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Wenger thanks Ospina for contribution

Arsene Wenger says David Ospina deserves praise for his performance in Arsenal’s 6-0 win over Ludogorets after the Colombian made vital interventions when the Gunners’ advantage was still slender.

The 28-year-old, in the side in place of Petr Cech, was called into action three times in the space of ten first half minutes as the Bulgarians threatened an equaliser.

Having already stopped a shot from Jonathan Cafu, Ospina bailed out Mustafi with a brave dive at the feet of Virgil Misidjan. Minutes later he denied Misidjan again with some crafty, albeit slightly dangerous, hand work on the edge of his area.

“We scored early and maybe we eased off a bit too early,” said Wenger after the game.

“It’s funny because the more goals we scored, the better we defended. In the first half it’s true that we were sometimes in danger with runs coming from deep. The strikers came into midfield, flooded the midfield and got them out of pressure. Then we were in trouble twice.

“We’d like to give credit to Ospina who saved us twice with very important saves.”

Ospina, who was the Gunners man of the match against PSG on Champions League matchday one, will likely return to the bench for Saturday’s game with Middlesbrough. He’ll likely resume his place between the sticks in two weeks time when Arsenal look to seal qualification from away at Ludogorets.

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It’s really a great thing to have Ospina as a back up keeper. He looks to have learned from his issues last season in the UCL, touch wood, and I like his attitude. He definitely seems better than when he signed, more assured in pressurised situations. Let’s just hope it doesn’t sour, because in challenging for honours he will be more important than we anticipate and it would also be nice if he could help us bring the FA Cup back home 😉

igbo Amadi-Obi

It could well have been a similar situation last season if he didn’t get off to a pretty poor start. Obviously, Wenger had a similar plan to distribute the chores between the GKs as he has done this season. But that first game forced him to revert to Cech for both the Prem and CL. What a difference an outstanding performance against PSG has made.


Ospina has always been a good keeper for us, so I don’t know why people are surprised. Cech has had a couple horror shows in an Arsenal shirt, and so has Ospina, but one gets forgotten about because of all the trophies he has previously won.

Too Drunk To Be Offside

The question still needs to be asked. Against (say) Bayern or Barca or another top level side, in the KO rounds, who starts? Cech over Ospina surely.

Wilshere's good fibula

Who would you start? A keeper that has learnt his trade facing the best south american strikers or one who had 5 really good 5 players in front of him at club level and faced Malta or Greece at international level. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cech and all he brings to the team, but it would be foolish to place him in front of Ospina based only on their awards.


Winning a bunch of big trophies tends to do convince people that you’re good. It’s so unfair, I know.

Paul Kenny

Is it possible at some point this season we could have the same debate at goalkeeper between Cech and Ospina as there is at LB between Nacho and Gibbs currently?


Dont really see much of a debate between Gibbs and Nacho. Nacho is very much first team, gibbs is a very good back up to have


I think there’s a strong case for Gibbs to get more game time. He’s looked very good when played this season, and Monreal has been skinned quite a few times (though maybe could get more support on the left from Alex).

Frank Bascombe

They should have a straigtner. Fancy Opsina.


A number of our squad players are pretty good and Ospina is one of the prominent examples.

Ramsey is out injured but we are not missing him at the moment.

Gone are the days when someone like Denilson was a regular (Wenger even managed a title challenge with that squad). Now, even Cesc who supposedly in his prime years (not peak of his career), would struggle to get into the starting 11.

David C

would you take Cesc back or has that ship sailed? Would he be a useful squad player if someone like Santi decided to return to Spain? or is Cesc Judas now? haha.


The other way around, Cesc probably regrets leaves us a lot more than Wenger is missing Cesc now.


Apart of me would still fancy cesc back at Arsenal


Cesc is a Judas, but that’s irrelevant. Based on performance alone, who out of our 25-man squad could he replace? Every single one of our midfield options is presently a better player than him.


he’s a good keeper. Not really sure why people doubt him.

the old chap

long may it continue

not a dick(advocaat)

I quite like the idea that our reserve keeper is so good, that the national cups aren’t enough keep him satisfied.


If Ospina was dropped for his howler in the CL last season.
Can the same happen to Cech vs. Swansea? Based on the observation that the first goal, while considered as a Xhaka mistake, Cech could have do more instead of a half-hearted effort to save it. It would be harsh I’d say, but it’s not unthinkable.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsene opts for Gibbs against Boro’ this weekend — give Gibbs a run out and rest Monreal, good to keep both players happy and competitive.

J singh

I rate ospina as a shot stopper. I personally believe he is a better distributor than cech . The champions league has less teams who will cross & head the ball, keepers are protected even more by refs from corners … So its suits ospina more than the PL in my opinion


A lot of people underrate him, and i honestly have no idea why, sure he could be taller, but he makes up for it by being an exceptional shot stopper, by good decision making (let’s say, if woj would’ve been the one rushing out to get those balls, we would’ve ended up with 10 men), his distribution is good too, he is mature and professional, not very prone to mistakes (every keeper makes them, sure, but he doesnt make them each match like someone and hell, even Cech has made his share of mistakes with us). Really, his only below… Read more »


I really like Ospina, largely for the “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOSPINAAA!!” nonsense.

He’s quite good at doing the odd goalshot-denial too.

Trixie Bird

Goalshot denial? What the hell is that?

We are talking about English football here aren’t we?

Matt K

David Ospina > Claudio Bravo
Another reason why we are better equipped than City this year


If Cech drops a clanger in a big game there’s going to be serious and legitimate questions about Ospina having a crack in the league (although obviously I hope a calamitous costly clanger never happens)


Love the way Ospina’s name was mentioned each time he takes a goal kick …….OOOOSSSPINA!!!!…


Hopefully we will advance a long way in all competitions so Ospina can get plenty of matches in. Cech certainly hasn’t done anything to lose his place in the league matches and I am sure the fact that Ospina is in good form will only be a good thing for Cech’s performance.


Isn’t it great to have two exceptional players at each position?

Tasmanian Jesus

Im calling him Kittypaws from now, those lightning fast hands are just like my cats.

Tony Hall

I think he is an excellent keeper and better than most teams first choice !

mista courifer

start the colombian shot stopper in home matches for the ‘oooooooooooooooooooooooospinaaaaaa!’ chant, if for nothing else.

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