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Is Julian Draxler really ‘considering’ Arsenal?

It’s well known that Julian Draxler’s relationship with Wolfsburg has broken down, and that the Bundesliga club are willing to sell him in January.

It’s also well known that Arsene Wenger is a long-time admirer of the German international, so his availability should, in theory, be something the Arsenal manager is paying keen attention to.

However, the 23 year old has been strongly linked with a move to PSG, with personal terms and fee apparently all agreed, or close to agreed at least.

Not so fast though, apparently he’s got some thinking to do. A member of his ‘entourage’, told Le Parisien, “”Nothing is done. Julian is hesitating between PSG and Arsenal. For the moment, he is thinking.”

Could it be that Arsenal are willing to do the deal, and add to the squad in January? Will Arsene Wenger at last get his man, having tried before and failed?

Or, more likely, is it that Draxler and his ‘entourage’ are currently negotiation with cash-rich PSG and are using Arsenal interest as a way of squeezing a bit extra out of the deal?

While we can’t say for sure, our money is much more on the latter than the former. It would be a massive surprise if we did anything in January, so our festive Poo-o-Meter is giving this one a runny old 8.

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Romford Pelé

This is gonna need a spill kit to clean up


There’s more chance of Hugh Hefner landing his private chinnook on my lawn tonight, and handing over the keys to the playboy mansion, and a bucket of cash for good measure, then flying off ……then there is of Arsenal signing Draxler in January.


Would love it to be true but I seriously don’t think it’ll happen.

We could do with strengthening in the wide areas though. I’m looking at that left wing position and the options we currently have aren’t really consistently performing. Maybe Welbeck can step up and take that spot when he’s back? Him and Alexis rotating in game every now and then sounds exciting!

Romford Pelé

These are both first team excellent players, not rotation squad members. Alexis always starts, period

Pardews Peaches and Plum Emporium

I think he means that they rotate positions during the actual game to catch defenders off guard

sixteen swans over ainola

Why? He’s no better than Theo, or the Ox, or Iwobi, or Welbeck or probably even Lucas Perez. I do remember he had one spectacular moment a few years ago, but sweet fuck-all since then. All I see now is him fluffing his lines time and time again. But maybe I’ve just not been noticing. I think I gave up wanting for us to get Draxler a long time ago. In my head he’s one of those players who looked good once, but never matched the promise. Not like Leroy Sane, who also played for Shalke – now if he… Read more »

Romford Pelé

He is a player no doubt, or Wenger would never be after him. He would shine with a style we play with and every player looks better in an arsenal team since Wenger came. This said however, he’s one of those that come with baggage, probably too much lately. Anyway its b/shit, we don’t need him

Rectum Spectrum

Yeah he’s the new Ryan Babel. Linked for ages, wanted him badly, he went somewhere else, turned out to be shit anyway.

Thierry Bergkamp

Dig deep in the pockets and get Reus. What.. I’m allowed to dream


An already injuryprone player like Reus and Arsenal
Dear god, that can’t end well
Still an amazing player


So who are the options for our right wing. Because personally i do not believe we have any right wingers. Theo though he starts there he does nothing really on the wing, Ox is injured, Perez is a striker, Ramsey no one likes there and I cannot think of anyone else sadly.


Hector. He plays both right back and right wing.
As long as he gets back and defends when necessary and keeps performing as he has mostly done this year, Theo can drift in and score goals all he likes! Works well for me. He and Hector were the only ones that seriously threatened the City goal.

Danny and Lucas can do a job there too, and Alexis has when asked as well. If Danny gets back up to form quickly we’ve got quite a few options across the front line, actually.

Dale Cooper

I haven’t really watched him play non-international football that much, so I only really have his stats to go by, but what is his appeal? His assist and goal ratios aren’t anything special at all. Genuine question, as I feel I’m missing something.


Apart from a decent game on Tuesday Draxler has been crap all season. And he’s not developing.


Most players do play shite when they are angling for a move.

Campbell's forehead

Can’t see it happening, we’re heavily stocked in that area. He would be an improvement on what we have but it’s not a transfer Wenger would make considering he already has a lot of options on the flanks.

David Semen

Can never have enough players of this quality, but it would make very little sense to buy him having let Gnabry go in the summer – although I get that Draxler is more established. Gnabry is having a top season in Bremen, and will probably end up at Bayern.. feels like one we’ll kick ourselves over!


Gnabry decided to leave, Arsene Wenger publicly said he wanted him to stay. Once a player decides he wants to leave, there’s very little his club can do.

atracción secundaria lucas perez

He saw Tony Pulis without his poncey cap and specs on and promptly decided he wanted out of the country if not the earth.


Though I agree with you, that we should have keep him, there wasn’t much we could to about it.
He wanted to leave, his contract was soon over and we wouldn’t have got any money then..
A bit unthankful from his side to be honest, since we sticked to him through all his injuries and as soon as he was fit and playable, he left
Pretty sure, he would have got a fair amount of playing time this season otherwise

Ex-Priest Tobin

Given it’s probably inevitable Alexis will move to an ambitious club sooner rather than later this probably wouldn’t be a bad buy.

The Stig

We know Wenger moves when a player he really wants is available, and there’s no secret he’s been a long term admirer of Draxler.
However, looking at our squad, and amount of players who can play wide is the only thing that speaks against this business.

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

Arsene always gets his man. Either instantly or eventually. Might be that he’s playing both bidding parties to squeeze the most of of the deal. Let’s see what happens.

Nacho Cheese Kalevra

And my android keyboard attempted to autocorrect Arsene to Ardent.
You would think it would know better by now?


It got silent the last few months about Draxler, mostly because Wolfsburg are playing like utter shit
I still think, he has the potential to be a great player and definitely would welcome his signing
But I don’t really see the move coming, he looked a bit greedy when he was signing for rich wolfsburg in the first place and we can’t compete with PSG financiallywise


Do we want another player with the potential to be a Nasri in the dressing room? I must say that I have my doubts over Draxler’s mentality…

Stewart Robson's therapist

It would be uncharacteristically ruthless of Arsene to do this, as he’d probably have to ditch one or even two out of Iwobi, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Welbeck and Perez to make room for Draxler. Personally I think he should, but I doubt he will.


Only 8 poops.. Ok so if ‘Hannibal the Manimal Cannibal’ Suarez signing from Barca in Jan is a ten then surely this is a bona fide 9.9.


He would be an upgrade on ox and Iwobi definitely. Some questions remain about his attitude though and would like to see us buy in players who seem stronger mentally and have a higher work rate. He would make us stronger but at the same time someone will have to be sold in the summer.


As much as I think he is a good player, we are seriously quite well stock in those positions. Even if there’s the possibility of converting him into a striker, we are also quite stocked up up front. Think the only player that we really need is for Santi to be back soon


No harm if he is linked as it will help in negotiations with Ozil and alexis as he could be direct replacement for either. I believe Wenger has stated he sees Draxler as someone who can also play down the middle eventually. He certaibly has the physical attributes. Speed and skill fit the bill too.


He has been consistently shit or at the best of times bang average for 3 seasons running now with the occasional great game once in a blue moon not unlike Walcott previous to this season. As it stands I think both Iwobi, Ox and Welbeck are just as good or better options.

But I do recognize that people who know what they are talking about obviously did see something special in Draxler, But he sure ain’t showing it or living up to the hype.


If draxler comes in before ozil or sanchez sign their contracts then it could be an interesting summer, finally having options and true competition for places in the first team. It may squeeze out Walcott or Ox in the summer but if Drax turns out to be an upgrade it wouldnt be a bad move. Ceetainly a signing which gives us tactical options as well as transfer options internally.


No. He is not.


Don’t believe the talk but he would definitely be an upgrade on Ox and Iwobi. Still, I have doubts about his workrate and commitment to a club. The last we need is players who only work hard when they feel like it. He also doesn’t really have any kind of consistency in his performances. Ox 2.0.

Big Dave

Draxlers already made his mind up, now his agents just playing the tedious mind games of playing one club off against the other to get him the best deal. With the German players we already have in the squad let’s hope he comes to us.


Hard to believe this would happen while they’re determining how many bags they’ll have to deliver to Ozil’s and Alexis’ houses.


I’ve watched draxler a lot (living in europe and having opportunity to watch bundesliga free). He is far from establish. Ocasional glimpses of brilliance, but way to rare. Even before this shitty season that wolfsburg is having. As I said, I watched him a lot of times and he is not really upgrade on Iwobi or Ox. Speaking about consistence, ox has performed far better than draxler. And there is no way we could sell Ox for 50+ mil that draxler gonna get fir sure. So, waaaaaay to expensive for what he has shown so far.


What! Body bags ! My gosh

Qld reds

Curious if both were available, Draxler or James Rodriguez?


Haw haw haw…

This is bollocks. 3 years ago the club might have been interested. But not now. That horse has bolted.


Guess he’s not signing for us anytime soon now lol!

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