Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Report: Perez facing six weeks out

Lucas Perez could be sidelined until December with reports suggesting he damaged ankle ligaments in Tuesday night’s 2-0 EFL Cup win over Reading.

The Spaniard showed sharp movement as he led the line for the Gunners until a lumbering oaf, Danzell Gravenberch, caught his left ankle with a bruising challenge. Although the summer signing tried to play on after receiving treatment, he was substituted minutes later in obvious pain.

The International Business Times now claim that the damage could be serious enough for him to miss Arsenal’s hectic upcoming schedule that takes in seven games across three competitions.

The Gunners face Sunderland on Saturday before their tricky November schedule pits them against Ludogorets, Sp*rs, Manchester United, PSG, Bournemouth and Southampton.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the report isn’t quite as accurate as it sounds…after all, we’re always naff in November and could do with everybody being fit. On the plus side, Olivier Giroud is now in a position to compete for a first team place having made his comeback from a toe injury on Tuesday.

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Like clockwork.
Hope he recovers well.


With our medical team he’s easily out for 8 weeks..

Why not

Most injured players have been coming back either on schedule or earlier in recent times. Except for the 2/3 with long term issues. To be fair.


As part of the Arsenal initiation do they get Kathy Bates to hobble our new signings Misery style? Hope he get’s well soon! At least OG is on his way back.

Fireman Sam

Yeah but then they get to smash her head in with a statue so maybe all worth it in the end


Lucas is now an official Arsenal player.
Can’t truly be one without undergoing thus process.

Rest well and recover soon cos we need you back and firing




That oaf only getting a yellow. Jaap Stamp Fielding a rugby player Just to take out the youngsters for the last 20 min. Disgusting


More so, the tackle on him and the one Xhaka got a red from are not so different in the rule book. Referees are a joke when it comes to being consistent with decisions..

David C

I yelled RED CARD right when I saw it. Bloody dirty tackle. Worst part is, he’s left footed.

It Is What It Is

Similar to Leicester, last season. The extra from 300 clattered someone, and the free kick led to a goal.

That backfired tremendously. Speedy recovery Lucas.




Hopefully the new high tech grass will fix him quick smart!

Third Plebeian

I hear medicinal grass can work wonders. I hear it’s the new ‘Hyperbaric Chamber’, but I hate it when people say that sort of thing, like when people were all saying that Hyperbaric Chamber was the ‘new Horse Placenta’, and of course it never was. So let’s just let Medicinal Grass be itself. Down with expectations.


Fuck sake


This is really unfortunate. I was starting to like Perez as the possible fill-in should something happen to Alexis–quick movement, works 1-2’s well with the flanks and No. 10. Here’s hoping both he and Welbeck get healthy quickly!


It begins…

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

Hodor !!!!!

Arthritic Knee

FFS! I can’t be anything else but angry. Ridiculous chalenge, completely unnecessary.

Crash Fistfight

The Arsenal injury merry-go-round is back in full swing: one in, one out.

Indian Gooner

God! I really hope he gets well soon.
What’s up with Santi?
Haven’t really seen any injury updates. Just worried 🙁

Third Plebeian

Gravenberch sat on him, unfortunately. So he’s gone. What was left of him could have fit in a shoe box, I heard.


Painful. We need everybody fit like Leicester had last season. It helps.
I hope we can cope well with giroud while he recovers in hopefully 4 weeks out max. Ramsey getting closer to full fitness. Any updates on our magician Santi?

Kanu Wenger

what a cunt gravenberch is. Should be banished to a rugby pitch

Antispuds returns

Where is Welbeck? When is he coming back?



Bryan Clayden

Welbeck back in January and there was reports this morning in uk media that santi back this weekend

Buy Curious

Lucas has been highly impressive thus far. Sick that he goes away for so long. We appear to be in better shape to cope with injuries than in the past. Along with Santi’s injury, this makes it vital that Giroud and Ramsey return in fine form


This really stinks, for Arsenal and for him personally. On the bright side, the timing of Giroud coming back is quite good.


Grrr..bloody injury curse..was really liking the look of this guy too..not to worry..our much improved squad depth should see us through until everybody’s fit and well..then they can all celebrate the league title win together


Wish you a speedy recovery Lucas, hoping to see you in some first team action soon!

Naija Gunner

Damn! Hope that aren’t true



Your time has come


bob davis

It was a nasty and needless tackle. Back of the heal challenges are always painful. Get well soon.

If Xhaka’s challenge was a red card then the blatant trip on Giroud at Reading should have resulted in a red card too.

Godfrey Twatschloch

It looked bad and when he stumbled off minutes later it was an all too familiar scene. If Xhaka got a red for his challenge then that fat Reading cunt should have had one as well as his was actually dangerous unlike what Xhaka did.


Remember, remember,
Any given Arsenal November.

Getso gunner

Very sad for a player hoping to start his career with us


At least every time someone is out someone else is back, as long as injuries don’t pile up I think we have the necessary depth


welcome to arsenal?


That was graven cunts first minute on the pitch too the dirty fuckin troll

Lord Nicki B

And his initiation is now complete. Perez is now a Gunner

Big Dave

Here comes November….


that gravenberch oaf is nicking a living at reading.


Does anyone remember that cheeky interview where Wenger confirmed the new signings. ‘Yes, we have new players coming in, we have Mustafi and Perez, LUCAS Perez.’


I thought Lucas looked full of good movement during the match. Tidy feet and excellent distribution work. Giroud looked alright coming on too with that excellent header courtesy of a very good delivery from Elneny. Its the sort of power and threat direct and into the box that we missed but he also moved and laid off the ball well too in one instance I believe for the Ox. Also Iwobi. Plenty of good endeavor and good through balls and one good shot from distance. People tend to get stuck in their mind and pre-judge what good and bad is… Read more »


Too bad for Lucas. Going to be tough for time being with Lucas, Welbz, and Chubs all injured. Hoping Alexis and OG can stay fit and Ozil keeps channeling his inner Dennis.


This is all Jon Champion’s fault, the big gnatsack.


I wonder where Stam learnt that trick?

Wenger's love child

And not a word about Santi.


What the actual f*ck? It’s like football gods saying “Oh your Giroud is back. So you like nice things, eh? Wouldn’t it be sad if your other striker became unavailable?”


Lucky number 9


It’s a marathon this EPL. As long as we are still in the hunt in March we can/will win it. Please let Santi and Aaron be fit for the rest of the season. And Xhaka and Coq. And Kos and Mustafi. Is there a recall clause in Jack’s contract? we have a tough road ahead over the next three months. Brace yourselves.
PS: Jose really is a cunt isn’t he? Comedy gold.


We can’t recall Jack. I believe there are new rules from the start of the 15-16 season, such that a loan within your own league must be a season-long loan with no recall, not even an emergency recall.

Double thumbs up for your PS.


At least he is an unhappy cunt.


Lucas has really and truly been integrated into our team with this injury. Unfortunately it seems to be every Arsenal player’s rite of passage. Imho losing him in the Mickey Mouse cup is so not worth it.

Here’s wishing Lucas a speedy recovery – four weeks please instead of the six weeks mentioned.

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