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Oxlade-Chamberlain got a kick up the backside

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain says that being left out of the England squad by Sam Allardyce was a ‘kick up the backside.’

The Arsenal man was not selected by Sam Allardyce for his only game in charge before The Telegraph’s lame sting brought him down, and having been brought back into the fold by Gareth Southgate, says there was a lesson there for him.

Speaking about his absence, he said, “It provided a real kick up the backside. I have been playing for England since I was 18 and, while I wouldn’t say I took it all for granted, it just seemed to be a part of my season – to play for Arsenal and for England.

“And so, to be available and feeling good and fit – but not to be in the squad was a jolt. It was a wake-up call.

“I am not young now, I am 23, so you need to be performing and playing as much as you can to deserve a chance to go and play for England.

“So, being back in the set-up now makes me realise how special it is and it is something I want to keep happening in the foreseeable future.”

Well, there you go. He hasn’t really found his best form yet this season, but still has two goals to his name – and a half an assist for kicking Koscielny’s foot which kicked the ball into Koscielny’s arms for the winner against Burnley last weekend.

Let’s hope he can start to fulfil some of that potential.

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I still have hope for the Ox, even if it takes more now for me to convince myself to have that hope. Surely he’ll become a great player right? There’s so much potential there.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

He needs to have a Walcottian rebirth. Telling us he’s had a wake up call is not the same thing as doing extra training, changing his lifestyle, and working twice as hard on the pitch. Actions speak louder than words. I hope he’s willing to embrace change rather than just hoping something will change. Walcott really should be his role model right now.


This is baseless psychoanalysis I admit upfront. However, I suspect part of atheletes’ psyche is taking realisations like these and bottling them up so much that it hurts. Then using that hurt to drive improvement.

Of course you have to share with people close to you, but making such thinking public takes the edge off slightly. It’s why I think there can be such a thing as too much media training. Needing to be seen as level headed and human can de-bastardise, in an environment where being a bit of a bastard is needed.

Lord Bendtner

He just needs a spark to kick in, and I feel like it will happen. However, we cannot let that jeopardize our club’s chances. So always keep him as an option. Despite iwobis awesomeness, don’t be surprised if every now and then he falls a bit below the high bar he has set up for himself. The Ox will get plenty of chances and I think he will mature n develop. Competition is the best thing for players his age

Unyoke the Ox

What’s with our players needing to be dropped by England to realise they need to pull their socks up…? First Theo and now Ox. I wish him all the best, but he should have had that “kick up the backside” when Joel Campbell was playing better than him and Iwobi took his place in the team.


It is strange, thinking I’ve made it at 20ish, I’m an England player, get paid lots of cash and playing for the best club in the land.

Better to think about the legacy you’ll want to leave – are you going to be a Gervinho (good sometimes) or a Llungberg?


I would say this is just a very politically-correct answer given by The Ox, what else do you expect him to answer when given this question?

“I don’t give a f**k because that England coach (Sam) was a twat and I always know he has a prejudice against Arsenal players. Thank god he is gone now!” — something like this?


Couldn’t agree more mate !!!! He’s probably on £80,000 plus per week and he needs a kick up the arse!!! Ffs !!! There’s just no incentive in the modern day footballer today, or maybe I’m just an old school dinosaur living in the past.

Granit(e) hard!

Lol…..cant think of a better way to describe the goal!

I have no doubt Ox will find his form back…..There is just too much potential there. In form, he is virtually unplayable, and even now that he is struggling to find form, you can still see flashes here and there what he can do. Pace, power, trickery, he has it all. An example is that recent Liverpool goal, he just took the ball and no one could stop him. So In a favourite speak of Arsene “I back Ox to come good”

Rodger miller

The passage of the ball in the lead-up to the winner at turf moor has to be the most unarsenal goal ever.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

I think there’s something if a Gervinho in him. Good skill set (different to Gervinho’s) but struggling with composure and the mental or psychological aspect which then erodes his qualities and leads to performances that are unfair reflections on his abillties.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

I realise comparing Ox to Gerv is a hell of a stretch, and it sounds like one of those outlandish “I did THIS AMAZING SHIT ON FIFA” type theories, but I was spit balling so… meh.

I stand by it, though. The injury against Barca because of a clash to their fullback after a heavy touch, the airkick against PSG, the tendency to beat two opposing players with a dribble only to blast a cross into no man’s land for a goal kick or a throw two seconds later…

Gutbukket Deffrolla

…..and the draining of his confidence when his own supporters get on his back for each perceived error or show of weakness.


Iwobi says he is the most likely to be late for training. Needs a regular kick to show a Theo like improvement imo.


Well England is almost a special team. Youngsters are over hyped, selected for the national team and when they don’t deliver the success expected they are quickly slaughtered. Look how long it took Cesc, Mata, Silva to get out of the u21 for Spain. Even Bellerin despite filling in for the injuries at the euros is still learning his trade at the under age level. Not to knock the Ox but how did he get in the seniors team so fast? it’s been ages. was shocked when I saw some stats, Ox has not reached 10 league goals since he… Read more »


Speaking of Wellington Silva, he’s been on form for Fluminese.

It’s a dead cert if he maintains that form, he’ll be back in Europe within a year or 2.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Unless being in Europe is what made his form drop. Not everybody is capable of moving to a new continent and thriving there.

Vincent Kompany's Forehead

If I moved to a freezing cold depressing island located in the arsehole end of Europe I’d struggle to adapt too.

I’m sure a move to Spain/Portugal/Italy would do him well.


I believe in the Ox. Trouble is, he needs to believe in himself. You can see on his face and with his body language that when he messes up he is kind of like, “Here we go again”

Gutbukket Deffrolla

He should go to see the Arsenal psychologist each week with Theo. Help him to prepare mentally for each game. They aren’t just there for Pep talks. They can help with self-confidence problems too. Gooners also need to (try to) start applauding his efforts rather than groaning if they don’t come off (Maybe we need a sports-fan psychologist to help us with that because it’s a natural reaction on our part but it must prey on his mind each time he hears it)


I gotta a lot of time for the Ox, really want him to fulfill his potential with us.


If 23 isn’t young then Christ knows what that makes me.

Vincent Kompany's Forehead

You stop being young when you get married and have kids:) Even if you get married @ 18

Javelin Accident

His best games were in centre mid (next to a holding mid) in a string of games a few years back. I’m not sure he”ll ever get a chance there again.


I’ve always been sceptical of the OX will come good. All those players that got unwarranted stick had at some point demonstrated a run of good form. Theo, Wilshere, Ramsey. The OX clearly has talent but I’m yet to see him produce it on a consistent basis.


Same old skeptics here. They never learn. They were also skeptical about Ramsey ad Jack prior to them turning 23yrs. Also said Coquelin was on his way out, Campbell would never be good enough for Arsenal. The Ox has a great attitude and is a talent. He is highly technical for a British player and gives us a lot of dynamism going forward being able to take on and beat 2 or 3 players. HIs final ball is lacking at the moment largely because its a tad hurried. But we’ve been here before, lesser people than Arsene Wenger who think… Read more »


To be denied an England place by big Sam, is like being denied sex by Rosie O Donell..step up have the talent! Now back it up with results

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