped in your opponent’s half.

Mario Silva

Funny because during most of the game we had the possession and PSG had its most important chances on the break.


That was mainly in the second half when Arsene forced his team to press high (which is why he brought on Giroud). Wenger didn’t expect to concede after a couple of minutes.


No. In the first half too we had the major share of possession. Major part of the game was played in PSG area.


He surely didn’t figure they would score in the first minute. PSG had more possession in the first half (maybe the second as well? ). Hitting them on the break wasn’t a bad plan.
I disagree though that Giroud is useless for that purpose. He can hold up a long ball and lay it off to a runner pretty damn well. Bottom line, I thought Arsenal would win today but not unhappy with a point away.


Should have played Lucas then. Sanchez was ineffective in every single game he played as CF. We are losing the service of a world class winger when he’s wasted there. There is no reason for playing Sanchez in that postion.

Dr Zearse

Fair point, the starting 11 was set up to play on the counter, and that went out the window after 42 seconds.

But my issue is that Wenger refused to change things sooner. He’s so predictable with his subs. 60mins – Giroud on. 70mins – Xhaka on. After getting battered like that in the first half things should have been changed around at half time.


At the risk of sounding too optimistic we have gotten important results in the last two games without playing our best football and in both instances doing so when coming from behind. We have gotten these results while bedding in new players in very important positions within the spine of the team (CB and striker). We have seen the reemergence of Carzola and Sanchez who has scored twice now. Most all of us before the PSG game started would have happily settled for a draw in Paris against a team that has gone further than Arsenal in Champions league play… Read more »


Looks like his last season with the club is starting off in typical fashion. You’d think he’d consider putting things right.

Johnny blowfish

Wenger is the sole reason why we won’t win the league or Champions League. At this level he is tactically inept.

Every man and his dog knew the starting line up we should have played with. Especially after ‘resting’ players on the weekend.

This squad can compete at the top level. It’s the manager that continually hampers the progress of the club on the pitch.


The issue isnt Alexis as a striker, because he can play there. The issue is the lack of quality around him other than Ozil along with a poor game plan.

I feel like Wenger has no disciple or attention to detail in training. He must just go “play football as slow as you can and enjoy”.




ozil was very poor in the last game…he was not even helping us defensively


Can a journalist please ask Wenger why Coq is playing so high up on the pitch? I know Arseblog had a piece on this but I really want to hear Wenger explain it.


Arsene just knows how to answer the press. Tactical decisions & anticipations are awful just dont understand how a manager at this level with his experience cant comprehend simple football basics


Too bad he doesn’t have you on staff to explain things, everything would be sorted. Easy 3-0 win today.


Leonardo’s expertise in tactics should be limited to when the best time is to drop the sugar cubes into the tea cup, and at which spot to drop it.


Lol… Dont worry you ll understand as the season progresses. We were lucky we got away with this all thanks to cavani

King 14enry

Poor performance overall aside, I can’t help but admire wenger’s trust in our players. Both in the selection of Ospina and believing Giroud. Let’s hope his suspension gets overturned, we were much more dangerous once he came on

Ex-Priest Tobin

Ospina was great. Hope he takes the Chelsea reject’s place.

Mental Strength

I’m not able to make up my mind on whether we missed Theo or not.

Nick nock

As funny as Cavani was, if he had put those chances away, we’d be staring at a real hiding. What in the world should be done to get some consistency out of this Arsenal squad?!


That ospina though…


It’s promising to be a very dismal season for us, once again


They made a meal out of us! Glad they didn’t eat it.
Ooooospins was impressive, coquelin and Ox showed desire. Ozil and Monereal were below par. I don’t understand why Xhaka is being left aside? I wish we had Jacky Boy tonight.


We had 2 shocking players today, ozil and ox. 2 other players brought their b game, monreal and carzola. Did u notice the ox stop running and sulking whenever he lost the ball. He should be dropped ASAP. We were lucky to have agent cavani, could have been embarrassing. That said we need to play players on current form without sentiments, ozil has been awful in the last 2 games, ox since forever and monreal has not been the same player we saw last season. We have a big squad now, use it. Still grateful for the point, maybe it’s… Read more »

215 Arse

I just don’t understand not starting your best team for this match. We were lucky not to have lost by 3 or 4. Same old same old.


You gamble with your most difficult match of the group stage then you go ahead & qualify in 2nd place, you draw the best teams in KO stage you get eliminated. You can actually gamble when you already have the needed points


People are actually defending the first XI he put out? Really? Are you that delusional. He got it all wrong yesterday and we got the draw no thanks to him. It was thanks to Cavani being piss poor and Ospina having to save us. And these things won’t happen every game.


why are people surprised? 4th place is our target again and we were extremely lucky to finish 2nd last season

Scott Weldon

I nearly turned the television off when I saw the team sheet [my heart sank into my stomach]. What has happened to Xhaka? The perfect games for him to start last night and on Saturday after a top performance against Watford and he’s on the bench for both? I understand Sanchez playing up front for his pace but that’s what we bought Perez for?. Ox had another nightmare [that’s x 4 games now] so Sanchez on the right and Perez up front surely??? I feel so strongly that this season we have the right foundations for the league or champions… Read more »


Hell yeah, amen brother. Felt the same way, thought about not watching the game any more at half time.

And, Giroud needs to calm down, it looks like his ego is growing instead of him being smarter with age. He acts like a spoilt brat, on the level of Ronaldo, just without half his talent. Showing such open disrespect to the ref can only bring you trouble, and you will get harsher decisions as opposed to showing respect, focusing on your game and how to help your team, which will even bring you leniency in some situations. Basic human nature.

Scott Weldon

Good point If he just kept his head down and worked his butt off even when having a bad game the Arsenal faithful would love him but sulking and tantrums have spoilt his legacy here. And like you say the refs aren’t putting up with that kind of crap anymore and rightly so. Mr Wenger needs to take him to one side in training and explain to him in whichever language he will listen to, to stop his 8 year old LITTLE BOY behaviour immediately if not before 😀


Ospina had a good game but I would take Cech over him any day of the week. His saves look really good because he jumps in the air and makes the saves theatrically. Most of his saves where shots directed at him. The one where he pushed the ball with his finger tips was world-class I must admit. I am glad he had a great game, but Wenger really needs to do something! Even in the Southampton game there was this continuous unease that we could concede at any moment. I love Wenger and what he has done but arsenal… Read more »