Boss backs Jenkinson ahead of EFL return


Arsene Wenger has given his backing to Carl Jenkinson ahead of tonight’s EFL Cup game against Southampton.

The 24 year old was not in the squad at all for Sunday’s 3-1 win over Bournemouth, as the manager gave a chance to Mathieu Debuchy. Sadly for the Frenchman, he lasted just 15 minutes before departing with a hamstring injury.

Wenger confirmed Jenkinson would play tonight, and explained his absence at the weekend.

“Carl Jenkinson will play,” he said. “I rested him completely against Bournemouth because he played two big games and I felt he needed a breather.

“Sometimes, mentally three games in a week demands a lot. Carl’s back in tomorrow and we’ll put Gabriel in the centre, and then we will see for Saturday.”

“You forget that it’s a big ask,” he continued. “Carl is very conscientious and it takes him time to play completely with freedom.

“He needs a run of games to play with freedom, so the fact that he can get another game tomorrow, I think we’ll already see a different Carl.”

Summer signing Rob Holding will make his 6th Arsenal appearance when he partners Gabriel in the centre of the defence.

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Taking The Mik

Sucks to say he’s probably not up to standard here long term, but man, those performances v City and Bayern away in the same season were absolutely epic. Got him on my shirt that year.


Yeah I am with you on this, I love the guy because he is a massive Gooner, but I don’t really think he has what it takes to consistently perform at this level – I think there will be the odd performance that will go really well, but I think consistently he will struggle.

Kampala gooner

I guess by that comment we should also assume the manager that has faith in him is an idiot too. Shame!


I don’t really get how people make these conclusions. He’s only just come back from a big injury and has hardly played. We just don’t really know how things will pan out for him in the long run. I for one am hopeful he will do well and stay with us as he is a total Gooner.


the guy is not Arsenal level give yourself excuses but hes just simply not good enough we were wayyy much better when maitland came on Jenskinson doesn’t overlap he is not an attac minded RB which is not exactly what suits arsenal style of play the reason we play so well and we are good going forward is because our fullbacks occupy such high positions it causes teams problems i am siure if we had bellerin for the games against tottenham and man u we wopuld have won. he’s a defensinve minded RB which is only good for when we… Read more »


Guy comes back from a year’s absence and every one expects peak Philip Lahm.Give him some time

David C

and he doesn’t seem to complain about being a backup. That’s a good quality to have in a big squad.


As a gunner, I wouldn’t complain too if I were as backup for the Arsenal, so that’s not saying much. Like Jenkinson, we are all fans of Arsenal here, and at least as shit at football as him. Does this mean that we deserve special treatment and/or to play for the club? Personally I doubt he’s that much of a fan. Were that the case, given that he sucks at football, he’d immediately start claiming in public that he loves Sp*rs, then sign for them, injure in training his competitors at RB so as to become first choice, then rack… Read more »


Happy Jenks will get some more minutes on his way to a full recovery from being out for so long, but I’m quite worried about our right back situation with both Bellerin and Debuchy out. Stay fit, Corporal!

Andy Mack

Between Gabriel and Coquelin we have decent cover at RB although none of them are on HBs level.


West Ham next, at least he’ll know most of the players there and how they play.

Coming back from injury he is getting up to pace and not as bad as many say. Bellerin is obviously number one but as a back-up Jenks has many things going for him (like Gibbs).

Little Mozart

I have faith in Jenkinson, and if Wenger thinks we’ll “see a different Carl” against Southampton tonight then I have no doubts.

Giovani Rampeloti

i think we’ll play Looserpool in the EFL Final
that’s not easy


Not every day u can get a chance for revenge.


We have beaten them in finals many times, and a certain title decider. They got very lucky,once.

Andy Mack

I think he’s referring to the 1st game of the season.

Ozil's Eyes on Wenger's Hot Thighs

Some usual turd polishing from the boss there? Ha! Nothing new then!!


I think coquelin is a decent back up option for right back should something happen. The only issue is hes been so solid in midfield!

But i do recall a few games back in his early days for us that he filled in at left and right back.


I do really like Jenkinson, but we really struggle on offense when he is in there as it seems players either aren’t confident in passing to him or the boss has told them to limit it. His defending definitely has improved, but needs to really pick up his offensive game. It can be done as Coquelin was pretty raw when he first came back and started playing, but with the long run of games has definitely improved technically (still not the level of the others in midfield, but certainly not a liability).


@masta very very very lucky! 2 Henchoz handball howlers and Titi at his worst finishing ever. Realyy shud be called the Henchoz final
@Ozils Eyes…wanka!


Jenks goes nowhere …decent back up similar to Gibbs.

Chris O.

If you think Gibbs is good enough to be a squad player for Arsenal (and he is), then Jenkinson has a future with the club. He’s still coming back from injury and regaining form.

I don’t see Jenkinson being good enough to be a long-term starter, and fortunately he doesn’t have to be with Bellerin with us for hopefully the next decade. You can’t have a second Bellerin sitting on your bench (they’d never accept it and would leave like Gnabry did), so a guy like Jenkinson is the perfect sort of player to have as your backup.


This just goes to show that in a big team with so many competitions and such a demanding league there is definitely life in being a dedicated backup to a very high quality starter. You will play, and you will play in some big games.

Jenks is just working the rust out. 2 matches back, big ones, with the most important thing being to not fuck up. He’s done it well, and we know from previous matches and the West Ham loan he has more in the locker.


I was hoping for maitland niles at right back tonight 🙁 I thought he was very impressive last time he played there


Limited player.

Prefer Calum Chambers at Rback when he returns.

Debuchy was night and day when he came on for the briefest of times…alas injury.

Maybe Gabriel may be better at Rback in league games till return of Bellerin.