Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Mustafi bigs up Ozil and Arsenal’s in-game management

Shkodran Mustafi has heaped praise on Mesut Ozil after watching his compatriot net his first hat-trick for Arsenal in the 6-0 drubbing of Champions League opponents Ludogorets.

The midfielder claimed his first assist of the season as Theo Walcott doubled the Gunners lead before half-time and then took the game by the scruff of the neck after the break netting three times in 31 minutes.

“I think we all know that he [Ozil] has qualities,” Mustafi told Arsenal Player after the game.

“As soon as he has the ball in the last third, he can make things happen and I think all the boys that played up front [on Wednesday] have been terrific for us.

“As I said, it was about taking the chances – we did that. Obviously, I’m happy for him, it’s going to give him a lot of confidence for the next game and I’m sure that we are going to need that.

“He has the qualities. He sees his team-mates, he sees all the runs, he has quality on the ball. His passing, his left foot… I think he has all that you need on the pitch.

“So yeah, that’s what makes him good. And then scoring three goals in a game just shows how good he is.”

Ozil now has six goals to his name in ten appearances this season and needs only two more to equal last season’s tally.

Mustafi also said that Arsenal’s ability to adapt their style of play is helping them overcome opponents and maintain their good form.

Recognising the importance of varying tactics during games, the World Cup winner noted:

“It’s about having identity. We are doing well reading the game, because sometimes it’s important to go up there and win the ball in the last third of the pitch.

“But sometimes it’s about being back, being compact and trying to win the ball in the middle of the pitch. I think that’s what makes big teams win titles, reading the game well.

“It’s not only about us just keeping playing our game. Sometimes if you see that it doesn’t work you have to change it and you have to be able to change your style of play.

“We’re doing that well, because sometimes we’re just playing always in the opponents’ half, and sometimes we’ll just drop and play counter-attack.”

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Ozil is a Gooooooner!!


“It’s not only about us just keeping playing our game. Sometimes if you see that it doesn’t work you have to change it and you have to be able to change your style of play.”

Wonder how Wenger will feel about that comment. Hmmm


I thumbed you up because I understood the irony.

Sheffield Arse

“…his first assist of the season…”

WTF? He needs to stop this ridiculous selfish scoring lark and get back to assisting his team mates.


The King in the North!…London


I love that thought process..

Someone's something

I feel like our german signings has only brought success along with them. We ought to scout that country thoroughly.


Moritz Volz agrees with you

King 14enry

I love Mustafi, could see him as a future Arsenal captain.


Really wise words that I haven’t heard from an Arsenal player before, or at least not for a long time. I think the maturity of our players is beginning to show and the penny is starting to drop.

Good Omens

In the background it looks like Arsenal is walking away, hitching up his pants gangsta style after having just punched someone out.


His second point about game management is very noticeable… we have a team identity but we do seem way more adaptable than in the past which bodes extremely well

Merte Xhaka

What was that about “nicking a living”? GTID!


It must be the German upbringing but he reminds of BFG in the interviews. I mean that in the best way in that they are both straightforward and articulate. Wonder if he also has a sister that bakes? 😉


So it is. Özil, Mertesacker and Mustafi made English people love Germans, after all that World War Second mess…Just joking! ?


Considering the amount we spent on him, I think most of us would feel it was worth it just from his performances alone. But the personality he brings feels almost as valuable.

Bennacer and the Jets

I imagine flam is behind those bushes listening to james blunt wondering where it all went wrong with his Mesut


Yet another successful panic buy. Not bad for 35m even if the pundits suggested he was the wrong buy and what does Arsene know about the market.

Quite obviously he mucked up with buying Ozil at 42.3m And then he bought Granit late in window as always late late late.

And he also bought that Alexis fellow.

And he promoted Bellerin, Iwobi and Coquelin. Just about everyone said he should have sold Coquelin and Campbell and Walcott and Rambo. Does he listen ?Stubborn old fool.

I mean, listent o the humble fans. They know better.

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