Sunday, January 23, 2022

Dein: Wenger still has fire in his belly

David Dein says that Arsene Wenger still has ‘fire in his belly’, but gave no clues as to whether or not his great friend would continue as Arsenal manager after his current deal runs out.

The Frenchman’s contract expires at the end of this current season, and although there have been whispers about new terms being offered, he has been reluctant to discuss his intentions.

The former Arsenal vice-chairman believes that Wenger still has what it takes and despite being 67 years old now, isn’t encumbered physically in any way.

“He’s still got the fire in his belly,” he said. “He’s still hungry for the game, he’s very ambitious, he’s 67 years young, extraordinarily fit, he’s the same weight now as when I met him in 1989 – why not?

“He can carry on if he wants to, everything depends on him and himself – does he want to carry on?”

Last week, Leipzig boss Ralph Hasenhuettl suggested stories linking him to the job when Wenger does go weren’t too far wide of the mark, but it remains to be seen what’s going to happen.

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Lord Bendtner

Seriously Arsenal FC, just give ozil n Sanchez the pay raise. Take Sanchez n Ozil out of our squad, and I kid you not, you’re looking at a ‘fighting for that champions league spot side’. And I think we’ve all had enough of that.
I know what Leicester did last season, but hey look at them this season, and you will understand why we need top players to stay.

Tom Gun

Yeah come on! Seriously! It’s as easy as TGSTEL says. Just pay up £15m per year to each of them over 5 years. That’s only £150m. Then pay the extra £50-100k more per week to each player in the squad as they will want a subsequent pay rise. That’s only an extra £125-250m over the same 5 year period. I mean God. How easy is this decision. Just lay out a potential £400m extra over the next 5 years. Job done. Don’t know what the fuss is all about. I play Football Manager. It’s easy. Lord Bendtner, you’re knowledge and… Read more »


Yes that being said, ifff they walk, how much will WC replacements cost? Its taken this long to build this team.


This is the market we operate in these days…and so’s everyone else…if I was Sanchez orOzil and looked at how much Shrek or Zlatan are making, I’d want the same money, wouldn’t you?


Lock and pay for the extreme talent. The rest can be replaced. The special ones can’t.

Seriously Arsenal FC


Third Plebeian

Oh great, the Arsenal injury crisis continues apace. Could be an ulcer.


I have the feeling he will leave at the end of this season. Would love to see him sign a new deal but the fact that the club is already looking for possible successors, leaves me with a lot of doubts in that regard. I hope I’m wrong though. He has again collected a very good team and I think he should be there when this team reaches its peak.


Sorry who cares what David dein the former arsenal vice chairman thinks


Actually, quite a lot of us who are older than 18 and remember what he did for our club. Which was shit loads, by the way.

Mississippi Gunner

You can really see the fire in his dorky double fist motion goal celebrations (I’m not being sarcastic). Get up, walk forward a little bit (while double fisting), turn around, walk back to bench, contain excitement–equivalent of a Klopp sideline sprint/jump/fistpump


Unlike other managers, he knows it’s not about him. He wants his players to succeed and be able to express themselves, like a proud mentor rather than someone living vicariously through their players trying to recapture the glories (or lack of) of their playing days.


Why? I’m guessing because he has to show some ‘pashun’


Because it’s essential to celebrate a goal like a mad man to be a good manager. You seem like someone who likes a good ‘double fisting’ with ample thrust. Hey, you can even walk into a double fist if you like. Show us all how it should be done. Your intelligent opinion counts, really!


To bad Dein parted ways with Arsenal. I think he and Wenger complemented eachother like Cazorla and Coquelin or Bergkamp and Henry.


Please Arsene sign a new contract if you’re offered one. You’ve built this team all by yourself and we’re on the verge of achieving something special and it won’t be the same without you. Please Arsene I know so many people are critical of you but you’re still the best man for this job. Please Arsene I really hope you sign a new contract with us and continue this beautiful love story. #OneArseneWenger

Holding Rob

Not to be anti Wenger, but haven’t we been “on the verge” for like 10 years now..?

TR7 > CR7

“Haven’t we been “on the verge”?

Not really, look at our squad from 4 years ago at before the sponsor renewals:

Since then Wenger, as frustrated as he makes me in the transfer window, has made very few bad buys (Podolski being the least successful I can think of), cut all the “deadwood”, (remember all the deadwood?) and most importantly, kept all the players that we wanted to (barring Sagna).

The point is, we have improved soooo much since then, and now we actually are “on the verge”.

Dirty Sanchez + Two Dogs

I really hope Wenger stays and Atleast wins the Champions League once. But if/when he is to leave, I hope Diego Simeone takes over.


No thanks


David Dein’s customary annual piece that supports wenger


I think if Wenger won the PL this season, he will call it quits. He would want to go out a winner.

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