Ozil set to be given Interlull rest


Reports from Germany say that Mesut Ozil will not be selected for either of the two internationals the World Champions are facing in the next international break.

Joachim Löw’s side face San Marino in a qualifier on Friday November 11th, before playing a friendly against Italy on November 15th.

However, Kicker say the Arsenal playmaker won’t be selected for either game, allowing him time to rest.

You have to say it’s sensible management. Germany are clearly capable of beating San Marino without the 28 year old, and playing him in a friendly against Italy seems kinda pointless.

Not all Arsenal players will have such consideration shown to them, of course, as fixtures and circumstances will require their presence, but hats off to the Germans for this one.

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Rare bit of luck that.


Germans. They’re smart!

Easy as JVC

I wish Alexis was German


Efficient* lol



George the Gooner

Yay? Wtf


seems a fairly concept to understand, George

George the Gooner

Hoping to get comment removal for my negativity

George the Gooner


Lord Nicki B

Smart from the Germans, if only others treated their team differently, there’s no need for a full strength squad in meaningless friendlies. Give the youngsters a chance, assess your squad depth, it’ll help them in the long run


Such an efficient piece of thinking from those Germans.


If only Chileans were so supportive!


A clear sign they want us to win the league if ever there was one.


This is huge news. Coquelin and Cazorla are unlikely to be selected either, so our midfield core will have a good rest before the Christmas schedule which could prove invaluable. Hopefully Spain will do something similar with Héctor, rather than playing him for the u21s again.

Mongolian Gooner

What do we learn from this? We should buy more exceptional German talent. Comes with the boon of sensible national team management.


Alexis meanwhile will play 8 games in 3 days for Chile.


With a torn hamstring


Every time I think of San Marino but brain goes ” ohhh and it’s a mistake by Pearce and its humiliation here for England’


When you score a goal like the one he did you deserve the week off


Yah Deutschland yah.


Fellas is anyone else getting a sniff that something special is happening here? I know we’ve had a right old sniff before but mate this team is as good as i’ve seen it in 10 years


Sniff weirdly reminds me of joachim loew’s arse sniff?


Well done to the Germans, Kudos to Joachim Low.


I am under no illusion they did this out of loving consideration for Arsenal. They play San Marino and a Friendly, good oppurtunity to give youth a run out similar to what Wenger like doing when we play small teams in the league cup.

But great news for us still 🙂


I’m not surprised! Löw has already done such a choice for Mesut for example for the latest friendly against England before the WC. If I make no mistake one year ago he did the same saying that Mesut will have no winter break and allowed him to not play a friendly.

Singapore gooner

That is really excellent news.


Joachim Loew scoring points towards application for the post Wenger Era?
So I thought if we get 350k fans willing to pay 1 pound a week, we could actually send it to Oil and sign him up? COYG AM IN.

When Skies Are Grey

I will personally fluff his pillows, rub his feet and run his baths during his well-deserved rest if he gets us the win against sp*rs!


Sorry, Flamini’s already got it covered.

When Skies Are Grey

One foot each then!

Indian Gooner

Joachim Low.. Though he keeps scratching his balls and smelling it.. He is a good guy, you know??


Does he also look at this as a loss in appearances for national team? Missing out on a goal, a coupla assists to the lifetime tally? I can’t tell if national team player would like the idea of sitting out of easy national games just for ‘rest’, even if I’m glad from the club’s POV (’cause he does seem tired returning back sometimes). Maybe Low is trying out some young cubs?


Well the German team is well covered in Özil’s position, so that plays into that. But also it’s San Marino in the middle of the season, if you can’t give him a breather there, I don’t know. I don’t think national team players really enjoy those games, there’s no challenge and lots to lose in terms of injury.

Norwegian gooner

San Marino is a terrible team. They celebrated like they had won the game after scoring an away goal against Norway, even after the match was over and they lost 4-1. And Norway is currently ranked lower than Trinidad and Tobago by FIFA.
Point is that there is nothing for Özil in these matches and you have the risk of him getting injured for a longer period and missing out on more important games like against the Czech republic.


Plus San Marino know they’re useless at football, and try to win games like Stoke of old, kicking the crap out of opponents. They get more red and yellow cards than practically any other international team. We’re well off, not having to see Ozil go up against those claggers.

Gus Caesar

Makes perfect sense – if they can’t beat San Marino without him then they have problems and there’s little point in him playing in a friendly. The likes of Chris Coleman berate us for our treatment of players but rarely do they ever rest players like Germany may do here – since when does resting players become the sole preserve of the club?

Jay Song

Joachim Low you legend!!!!

glenn helders perm

great news fair play to Low. in fairness to Coleman he has slightly less options than Germany


Flamini’s already planning their day trips.


Ya Germany, Ya!


Danke Jogi

Dewi Mackenzie

I get that everyone is wishing Alexis could be rested as well however Chile are unfortunately not in the same position as Germany and need the points for world cup qualification.


what manner of sorcery is this?