Monday, July 4, 2022

Wenger reveals latest team news ahead of Burnley

Arsene Wenger has revealed the latest team news ahead of Sunday’s Premier League clash of Burnley.

After the midweek win over FC Basel in the Champions League there don’t appear to be any casualties, and there was some good news regarding Francis Coquelin who injured his knee against Chelsea last weekend.

“Coquelin is looking much better than expected, he’ll have a test today but I still think he’ll be short for Sunday,” said the manager. “His medial ligament was not damaged, but we have to be cautious.

“We have plenty of games coming up.”

Olivier Giroud remains sidelined with his toe injury, while Aaron Ramsey is still recuperating from the hamstring injury that caused Wales manager Chris Coleman to question Arsenal’s methods.

However, Wenger said his return is relatively imminent. “He should be available after the international break,” he said.

Listen to today’s Arsecast, chatting Walcott, Wenger 20, and more.

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“Olivier Giroud remains sidelined with his toe injury”

What the actual fuck?

sixteen swans over ainola

Three first team injuries and bizarrely we’re not impacted in the way we’ve been in past seasons.

Again with the “What the actual fuck?”


I’ve had a weird toe injury before, wasn’t broken but felt like it! Didn’t stop me playing. Though, but it didn’t feel good for months!


Didnt stop you playing at which Premier League club? How can an injury to your toe NOT stop you playing?. The name of the game is FOOTball.


Dawn… Dawn.. Dawn.. you clearly have no knowledge of playing the game at any decent started.

I play county league football, and the last 6 games in a row I’ve had the same toe trodden on and it’s now black as its filled with blood, and it’s so fucking painful I can barely walk.

So, yes, a toe injury can be a real problem because you strike a ball with the bottom half of your foot, not the whole thing. If you did that you’d loaf the ball into the air every time you had a pop at goal.


I remember a similar injury sidlined rvp fot months

SA Gooner

Yeah I remember that too, although if I’m not mistaken, Arsene mentioned that RVP’s problem was exacerbated by his total absence of a spine.


Can I like this comment 15 times?


Pretty sure that van Persie’s injury was to the bones in the top of the foot, not the toe.
That said, foot injuries are weird and often leave your door swollen to prevent shoes fitting properly, which could present a problem.


Yeah well this our coq not the p***y


Coq injuries are bad too …


It’s a very common injury in football. Due to the nature of the game toes are regularly involved. I’m unsure why it’s such a shock to you that a toe injury can occur in a game called FOOTball.


Look up “turf toe”…I’ve had it before and it’s a f*kcin bitch to recover from. Feels fine one day, and then after a game suddenly unable to walk on it again.


I had that from playing tennis. Took about 2 months to recover!


Giroud must have a relatively small toe for his big size

Mustapha Kacka

Which toe ? I gots ta know ?


Oh no!

Finsbury Park Gooner

*Toe no!


Toe woe


Toe no go.


Yaya Toe-no-go?

Psycho Gooner

You have my attention. Yeah.


Giroud would have only made the bench anyway, and for a nice change we have cover for him and the others that are out


AW confided in you about team selection then? He was missed in the box on Wednesday.

Granit(e) hard!

Honestly, when the news of this injury first broke, i thought it was just PR bull from Arsene and that he is just being benched because prior to that, Arsene said he was on the bench because he was “still short of fitness” and yet he went away and played fully in all the last internationals, looking completely fit (imo)….Now however, I think this injury is for real because he didn’t even make the bench in the last 2 games?, and also wasn’t called up for the upcoming internationals by France, in which case, I wish him a speedy recovery.… Read more »


Giroud has played between the toe injury and today so I doubt he’s still sidelined for it.

Mustapha Kacka

Never liked soft tissue! Love a sheet of Izal “Now wash your hands” tissue Never ever had a toe problem using that !


You could see him limping after a shot when he came on as a sub, he wasn’t moving as well as normal…


My guess is Wenger will stick with the same squad (with only Cech coming back in) from Wednesday, but would like to see Perez and Elneny get into the lineup at some point (or if not starting then a bit earlier in the second half). Once players that are injured return then neither will get much of an opportunity to play. There may be a time when we need to call upon Perez and as much work as he get now would be to the squad’s benefit.


If Alexis is fine, everything is fine

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