Sunday, June 4, 2023

Miles: Contract talks looking ‘pretty good’

Arsenal club secretary David Miles says contract talks with Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are progressing well and that Arsene Wenger is also looking out for new recruits.

Speaking to BT Sport in Switzerland after Arsenal were paired with Bayern Munich in the first knockout round of the Champions League, Miles was quizzed on the state of negotiations with the Gunners star duo.

“Of course, we know talks are ongoing with certain players and certain contracts,” he said.

“At the moment, things are looking pretty good in that way.”

On the subject of signing new players in the future, he added: “Obviously that’s Arsene’s domain, and it’s in very safe hands.

“I know he’s already looking for opportunities to strengthen the squad.”

Then, in an obvious attempt to rally the troops, Miles adopted a suitably theatrical tone before throwing the gauntlet down at Bayern Munich.

“Obviously, it’s going to be a very tough draw against Bayern Munich. To keep things in context we’ve now been in the knockout phase of the Champions League for 14 years running and we’ve played Bayern Munich five or six times over the last ten years or so.

“We’re looking forward this time to actually beating them…because every time up to now they’ve beaten us unfortunately.”

Inspiring stuff there.

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Big statement, things looking good.

And Ozil has bought a house in London.

Easy Tiger

I wouldn’t read too much into that. He could probably afford to buy a house in every capital city in the world if he wanted to.


You are right but it does sound as though he is settling down a bit. I can’t see why he would want to leave. He is the top boy at the club along with Sanchez and is loved by the fans of a club that seem to making moves in the right direction. There is bound to be posturing from Sanchez and Ozil ahead of what will be their last big pay day but I do think they will sign. They also have a fantastic partnership together and they are not both going to leave to join the same club.… Read more »


that could be a fake artcile with random pictures of a luxury house

Mr. G

Robin van Persie bought a new house in London in the summer of 2011, and by the summer of 2012 he was living in Manchester.

I’m fully aware that Ozil has far more class than that skunk-haired, treacherous, Phil Collins-loving twatbasket, but I’m just pointing out that buying a new house doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with signing a new contract.


Great use of the word twatbasket there.


I’d be pretty surprised If they didn’t extend.
They both seem to be really enjoying their football.


He’s a lad isn’t he? Always up for some cheeky banter.

Monkey nuts

That’s useful information and strings everyone along nicely.


I have a feeling this man should have just kept his mouth shut.


why buddy?


Because talking to the public about what Wenger is going to do in the transfer market and his contract negotiations are going go against how Wenger likes to work. Hill Wood did it, which prompted Wenger to come out to tell certain individuals to “shut up” and do their job.

I think it’s bad form to speak to journalists about these matters, especially because Wenger plays his cards very close to his chest.
We don’t need a ‘suit’ from ‘upstairs’ making bolshy claims.


Can’t wait to see Jenko’s contract extension unveiled next to his new statue!


I reckon we are in for that Ajax kid….


I think that Ajax kid went to Wolfsburg


As i am sure the rest of Europas elite is tbh, Dolberg is a great talented player.


Oh sorry, THAT Ajax kid Bazoer. Thought u on about the striker. Bazoer has done nothing but moan since hes been benched. Now straightaway hes looking for the Exit door. Came from Psv at 16, 1,5 yrs in first team then benched and now wants out. Same with this guy Gudelj that got benched n now ‘cant motivate himself to train, because feels he belongs in starting 11’ and is now banned from first team. Can become a very good player let there be no doubt, not to sure bout his attitude and advisers. I’d rather get a first option… Read more »

Theo's Wall-cot

I saw the reference to “pretty good” and thought that bloke was Larry David!


Nothing can go wrong now. Announcement imminent. Done and dusted.


Ye, just let Inspirational Miles here handle the team talks and Bayern wont know what hit them.

Toure Motors

Wow, I bet he takes awesome minutes…


60 words per minute. Probably leads the league.

Crash Fistfight

I don’t think he’s that kind of secretary.


“We’re looking forward this time to actually beating them…because every time up to now they’ve beaten us unfortunately.”

You’d certainly follow this guy ‘over the top’ with rhetoric like that. Reminds me of Henry V at the siege of Harfleur, or perhaps Theodin before the last charge at Pelennor Fields.

Crash Fistfight

Or Bill Pullman at the end of Independence Day.

NW Gooner

Pretty…pretty…pretty good…


Call me cynical, but did this not because there anyone else?:

“I know he’s already looking for opportunities to strengthen the squad.”



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