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Wilshere confident Bournemouth is the best choice

Jack Wilshere says he’s sure a season at Bournemouth is the right choice for him after he was surprisingly allowed leave Arsenal on loan yesterday.

The 24 midfielder has struggled with injury in the past but after a good pre-season he featured in both the 0-0 draw with Leicester and the 3-1 win over Watford. Chances are he would have played some part against Liverpool if it weren’t for injuries to Aaron Ramsey and Alex Iwobi.

However, he felt he needed to play more regularly and has chosen to join Eddie Howe’s side for the 2016-17 campaign.

“I had a good chat with the manager and feel sure this is the best place for me to play and develop this season,” he said via a statement on his Twitter account.

“I would like to thank everyone at the club for making me feel so welcome. I am looking forward to working hard every day with the coaching staff and my new team-mates to help the club achieve success on the pitch.”

The Bournemouth boss is hoping the arrival of the England international can bring a new dimension to his team.

“Jack is obviously out there on his own with his profile and what we’ve attracted before, it’s a good deal and one that can work for both sides,” he said.

“He can complement our style of play and maybe add that missing piece to the jigsaw.”

We’re yet to get any insight on this from an Arsenal point of view, and it will be interesting to hear what Arsene Wenger’s rationale for the deal was.

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Putney S.

I’m curious what position Bournemouth will play him in. In the Euro qualifications when he had a lot of success with 6 out of 7 MOTM appearances he played in a deeper midfield role that AW never trusted him in.


I never watch any Bournemouth matches.
But I think I will start to watch some of them now

Bob Davis

He’s with an up and coming manager. If he plays well they’ll build a team around him. Be great to him score goals like the one he did against Norwich. I hope it goes well for him I really do!


I think he’ll succeed in the deep lying playmaker role if he plays in that position, however i can’t see them building a team around a player that’s there on loan. I hope he can add a few more goals to his repotoire too it seems to be one side of his game that is missing


Dont think he would have that kind of service or that kind of quality around him for those kind of goals but would love for him to get some good stats under his belt. Tired of people saying Dele Alli scored more goals than him in one year than he has in his entire career.

Stringer Bell

Great deal I think. If he stays fit and has shows regularly what he is capable of, then next summer we will have a world class player joining us.

Deano Primos

Like a new signing!


With one year left on his contract and other teams interested…


Haha I can but shake my head


I read somewhere that Eddie Howe is going to be Arsene’s successor. Does that have anything to do with this transfer?


It’s a bit hard to see that tho isn’t it? – he’d have the David Moyes problem. Arsene rules the Emirates like a King. It’ll need a big beast to come in, or as big a beast as we can get.


This is a massive gamble for Jack I hope it goes well. Make or break season for him. Good for bournemouth though

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

In terms of sheer talent, Jack is the best midfielder we have. If you compare all our players at full potential, Jack is the best. This is no make or break season for him, he is still 24.


This is getting beyond ridiculous now. So, Jack is more talented than Ozil and Santi?


Jack. Is. Not. Better. Than. Ozil.

I get people are sad/mad/depressed that he’s left out on loan, but let’s not be silly here.

David M

Jack. Is. Not. Better. Than. Cazorla.

Jack. Is. Not. Better. Than. Ramsey.

Jack. Is. (probably). Not. Better. Than. Xhaka.

(I’d put him on par with Coq and El neny, but both are ahead of him because they actually play football…you know the thing these guys are paid millions for

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

There is a reason why Jack was selected for EURO right after he returned from injury. Enjoy the following:

Ducks sake

And got kept out of the starting line up by Rooney who’s not even a midfielder, and 2 spuds. There’s a reason for that too.

Sorry but Cazorla and Ozil are in a different league to Jack at the minute.

Tomas Casus

I’m with you Titi Berg, I think he is our most talented midfielder. The reason he didn’t get in the England team is because he hadn’t played all season and hadn’t got his form up to a high enough level.

Monkey nuts



On. The. Contrary. Jack. Is. Better. Than. Ramsey.

(Why are we playing this fun punctuation game again?)

David M

Anything you can do…

(El neny Goal v Barca)

Anyone that thinks Jack is our best/most talented midfielder is just a british homer, wearing blinkers. You’re just wrong!


I for one am excited for him. It’ll be fun to watch some Bournemouth games now and hopefully he gets a chance to run the offense.


Interesting that Ornstein, supposedly, said that we weren’t averse to there being a loan to buy option in his deal. I’m yet to listen on iPlayer but it worries me so even to allow his departure at the start of the season. Surely he should have waited and grafted until January to see where he would be in the pecking order. But hey, I’m trying not to break any ornamental vases over it until there is comment from either side regarding Arsenal.

Daniella No. 9

Anybody remember when Wenger was complaining how loans shouldn’t be allowed within the league because top teams could loan out world class players to mid-table teams to hurt their title competition while safely knowing the player couldn’t play against their home club? I still think he’s right, but when the system sucks, it’s always nice to be on the other foot 🙂

Yankee Gooner

You either like a foot in your mouth or this is a mixed metaphor.


If this helps Bournemouth take some points off other sides, I’m for it. But that said- it’ll be interesting to see how this one develops over the long term and into the summer.


I’ve already moved on. I wish him well, but the realist in me says he’s the 6 option we have in midfield and this is probably it for him at the Arsenal. I’d love to be proven wrong but if I were a betting man……..


I am pretty sure he will score many goals and be the main man. I am also sure that most of us will wish we hadn’t loaned him out once that happens


When has he ever shown that in his career with Arsenal? I think I saw a stat that he has scored less than 20 league goals in 8 years at Arsenal?

Ducks sake

Injuries make a player better don’t you know.

When theo was injured for a season he was talked about like he was Ronaldo.

When Diaby was injured for his life people kept banging on about how we had a great defensive midfielder but how he was injured even though he’d never played that position in his life.

American Gooner

Diaby is the closest thing we have ever come to Vieria. Jack will hopefully come back and be ready to go next season and will be the successor to Santi. He needs a full season of lots of game time to really show what he can do. He can pass Elneny, Coq, and even ramsey on the depth chart.

John C

Diaby was nothing like Vieira! Diaby was lazy, constantly gave the ball away and had the concentration level of a labrador pup, he was closer to Adebayor in style that Vieira.


I just hope he stays fit


Best of luck, Jack.

We all support you.


Should be good for Jack, hopefully it will give him the opportunity to develop his game over the course of a full season. My worry is that whenever anyone plays Bournemouth the first tactic is going to be to stop Wilshere.

Tommy Caton

Going to Bournemouth for a year is the kind of thing you do when you’re 20 and trying to find your feet in the premier league, not when you’re nearly 25 and should be at your peak. His reputation got inflated primarily because he’s English, and unfortunately he seems to have believed it and hasn’t progressed in five years. He’ll get a chance somewhere else because he counts as a homegrown player, but I’d be surprised if he plays again for Arsenal.

Cape Town Gooner

Not only because he’s English. He also managed to almost single handedly dismantle Barcelona several years ago, as a teenager.

Ducks sake

Oh my god. I knew that was coming.

Several years ago! Guess what, loads of shut players have had a great game once in their lives.

I like Jack but come on man get a grip.


Working in Bournemouth at the mo, and folks there are cock-a-hoop. If he has a relatively injury free season, he’ll be a hit. He could even be back in the summer, and bring Eddie with him. Massive step up for EH, but then, ’twas a massive step up for arsene back in the day.

Del Boy

No Recall clause?! Uh oh

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You can only recall loanees in a transfer window anyway, so it would have been down to a straight choice of 5 months or 10.

Fo' Shere

The simple fact is, he needs to play every week. He now has a chance to show consistent performance and even leadership. He may be 25 but he’s been injured so much, a loan does seem appropriate. As yet, we don’t really know his true potential. By season’s end, we will. And that’s a good thing for all. For my part I hope he’ll have another chance to get fined for leading an Arsenal chant.

Old Father Time

Fo’ Shere’s comment makes the point why I read/comment on Arseblog. If you read the Times yesterday, their lead writer was saying that Wilshere had proved a waste – which Arsene was ruthlessly removing from his team – with no intention of ever bringing him back. Meanwhile, our smiling friend, Mr Paul Scholes, was saying that the move showed just how little ambition Wilshere really possessed, and he was just going to Arse around in a small team, without the challenges of a Big Four Club..! At least in Arseblog there are some informed views, mostly from folk who actually… Read more »


This is why I don’t really bother reading “the news”. It should really be called “some opinions around an event that supposedly occurred”. At which point we ought to consider our good friend, mr cognitive bias 🙂

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Scholes sucks journalist dick nowadays.

Whether he’s at Arsenal or Bournemouth he’ll face exactly the same 19 teams in the Premier League, and to be honest he’ll probably benefit from a season of less frequent matches. If he stays fit he’ll get plenty of games, but there won’t be so many that he gets overplayed (sadly that’s something Wenger tends to do to the best players in his squad). Averaging around one match a week (if he stays fit) will probably benefit him in the long run.


18 teams maybe. He cannot play against his parent club.


Gotta keep an eye on Bournemouth now to see how Jack comes along…

chippy's chip

Best of luck superjack hopefully plenty of games, great performances against all and no feckin injuries!! Come back stronger, even better and more superer. What do we think of tottenham?….


I’m sure there is more to the story. A bit uncomfortable with this loan. We are always potentially two players injured and in midfield we really have 6 players of senior caliber. If say Santi on account he is over 30 or the accident prone Ramsey go out, we are left really with 4 players for 3 spots. Ozil, Elneny, Granit, Coquelin. You could make a case for say Ox but I think he is better wide and any re-positioning to the middle is expediency. Maybe we will have to look at the Jeff or Zelalem to step up from… Read more »

Ducks sake

You forgot Iwobi who’s normal position is through the middle.

Also asked you this earlier. Why is Cazorla out because he’s over 30? Do your legs fall off at 30?


But if you take Ozil, Xhaka, Elneny and Cocquelin as you suggest, and Ramsey and Cazorla (because although they may have had injuries in the past they’re not injured right now) and one out of Jeff, Zelalem (or Ox as a CM) then that’s at least seven options, including two senior players in each position. If you were to discredit Santi or Ramsey as an option based on fitness then you’d have to dismiss Wilshere in a similar vein in any case. In all honesty our midfield is well stocked, and Wilshere isn’t going to be playing regularly at Arsenal… Read more »


It’s pretty clear that Wilshere drove the loan move, in response to getting dropped by England. There was no noise about any move prior to that. Essentially, his head has been turned (by country, rather than another club), and Wenger never reacts well to that. Hence the suggestions (via Ornstein) that Arsenal were open to a loan with buy option.

I’d be surprised if he returned to Arsenal.


Not sure about that last sentence, but I agree with the rest. Basically, we’re already suffering from the ludicrous decision to appoint Fat Sam as England manager…

David M

Why because he didn’t pick a player that never really should have gone to the Euros, was shit when he played, has to prove he can stay fit and play to his peak before consistently before he deserves a call-up. Sorry (as much as this sickens me) I’m with Fat-Sam on this one


I think most people who’s seen an injury-free-close-to-in-form-before-the-inevitable-injury-breakdown Wilshere can see how close he is (and has been for a good while) to be a fucking amazing player. Here’s for hoping he stays injury free and comes back the player we all dreamed he could become after watching that Barca game.


This may open the door for Maitland Niles or Willock


He’s just been injured too much. Could be Arsenal’s fault, could be Wilshere’s fault. Probably just bad luck who knows. But regardless, if you can’t be relied on for at least 20 matches a season what is the point? Hope he plays bucks the trend this year.

One of the reasons I like Giroud is because he’s tough. When was it, last season? he broke his leg, was back in no time. Spends very little time out despite the physical nature of his game. That said he does get fatigued from being overplayed. He should be rested more.


spot on. It was 2 years back, Gi broke his leg @ Everton in August, was back by November. Now it wasn’t a whacking Eduardo leg break but even still. AND add to the fact Gi does play basically everygame (and yes his goals dry up because hes knackered no doubt).

I think Jack will be back – perhaps Santi won’t be here after next season and if he has a blinder on the south coast…

David M

While I agree with all this on Giroud (he plays tough) the funny thing is didn’t the ball break his leg


Supposedly, but the opposition had been kicking the hell out of him all match, which I think probably had more to do with it.

Ducks sake

Yes they kept kicking him and made his bone week then deliberately kicked the ball at him very hard to break his leg. Then they went and caused 9/11 and then faked a moon landing whilst controlling your mind through rain


So many pundits have commented that this is a great move as it will give Wilshere a chance to play for a whole season. I find this strange. Wenger has always played him when available. At Bournemouth, there will be more pressure on Wilshere to play when not match fit, and I just can’t see how that will make him less prone to picking up injuries than were he to have stayed at Arsenal. The only sense I can make of this move is that Arsene is close to giving up on him, and this season will ultimately determine whether… Read more »

Holding Rob

Still think it’s stupid to let go one of your best players for a season. Not convinced by elneny, coquelin is a limited player. Wilshire would do a much better job than both of them, and he is more versatile.
Ozil, cazorla and Ramsey will need rest, they might (probably) suffer injuries at some point. I don’t see the logic of this loan.
Why weaken the squad, why have less options?


Umm… Wilshere isn’t a DM. Not for Arsenal at least.

Holding Rob

I’d rather have him along side xhaka than elneny or coquelin


I will also say Elneny is not massively flashy – he’s got a cannon of a shot on him but I’d feel comfy with him and Xhaka in the middle of the park


Arsène being ruthless. Wilshere and Gnabry wanted
guaranted play time when they just coming back from injuries. They are gone.
We need players who can stay fit! Period.Potential and ifs don’t get you trophies. And the profile of the new players Xhaka Holding Mustafi and Perez tend to prove that he is looking for hungry players who have something to prove . the path to become pro was far from easy for them.its quite symbolic that Jack is gone .the symbol of the wengers privileged kids.


Personally, I think it’s the beginning of the end for Jack and Arsenal. No great loss, with everyone fit in our midfield, he ranks fairly low down. Good luck to him.


Personally the thought of losing Jack before he’s had a chance to play a solid season would be a real shame, its like restoring a classic car and watching a pikey drive off with it. His last couple of injuries are a tad unlucky to be fair and would have sidelined anyone, a broken leg and a Paddy Mcnair(I will forever dislike this guy) ankle snapper of a tackle did nothing more than compound the notion that he is incapable of being fit, which bar that terrible challenge and then Gabriel’s leg breaker, Jack was in hot form if my… Read more »


It’s make or break time for him at the club now. In an ideal world he would’ve been captain by now.
This is a good move for him I think. He can hopefully get a full season of football under his belt and next summer the management can make the decision on whether or not he’s good enough and fit enough to make it at Arsenal.

I really really hope he does well.

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