Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Wenger laughs off Mourinho ‘break his face’ story

Arsene Wenger has laughed off suggestions that Jose Mourinho would like to ‘break his face’.

The alleged reaction is reported by journalist Rob Beasley in his new book about the Portuguese and was apparently provoked by comments the Frenchman made about Chelsea selling Juan Mata in January 2014.

Beasley recounts Mourinho telling him: “When Mr Wenger criticises Chelsea and Man United over the deal with Mata… I will find him one day outside a football pitch and I will break his face.”

With the story leaked just hours before Wenger’s pre-Chelsea press conference, the boss was always going to be asked about it.

Trying not to laugh, he replied: “I haven’t read the book and certainly will not read it.

“I cannot comment on that. I talk about football and that’s all I do. I’m not in a destructive mode, ever. I’m more constructive. I can’t comment on that. I talk about tomorrow’s game.

“Look I do not want to especially comment. I have no personal problem with anybody, I respect everybody in our game and I don’t feel I comment a lot on other teams. Sometimes I just say what I think, but that is part of the way I am.

Asked a second time about the story, he added, this time unable to stop himself laughing:

“What is amazing is that this has nothing to do with our game tomorrow. I personally am just focused on doing well my job and respecting everybody else.”

He then teased the assembled journalists with the possibility of one day penning his own explosive tome.

“I will maybe make a book one day, but I’m not ready for that today.”

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Perfect response from the boss – pure class as ever.

how good would it be for Maureen to go into meltdown again at united? Please let it happen!


The ingredients already seem to be there, sidelining senior players, exposing players in any loss, complaining about refs, talking like a school girl about lady luck!


He’s such a consistent prick it’s admirable.

Well, no. I refuse that anything about him is admirable. Even that.


And United play Leicester this weekend. It could get ugly sooner rather than later.


Lets hope they loose AGAIN !!!!

chippy's chip

Yeah hopefully Ranieri can do some damage and soften him up for Wenger to finish him off the feckin cunt.

Kampala gooner

If u recollect the happenings on the day depicted in the picture above it seemed like Maureen was about to be bitch slapped. Wonder where the talk of breaking someones face comes from and how it will come to pass.


I love it when Wenger laughs/ chuckles… Very naughty feel to it. Seriously, he hides his emotions when it comes to Mourinho. But this time, he was joyous! And that is bound to frustrate someone even more… And Papyrus loves it!

David C


Mourinho is all bite, no bark. Wenger has the amazing reach advantage anyway and a better temperament. No contest, Wenger wins this fight. Mourinho will complain after that his suit was too tight to fight or the lunch-lady in the cafeteria got his prefight meal all wrong.

I actually miss Sir Alex and his verbal jousting with Wenger. Mourinho has no class and you really can’t respect him at all despite his past successes.


He probably laughs, because while he was in Japan, he was getting all Bruce Lee on people’s ass.

Bring it, Maureen!


He can get the sack after 10 more loses, Rooney is dropped, Ibra has irritated the entire dressing room and Manure are in relegation battle with Stoke. #COYG


Wenger always goes on about consistency and how difficult it is,
But you’ve got to admire Jose, being such an uber cunt for such a long time requires character and mental strength.
Long may this spiral continue.


Only way to respond is on the pitch tomorrow against Chelsea as by the time we play United mourinho probably would have been sacked by then.

If I ever see that scumbag I’d smash his face then sleep with his wife or daughter, or his son’s girlfriend. Maybe even his mum who knows.


José Mourinho is not one out of the bottle.

José Mourinho is a troll.

I think he’s a special troll.

El Blondo

Maureen is a classless **** and let’s be realistic here…Wenger would absolutely destroy him in a ‘fight club’ style one on one – he looks in great shape & has a far superior reach advantage!


I can’t wait till Maureen gets sacked by Man Utd

Cliff Bastin

Noooo please let him stay there forever and sign Harry Kane for 200mil pounds and blame him for breathing with his mouth open.


Probably just blame him for breathing..


Man who cant keep any job for 20 months hates man who has kept job for 20 years.

No surprises there.


“I haven’t read the book and certainly will not read it, because Mourinho is a complete twat.”

Paraphrasing just a little…

Bennis Dergkamp

Gotta love Arsene.

Granit(e) hard!

Always a Class act!….Sayings of the wise “Silence is the best answer for a fool”


Mourinho’s lost it.
He’ll have alienated himself from his squad completely way before xmas.
Out of a job by the end of May.
Hopefully never to be seen or heard from again.


Ah man. I’d love to see Mourinho found out and sacked with no big clubs to go to, so ends up at some shitty small-time club, fail and be found out even more.


Can’t wait for that book.

That Guy

And people, even Arsenal fans, actually admire Mourinho. The guy is a pure psychopath, a very disturbed man. Fuck him and his current club.


This post does not have enough tumb ups.
Come on people fix it.

Red Ed

“Fuck him and his current club”. And his previous club. And the one before that.

Godfrey Twatschloch

And any future club deluded enough to employ him.


He will be managing aging stars in China before too long for mega money.
Hopefully he stays away from MLS, as Mourinho is on my list… along with Dick Cheney and Phil Collins.


I can say with near utmost certainty that were Arsene to release a book it would be the best ever written by someone in sports.
.. And not even just for finally finding out what the bloody hell that chu young park deal was about.
I really lost patience with him at the beginning of the season, and- like many- fell foul of the kind of knee jerk reactions I usually try to avoid post-Liverpool. But what a man he is. Anyone reckon one of the stands may be named after him? Surely the least he deserves.


Why not the stadium itself? The Wenger has a nice ring to it. When does our Emirates naming deal run out?


I reckon calling it the Arsene stadium will be more fitting.

Then each stand can be called;

North Arse, West Arse, East Arse and Clock Arse!


The Wengerbowl?


Which end is the arsend?


The end where chelsea and spu*s fans sit when they visit.


The one in the direction of Shite Fart Stain



A Gorilla

He’s a class act. The least he deserves is the backing of the club’s supporters. I think a stand is a bit much, and not really something that Wenger would want. A Chapman stand would be more appropriate before we think about naming one after Wenger.


I’d personally name the stadium after him, but too many fans would go mad but he deserves no less.


I can’t wait for this to be twisted, and in an hours time put to Mourinho….and see it twist him up inside and explode into a rage…”What do you mean he had nothing to say!” That twat is an absolute joke. I can’t stand him. You would think a guy that is presumed very intelligent, doesn’t take what is said to him with a pinch of salt and actually read Arsene Wenger comments, as actually he is very neutral about anything and doesn’t comment on particular clubs and situations. He creates his own image as a cunt, by actually acting… Read more »


Sky already trying to… “Wenger: I won’t read Mourinho book” , at least trying enough to get something so that they as can ask for reaction.

Andy Mack

We have the same problem with ‘fans’ only reading the bits the newspapers want to repeat, but instead of finding out the whole story they go into meltdown on half a comment without knowing the context.


How dare you say we have a problem, I’m gonna smash your face…


Mourinho is like a obsessed teenage girl with a Diary. Classless Twat. He’s going to get what he deserves very soon.


The hell with those classless teenage bitches! ???


Wenger can hold off that Manchester cunt at arm’s length, because that cunt is shorter.

Godfrey Twatschloch

He’s not a Manchester cunt. He’s a mercenary cunt.

Hank Scorpio

rob beasley is a dicksplash.
as is mourinho. obviously.


I look at Mourinho and i see a bloke who is barely clinging onto his sanity. He’s so paranoid that even if someone was really, actually against him, he wouldn’t notice.


That is probably the best description of him I have read.

Lord Nicki B

Dear Diary,

Arsene made me look like a right twat in his presser today. The only way I can get some sleep is remembering the fact that John Terry is a bigger twat than me.

Also, let me know how to get Pogba to work. I’m betting it’s all Arsene’s fault and there’s a conspiracy against me.

Note to self : Come up with new excuse after next loss. Or act like it was all the team’s fault for the losing streak if I win.

Jose ‘My mom thinks I’m cool’ Mourinho


Is this a prayer or a diary entry? how is the diary going to help with Mourinho with Pogba’s form?


Now you are asking logical questions and in Mourinho’s context they are never logical.


Here come the “WENGER: MOURINHO IS DESTRUCTIVE” headlines


You could work for the Daily Mail as a sub-editor.

Godfrey Twatschloch

“I have no personal problem with anybody, I respect everybody in our game.”

Except Mourinho!


I love the fact Arsene doesn’t even say his name.

Godfrey Twatschloch
Antispuds returns

Don’t be too harsh on Maureen. The guy suffers from a pathological illness presenting unhealthy negative attachment to fellow managers. He is obsessed with Wenger which is understandable. If i was him I will self refer to the community mental health team, get few CBT session and that will be fixed. But the guy is also a twat so he won’t do that


Can we make a chant for murinho obsession with wenger, I think that would be brilliant sticking into him now when he is in crying mode and losing for 3 games in a row.

Fat Tony

Arsene’s on fire, Mourinho is terrified.. na na na na na na na na na na na na



Andy Mack

I’d prefer him to write a book but he can make it as well if that makes him happy…

Godfrey Twatschloch

Should have stayed with Chelsea. Why did he ever leave? Oh that’s it. They booted him out for being responsible for what must be the longest losing streak in the clubs history. Yes that’s it, I remember now. It’s not that he left, they showed him the door for being shit at his job. Maybe if he’d given it more attention instead of gobbing off all the time he wouldn’t have become such a failure.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Mourinho quite obviously lies awake at night thinking about Arsène Wenger. What a sad, warped, contemptuous little cretin the man is. Not to mention the fact that if he really wants to break our manager’s face, he’s got to get through a few hundred million Arsenal fans first.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Maybe a job for Stewart Robson’s therapist? Any chance of you healing his traumas?

Stewart Robson's therapist

Lost cause. Having him put to sleep would be the kindest thing.

Psycho Gooooner

I will break Mourhino’s face ?


The story, if true, just lends more credibility to the argument that many of us have been making. Mourinho hates the stability and respect Wenger commands, and could not stand the fact that Cech was sold against his wishes while Wenger has almost absolute power.
By the way, am I the only one who found it ironic that Mourinho said he could develop young players like AOC/TW better?

That Guy

Well, he developed Robben and some dudes who has never played for him. Oh, wait….


Mourinho is childish,jealousy of
Mr”wenger”and too excited,he can’t
eeven handle success,his days are
numbered with United,a real pshycopath,please take him to a pshycatrick hospital before it’s too late!he has no friends,he is a
a real native with a basket mouth
even the women selling fish in
the market,are better than mourinho.

The Doff

What’s wrong with the women selling fish in the market? 🙁


It was the fish wife all along.
We know all your secrets.


U could v just end it with the basket mouth thing.


I can’t decide if this is a terrible comment or a brilliant poem.


Mourinho can’t stand the respect Wenger gets which will only multiply once he retires from the game. By which time Mourinho will have burnt further bridges and left another club with his ‘scorched earth’ policy.

Wenger would drop him !


Specialist at getting sacked! you gotta love this guy, He almost doesn’t disappoint.

Ancient Gooner

Arsene Wenger is a highly intelligent man who will not rise to the bait of negative personal comments . After 20 years at a club irrespective of views as to his footballing prowess,you have to respect his ability to downgrade idle threats and chatter. He is totally focussed on football. All other extraneous activities has little or no impact on him personally; as so often expressed by him.
I wish him and his players well tomorrow. Let your footballing skills do the talking on the pitch.
Come on Gunners play for your Manager et al and fans.


Mourinho can’t develop sh*t. He has left near enough every team in a worse position. A selfish manager who has spent 1 billion – the most in world football.

Wenger has created a legacy, while Mourinho’s era/accomplishments have already been forgotten down at the Bridge.

Victoria Concordia via Gaborone

Forgotten???….much as I respect Wenger, his accomplishments have long been forgotten….Mourinho has had much more recent success….as much of a prick as he is

Godfrey Twatschloch

Mourinho’s a cunt. He’ll be right up there with other cunts in history. People like Stalin, Hitler, Savile and Costa.

Patrik Ljungberg

That was too much.

Godfrey Twatschloch

I apologise for any offense cause by mentioning Costa.

Andy Mack

Their CL Win is a legacy from a different manager. The other wins (PL, FA Cup and TinPot Cup) are just repeating what others have done before. Add to this that accomplishments aren’t completely measured by trophies. Whether you consider keeping the team in the top 4 whilst moving stadiums or not is your choice but most clubs that do move usually rattle round the bottom of the table (or get relegated) for a few years, and that’s when they don’t have the same issues about funding the cost from the team. Similarly, to have brought through a constant stream… Read more »

Andy Mack

Should say ‘Lack of trophies beyond the 2 FA Cups in’ etc

Godfrey Twatschloch

Lowering the tone, I know, but an important distinction to make as well is the fact that Wenger at 66 never was and never will be a cunt whereas Mourinho at 53 have accumulated enough cuntishness to last as many lifetimes as he has seen years on this earth.

And he’s a shit manager.


This guy has just discovered whole another level of thundercuntistry.

I actually kinda feel for him.
You see i am an altruist and that guy needs love and care. Sad that he’s still staying in football. Can’t wait for United to sack him and deport him to some sanitarium in the carribean!

Shaka Zulu

Wenger please try to beat chelsea for once

Andy Mack

We’ve done it many times before, although not recently.

AKB(Not the one your thinking of)

to be fair, it’s been too long, it almost feels like an eternity ago


As Man U fans once sang: “Fuck you Mourinho, you son of a bitch”.


So am I the only one who first read this as “Wenger laughs his face off at Mourinho”?


Totally agree with all of the comments on here, you might be frustrated with our boss at times (I freely admit I’m one of them!) but he has class and dignity, two traits Mourinho will never have.

Mourinho’s constant bad mouthing of Arsene is quite telling, no matter what he has done in the past or in the future Mourinho knows he’ll never have the love & respect of fans or fellow pro’s like Arsene has, and it totally burns him.

I cannot wait for this prick to be sacked at United, it will be hilarious.


It quite awkward and disrespectful, for a man of mouriho’s intergrety to have used such word to mr wenger. Never the less malice between them, he ought to have learn how to control his speech.

Gooner Bill

I’ve never been embarrassed for someone I loathe before but this is cringe-worthy from Jose. This is like a quote from an angry adolescent. He’s lost the plot… and i LOVE IT!

chippy's chip

Thumb me down all you want but im gunna say it because it must be true. I know some will find it very hard to believe but MOURINHO IS A BIGGER CUNT THAN JOHN TERRY!! Hear me out, Terrys cuntishness is nearly over but the moron is in his prime cunty years the absolute utter feckin cunt!!!!!


I don’t believe I have ever hated any manager/coach in any sport more than I hate Mourinho. He is an absolute pompous asshole. Calls himself “The Special One”. What shit. Blames everyone but himself when his team loses. But when they win, it’s all because of him. I am actually contemplating spending $2500 for two tickets through Hospitality for the May 6th game with Man United because as a Red Member from the U.S. I would never be able to get a ticket for that game. May 6th is my birthday, and there could be no better birthday gift for… Read more »


I wish you all the best for your 69th birthday. Sadly, though, you won’t get to see Arsene beat Moronho because Moronho will have been sacked by then. But enjoy Arsenal’s title-clinching victory on that day anyway!


Knowing Maureen had already been sacked by then will definitely be good enough along with our trashing of ManU on that day.


Evening Standard front page ‘Wenger throws book at Jose.’
The press. Lying Sensationalists.
They love Mourinho.

Juan Cornetto

Special once.


Mourinho at december 2016: I really miss Inter, the fans loved me, blah blah blah


This has been one of the most enjoyable read ever. I read every comment – some twice


All right…I know the last time I confronted him he pushed me over, and then I called him a specialist in failure just before my team collapsed and I got the sack, but the next time, ooh the next time I’m really going to break his face.

If you say so, special one.

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