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Wenger on why ‘risky’ Arsenal are scoring more

After the 6-0 win over Ludogorets last night, Arsene Wenger was asked why it was Arsenal seemed to be more efficient in front of goal this season.

After 12 games the Gunners are averaging 2.6 goals per game, at the same point in the last campaign it was 1.5, and the Arsenal manager feels there are a number of factors behind the improvement.

“The confidence is high, we have a good balance at the moment in the team and maybe it’s because we’ve been making more of our chances,” he said.

“The final ball is better. Is that because our finishing is better? It’s difficult to analyse at the moment, but what is for sure is that we score more goals. We score lots of goals.

“That’s what our game is about. We have a risky game and therefore it’s important that we take our chances.”

The Frenchman had praise again for Mesut Ozil, after the German nabbed the first hat-trick of his professional career, and brought his season tally to 6 so far.

“He looks like he’s got a taste to score goals because he runs in behind more,” he continued.

“Before, he only liked coming to the ball and providing, but we want him to be a provider and a scorer. It looks like he’s slowly moving towards that better balance.”

This new system which often sees him as the furthest man forward is clearly playing a part too. Long may it last.

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Everyone knows Özil is brilliant now dont they? No more silly opinions, bar those of the ‘expert’ pundits?


You’d think even the most brain dead of pundits would know how good he is. But Michael Owen said after the game that he is good but would like to see him do it in the biggest games where he goes hiding. So silly opinions still exist!


If only there was a recent big game we could point to where Ozil did the business against title rivals.

David C

and ran riot over all the pundit’s little darling: Kante

Stewart Robson's therapist

That cretin isn’t worth listening to. Even Robbie Savage thinks he’s stupid. ROBBIE SAVAGE.

Godfrey Twatschloch

I’ve referred to Owen as an incompetent boss who frustrates and angers everyone and on that note I’d also imagine him to be the kind of guy when after his team has performed a mammoth task by meeting a deadline flying colours etc would go “alright team, not bad but let’s see more effort from here on, I know you can do it”.


Takes one to know one i guess


I mean Savage is a cretin


Why do people listen to Michael Owen? ??

Godfrey Twatschloch

For the same reason people look at car accidents when they pass them on the motorway.


I can’t believe there are fans who wanted fabregas back instead of ozil, I mean the snake can even start a game in the cup, and he declined so fast he even shadowed the other snake that plays at fener.




It’s only the English pundits that thought he wasn’t brilliant. That’s just purely due to envy. Half of England’s players can’t pass the ball straight, but ‘run araaandd a bit’.

He’s been my favorite player since, unfortunately, he tore us Aussies to shreds back in 2010.


I always wondered why ozil is not scoring more goals. Have you watched 2010 Germany vs England? Germany counter-attack is devastating. And ozil was always part of the group that do the run and gun.


I definitely have! I watched him a lot when he was at Madrid, i think he’s genuinely a selfless player. Even when he had an open goal at times, he would pass to Ronaldo to tap in. Of course Ronaldo would run off celebrating as if he won the World Cup.

In saying all that, I think he definitely should shoot more, and finish some of the chances he gets. But he’s improving, which is good to see!


Praise the baby Jebus!

Granit(e) hard!

Whatever the reasons we are playing, winning and scoring this way, I love it and long may it continue.

Attacking football at its best. Efficiency….Punish the opponent for any mistake at that end, Resiliency….defend in numbers from the front to limit the number of scoring opportunities created by opponents. Virtually perfect total football.


It is two areas where we have more flexibility with our existing players, both Ozil and Sanchez (vs Plan B Giroud). If you add to that Theo’s improvement in fitness and tracking back plus Iwobi that adds up to a lot of improvements. And the Ox is looking v fast and improving too. All good.

Antispuds returns

That’s the only downside of BT Sport. You get to listen to that cunt!


They were talking about messi being off form on the other side. They really have no clue

sixteen swans over ainola

Anyone else getting the feeling this is a very different Arsenal squad from (recent) previous seasons. 1. We don’t seem to have a player who’s a weak link on the pitch. 2. When we lose a player to injury or suspension it’s almost as if the replacement is a boost to the side. Xhaka out – Coquelin in, Monreal out – Gibbs in. 3. No one is panicking about getting players fit for big matches. Welbeck, Ramsey, Giroud, Mertesacker – all still out and there’s no need to rush them back early. 4. Our substitutes are hungry as hell to… Read more »


It appears that playing Alexis up top means that everybody gets a turn at being striker

Bob Davis

Excellent points and I agree with them all!

I just hope we can win the big games too!

I hope Mourinho gets punched in the throat

Michael Owen should surrender himself to the nearest mental hospital! Ozil scored home and away against Mourinho united last season! Also got a goal against Bayern and not to Mention Chelsea this season. Last time I checked those were BIG games!!!! Twat

Thumbs up just for the username. I for one hope Mou does find Wenger strolling outside the football pitches, and when he rounds a corner looking to deliver that punch he’s been talking about, finds himself face to face with Steve Bould.


Honestly think Wenger would own that POS in a fist fight if it came down to that.


Naturally. But Bouldy could make the twatish one piss himself with a scary look.


To these fuck-wit pundits, the only big games that matter are ones that have not been played yet.

There are always excuses that mean when we have beaten a big side it doesn’t count. (With Chelsea, they played badly, not us well).


The media has an agenda and an opinion and NOTHING will change it no matter what the evidence to the contrary may show.


We now have a team.

Whats the Craic?

Interesting how the Messiah (Wenger) says we have a “risky game”……admitting the style of play.

How fuckin dare he play with our emotions like this, I think I will go and support UTD and
the Mourinwhore clusterfuck tactics…….much less stressful!!
Oh wait , no , theyre in crisis with a team of mercenaries much like their manager.

Whats the Craic?

I see the Dutch skunk is back in his preferred home tonight.
His “little boy ” will have a crisis tonight as he is presented with an open goal……….ah go on Dick Head, do it for us!!!


Playing risky means that eventually we´re going to loose a game or two. That will bring the negatives and naysayers back to this forum with their “I told you so”. I will never commit to watching the Mourinhos of the world destroying beautiful football. I take the occasional “bad” because there is so much good in the Arsenal style of play.


Yeah normally there are like 100+ if not 200+ comments when arsenal has a bad result, yet after yesterdays game it was around the 50 mark!!! So many negative people frequent social media!!! Yeah have a moan, I do sometimes, but also balance it with going OTT when we win!!!

Fireman Sam


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