Welbeck close to return, Cazorla situation unclear


Danny Welbeck is back in first team training and targeting a return to first team action before the end of the year, according to The Telegraph. 

The striker has been sidelined since May when he suffered significant cartilage damage in his right knee during the 2-2 draw with Manchester City and required surgery.

Welbeck’s current injury came just four months after his recovery from cruciate knee ligament damage in his left knee which had ruled him out for ten months until February.

Arsene Wenger isn’t likely to rush Welbeck’s return but will be happy to have the striker’s pace and power as another attacking option in the second half of the season. So far this term, Alexis Sanchez has led the line with Olivier Giroud and Lucas Perez taking it in turns on the treatment table.

Elsewhere, Santi Cazorla’s Achilles problem is continuing to prove concerning with the boss admitting that he still has no return date in mind.

Rumours are circulating that the Spanish midfielder could require surgery on the problem although the boss maintains that the issue could resolve itself quickly.

“Cazorla, I don’t know, honestly. It’s just inflammation,” Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger said after Wednesday’s EFL Cup defeat to Southampton.

“It can go in two days, two weeks — I don’t know. He has no setback, the inflammation is just still here. At the moment, it’s stable.”

UPDATE – Cazorla will undergo surgery

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Inexplicable inflammation of the Achilles that won’t go away? Sounds great.

David C

wow, Welbeck will be LANS! We could have used him yesterday.

Santi, eat some turmeric, it’s great for getting rid of inflammation 🙂


Any Toronto Gooners on here? What a game for Toronto FC yesterday! Reached the MLS finals and forced Drogba into retirement.


As a Montréal fan… the only thing I can agree with is Drogba’s retirement 😛 !


i always wondered …how do arsenal fans at north american watch games . its almost at midday right??

Santi's Smile

Weekend morning starts aren’t so bad on the East Coast, especially when a Gunners win starts off a Saturday or Sunday in style. Midweek Champions League kickoffs make getting any work done at the end of the afternoon very difficult.


Mornings. We’ve got 4 time zones, so early match kickoffs are anywhere from 7:00 am to as early as 4 AM on the west coast. Probably the only reason I’m happy not to be there. Most matches 7:30 to 10:30 AM.

Makes for an early day at the pub.

Champs league and cup evenings are mid-afternoon, so a short day of work.


on that note , i just made a quick search and found out that australia is probably the worst place to be for a casual premier league viewer. almost all the games takes place at midnight. champions league is out of question if you’re not planning to become an insomniac .they can only watch early match kickoffs and even that they have to stretch a little bit i think.


In Vancouver, we have a pub that opens for ALL games, even the 4:00a kick-offs. We get surprisingly good crowds even for those times, had over 50 people out for both the United and Spurms matches.

We’re eight hours behind UK time, so the regular 3:00p kick-off in London is 7:00a here. This weekend we get a massive break with the late kick-off for the West Ham match – get to sleep in all the way to 9:30a!


which pub is that? for when I’m next back home.


CL matches are the best, though. They’re an 11:45a kick-off, and I have a very sympathetic boss who completely understands my obsession and let’s me take 2.5 hour lunches on match days.




In California, usually games are between 4am (12pm kick off) – 9:30am. Luckily, our cable providers show EVERY premier game so we never miss an Arsenal game. I DVR the game if Im too hammered to get up early the next day?


What about us poor aussies! Games are usually on anywhere from 11pm-3am saturday/ sunday night with champions league and cup ties 530am wednesday/thursday.

I average atleast 15 hours less sleep a week than the rest of the planet! But wouldnt change a thing.


It’s great.the latest games start at 11:30 am (PL) and 1:45pm (CL). Perfect for this old retired Gooner!


Sounds like Koscielny’s achilles trouble in 14-15. It dragged on and AW was unsure about the time-frame, but suddenly Kos got fit and everyone forgot all about the injury. Time’s a great heeler.

Sorry, but the first point stands.


I remember that vermaelen had the same problem and he missed almost whole season. Hope cazorla is back for the festive period especially man.city game.


Yeah, fair point, clean forgot about TV5’s second season. That doesn’t bear thinking about at the moment.

We’ve been scraping by on momentum and Alexis without Santi.

Chris O.

Epson salts, Santi. Seriously.

Roger Ramjet

It’s a confidential situation that Wenger isn’t qualified to comment on.

Campbell's forehead

I think Welbeck alongside Alexis will be great for our pressing game. Welbeck is a tireless worker so can only see good things if they were to partner up.


Don’t forget his great at defending also, walcott has vastly improved in defending and the front 3 of walcott alexis welbz will be brilliant for pressing, counter attacks, and they are our best wingers at defendin and trackin back.


we need welbeck. he may not be as clinical as giroud or sanchez but he is the perfect type of striker we need, someone who have the pace to run the channels and have the height and strenght to holdup the ball upfield and score some headers . with sanchez and giroud we only get one of those.

if welbeck somehow become a bit more clinical infront of the goal and remain injury free he might be the perfect striker we need


Placenta rub?


Santi is turning into the new Rosicky!

I can’t wait for Wele to be back. He is not the most natural finisher but his pace and hard work on the wing will get the best out of Alexis!