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Jenkinson: Character, good. Slow starts, bad.

According to Opta, Arsenal are the only side yet to be losing at half-time in a Premier League match this season (winning six and drawing six). In fact, we’ve not been behind in a league game at half-time since 28 February.

It’s a remarkable record, however, in recent weeks the Gunners haven’t been their best in the opening stages of games, most notably against PSG, Manchester United and Sp*rs. It’s a problem that Carl Jenkinson believes his teammates must address if they are to get back to winning ways.

Speaking after last night’s 2-2 draw with the Ligue 1 champions, the right-back told Arsenal Player:

“At Manchester United we especially didn’t start at our best and [against PSG] similarly. It is something we have got to be aware of because it has happened a couple of times lately.

“It is something we have got to be aware of because it has happened a couple of times lately.

“You can look at it as a tough night, but it is always going to be when playing a top team. I think we played well, the head to head rule is very frustrating, I’m not a fan of that and I think it is a shame. I think we played well and it is unfortunate that we didn’t hold on to the win but that is life.

“To go behind against a team of this calibre and then to come back, we have got a lot of character in this squad and we are showing it time and time again and on another day we win tonight, so it is frustrating but that is football.

“It makes a big difference, not just at this level but in the Premier League as well. You look at the stats and whoever scores the first goal, they generally go on to win the game. We have let that drop a bit lately and if we get the goal first, nine times out of 10 we win and we need to get back to doing that.”

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Good points made, he sounds switched on.

He isn’t as good as Bellerin but hasn’t played that much so needs time to get in the swing of it.

He made a good comment on Sp*rs as well, they are probably going back to Spursday matches.


A lot of my friends who were at the game last night said he had a fairly poor night all round. As he is a massive Gooner, and he is just coming back from a fairly long injury lay off, so I am trying to keep positive with him as I know he would run through a brick wall for the club – but it is starting to worry me that maybe he just isn’t good enough to play for Arsenal.

Lord Bendtner

Colonel Carl has spoken


Stratospheric promotion! Still a Corporal hopefully.


I thought he was pretty poor last night…he had one gilt-edged opportunity to impress and he fluffed it…losing possession, crossing into the Away Fan Enclosure, slowing down counters…they can’t all be Bellerin or Coquelin, I guess…


True I agree. A few times Mustafi had to gesture to him to push forward and take up the proper positions on the field its as if he’s still behind in his knowledge of his position as a RB doesn’t know when to push forward or stay behind he’s way behind in tactically intelligence and thats where Bellerin is better other technically and also speed wise. I honestly don’t see him as a long term bellerin deputy I think He’ll probably move on in the summer unless he improves drastically

An Ox-sized Coq

You got to remember that left and right backs of Arsenal don’t take normal positions. We tend have our backs push pretty far up, at least in comparison to the majority of other teams.


Most disappointing thing about him against PSG was his crossing – something he’s supposedly good at.

But yeah still decent backup to have. Hope he improves with more game time!


He looked a bit lost to me. His crosses I had thought were historically pretty good, but last night were pretty far off the mark.

I think it’s just rust. I like him and think he is a lot better than he showed us yesterday.


He did put the ball into the box that resulted in the OG – wasn’t the best of “crosses” if you could call it that, but it did cause a problematic deflection. Sanchez actually gave him the ball as well, something other players should be more willing to do when he’s in such a good position. We haven’t had a full-back that’s been good at putting in a cross in quite a while. Bellerin isn’t great at crossing, but he makes up for it by being able to take players on 1v1 and provide accurate fizzed in passes/cutbacks that result… Read more »


This is not a knock on jenkinson but a praise for maitland niles.. I think Wenger should throw in maitland niles for the games vs bournemouth. The only thing that can be seen as a disadvantage is that he hasnt got the experience, but hey this is a good game to give him that experience. I think its worth the risk. Especially when he will have behind him a more calm-giving-vibrations-type of goalkeeper as Cech is.


You can see that his team-mates are a bit reluctant to include him in attacks down the right. Which is unfortunate, because he clearly is still gelling back into the team in addition to coming back from an injury. I understand he’s no Bellerin – but nobody else who plays RB in the league right now has Bellerin’s relentless pace and technical ability. He could have done a better job defending the corner that led to the OG last night in my opinion but other than that, I believe he’s exceeded most people’s expectations – having to come back into… Read more »


To me the point you made above is the big one here – into the squad for two of our biggest matches, one of which he’s carrying scars from a prior very bad experience. He’s been going out there and not fucking up. That’s #1 most important here, and he did it. The fluency can come with match fitness. Every player has got rust their first few back. Even Alexis when he came back into the team last season had a couple lackluster performances.


Does Jenkinson train on how to take a player on at all instead of always passing the ball backwards strictly with his right foot? His inability to bomb forward is detrimental to our fluency

Also, even Barca with many of thebest footballers in the world still press opposition teams all over the pitch, why are we unable to do likewise? Are they trained on how to press at all? I mean to allow a ball – playing team like PSG so much time on the ball is plain foolhardy

Ozil's left foot

Felt Jenks was better than most people are giving him credit for. The guy just came back from long term injury, he will find confidence and while he might not have the capacity to bomb forward like bellerin he does it in his own way and I think him and the Ox in front of him are better foils to Giroud than Walcott and Bellerin.

Calgary Gooner

A player and a real fan, good on you Jenks!


He’s proved he’s a good player who can burst forward and back. (Fenebache anyone) I’m really happy to see him back. Readily admit he didn’t have a classic last night but he puts in a shift and he’s a proper 100 per cent gooner.


Some people love to delude themselves. Jenkinson is a technically limited player. I can’t fault his commitment to cause, he isn’t a poor player but like Elneny (who has his own cohort of deluded fans) he isn’t as good as many like to hype him up to be. The way I see it, our Rback situation currently is a bit akin to the Wizard of Oz/Yellow Brick road. We have : Jenkinson – Technically limited, Good commitment Debuchy – Technically Good player, Poor commitment Bellerin – Technically Good Player, Good commitment…but injured Chambers – Technically Good player, Good Commitment but… Read more »


Nothing to do with being deluded. Just said I thought he was a good player.


The only thing I agree with you is that the Ox or Theo could have provided more help to him on the flank. Alexis was more interested in trying to dribble towards the centre which PSG easily blocked every time.

We lack width in our attacks.


…and I’m not saying he won’t improve and get better or was any worse than some of the other players…but lets get real.


Stop the Jenks bashing people. I agree he didn’t have the greatest game vs PSG but he is our alternate RB and against quality opponents like PSG, your second choice player may get found out a bit. That’s why they are second choice. Bournmouth are no PSG and I expect Jenks to be much steadier on the weekend.

Tibetan Gooner

He was poor against PSG, let’s see him against Bourmouth and this is compliment not criticisms. Poor in terms of reading games pace and going forward, crosses too. I’m just being technically more sound as much as i can be and there is no doubt that he is true Arsenal player through and through…


He wasn’t too good against PSG but let’s face it he had been sidelined for some time so it probably takes some matches to find his form. Hoping Debuchy will be fit enough soon so they can battle it out for the second choice Rb position

Arsene Who?

If someone wants to criticize Jenks’ crossing quality against PSG, s/he should also mention Sanchez in the same sentence. His crosses were also rubbish.

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