Wenger: Best shag ever*


*He didn’t actually say this.


Arsene Wenger says Arsenal produced a near perfect first half as goals from Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil secured a 3-0 win over Chelsea at the Emirates.

The Gunners were in rampant form in the opening 45 minutes as they overawed Antonio Conte’s Blues and should have further increased their advantage in the second half.

Reflecting on a satisfying victory, Wenger noted: “I feel, especially in the first half, we wanted to play with high pace, put them under pressure, play at a very high collective connection and speed of passing – it worked quite well.

“It’s one of those moments in your life as a manager where you think ‘today is a great day’. In the first half, I think it was nearly perfect. In the second half it was a bit in-and-out but in the first half, we have shown great quality. We played with style, with pace, with movement – and that’s the kind of football we want to play.”

On why his side delivered the goods today, Wenger added: “I felt that in the last three weeks, our team was on the way up. Today was a good test for us to see if that’s real, if we could continue to move upwards. Would Chelsea stop our progression? Overall the quality of our performance today confirmed that we are on the way up. From the goalkeeper to the centre forward, today you cannot fault any performance. Now let’s continue to improve. There’s still room for improvement. Let’s show as well that we can defend together the style of football we want to play.

“Would Chelsea stop our progression? Overall the quality of our performance today confirmed that we are on the way up. From the goalkeeper to the centre forward, today you cannot fault any performance. Now let’s continue to improve. There’s still room for improvement. Let’s show as well that we can defend together the style of football we want to play.”

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top top top quality.


All you had to do was follow the damn train…


Excellent GTA reference my friend


Definitely the best shag ever but it might be the last shag we get for a while… It seems we’ve lost our Coq


He went a bit limp …


I’m loving that blogs is on the east coast. News articles at 10 pm!


Don’t describe it like that! The best shag ever is invariably followed by a forgettable one.


Not if she feels the same way! It’s followed by repeat performances.


Absolutely not in my experience. Just sayin. 😉

Johnny B.

There’s always Southampton away on the cold rainy night…

Well done The Boss, very happy for you Sir


Consistency is all that is required now….wasnt that display beautiful….our type of ball we have come to love.

Cliff Bastin

Special shout out to Xhaka. Remember when we had NO replacement for Coq and just had to pray he never got injured? *shudders*.


Also a special shout out for Francis. He was having a blinder before he unfortunately went off. That midfield breakout technique was sublime for a ‘combative defensive midfielder’ Let’s hope for the best, as having that depth and his determination is a phenomenal boost!


Granite for coq….


Remember when we had no Coq? When the most realistic option seemed to be to lure Gilberto out of retirement… Bright lights ahead


Forgive the ignorance, but why are the fans “booing” Xhaka when he is on the ball, just like Costa?
I assume it is a friendly boo, something like boom-Xhaka-laka!


They are shouting shoot… Basically after his two long range goals last week in league and cup

Willy Wonka

They don’t actually boo him. It might perhaps sound like it in the television. However, they are shouting “shoooot!!” because of his stunning shooting ability!

Just had to let you know, as our fans would never boo a player with an alternative shoot once in a while 😉


The crowd weren’t booing, they were telling him to shoot!!


And it needs to stop. It was fun at first but now it has become counterproductive for the team.


The way he skyed that shot late in the game he obviously agrees. Perhaps he was just trolling us. Personally I love the fact that were occasionally taking a potshot from range, keeps opposition on their toes. Even Santi managed to get one on target!


Probably the best thing was for him to miss, his stats if something like 4 goals from 140 distance shots show we’ve been spoilt so far. At least it gives defenders something to worry about though.


They werent booing. They were saying “Shoooot”.

yaya sanogo's wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube legs

what does a friendly boo sound like? just curious.


Hello. Im john cunt-face terry. Please thumbed me down

Xhaka's boombox

Sure. My pleasure


I lost my voice screaming last night.Never shouted this loud for years. I was in a Chelsea pub, largely outnumbered, but still the loudest voice around. Great to have this Chelsea monkey off our backs. This is more than a 3-0 rout. We, for once, got over our eternal misery against them and sent a strong message!


Dammit. i was really hoping he actually said this 🙁

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Conte was later heard to say, “Yes, I heard that “best shag ever” quote, and Wenger was right, they tore us a new one, and we’re well and truly f*cked. Costa was crying in the showers because he’s finally lost his cherry to Arsenal, so I whipped his arse with a wet towel, useless bastard.”


It was lovely to watch Costa being Kostafied !


Anyone else still thinking about ozil swivelling on the spot and then playing a 1-2 with Sanchez….


I also loved the part where he slid back and nicked the ball of Konte dillydallying in midfield. Özil was up for it and it was beautiful.

Winterburn 87

I believed in him..his Coq got injured right? ? Definitely the best ever


To be frank, this had been exactly the same wenger’s tactics versus Chelsea for the past few games…..we just haven’t had the right players to make it work or our players are off form or we are hindered by red cards.


I’d like to see three things continue as they did yesterday;
1. Theo’s performances
2. The Emirates crowd with the best atmosphere in a long time
3. Iwobi producing the goods and improving every game
Not getting carried away but haven’t felt good about our chances in a while now. Feels like we’ve got great depth, Mustafi, Xhaka and Perez is exactly what we needed and so far they’re coping very well.


It’s so good that the last paragraph needs to be twice.


let us laugh at chelsit ha ha ha ha ha hah hah ahahahahhahahahahah




You lucky lucky bastard! My wife leaves the room when the match starts. She hates football.


My wife loves Arsenal as much as I do. I am truly blessed.


and Gibbs


“Damn it feels good to be a gangster” – Wenger

Down with this sort of thing.

The joy the pure fucking joy !


Too much shagging.. Coq got injured.

Still… Best thing ever!


HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH This is the best comment on this page


When the Coq gets injured, get a Granite replacement. Best shaggy ever!


Shag. Autocorrect hates me these days.


Hope Xhaka starts again his old club Basel in Champions League next week. COYG!

Make mine a Swiss miss

Think Xhaka will start and maybe Gibbs to give Nacho a break but I hope not too many changes as they are a fair side.
Anyways, for now I’ll just think of how miserable costa’s Sunday is and how happy mine is 🙂


What a sublime performance. If arsene wengers side continue with performances like this then we will be hoping that arsene never retires

Bob Davis

I saw Wenger’s reaction when we scored the first goal! He really enjoyed it. Could be something brewing this team. Each game the players are gaining confidence. Long may it continue! COYG!

Frank Bascombe

Good Old Arsenal.

Bern pero

I believe I saw Theo chasing back and tackling !! Wonders will never cease!


And it turned me on. Especially that Belerin last ditch tackle, it made me come hard

Juan Cornetto

I love that he said the exact same thing twice in a row there. What a legend Arsene is.


A bit ” in and out” clockwork orange style, eh ? ?

Dan Leo

Theo is like a new signing. He is quick and defended well too.


The headline is a bit rich coming from someone who cries about clickbait all the time.


Did you click on it because of the word shag?


Surely this was a joke. No need for the down thumbs. I thought it was funny.


I wonder if many people search Wenger best shag ever


Nothing can stop us we on the way up!


You know it’s your best ever shag…when your Coq gets injured but you still keep on going.

Sam Mirage

That epic, intense, fast paced shag. Your Coq gets injured in the process. But you couldn’t be arsed to feel the pain.
Get well soon Coq. We’ve got more shagging to do soon.


Fabulous performance, Iwobi not getting much praise for his hard work in attack and defence, Walcott is like a new player, belerin’s tackle unreal, kos showing how to get revenge on that knacker, pure class. Can’t seem to get any better but still only 3 points, no trophies in September. Consistency of effort and this can become another great arsenal team.you see we are not hard to please as football fans. Thank you Mr Wenger.

gunnerfan ov crystal palace

Looking at that leap up the table arsenal fc repeat shagged a few clubs haha in that setting gd game


Best shag ever after Wenger Pulled his Coq out and we made a mess of their back line

Up The Arse!


Wenger added: “I felt that in the last three weeks, our team was on the way up.

“Nothing can stop us, WE ON THE WAY UP….ALL THE WAY UP”


We fucked our way to the top #COYG


We allways have like 10 game win streaks and patches of greatness every season, the trick is to get more consistently good spells but also manage to bag the 3 points even when we are not playing very well like Champions do.

Looking good right now and long may it last 🙂


The injuries derailed us last season … we have much better depth now but we will still need a bit of luck.

Frank Bascombe

Oh right, that’s how it works then? Thanks for that.

Evang. Femi

Just like the moment When your bank tells you ‘thank you for banking with us’


🙂 I’m allowed to start getting excited right?