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Wenger: Board must choose next manager, not me

Arsene Wenger has once again reiterated that the choice of next Arsenal manager must be made by the board, not him.

This has long been the Frenchman’s position on what will be a seismic shift when that time comes. However, he did say that if he was asked to provide some feedback, he would do that.

Speaking to beIN Sport, Wenger said, “I think it is very important in the club that everybody does what he is paid for.

“My job is to be the manager of the club and to be responsible for the style of play and the technical policy of the club. The board’s responsibility will be to choose the next manager so that is not my job.”

Looking at the Arsenal board though, there is something of a dearth of football knowledge on it, with the Kroenkes unlikely to have the expertise to make any kind of decision, leaving Ivan Gazidis and Ken Friar as almost the only qualified men when the decision has to be made.

There might well be some input from Wenger though, but he again insisted the final decision has to be made by others.

“If they ask my opinion, I will give it in an honest way,” he said, “but it will not be me to choose the next manager. I’m not in their position, I am in my position.

“No matter what happens, I will have to make my decision, the board will have to make a decision and I will respect the decision of the board anyway, even if I wish to stay on I will respect always the decision of the board – they have the responsibility to do that.”

It may well be that this decision has to be made at the end of this coming season, but equally if things go well it wouldn’t be a surprise to Wenger extend his contract for another couple of years.

Either way though, let’s hope the board aren’t sitting waiting, and do have some succession plans in place. Be prepared, like good boy scouts.

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David C

Wenger should join the board when he’s done. Need some more football minds on the board. Perhaps he could be in charge of transfers as well.

Tuchel from Dortmund would probably be a good candidate if Vieria or some of the ex-Gunners are not ready.


Why can’t Bergkamp be Manager? UI

Merlin's Panini

He doesn’t fly. It would be a problem to play European games particularly, unless we’re content to just come 7th every season or something…


‘It would be a problem to play European games particularly’

And games against Norwich 😉


Non-flying dutchman

Ozil's Assist!

Believe me, he wouldn’t fly for this role!


I’m sure there are ways around the flying problem. Bergkamp remains my favorite to take over once Wenger leaves.


Stick him on a boat days before if needs be!

Bould's Eyeliner

He can manage by Skype!

Bould's Eyeliner

For real though, could you imagine a giant flat screen of Bergkamp’s face just watching the game and screaming directions through speakers. Bould’s finger twitches over the ‘mute button’….

Wenger's Smirk

I agree. DB10 will be fantastic coach though. His philosophies on football and life in general are amazing and very close to how Wenger sees things. I’d really like DB to take over the academy.


+1 for Thomas Tuchel. I’m very impressed. Not unlike a young Arsene, he has intelligence, style and a classy demeanour. This is directly reflected in his Dortmund team with a vertical philosophy and tactical passion that would be a dream match at Arsenal. For me he ticks every box.

5th Duke of Portland

The Guardian did a great feature on Tuchel earlier this year and I’ve thought he’d make a perfect fit when Wenger decides to call it a day. He seems to have a similar philosophical approach and a scholar’s eye for the game – Tim Stillman’s recollection of the quote that Wenger’s mind is utterly wasted in football is spot on.

Sideshow Mo

Economics major, too! 🙂


i’m all for Diego Simeone. he will win the CL with Atletico next year and then look for new challenges
or not.


I think proviso he delivers something this season, a good timeline for him to step down maybe in two seasons around just before the world cup.

He may get a shot at managing France.

Deschamps may be an interesting candidate with us. I would also keep tabs on Koneman who has been consistent. Currently, many of the managers that may share ethos with Wenger are committed.

I’d expect behind the scenes, Wenger will have a MASSIVE say on who he feels can best benefit us with set up in place.

god god Bergkamp god god

Koeman will not stay at Arsenal with his barca-dna. Lets not take him.

Dan Hunter

Deschamps would be a terrible choice. HE couldn’t even win the Euros with what was by far the best team against a seriously depleted side. He has no plan B.

I would take Simeone, Loew or Tuchel, in that order of preference.

Bould's Eyeliner

If Jurgen Klinsmann were available, he’d be my ideal choice. He’s too busy making America great (for the first time).


Tuchel would be ideal

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

We don’t have to worry about that now because Arsenal will still celebrate Wenger’s 25th year anniversary managing the Club come year 2021.

We’ll have a very remarkable season, and he’ll surely sign a new contract committing the next 5years managing this great Club.

I can’t imagine life without Arsene at Arsenal.

Merlin's Panini

Tuchel would be a good option. Would be funny to nick Pochettino from Sp*rs. We’ll need someone from the top shelf though, as long as it’s not Mourinho or Mancini. They’re both so negative and boring. There seems to be a fashion for managers who play the heavy pressing game at the moment – Klopp, Pochettino, Guardiola and they all seem to be doing pretty well out of it. It’s interesting but I do wonder whether that makes it more difficult to set up an attack because a lot of the team are then out of position when the ball… Read more »

Keith Mascarenhas

Not sure why you’re being down-voted. Nicking Pochettino from Sp*rs while they’ve been doing so well under him would be a huge coup for us!


…Yet they still finish below a hugely under-performing Arsenal. There is a reason he is at Spu*s and not at a top club. The same reason Villas-Boas, Redknapp and everyone else who manages that lot, he is not good enough. Maybe I will eat my words, but you don’t go and recruit a new manager who is the flavour of the month. Many Arsenal fans have put forward some ridiculous names over the last decade.


I think football is a game of efficiency. If I was a manager, I would no doubt employ heavy pressing, but I don’t think it’s sustainable throughout the season. Physically, it is demanding, right?

Dan Hunter

A sniper on the roof is efficient

Antispuds returns

Heeeey big Sam is available!


Well, if he is good enough for England… wait, no! The state of our national team!


Obvious choice is Diego Simeone.


I would be surprised if we get Simeone. It’s so unlike us to hire someone with some steel. lol

Gudang Pelor

I have this image of simeone as a manager who would employ somewhat cynical style of football, not dissimilar to moaninho’s.


oh no. there is a significant difference between those two. mou is a mad cunt, simeone is only mad.

Gudang Pelor

Would really love it if Arteta can come back as Arsenal managsr, after one or two years apprenticing with pep, then ayear of transition period as Arsenal coach/ass man with arsene extending his contract until 2019.


Obviously incompatible perhaps.


1. I hope Wenger extends his contract at the end of the season.
2. I don’t think it would be wise to let him pick the next manager or have too much say in the decision.
3. There is no evidence that AW would pick the right man for the job and, more importantly, the board must finally start to completely run the club and take responsibility for decisions made.
4. I trust Ken Friar to do the best for our club.


Please in the next 3years I will be well prepared for WENGER to retire.


Well said AW !

When Managers start picking their successors, it invariably spells trouble.

Having said that, when you look at our Board, it doesn’t exactly inspire any confidence.


Here are my candidate to replace Wenger in ascending order. Someone,joachim low,tuchel,koeman,viera


Well, I love your first choice.

It has to be “Someone”, you know!

Bob Davis

Hopefully we can win the Premier League and he stay on for a while!

Always a Gunner

Why the hell are they asking this question almost every week now?I don’t understand the logic behind all this. The man has done a incredible job here which can be seen by the way past players show respect to him.Look at how man united legends talk about Sir Alex – the manager doesn’t respect the players and the players don’t respect him. We still have 31 matches to go,we are in the champions league,league cup and the FA cup is yet to start. Give the man some space and let him do what he is supposed to with the team… Read more »


Are my posts still going into moderation?


Clearly yes…bye x


Please do post this Blogs, I have really enjoyed this site over the past few years but it clearly doesn’t work for me anymore.


Big sam will do


I wouldn’t trust that board to order dinner without fucking it up, let alone hire a competent successor to Wenger.


Honestly for someone celebrating 20 years as a gooner, i can’t imagine hearing Arsenal’s manager and then another name mentioned it would be surreal. It’s like seeing someone you were married to answer another name. The day will come but for now lwt’s enjoy the bromance


Should’ve been Klopp. He would have been perfect.
I honestly don’t think there’s anyone out there good enough to succeed Wenger and for that reason, he’ll be offered a new contract (in my opinion).
Perhaps the bigger question is: will he sign it?


Managers like Tuchel or Favre would be fine, maybe Low (but not sure since we haven’t seen of him at club level). Simeone would be a dream.


Simeone’s positive qualities-a great man manager who trains highly organized teams who are defensively tight, and opportunistic are wonderful. His negative one’s: parking the bus tactics regularly employed while cynically hacking down anything that moves; not so much. Sounds like a return to the “1-0 to the Arsenal” “boring, boring Arsenal” of George Graham. Tuchel sounds like a better choice though you’d better have a huge squad of geggen pressers who can also play football. Larry White might not be an awful placeholder until a seemingly perfect fit appears on the horizon.


Does this mean that Arsene won’t be joining the board?

Simeone would be a good choice. He says next season will be his last at Atletico, and I think our current players would thrive under his counter attacking style of play. Outside of that, I’d be happy with Löw or Tuchel.

My worry is that we have a board that has no passionate football men like David Dein or even Danny Fiszman.

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