Thursday, July 7, 2022

Wenger: I understand why the fans love Theo

Arsene Wenger says the Arsenal fans will continue their newfound love affair with Theo Walcott so long as the attacked continues to show the same attitude on and off the pitch.

The 27-year-old has scored five goals in seven games this season, regained his England place and been praised in all quarters for his disciplined defensive work – a stark contrast to a torrid last campaign when he spent a lot of time on the subs bench.

Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Turf Moor, the boss praised Walcott’s willingness to work hard.

“I think Walcott has added something to his game. First with a big resolution before the season started to put big effort into his preparation and he has transferred that now into the game. When he plays like that I understand why the fans love him because I do as well.

“What the fans want is total commitment and after they forgive you. They understand as well that you cannot score in every game two or three goals. As long as he has this kind of attitude they will love him.”

In the absence of the injured Olivier Giroud, Walcott will likely start Sunday’s game to the right of Alexis with Alex Iwobi featuring off the left. It’s a combination that has plundered nine goals in three games against Hull, Chelsea and Basel.

It’s going to be tough to maintain that record, something the boss touched on by stressing the need for focus.

“I believe that [we must] go into the game with the same commitment, the same focus as we have in the recent games,” said Wenger.

“The danger from Burnley comes from the fact they are very efficient in some aspects of their game, they are very well organised defensively, they don’t concede goals at home. They’ve shown that against Liverpool and against Watford. They are very dangerous on set pieces and on counter-attacks, so we have to prepare well.”

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Ponsonby gooner

Czech back in for ospina then, no other changes?


wouldnt imagine so. never known Wenger to make changes when he doesn’t need to. also players that have performed well need to be rewarded with starts, only way to keep everyone motivated.




Well, he is Czech.


Should’ve been’ Czech in for Colombian ‘ in that case, right?


Splitting hair !!!


Burnley’s home record is very good over the last 17 matches. and versus Liverpool, Burnley’s 19.4 per cent possession was the lowest total by a winning side in the Premier League since the statistic was first recorded in the 2003-04 season.

So could be a tough one.


Pool’s defence is gash so scoring against them is no big deal. Allowing a team with the quality of Arsenal that much possession certainly spells doom for any team. It’s one thing having Henderson as your pivot, but entirely different having a Santi or Xhaka in same role.

Let’s not even bring in Sanchez to the equation…


We must avoid complacency (a danger clearly recognised by Arsene). How many times have we come back from a good European, or top of the league performance, only to be frustrated by so called inferior opposition. I’m hoping for a dominant performance, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was one of those games where we struggle to break through a packed and organised defence, looking to bully us physically,disrupt our rhythm and catch us on the break. Hopefully, this season we can respond to such tactics COYG !


I don’t know, at the moment most teams don’t seem to be able to live with our attack. Defending in numbers doesn’t seem to do them much good.


Also the counter attacks are not having much luck getting through our new defence


Which is nice for us 🙂

Granit(e) hard!

Right on the money Arsene. As long as he keeps up this newly found dedication and high work rate, we fans will love him for sure. The ‘hate’ was never personal, it was always about his performance on the pitch, especially where players that the whole fan base (and critics) perceive to be more hard working were being kept out of the 1st 11, obviously to accommodate him, and he wasn’t delivering


And when he jumped that tackle. It’s. True. Sanchez works so hard, that when he has a terrible game and gives it away time after time, you know it’s just a glitch and at least he tried 100%. Form is temporary.think theo saw that and thought at least give it a go.


Whatever it was you told him Arsene, I beg you, keep repeating it daily during trainings. In fact, I’ll go a step further and offer to burn it on a CD to be played on continuous loop.

With the way he’s being kept on the bench salivating, I pity the poor team that gets to face Lucas Perez unleashed

Arsene's Accountant

What’s a CD?


Compact Disc.

Some of us are relatively old school you know 🙂


Get with the times, it’s all about the vinyl now, that way his mantra will be accompanied by a satisfying crackle and hiss.


Central Defender


Complete Disaster – like appointing Alardice as England manager..


Turf Moor really sounds like a place Gandalf would hang out and smoke pot at.

Ex-Priest Tobin

We all know Theo has these phases. In a couple of months he’ll be shite again.

Godfrey Twatschloch

That’s been the trajectory so far but fingers crossed it’s different this time.

Andy Mack

His ‘Shite’ phases tend to be after he’s come back from an injury.
So finger crossed he doesn’t get injured.


Support the team man! Theo rightly deserves praise right now, he’s working his ass off without the ball (and scoring) which is what many fans have wanted.


Fans got to get a little smarter. Before you think of criticising the Ox, think of Walcott (or Ramsey) Instead of getting on the backs of our developing players, support them. They will get good. INstead of saying Coquelin or Campbell will never be Arsenal material, remember that you don’t know everything and that Wenger has turned players around before. Or that he has also developed players into new positions with great success with Henry, RVP, Arteta, Santi, Kolo Toure and now Alexis. What do you really know? A bit of humility maybe? Instead of saying RIP Per, realise there… Read more »

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