Sunday, June 4, 2023

Gary Lewin to rejoin Arsenal

Gary Lewin is set to return to Arsenal’s medical set-up after leaving his role as England’s first team physiotherapist in May.

In his first stint at the club, which stretched back nearly 30 years, Lewin oversaw more than 1,200 matches as the Gunners head physio.

The 52-year-old, who worked under George Graham, Bruce Rioch and Arsene Wenger, was integral to the development of the club’s medical department and the first iteration of the club’s state-of-the-art facilities at London Colney.

It’s expected that Gary will assume a role with close ties to his cousin, Colin, who replaced him as the head physio in 2008 and continues to be Head of Medical Services. Arsenal’s medical team now encompasses doctors, physios, conditioning coaches, fitness coaches, masseurs, soft tissue therapists and nutritionists – a far cry from the single magic sponge that Gary had for company in the mid-eighties.

While on England duty, Gary worked with managers Fabio Capello, Stuart Pearce and Roy Hodgson. As many of you will remember, he (somewhat unfortunately) made headlines in 2014 when he was stretchered from the touchline of England’s World Cup match with Italy after dislocating his ankle celebrating a goal by Daniel Sturridge. [Insert joke about it being ‘typical Arsenal’]

We await official confirmation from the club of Gary’s return. In the meantime, we’ll put to the back of our mind that he once saved John Terry’s life. Welcome back, sir.

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colin lewin

More deadwood. Get rid


Don’t worry colin, he’s not replacing you.


Great physio, but let us Gooners down badly. Should have let that cunt Terry choke death…


What a terrible thing to say.

He should have helped the fucker on his way.


Haha! Yeah.

“Ssh Ssh, just go peacefully into the light John”

Rectum Spectrum


Yeah your at the side of the road John, you crashed your Bentley while getting a blow job from a 16 year old reality tv star.

“Oh…..ok then.”


He must have been tired of a lot of the w*nkers that play for England.

Edu's Braces

Ok now go and get Pat Rice and the league is ours. You know your fandom is going too far when you’ve argued with a friend over whether or not Colin Lewin replaced Gary or was in fact always there. Actual argument on an actual night out. Grim enough ?

Bergkamp's Vision

Welcome home, Gary… But, next time, let JT choke on his tongue…

Prithul Narula

Don’t defile Bergkamp’s name with such crass.

I’m sure Bergkamp’s vision was for John Terry to be alive and fit so he could play for Chelsea every year, and fall over every time we played them at the Bridge. And Bob and Thierry would point and laugh. And all would be well.

Edu's Braces

Always suspected terry had a big family

Del boy

Good news, very experienced


Brilliant news. Still fresh in my memory being bitterly disappointed when he left. Always thought he was a top professional. Left me as sad as when david dein left the club . Lets hope for sime good luck on the I jury front from now.
Get in Gary !


Bring overmars too pal



Frank emerson

Delighted to see him back. There was an immediate increase in injuries when he left. He wasn’t poached by England because he was so so.


In other news: Abou Diaby set to rejoin Arsenal


I thought that German dude was our head physio?


This is good news! With our injury record since he left, he can only bring better things to the club!

David Hillier's luggage

Good news, scandalous that both him and Ian Beasley got given the boot by the FA, not their fault England are sh*t.

Stewart Robson's therapist

Ironic that he rejoins at a time when our squad is finally deep enough to sustain a few injuries here and there! Nonetheless, delighted to welcome him back.


Now get David Drink back….

Bendtner's Ego

We should have picked up Eva Carneiro for the medical team.

Professional phisio and as added bonus, we could troll Mourinho with her on the bench.


Lewin Lewin ohhhwaaa oh

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