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Report: Arsenal 6-0 Ludogorets (inc goals)

Arsenal: Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Gibbs; Cazorla, Coquelin; Walcott, Ozil, Oxlade-Chamberlain; Sanchez.

Subs: Cech, Gabriel, Monreal, Xhaka, Elneny, Iwobi, Lucas

Arsenal had to cope with some difficult first half moments against Ludogorets in the Champions League this evening, but ran out 6-0 winners with goals from Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and a hat-trick for Mesut Ozil

Arsene Wenger made four changes from the team that beat Swansea with David Ospina, Kieran Gibbs, Francis Coquelin and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain coming in at the expense of Petr Cech, Nacho Monreal, Granit Xhaka and Alex Iwobi.

The Gunners were overwhelming favourites but the early minutes showed that the visitors weren’t to be taken lightly, Coquelin having to mop up some danger just outside our six yard box.

At the other end Alexis set up Walcott for a chance which was blocked, and when it came back to the England man he decided to try and return the favour – squaring rather than shooting – but the defence cleared.

It seemed to spark Arsenal into life, with Alexis breaking the offside trap and Oxlade-Chamberlain seeing a shot deflect out for a corner. The pressure was mounting and it resulted in a goal from the Chilean after 12 minutes.

The number 7 got down the left, he had men in the middle to square it to, but chose to ignore them and chipped the ball over the keeper into the top corner from inside the box. A sublime finish. 1-0.

It still wasn’t all Arsenal though, with Ospina forced into a decent 19th minute save after they found some space in our box. The keeper was on hand to reclaim the ball minutes later after Cafu threatened, again showing the Bulgarian side were not to be underestimated, and the Colombian saved Arsenal again, diving at the feet of the attacker to prevent what would have been a clear goalscoring opportunity.

At the other end, Oxlade-Chamberlain broke the offside trap, he tried to square it for Walcott but overhit his pass, otherwise he’d have had a tap-in to double the lead.

Ludogorets continued to cause problems, once more Ospina had to get a hand on the ball when they posed a threat, and when he scrambled back into position, their man fired a shot just wide of the far post.

Walcott saw a shot saved after a good pass from Coquelin presented him with a sight of goal, and as Ludogorets looked get back into it, Arsenal went further ahead. Oxlade-Chamberlain played it to Ozil down the left, he pulled the ball back to Walcott outside the D, he took a touch and curled a brilliant shot into the top corner. 2-0.

It ended an odd half in which Arsenal had ridden their luck a little, but could also have been further ahead. There were no changes at the break, and the Gunners came flying out of the blocks – extending their lead just a minute into the second period.

Gibbs was freed down the left, his low cross was blocked away but it fell for Oxlade-Chamberlain who side-footed home with aplomb. 3-0.

Arsenal went four up in the 56th minute. It began with a dangerous break from Ludogorets, stopped by a fantastic tackle from Koscielny. Santi Cazorla picked it up, played it over the top, Ozil stayed onside and rolled the ball home with his right foot. 4-0.

That prompted the first change of the night as Mohamed Elneny came on for the Spaniard who had an ice-pack put onto his ankle as soon as he came off. A couple of minutes later there was another with Lucas Perez replacing Walcott.

Alexis was denied a penalty when he was bundled over in the box, and he almost created a second for Oxlade-Chamberlain with a no-look lob pass over the defence. The Ox ran onto it, and hit a first time shot which the keeper did very well to save.

The England international turned provider then, creating a half-chance for Lucas but the Spaniard could only deflect it over the bar. Alex Iwobi came on for Alexis, who looked most grumpy at going off, but it was a sensible move with Premier League action at the weekend and the game won.

The game went a bit flat then, but Arsenal’s quality when chances came saw the lead extended further. In the 83rd minute Oxlade-Chamberlain set Luacs free down the left, he raced on it, picked out Ozil in the middle and his shot into the ground bounced over the keeper and in for his second of the night. 5-0.

The German got his hat-trick just 2 minutes later, again Lucas was the provider with a lovely cross over the defender which Ozil volleyed in at the near post. 6-0.

In the end a comfortable night and a good scoreline in a group in which goal difference may well be an issue.

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We’ve got Özil..
Mesut Özil..
I just don’t think you understand..
He’s Arsene’s Wenger’s man
He’s better than Zidane
We’ve got Mesut Özil



Absolutely world class.


Great to see him muck in with goals this season. I’m pleased as punch that he grabbed his first hattrick in our shirt.


What a great player . Great finishing . Awesome player . Long may he stay


Ooooooospina continues to impress in goal in the CL. Quality performance from him. Entire team play was plence=792a1bdcc0

Mate Kiddleton

Please keep nicking a living!

Gudang Pelor

Yeah, wtf Mesut? Only ONE assist tonight?


Why does Pogba gets a free pass? He is the one nicking a living


Thats not nicking a living, that’s daylight robbery


What I liked the most is.!

1. Perez’s two assists.! Assisting Ozil with Ozil-esque assists! I haven’t seen anybody executing back to back inch perfect passes for us in a long time!
2. Number of goal scoring opportunities Ox had.! He is slowly getting there. He could become a great goal scoring winger for us. Once he starts, he wont stop!
3. Everything else!

Wish Ozil realized scoring was easier than assisting sooner! 😀

Stringer Bell

That soppy cunt Owen has just said I wanna see ozil do it against top teams. What a prize cunt

Godfrey Twatschloch

Özil boned his mum and he didn’t like it.


Nah then soft lad…our Messit isn’t into bestiality…he’s into mystic Sufi poetry and abstract metaphysical calligraphic passing…

Godfrey Twatschloch

Oh yeah, that’s the one I meant. Apologies for getting the two mixed up. But it’s still a fact that Owen doesn’t like him for it because Owen is into being a thick twat and gambling his money away. The polar opposite to Sufi mysticism and poetry. Wars have been fought over it through history. Not by Owen though because he knows nothing of such things. Only gambling and being a thick twat.

New Day Rocks

Let’s alow the Vardy chat. We’ve shown ourselves to be well above it. You know, up the Arse and all that. But seriously, shit = tottenham.


I was literally shouting at the the tv when he said that. Such a lazy and dated opinion. The twunt.


He’s a penis. Before the game he was saying we need a better CF.


No as the man said, he’s not a penis he’s a twunt…



Mate Kiddleton

Like when Ozil scored against Bayern? Or United at home? Or United away? Or Chelsea? Which top team is he talking about?

Godfrey Twatschloch

Liverpool! When a top player wants to go to one of top team in the world there’s only Barca, Real or Liverpool. Don’t you know that?

Scoff if you like but he actually said that.

cazorla's smile

And he has scored against pool toooo!


Which is why Arshavin should have won a Player of the Year for his performance against Liverpool!


Well United not a top team so count them out the list


I think he meant Portsmouth

Godfrey Twatschloch

Maybe Newcastle. He played for them as well.

Finsbury Park Gooner

Michael Owen. Never has a personality vacuum been so easy to hate.

Godfrey Twatschloch

He’s like a boss promoted way beyond his abilities who makes everyone’s working life difficult, sometimes even miserable, and when he’s fucked up at someone else’s expense won’t understand the anger and frustration. A prime grade a black belt fucking moron!

Yeah, he’s a personality alright.

Bendtner's Ego

He says that because he could never do it himself.


That’s the third time I’ve seen him bounce the ball into the net like that. It’s not a fluke, it’s not an accident, it’s skill being utilised at a level few players can attain.


Yeah, I remember they said that he didn’t want to score, so he assisted the ground himself.

David C

A couple of great assists for Lucas too!

mesut was silky smooth out there!


“We’re not worried about Arsenal”, they said…


They were more worried about their goalkeeper it seems. Great performance from the Arsenal, but Ludogrets’ defence is poor. Still, bring on Borough!!!!!!


They had a goalkeeper? I didn’t notice.


Actually I thought their keeper made some good saves. Could easily have been eight or nine.


Yes. That Chamberlain shot from Sanchez’s high though ball for example


Haha, I thought he had a bit of a milkman look to him myself. No disrespect to milkmen.


The worlds best player scored a hattrick today.Also some other player scored a hattrick against Manchester City in spain.


Unfortunate for city that


A pretty fantastic quote from Pep Guardiola (supposedly the best thing since sliced bread) before today’s match between Schitty and Barcelona, when asked about Sergio Aguero’s absence from the starting line-up:

“I wanted more players in midfield and that is why. Messi is not young any more.”

Guess who scored a hat-trick against Schitty today?


By far the greatest team the world has ever seen… I’m not sure we are singing loud enough guys and gals …(Teams aren’t getting the message)

Hat trick hero

Get in!!!!



Arthritic Knee

This was better than sex.


Depends who with.

Petit's Handbag

Speak for yourself


You’re clearly not doing it right. Maybe you need an assist?


Maybe if your knee wasn’t arthritic.

Bob Davis

Sexy football!

Keep it up boys. Can’t wait till Saturday.



I was screaming at Wenger to take Ozil off. So glad he didn’t.


*At the end of the 1st half

Arshavin's fake moustache

Yeah! I thought he looked tired. Shows what I know.

Mustrum Ridcully

Me tto, but I am glad he allowed Özil to stay on. What a performance!

Mustrum Ridcully

Me too, but I am glad he allowed Özil to stay on. What a performance!


Something wasn’t right with Ozil first half. I didn’t see him run at all, laconic walks back to the halfway line after getting robbed of the ball, body language wasn’t right. Yeah. Looked awkward. Whatever happened at HT though. Wow. Different player second half.

Koscielny is absolutely immense, don’t let noone tell you otherwise.

Donkey Twet

Koscielny is one of the top three names on the team sheet. Who is a better CB in Europe now?

Loving Mustafi too.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise. (Not letting “no-one” is a double negative which would mean letting everyone tell you otherwise).

I’ll get my coat…


Fair play to the opposition for their have a go attitude before the game. But I think they might be just a little bit scared of the Arsenal the next time they face us…


They did ok for the first part of the game to be fair

Godfrey Twatschloch

A few very close attempts on goal, no parking the bus and no dirty play either. Hats off to them for that. And hats off a second time for then letting us take them apart.


Yes that was very obliging


Wenger out.


Yep, he is going out to celebrate at a six star restaurant

Adams Jnr

You make a very good point though Hutch – amazing what a run of wins does for the fan base. So lovely to see such positivity all round.


Assist machine, now a goal machine.
Özils first hattrick as a professional.


Simply stunning performance, especially the second half. Played them off the park. Every player was amazing today

Arsenal's Vardy

Ozil going full Bergkamp mode.


Yes! I was wondering if anyone else thought this. He’s really channeling his inner Dennis these last few matches.

Runty Wilson

Bergkampesque. That first touch was Dennis-tastic.

Armchair Expert

God damn that felt good! Comprehensive thrashing, just like the old days.

Giroud's Buldge

Mesut Ozil is one of those footballers so sublime he makes the game an art.

The best Arsenal player since Bergkampf for me.

Pure beauty,


And he makes it looks so easy.


Me thinks Ozil is the 40 goal a season striker that Petit has been talking about recently. Look no further, he’s playing for our club!


This is an incredibly quick post. Didnt I just hear the full time whistle sound?

Alexis should understand that being substituted in a game against ludogorets when we are four goals up is for his own good and even goes to show that the manager values and recognizes his importance to the team.

A quick question though. With Xhaka suspended for three domestic games I wondered why Wenger didn’t start him today. I think it was a risk to play Coquelin from the start. If he got injured we would have been in a pretty uncomfortable position.


It was a surprise. Maybe an internal punishment for his errors against Swansea, to be dropped for the CL game as well as missing league games through suspension. But with Elneny, we have cover for Coquelin even in Xhaka’s absence. I’m at least as surprised neither Bellerin nor Koscielny got a break.


Three reasons; one is Wenger said he wanted to rotate but keep the stability and structure of the team. Two is that Coquelin will always be in Wenger’s first choice CM pair. Three, Wenger had watched Ludogorets closely and knew they’d field five Brazilians and be technically sound all over the pitch. Would have been too risky not to start with our number one destroyer.


Wow … just wow!!!


Typical nail-biting Arsenal performance

Seriously though, how good were Alexis and Theo’s goals? After that it was routine.

How bad was ludogrets goalkeeper?


Not as bad as Man City’s 😀


Can’t wait for the look of confusion on my parent’s face when I hand them my first born and say it’s called Mesut


To which they’ll probably say, no please don’t mesut up!

Getso gunner

Ozil hat trick?? Now iam very sure this is our season

Crash Fistfight

Well that was pleasant.


that ball from Santi to Ozil, then that first time touch from Ozil to control the ball. Ooooof.


Sublime first touch. Best part about that goal.

Jungu Beans

Simply breath taking. News outlets are raving about Alexis’ chip, which was superb to be sure, but that first touch by Ozil was out of this world: at full pace, did not break his stride, and the touch kept the ball right at his feet in the perfect direction. Ooooof indeed.


Loved the way Mesut made sure he was onside for that pass.


The speed as well. It has actually surprised me. The first time was after he had turned Kante for the goal v. Chelsea, and then today for his first. I didn’t think he was that fast. Hats off!


Worried about santi injury. Hope it isn’t too serious.
Nice cameo by Perez. Hope we see more of him. Definite starter against reading.
Coq was immense, good to have him back.
Wenger seems to making great subs these days.
Lets go smash Boro and Reading.


The beautiful thing is, we’ve got Xhaka, Ramsey and Elneny to cover for Santi. It really is an embarrassment of riches that we have at that position this season.


And an immense coq


The run by Perez for Ozil’s second was fast, and the pass was perfect


The lad has got some pace

Bennacer and the Jets

Their poor keeper.

Mate Kiddleton

That bounce off the deck finish is almost becoming a trademark of his. The first time volley off Lucas’ cross for his hat trick was also top drawer. And that assist for Theo, ball goes straight to his feet, he barely had to control it. What a player we have.


He does seem to be doing it on purpose, sometimes at least


Not sure if the one against Chelsea was on purpose, but I’m certain tonight’s was. He’s deliberately hit it downwards to get the keeper going down, so there’s no hope of getting a hand to it when it bounces up and over. Incredible skill.


Those fans that left 5 minutes early to catch a train or whatever, you missed an Ozil hattrick. I hope it was worth it!

Buzzy Gurkha

Lucas looks #decent


Lucas is better than #decent, watch the space


Some good performances all round. I feel the ox impressed, Ospina did well once again and of course the magician, Ozil!!!!
Most confident ive felt about Arsenal for a good 10yrs.

Granit(e) hard!

World class performance. make no mistake about it, Ludogrets is a very good team and they show it several times when they get into their passing grove, ……..they just simply got outclassed!

Arsenal made it look easy and i must confess, i am getting quietly excited about this team, they are not only winning, they are winning consistently, ugly or pretty.
This is the year guys…..I can feel it!

Mexican Gunner

This is the year.


Easy there.

One game at a time. COYG


One game at a time.

However, like Wenger said this team is mature, not taking any opponents lightly. No more, we just need to turn up to win.

Walcott is the best example of change in mentality and maturity of this team.


Theo. After a couple of ‘might-have-beens’ from him and from Ludrogets at other the end he just goes all super-calm, striker-ish, ‘I got this’ and produces a fantastic finish. The game was under total control from that point. He really is a different player this season.


Ludogorets is an anagram of good result. Guess it was over before it even began ?


Ludogrates Manager after match



I know it’s still only October. I know we have been here before. But this feels different, doesn’t it? This could really become a freaking good season. We’ve got our swag back. Wenger found his Mojo again. There’s so much in this team reminding me of the 98-2004 era. last year we were so dependend on Girouds goals and Özils assists. This year Özil still hasn’t created a single assist and Giroud hasn’t played at all and we have more chances per game than we had in 5 games combined last season. If we start to become more clinical, we… Read more »

Red Ed

He’ll get an assist for Theo’s goal, no?


you’re right. But that was his first this season.

Maasai Gooner

Someone tell Alexis.. I’m really liking chips these days.


Avoid BT sport right now. Michael Owen talking absolute shite.

Tony Hall

Nothing new there then 😉


It’s probably enough to just say Michael Owen is talking.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Well, well, well! How good was THAT?


“We are not worried about Arsenal.” – I just don’t think you understand.


Hitting our groove? Flip!!! That was class!!


We ooze class. We are The Arsenal. I’ll go to bed with a permanent smile. Best team ever

Teryima Adi

What a performance from the boys. COYG!


Please be Ok Santi.


In other news, Barcelona are confused Ludogorets were playing Arsenal, making them question which team they just trashed 4-0.


Great football from our boys but it’s only ludogorets remember peeps, let’s not get carried away just yet ? bring on the spuds!


With all the (completely justified) Özil plaudits it almost feels like everyone forgot about Alexis. What a goal! What a performance… what a player. I can’t think of anyone else with his combination of electric tenacity and skill, let alone in Gunners history. Some day we’re gonna really miss these guys.


i love the fact he didnt want to be subbed


He never does. Loves playing so much.


That was absolutely amazing, our best match in a good few years. We were brilliant from beginning to end, and EVERYBODY had a good game. Walcott is scoring for fun, Sanchez is scoring for fun, Ozil is scoring for fun … Oxlade-Chamberlain scores goals … the whole team scores goals!

Walcott is on pace for 40 goals this year, Ozil and Sanchez are on pace for 30.

We are going to win some serious silverware this year, mark my words.


Mesut Özil is so good that even a shirt swap with Justin Bieber couldn’t do him any harm.

Antispuds returns

Did he? For 2 years I have been trying to find something imperfect about this guy couldn’t find any until you post that. Cheers mate. See? Nobody is perfect. May be Santi? Because Alexi is trying to get his dogs signed by a record company.


It was awesome , great Europe night n we showed that we can continue to score and fibishare off teams. The bench is stronger than average premier league team. Now thus a Team

Marital Monk

Ludogorets have learnt a lesson of not trying to outplay Arsenal. You can only do that if you’re Barcelona.

Who needs the Ozzists if he’s scoring them this time.

Finlay Danaher

After chelski game I looked at the fixtures. So many winnable games, two more easy home games (on paper) and then Sunderland and ludagrets away before Sp*rs at home. Providing we keep our concentration and keep playing with the same hunger we can win all 5 of those games. If that happens, then I will start getting carried away!

As for Ozil. Man that was good!


The Coq was superb today..Just back from injury. Don’t want that to get lost under the radar.


True! It’s easy to oversee on a night like this, he gives us a defensive solidity and pressure off the ball that no one else does yet at that position. It looks as if Wenger adopted some of Klopp’s gegenpressing principles this season and the Coq has really great instincts for it.

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