Saturday, July 2, 2022

Official! Bellerin makes really long list of decent footballers

Hector Bellerin’s dreams came true this morning when his name was included on a really long list of footballers who are quite good at doing their job.

The list was compiled by other footballers of varying quality, which means it’s probably even more special for the Spaniard. Because, you know…peer recognition and that.

Hector is joined on the list by teammates Alexis Sanchez (who loves dogs) and Mesut Ozil (who also loves dogs but probably 16% less than Alexis).

The list will eventually be whittled down from 55 names to 11 at which point players will be shoehorned into hypothetical starting positions on an imaginary pitch.

Afterwards, we can only presume that imaginations will run wild about which hypothetical opponents they might take on – intergalactic space aliens that resemble octopi bred with lemons is our guess.

As you can tell, Arseblog News is chuffed to bits for Hector. Three cheers for the young man.

You can learn more about how The FIFA FIFPro World11 is selected, here…but it’s really boring so don’t bother.

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Jenko's Arsenal footie pyjamas

You say “decent” but Claudio Bravo is the first name on the list….


Not to mention that David Luiz is in there ahead of kos


This makes the news, but Hector’s dog’s first birthday doesn’t?

Jenko's Arsenal footie pyjamas

I did. I was more using the response as a means of rubbishing Claudio Bravo rather than praising Hector (the only premier league defender on there!) which i should’ve been doing.

A Different George

“the only premier league defender on there!”–
David Luiz is on the list. Oh, you said defender.

A Different George

Also, unless I missed one, only two British players at any position: Bale and Vardy. Sadly, Harry Kane and Danny Rose were not included.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

So that picture made me curious why Bellerin has something in Arabic tattooed on his right hand, and what it meant. A little Web site called Google pointed me in the direction of this interview from January where he says it means friend, commemorating “getting together with a friend”. Doesn’t address why he chose to get it in Arabic, but it appears he has tattoos in several different languages so I guess that’s just his thing.

Now you know.

Anyway, thanks Bellerin for being pretty good at football and doing it for Arsenal.


Can you please find an alternative source for the story? I want to read it, but refuse to add to the Daily Mail’s traffic

Lord Bendtner

Great job, he’s the best right back in the premier league. Also, wanna shed some light on Koscielney. He is hands down the number one defender in the entire premier league. I think he also deserves to be there. Now I’m not saying this as an arsenal fan. Anyone can see that when he plays, he bosses that defence, he reads runs and his last ditch tackles and blocks are a delight to watch.
Probably Keylor Navas is the best goalkeeper from that whole lot.


What does it say on Hectors hand?


*Hector’s (For the grammar Nazis) 😉


I’ve just seen that Cornelius P. Snuffington III answered my question…

Mongolian Gooner

Now I have to imagine a football version of Space Jam where Hector joins Alexis and Mesut to play against the most roided out aliens in the universe for the survival of all mankind. They end up drinking water that they believe to be magical which helps them overcome a difficult 10 goal deficit from the first half, and ending up winning the match thanks to an injury time 1-2 featuring Ozil’s backheel and an Alexis barnstormer.

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