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L’Equipe: United offered Debuchy 5-year deal

It’s a matter of public record that Arsene Wenger blocked Mathieu Debuchy from moving on loan to Manchester United last January, however, what we’ve not known until now is quite how desperate Louis van Gaal was to sign the Frenchman.

L’Equipe report this morning that the Red Devils were willing to offer the right-back a five-year deal, despite him struggling with injuries and falling out of form at the Emirates. That the opportunity was shut down by his boss is a disappointment that Debuchy was happy to take public.


As you’ll recall, Debuchy suffered a shoulder and ankle injury in his first season opening the door for Hector Bellerin to nail down a first team spot. He’s not really had a look in since, making just 22 appearances in total, and none at all this term.

The eponymous Sport Witness translate the original article in which Debuchy is described as a ‘Devil in a cage’ – a gilded cage no like, given how much he’s earning.

It’ll be interesting to see whether we try and get shot of the 30-year-old in January, it’s still beggars belief that he didn’t leave in the summer.

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Le Jim

Jesus Christ they were desperate ? What a shit club. All that money and they’re still wank.


Well, at a certain and very dark point of time we signed Silvestre…

Wenger's Silent Brother

We had no money.

Bob Davis

A club Of Munure’s stature and they went for Debuchy. They must be To**enham in disguise!


U got me cracking my ribs…..hahaha…Tottenham in phrase ever



prague gooner

Our chance to Sylvestreesque revenge. Missed opportunity

Easy as JVC

Maybe we can put him in basket and leave him outside Mourinho hotel room, then knock on the door and run away!


Funny how everyone suddenly underestimates players. This guy is a quality RB, it’s just down to the injuries he’s not impressed on his cameos. If he hadn’t taken his issues public, he’d still be much supported by all of us.

Quality player with bags of experience. Since he’s at Arsenal, I hope he succeeds whenever his chance comes!

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

“If he hadn’t taken his issues public, he’d still be much supported by all of us.”

Maybe, maybe not. The fact is, he did take his issues public, so making assumptions about what might have happened had he not seems kind of pointless to me. Doesn’t seem to me he wants to be at Arsenal, so I don’t feel obliged to want him here.


I don’t think it’s so much of not wanting to be at Arsenal, rather a case of wanting to play games. With Bellerins rise and form, he knew he wasn’t gonna get that.

The issue I have isn’t with whether or not he went public but that’s obviously had an effect on people’s view of him. I personally think that while he’s at Arsenal, he could do the job he’s being paid for and be a quality player at RB as he’s proven to be in the past.


Why didn’t we take the offer?

Cape Town Gooner

Because fuck Man Utd.

Campbell's forehead

He was good for us before he got that shoulder injury in all fairness so I can understand Wenger blocking the move. It would be no way near the same as our ridiculous sylvestre purchase. Good full backs are hard to come by which is evident with teams having to play makeshift midfielders in that role.


Where was this sort of ruthless edge when those cunts came calling for the Dutch skunk?
This is long overdue.
Under no circumstances should we be strengthening our rivals.
Debuchy is a French international, I hope we made them beg at least a little bit before we told them to go and play with the traffic.


The cunts didn’t come calling for Judas van Persie until after he’d gone public with his desire to leave, and once tha thad happened, they knew they could get him at a knockdown price.


Debuchy has shown a dubious mentality but look, consider this (I will get killed for this): – you are a player going into your 30s – you have been injured twice but each time you looked like the middle term option – you have be pushed out after that by a more talented youngster – you want to play and united of all clubs proposes you 5 years – wenger, rightly so, blocks you from going – you end up at bordeaux, cannot find form again – your career is destroyed Frankly, would you not be salty? I mean, ok… Read more »


Haha, “salty”

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I think everyone can sympathise with his situation.

But not with his public whining and attempt to manufacture a move away.


Understand why he’s grumpy, but I also recall that long before the United offer, when he did have a the opportunity to try and challenge for his place, he seemed to prefer moaning to the press whilst stinking the place out on the pitch. That’s the attitude that lost him the support of the fans and for that, he has only himself to blame.


He was a talented player and probably still is. He is probably more passed with Arnautovic than anyone else, but basically Arsene gives opportunities for all the players. If he suddenly at an almost veteran age decides that he should batch and moan then that’s his own issue. And probably was a factor on being benched. Negativity never helped anyone.

Make mine a Swiss miss

I’d assumed we didn’t let him go this summer as we wanted cover in case Jenks injury took longer than expected – given our record it seemed a reasonable precaution. Anyway, letting him go in January seems a no brainer now.


I guess to some extent it depends on what sort of fee Utd were offering as we did actually let him leave on loan. I think if they.d given us the 10M we paid Newcastle then we might have allowed it. I for 1 cudn.t have cared less if he went there..think he is quite overrated and a bit of a dick into the bargain

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Well on one hand, if United thought he would improve them, then fuck them and let’s not help. On the other hand, recent history suggests that if United thought he would improve them, then they’re probably wrong. So it’s a tough call.

Rohith J

Agree with Dajeff. Don’t particularly feel angry, but disappointed with him. Hope United bids 30 million in Jan.


I hope he stays, he’s a damn sight better than Jenkinson.


He offers options at both CD and RB. We’re not skint now so we’re probably better off keeping him for squad depth and figuring out a solution come summer. Unless he begins to fuck cabs…


As I had mentioned before – OUr back ups for Rback were an issue 1) Calum (perhaps the best prospect) has lost his way with Wenger trying to convert him to Cback. He is now on loan at Boro and hope he rediscovers some confidence with the stint. BUT IMO with the excellent HOlding and the maturing Gabriel already, Chambers is probably better off reverting to the role he originally played with aplomp and promise at Soton…Rback 2) Jenko. He may be a gooner but he is tehcnially not up to scratch. This leads to general lack of composure when… Read more »

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